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Gala Award

Ischia Film Festival

Location Gala Award

Exclusive Location

The old Ischia Castel is an exclusive location for Ischia Film Festival Scrrenings.

August Rush

An orphaned prodigy seeks to find his parents through their shared musical gifts.

Directed by:     Kirsten Sheridan  

Starring:       Freddie Highmore, Robin Williams, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Terrence Howard


Video and clips from CamboFest, Cambodia's first (and only!) independent movie festival! Includes the awarding of the Grabay Meas ("Golden Waterbuffalo") Trophy!

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Clip Diamond Earth

Song and video clip done for the French Earth Organization. Protecection association created by Lawrence Anthony. During the coallition Lawrence saved animals from the zoo in Bagdad. He still fightening to save races of animals.He published a book "Babylon's Ark". Right now Disney and Beacon Communications are producing a movie based on what he did. Film Title "Good luck, Mtr Anthony" directed by Taylor Hackford (Ray...).

As a matter of fact I wrote the song with a Danish composer in 1995. But as I'm not a singer I never used it. When a friend of mine introduced me this association I said "very good" we got a song. We went in a studio and the English singer Nicky Baker "borrow" her voice. Then as I'm living in the South of France, a real paradise to film I made the clip.

Normally this song and video clip were done for the benefits of the French Earth Organization.

The Fateful Encounter of Wendy and Earl

Wendy, an ecologically friendly girl, enjoys sailing paper boats under a gentle summer breeze. Earl, a gas guzzling spoiled brat, enjoys burning up the ozone revving up his oil powered model speedboat. One fateful sunny morning they met at the Central Park model boat pool. The outcome was explosive.

2007 Independent Features Film Festival

The first annual Independent Features Film Festival premiered July 27th, 2007 to a full house! Filmmakers from around the world attended the event including filmmakers from Panama, Italy, and Canada! Viewers from around the world spoke and those in attendance agreed, it was quite the show! The festival ended with an awards show followed by one final night of celebrating independent film. The night ended with hugs and handshakes as the filmmakers and the staff of Independent Features and the Tribeca Cinemas had to say goodbye after an incredible weekend. Time to gear up for 2008!

Dubai International Film Festival highlights

Dubai International Film Festival highlights from 2006 edition

Hand Star Wars

It really captures it... doesn't it?