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Important South African Film that Combines Sport with Politics

   'OTELO BURNING' One of most talked-about films in S. Africa today.  One of the most talked-about contemporary  films  from South Africa, is ‘Otelo Burning ’, which combines sport, racism, politics, family and peer  relationships with gentle but awesome power. It will have a special screening at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT),in  Bangkok .  The film is the debut feature of Sara Blecher, who has made many notewort...

Benefit Dinner at the beautiful Villa Nocturne hosted by IEFTA President Marco Orsini

Three talented young Ethiopian Filmmakers just finished a once-in a-lifetime experience when they spent a week in Monte Carlo and at the Cannes Film Festival, attending film screenings and premieres, participating in meetings, workshops, and seminars, and being feted at dinners and parties, and presenting their own work. Filmmakers Henok Mebratu, Olisarali Olibui and Yidnekachew Shumete, are participants of an educ

les prix du European Spiritual Film Festival

La soirée de clôture, remise des prix et projection des films primés s'est tenue à Paris, au «Comptoir Général». Les membres du Jury et invités ont remis les prix pour chaque catégorie :      La soirée de clôture, remise des prix et projection des films primés s’est tenue le samedi 28 mars 2010 à Paris, au «Comptoir Général». Les membres du Jury et invités o...

"The Sun Behind The Clouds: Tibet's Struggle For Freedom" Interview with Directors: Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam

“The Sun Behind The Clouds: Tibet’s Struggle for Freedom”Opens March 31st, 2010 at “Film Forum”  Recently, at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, held this past January 5-18, 2010, screenings of Chinese features, “City of Life and Death” and “Quick, Quick, Slow”, were removed from the film festival by the state-run China Film Group in order to protest the festival’s choice to show the “The Sun Behind The Clouds”, which takes on  a unique Tibetan perspective ...

l'European Spiritual Film Festival devient un lieu de rencontre et de découverte

LE PROGRAMME Samedi 27 mars : Salle 1 : 14H00/20H00 Exposition livres sur la spiritualité, DVDs... Salle 1 : 14H00/16H00 Projection du film "CITYOF THE DAWN" de Christopher Buhrman (80 mn), suivie d'une conférence sur le même sujet : Auroville, lafameuse ville expérimentale située en Inde où il n'y a ni nationalité, ni religion, nipolitique.Salle 2 : 16H30/18h00 (R)EVOLUTION de Mustafa Zaveri - Inde, 2007 - 79 mn(fiction)Salle 2 : 18H30/19H30LA ROUTE DE LA NON VIOLENCE de Emma B...

Elena Sunbeam, Director

Events 22 February 2010 09:00—19:00 Screenings Screenings Hall (Floor -1) 15:00—17:00 “From production to distribution. Key to success” Coming trends in broadcasting, production and distribution in audiovisual industry. Program ratings on TV Channels in different countries. Successful products on television Networks. Conference Hall (Floor -1) 23 February 2010 09:00—19:00 Screenings Screenings Hall (Floor -

World content Market

    Events   The conference program is under development. 22 February 2010         09:00—19:00   Screenings  

The Galaxy

Director: Ashim Paul.
The film is about a refugee (Somu) of post Babri Masjid Demolition from Bangladesh who has migrated to India. There he faces several other character, in a space where political turmoil is still on. A child labor, Kanai, who works at an adjacent tea stall is willing to go to the cities to work as a construction labor. At the end, Somu feels deserted in the space and leaves. After he leaves, a puritan love in form of a lady, Sathi, the daughter of the landlady where Somu used to live, explores Somu's past and feels great attachment towards him through the decor of the space.

NSWCFF Highlights the Napa Film Program

  The 23rd Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival continues Sept 24th - 27th in select venues in select venues in downtown Napa. See nearly 50 films taking you to many different countries! Tickets are available along with a complete NSWCFF program schedule online at, by phone at 707.935.3456 or at the venue the day of show. Program is subject to change. There are...

