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Reporting from Berlin on the 68th edition February 15 -25, 2018
Our team of festival ambassadors and reporters bring you the dailies from the Berlin Film Festival and European Film Market and keep an eye on past editions archives. WATCH OUR VIDEO COVERAGE TRAILERS INTERVIEWS AND AMBIANCE

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European Shooting Stars: Eili Harboe

Eili Harboe - Norway - European Shooting Stars 2018    Interview / Editing: Martin I. Petrov      How are your first impressions from being part of a team of young actors here in Berlin?    I did not anticipate to be part of it but I am really proud, it is a wonderful opportunity for everyone, it’s an investment for the future.    You already happen to be part of a successful project, Joachim Trier’s Thelma. How was your expe...

European Shooting Stars: Jonas Smulders

Jonas Smulders - The Netherlands - European Shooting Stars 2018    Interview / editing: Martin I. Petrov      Have you been to Berlin before, how is your experience before your country’s shooting star?    I was here once before with a short film and once as a visitor at the festival, it is a great experience to meet all these people. Also, I have great support from my country and the Dutch Film institute, really feel empowered and it’s n...

European Shooting Stars: Luna Wedler

Luna Wedler - Switzerland - European Shooting Stars 2018    Interview / Editing: Martin I. Petrov      Congratulations on being a shooting star. How does it feel to be representing your country and to have this sudden extra exposure?    It is very exciting, really great to be meeting the rest nine stars, they are all beautiful humans. I feel very connected to all of them and look forward to exciting times ahead.    You did ballet before g...

European Shooting Stars: Matteo Simoni

Matteo Simoni - Belgium - European Shooting Stars 2018    Interview / editing: Martin I. Petrov      What’s the greatest thing about being in Berlin as a shooting star?   It’s great to meet people with the same goals. I believe in luck and coincidence and that always the coin will fall on the right side in the right moment. I’m really proud to be representing Belgium and I am open to see where this journey is going to take me. I am fort...

VIDEO - Adrian Devant introduces Lychee Film Festival

Over a hundred years ago, the development of cinema technology and its spread from the West to China made possible the first Chinese film The Battle of Dingjunshan. In 1935, Director Zheng Chusheng brought his film Song of the Fisherman to Moscow Film Festival and was awarded an honorary prize, marking the debut of Chinese cinema on the international stage.  LYCHEE Film Festival offers Chinese films in Barcelona, spain late september.     ...

VIDEO - Giovanni Cozzi from Mallorca Arts on Screen


VIDEO - IMZ Avant Premiere Opening

Avant Première Opening Ceremony on 18 February with live performance by Igudesman & Joo,  Keynote Speech by Barbara Gessler, Head of Unit Creative Europe at European Commission and Special Screening of "Sound-Treck Europe" 18 FEB 2018, 17:00 Hotel Scandic Berlin Potsdamer Platz, Gabriele-Tergit-Promenade 19, 10963 Berlin ...

Berlinale 2019 — Norway will be the EFM “Country in Focus”

Norway will be the “Country in Focus” at the 2019 European Film Market (EFM) of the 69th Berlin International Film Festival. The EFM “Country in Focus” programme was established in 2017 to provide a platform for a comprehensive look at the film industry and filmmaking in a particular country.   At next year's EFM, the spotlight will be on Norway’s filmmakers and productions. The programme will offer a host of possibilities for networking with Norwegian pr...

THE WALDHEIM WALTZ by Ruth Beckermann - Glashütte Original Award

    Wide House is proud to announce that  THE WALDHEIM WALTZ by Ruth Beckermann is the 2018 award-winner of         Congratulations to Ruth Beckermann and her team for the Glashütte Original – Documentary Award !   Reviews     "Thanks to her smart narration — clear, impassioned but never polemical — ...

The 4th Sino-European Production Seminar was successfully hosted in Berlin

  With the increasing numbers of Sino-European co-productions and growing cooperation, on February 21, the 4th Sino-European Production Seminar hosted by Bridging the Dragon Producers association and the European Film Market, in collaboration with AFTP (Asian Film and Television Promotion), took place in Berlin. The Seminar brings updated information and experience to European produce...

