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Musivision Films


Musivision Films is an artist driven, full service film and music production company located in Montreal  Canada.

Founded in 2006 by Laurie Gordon, president of Musivision is a boutique production house working with icons of the animation world; animator Oscar nominee Ryan Larkin and Oscar winner Co Hoedeman and  three time Oscar nominee cult film Heavy Metal director Gerald Potterton. Laurie is also the director of  The Montreal International Animation Film Festival (MIAFF) sometimes referred to as Animaze.

Musivision produced documentary film  Ryan’s Renaissance (available in French and English versions) began production with partner CTV BelllMedia and broadcast on Bravo. MusiVision is currently in development with animation and feature films, including I Spy My Father about Laurie enigmatic father and a feature documentary film on animation director London born Gerald Potterton his short film High Flight.

Please email laurie [at] musivision  [dot]  ca OR musivisionfilms [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Musivision is working on brand new film projects for 2018. Watch this space



Bilal gives a voice to animation film and creates a legacy


Bilal is riding on a wave of it's own momentum moving through time space continuum. The phenomenal buzz around Cannes and the world is true. The feature animation film does not disappoint. Artistically driven and clearly created through belief and passion director producer Ayman Jamal delivers. Bilal is set to leave future generation an animation legacy telling stories of long ago and faraway lands which unites us all even today. The theme of voice is set in stone in the animated feature film where a young boy finds freedom through his voice.


Even the period piece costume of Bilal attracts the sophisticated Cannes crowd


Ayman Jamal director and producer of Bilal at the Marche de Cannes Film Market 2016


Directed by Ayman Jamal and the Barajoum production company out of UAE Jamal leads a solid team of writers, voice actors and a strong lineup of the world's best animators. Bilal screened at Cannes during the festival as well as Animation Day in Cannes special event. Bilal is clearly a passion project for Barajoun lead by Ayman Jamal who has worked and clocked in thousands of hours to get Bilal made into an animation feature. It is not often you are at a certain time in a certain place where a pinnacle moment permits a window for you to say I was there! Bilal is the first feature animation film to come out of the UAE and it leave a lasting impression.

I was thrilled to have been able to see it at its birth if you will. With its rich story and characters, the technical production values and top notch story telling bring the characters to life through the drawings, movement and rich vibrant colours created by top notch animators. The story is derived from the story of Bilal a young African slave who finds his voice through hardship and the synchronicity of life. In true epic cinematic style we are captured from the start and remain immersed in a story which spans the hands of time. A thousand years ago, one boy with a dream, of becoming a great warrior is abducted with his sister and taken to a land far away from home.

Thrown into a world where greed and injustice rule all, Bilal finds the courage to raise his voice and make a change. Inspired by true events, this sis a story of a real hero who earned his remembrance in time and history. Indeed Bilal the film will leave a legacy. Classical in its animation form and delivery, Bilal engages and captivates the audience with a lyrical story arc setting the state for an emotional trajectory with highs and lows moving us along a path. A great story must be able to generate and captivate it’s audience with animation sustaining the promise.

Bilal delivering a powerful message. Award-winning Ian McShane wvoices Umayya, the merchant who enslaves Bilal and his sister.Top notch actors such as Michael Gross, Jacob Latimore as Bilal and other notable actors. The production utilized bankable talent and was able to create a classic film which has earned its own place in animation film history. The music was scored by Icelandic composer Atli Orvarsson who has scored the Pirates of the Caribbean series to NBC television series Chicago Fire as well as working alongside the iconic Hans Zimmer. The screenplay written Alex Kronemer is based on the life of Bilal ibn Rabah and was directed by Ayman Jamal and produced by Dubai based production company Barajoun.

Bilal ibn Rabah بلال ابن رباح‎‎ (580–640 AD) also known as Bilal al-Habashi, Bilal ibn Riyah, and ibn Rabah was one of the most trusted and loyal Sahabah (companions) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was born in Mecca chosen by Muhammad himself. Born as a slave, Bilal was among the emancipated slaves. He was known for his beautiful voice with which he called people to their prayers. 


photo and article by Laurie Gordon



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MusiVision Films

Laurie Gordon, Producer-Director



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