Pune International Film Festival

The festival offers a contemporary and liberal platform for the filmmakers of the World to exhibit the excellence of the film art form. The aim is mainly to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of cultures of different nations. We hope to present complex human situations of this rapidly changing world in the globalised era.

You can visit us online at 


It is said that a “Picture speaks a thousand words” but when it comes to films it can actually translate into an epic. The strength & reach of a motion picture has always defined new benchmarks & more often than not managed to make an indeligible mark on the minds of the audience. This phenomenon gains ground more so with respect to issues pertaining to environmental degradation & nature conservation. Discussions & forums on environmental conservation though critical, have lost their potency & often end-up as drab & cliched to a great extent. Thus when spreading the message of nature conservation remains vital, spreading it effectively becomes the cornerstone of this grave issue. Ecofest’09 aims to get some of the best creative minds in the business for spreading the message to the utmost extent.The idea behind inviting & screening these creatively crafted films is to make a strong impact upon the audience, which is the first step towards urging them towards concrete action.


The filmmaker is making a film on a real life incident from history and literature about a character called the Bhawal Sannyasi based on the book called the Princely Imposter. He is in the preprodcution stage when he gets the bad new that he can't shoot in the location he had selected during the recee stage, so his assistant advises him to compromise by shooting in available cheap village locales, which threatens to change his plot, but he has to go ahead with the shoot,so he does, sacrificing his relationship with a girl who is being pressurized by her parents to marry an architect, in the process. What happens to the lives of both the film maker and his protagonist unfolds in the film.

Global Cinema Festival

Gladly presenting you a Major International Film Festival in India this year. The festival is called “Global Cinema Festival” (GCF) and is jointly organized by Film Federation of India (FFI) and State Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP). FFI is the Apex Body of Film Industry in India and this film festival will be its flagship event in film festivals. Hence although it is a debut year for the festival, the grandiose, success, network and continuity are rest assured. The festival will be organized at Indore from 9 -15, October 09. Indore is a key city in Madhya Pradesh (MP) and business wise the barometer for box office in Central India. So GCF will be at the center of the center! The festival is non-competitive in nature with different sections covering World Cinema, India Mainstream Films, Regional Films, and Classics.

Sadho Poetry Film Fest 09

Sadho Poetry Film Fest is the first of its kind in India, and perhaps in this part of the world.

This unique biennial festival showcases the finest Poetry Films from all over the world. It also aims at building collaborative linkages with festivals & organizations in other parts of the world.


All these years, novels and movies have always covered stories in which the main characters from the West travel to India where it becomes a journey of self-discovery. These characters are introduced to a very meaningful and spiritual world very different from the Western world, and through this journey their souls undergo changes. “BARE FOOT ON CAMPUS” tries to adopt a different perspective while turning this pattern of story-telling and narrative style upside down. In our story the main characters do not go to India, but India comes to them … An Indian girl named SHIVA comes to a university in Turkey as an exchange student and starts changing the lives of the students around her. And we follow the whole story through the eyes of our main character, a student named DENİZ. The story reaches its climax when the shocking secret of Shiva is revealed towards the end. The story is a well-balanced mixture of comedy and tragedy and it unfolds smoothly keeping the viewers in constant wonder what’s going to happen next.


Director: Krisztina GODA.


Gábor is an office cleaner. Wearing overalls and a baseball hat, he seems insignificant. Working on the night shift, Gábor rarely has any contact with his employers, yet he learns everything about them by thoroughly analyzing their garbage. Since he is almost invisible, nobody suspects that Gábor is, in fact, a con man who carefully chooses his victims by the trash they leave behind. His targets are mostly disillusioned, lonely women. In a few months he destroys all their romantic illusions by taking all their savings. Having an unusually high IQ and an ability to assume various personalities, Gábor is an expert in manipulation. When he gets a job at a psychologist's office, Gábor meets Hanna, an injured dancer who happens to be the daughter of a millionaire. Insecure and vulnerable, Hanna seems to be the perfect victim. Gábor pretends to be a doctor who can cure her body and her soul, an irresistible offer for a desperate woman. Everything goes according to plan until Gábor falls in love with Hanna and has to make a hard decision between her and the money.