Samuel Maoz named Best Director at the 2nd Asian Brilliant Stars Awards Ceremony

The 2nd Asian Brilliant Stars was held successfully in Berlin last night (Feb 21, 2018). Please find attached the pictures and press release of the event.   Israeli Director Samuel Maoz won the Best Director Award with FOXTROT (Grand Jury Prize at the 2017 Venice International Film Festival).  Best Actor Award went to Chang Chen for his role in BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II: THE INFERNAL BATTLEFIELD. Chang Chen is best known for his performances in Ang Lee’s CROUCHER TIGER, HIDDE...

A Successful Festival for Audiences and the Industry

  The 68th Berlin International Film Festival culminated festively with the Award Ceremony on February 24, 2018. For the Berlinale Publikumstag, a day of screenings for the public, a large number of films from the different sections were shown again at Berlinale venues on February 25, 2018.   The interest of both trade professionals and the public in the programme of the 68th Berlinale was very impressive: over 21,000 accredited visitors from more than 130 countries attended the F...

‘Touch Me Not’ Wins Golden Bear at the 68. Berlinale

Romanian director Adina Pintilie took the Golden Bear in the 68. Berlinale Film Festival for ‘Touch Me Not”. "Touch Me Not" is about the fear of intimacy and achieving sexual liberation. The film was the unexpected winner selected among 18 films by the international Juri, presided by German director Tom Tykwer. It follows the emotional journeys of Laura, Tómas and Christian, offering a deeply empathic insight into their lives. Craving for intimacy yet also deep...

Twelve Films that sucked badly or not so badly at Berlin by Alex C. Deleon

by Alex C. Deleon   1. Badly. "Don't worry he won't get far on foot" -- cause he's in a wheelchait ..gettit?  -- Ordeal to sit through. Not even painful, just a draggg ...Joaquin Phoenix sits it out patiently in the  latest Van Sant look at the miserable side of life. 2. Eva. Not even Isabelle Huppert could save this limp melodrama. Ridiculous decadent French story about an ultra attractive middle aged hooker and one of her hapless half-her-age victims....

Back with the Bears final volume 9 with awards; thank you and see you next year...

  Berlinale Newsletters 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I Animation in Focus I Final I FOLLOW US ON THE SOCIAL NETWORKS:                    VIDEO - Award Ceremony Gala | Berlinale 2018 FULL LIST   PRIZES OF OFFICIAL JURIES PRIZES OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY     Members of the Jury: To...

VIDEO - Award Ceremony Gala | Berlinale 2018

PRIZES OF OFFICIAL JURIES PRIZES OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY     Members of the Jury: Tom Tykwer (Jury President), Cécile de France, Chema Prado, Adele Romanski, Ryūichi Sakamoto and Stephanie Zacharek     GOLDEN BEAR FOR BEST FILM (awarded to the film’s producer) Touch Me Not by Adina Pintilie   SILVER BEAR GRAND JURY PRIZE Twarz Mug by Małgorzata Szumowska   SILVER BEA...

VIDEO - Independent Juries Award Ceremony | Berlinale 2018

PRIZE OF THE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM JURY BERLIN SHORT FILM NOMINEE FOR THE EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS The three members of the Jury, Diogo Costa Amarante, Jyoti Mistry and Mark Toscano, appoint as Berlin Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards Burkina Brandenburg Komplex by Ulu Braun   PRIZES OF THE INDEPENDENT JURIES   PRIZES OF THE ECUMENICAL JURY Members of the Jury: Dr. theol. Inge Kirsner (Jury President), Joachim Opahle,...

The misery of the Human Condition is the Hallmark of films at Berlin 2018

by Alex Deleon        1. EVA: French, Isabelle Huppert stars in zig zag story of upper class middle aged hooker who mesmerizes handsome phony playwright half her age -- with a plot heavy vehicles could be driven through every ten minutes but nice setting along Glittering Swiss mountain lake helps to alleviate the lethargy -- and Huppert, as usual, is something else. Just watching her do her thing is enough to make a total turkey halfway watchable. 2. Minato ...

He Won't Get Far on Foot: Gus Van Sant's earnest biopic is a drain on the nervous system and a feel badder all the way

   Joaquin Phoenix on wheels with philosophical AA guru in Gus Van Sant's excessively earnest biopic He won't get far on Foot --- and this painful orgy of alcololic confessionalism by a quadriplegic cartoonist in a wheel chair won't get far on celluloid past the extremely masochistic art house crowd who like to be reassured that some lives out there are worse than their own. I was hoping that this highly touted Gus Van Santer starring favorite actor Joaquin Ph...

Less Star Power at Berlin 68

by Alex Deleon   Romy Schneider look alike Marie Bäumer at Quiberon  Press Conference  Though this was obviously not going to be the star powered program we have become accustomed to under flamboyant festival top hat Dieter Kosslick at Berlin (no Clooneys, Decaprios, or their likes in sight this year) the competition program alone had a number of high expectation films, among them, Three Days at Quiberon", a study of the last days of Romy Schneider, "7 days at ...

Berlin Awards: There's no disputing bad taste, especially in big film festivals.

By Alex Deleon Films in International Competition were adjudicated  by a Jury presided over by ace German director Tom Tykwer. There's no disputing bad taste, especially in big film festivals.   Golden Bear, BEST FILM TOUCH ME NOT ..AAAaaaarrrrgh !! The ugliest most sickening most repulsive and perverted  film of all time -- shot in amateuristic manner like a home movie on masturbation. A basket case of a movie that goes from bad to worse as screen time progresses. Not eve...

32. TEDDY AWARD – The Queer Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival

THE WINNERS   The seven members of the international jury view films of queer interest within all sections of the Berlinale. Three films are nominated and one wins infor each of the categories: best feature film, best documentary/essay film and the best short film. The jury furthermore presents its Special Jury Award, the L'Oréal TEDDY Newcomer Award and the TEDDY Readers’ Award powered by Mannschaft Magazin. The TEDDY for the Best Feature Film goes to: Ti...

Berlinale 2018 Awards

Adina Pintilie's experimental debut 'Touch Me Not' takes home the Golden Bear!   PRIZES OF OFFICIAL JURIES PRIZES OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY   Members of the Jury: Tom Tykwer (Jury President), Cécile de France, Chema Prado, Adele Romanski, Ryūichi Sakamoto and Stephanie Zacharek     GOLDEN BEAR FOR BEST FILM (awarded to the film’s producer) Touch Me Not by Adina Pintilie   SILVER BE...

North American sale of the sci-fi action film, OCCUPATION to Saban Films

Film Mode Entertainment’s OCCUPATION  Slays Berlin with Sales, including North America to Saban Films     Sci-Fi Action Epic Adventure Starring DAN EWING and TEMUERA MORRISON  Makes International Screening Debut at EFM and Garners Impressive Sales       BERLIN (February 16, 2018) – Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment announces the North American sale of the sci-fi action film, OCCUPATION to Saban Films.   &l...

Netherlands short film takes top prize in Berlin Film Festival Generation 14 plus awards

The awards given out last Friday night at the Berlin International Film Festival saw the Dutch team behind Kosovo-set short film, Kiem Holijanda triumph in the Berlinale’s Generation section, the most important dedicated children’s and youth programme among the A-list festivals of the world, taking home the Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film in the section Generation 14plus. The jury motivation for the award states: The Crystal B...



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Berlin 2016: The dailies from the Berlin Film Festival brought to you by our team of festival ambassadors. Vanessa McMahon, Alex Deleon, Laurie Gordon, Ole Schulz Lia Fietz, Aida Amasuno Martin, Martin Petrov and Bruno Chatelin...
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