Director: Subrat Kumar Sahu.
In order to understand how modern tools of development clinically destroy self-reliant communities and yet succeed in influencing the entire nation to celebrate the outcome as ‘progress’, come to Kalahandi, in the state of Orissa in India! However, those who had originally inherited the earth and kept the natural order inviolate for millennia are now out on the street in attempts to protect their lives, livelihoods, identities, and dignity...


Director: Abhijit Das Gupta.
Something remarkable happened for the first time in Asia. 16 physically challenged persons wrote a new chapter in the history of the Asian soil. They participated in the “Beyond Belief expedition challenge”. In two nights and three days, they traversed through mountain paths, fording water bodies and navigating through forests infested with snakes and scorpions to prove to the world that those labeled “disable” are able and capable. The expedition was to showcase their endurance power, skill and ability of the “differently able” persons. They went to the deep forests around the Garumara range in North Bengal, lived in camps and passed through areas that normal people would dread to dare. The 4 teams : Alpha: Asit Kr Pal – Instructor Sukanta Mondal – impairment of Upper limb Jaydev Mondal – impairment of Lower limb Nitai Khan – Visually challenged Dipankar Goldar – Speech & hearing impaired Bravo: Chandana Biswas – Instructor Probir Sarkar – impairment of lower limb Binod Kr Singh – impairment of upper limbs Tarun Bag – visually challenged Pinto Goldar – Speech & hearing impaired Charlie: Kamalika De – Instructor Rimo Saha – impairment of upper limb Sanjay Das – impairment of lower limb Kalidas Das – visually challenged Santanu Sen – Speech & Hearing impaired Delta: Tapas Kangshabanik – Instructor Bholanath Dolui – impairment of upper limb Ujjal Ghosh – impairment of lower limb Shyamal Kr Roy – visually challenged Subhankar Goldar – Speech & hearing impaired The area is the habitat of king cobras, leopards, elephants… Pushing a wheel chair across shallow jungle rivulets tested human stamina to its limits. This was an epic saga of man against elements… flesh against stone…a quiet communion with nature. All about the insatiable urge of human beings to tread un-trodden grounds. 16 individuals ventured not to conquer mountains …. Forests …. and rivers… but to conquer themselves Their odysseys – Beyond Belief.

The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival In Los Angeles

NYIIFVF is the only festival that focuses ONLY on independent films. This is the only festival that refunds entree fee if you are not accepted. You show your film in NY and LA.

Window Call U

Director: Robin Das.
No description for the moment

National Student Video Film Festival

Though festival is called National-Video-Film-Festival, for the first time that international students film festival is being organised in India where 500 students from more than 100 institutes would showcase their creative talent.

South Asian International Film Festival (saiff)

The South Asian International Film Festival is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting emerging and established artists from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

The Golden Elephant - 14 Int`l Children`s Film Festival

The GE ICFF is a biennial Children’s Film Festival, which is held in Hyderabad in India. It takes place between Nov 14-20 in every odd-numbered year of 2001,2003,2005. The 14th edition will be held in 2005. It has 2 Competitive Sections and 3 Juries.

Filmi Fundas Festival

The Filmi Fundas Festival presents the new wave of unique Indian independent cinema emerging in India as well as showcasing new work by filmmakers of Indian descent from around the world.

Archived festival (terminated)

Magma - International Short Film Festival 2009

Magma has always focused exclusively on the short film, considering it as a separate art form, as a format allowing the experimentation of new styles and the creation of new trends. The festival offers a chance of visibility for high-value works that are often precluded from the main distribution channels. Its aim is to build a bridge between the audience and the endless forms of expression of the short format.