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Vanessa McMahon

Vanessa is a novel writer, screenwriter, rep and a film producer. She shares her discoveries and film surprises. :-)



The Legends of Nethiah

  Producer Howard Nash speaks about his latest film project The Legends of Nethiah (2011). I asked Howard to speak with us about both of his films, his most recent project Chasing the Green (2009) and then his current project The Legends of Nethiah (2011). ME: Hi Howard. Thanks for taking the time to tell us all about your latest film endeavors. Can you speak first about your most recent film Chasing the Green (2009)? Just for those who do not yet know, Chasing the G...

Elite Squad 2! with Rod Carvalho

If anyone has not seen Elite Squad (2007) by visionary Brazilian director Jose Padilha, see it now please! It is sensational!!! Please go rent it or buy it now so you can be ready to see Padilha's much anticipated sequel Elite Squad 2 (2010)! I asked my friend talented actor Rod Carvalho to do an interview with me about his role as Captain Barcellos. He was hesitant until I assured him he could answer my questions in Portuguese. So, this is a translation. Hopefully, not too much will...

From An Education to One Day

An Education: Lone Sherfig's last film An Education (2009) won her Academy Award nominations for Best Motion Picture and Best Actress for Carey Mulligan and Best Sceenwriting adaptation. Her next film, One Day (2011), is in production now.    I met Lone in January in California on a panel for her US premier of An Education, an unusual dark romantic comedy/drama inspired by a memoir about Rachmanism in London during the 1960's. The main antagonist David (played by P...

The Sicilian Girl

Next week The Sicilian Girl (2009) by director Marco Amenta starring Veronica D'Agostino and Gerard Jugnot will open in theaters in the U.S. The Sicilian Girl is a based on the true story of Rita Atria, a teenaged girl born into the Cosa Nostra who rebelled against the mafia as a witness in Italian courts to avange her father's death. It is a riveting dramatic thriller that has received international acclaim. I saw The Sicilian Girl in Palm Springs, California when Amenta screened h...

Maria Clara Spinelli on Paulista

  This is a great opportunity for me to present a dear friend of mine, Maria Clara Spinelli, actress of the award winning film Paulista (Quanto Dura Amor?, 2009) by director Roberto Moreira with Silvia Lourenco, Danni Carlos, and Paulo Vilhena. Maria is from a town called Assis in the interior of Brazil. In the film, however, she acts as the 'Paulista' native, Suzana. Maria has stunned audiences worldwide with her radiance and talent. Her honest and transparent nature communica...

Miguel Mas and Love Equation

                                  Multi-talented Argentinian director/writer/producer Miguel Mas shares his thoughts and feelings of his recent film Love Equation (2009)   ME: Can you speak a little bit about Love Equation and what it is about?   MIGUEL: The film features an exce...

Dazi and A Prophet

        An interview with actor Slimane Dazi of A Prophet (2009).    In April, I traveled to Casablanca, Morocco where I met and hung out with producer Marco Cherqui of Chic Films, producer of A Prophet. At that time, while dining with Marco and chatting for a few days, I had not yet seen A Prophet. Of course, A Prophet is the film that has won several awards worldwide including the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes 2009, the 2010 BAFTA ...

Nine and 1/2

  Rob Marshall's Nine (2009) appears to be one of those movies that people walk away from either loving or hating. When I saw it in Palm Springs with Rob Marhsall on panel, I took the opportunity to pose him some of my curious questions regarding his follow up to one of my favorite films ever, Federico Fellini's 8 1/2 (1963). When Rob entered the room he stood back and regarded the panel chairs in the right corner of the room and shook his head, dissatisfied. He picked up...

The Pack...Mistake or Murder?

  Writer/Director/Producer Alyssa Rallo Bennett of The Pack (2009) speaks about the film that is closest to her heart. The Pack raises the question of 2nd hand smoke and its fatal consequences. Being a hot debate, no doubt this film will raise questions and bring awareness to viewers worldwide. In a riveting scene of the film, a man throws a steak knife onto the table next to a 'pack' of cigarettes and at the top of his voice screams: 'Are you gonna tell me these are the same?' Well, ...

The Imaginarium of Anastasia Masaro

 Interview with Production Designer Anastasia Masaro on The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (2009). Other than being the last film that Oscar winning actor Heath Ledger acted in, this has to be one of the most visually stunning films I've ever seen. David Lynch and Tim Burton have some serious rivalry here on cinematic surrealism. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (2009) is like a walk through a Dali meets Ernst painting, on Absinthe!  ME: Hi Anastasia, thank you so much for taking time to...

Linda Nelson on Delivered!

Interview with producer Linda Nelson on her upcoming film with director/actor Michael Madison, Delivered (2011).   ME: Hi Linda. How are you? Can you tell us about your new film Delivered. This is your second time working as a team with Michael and Jennifer right?   LINDA: This is our third film of Linda Nelson and Michael Madison/Nelson Madison Films.  On our first film, we were producers and distributors. On our second film, which was a very l...

Greg Marcks on Echelon Conspiracy!

  Director Greg Marcks speaks about his nail-biting international thriller Echelon Conspiracy (2009), starring Shane West, Ed Burns, Martin Sheen, Ving Rhames and Jonathan Pryce. Plus, he relates his humorous experience with David Lynch on the set of Inland Empire (2006).   ME: First of all, I saw your Ernest Hemingway quote: 'Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.' Love it! So, Greg! Your film features a...

Rewers in Reverse with Borys Lankosz

A new interview with Borys Lankosz, director of the Polish hit film Rewers, Reverse (2009). Set in the 1950's, this film is shot first in black and white, then in color; it tells the story of the sweet and innocent Sabina (30) who lacks adventure and romance in her life until she meets Bronislaw, bringing a world of desire and excitement into her former colorless world.  me: What inspired you about this story? And can you speak to us about the dreamy style in which you directed...

Christopher Kyle on Alexander

        A special one of a kind interview with co-writer of Alexander (2004) Christopher Kyle and his latest projects...   Ahhh! Alexander!!! Im sorry but no matter what anyone says, I LOVE this film! I asked if screenwriter Christopher Kyle would give me his take on the apparent 2004 flop of this (in my opinion) masterpiece. Every time I need inspiration I put this film on, which is basically once a month at least. So, if I love t...

Davolja Varos is Devil's Town!

  Devil's Town will be presented at upcoming AFM (American Film Market) November -03-10, 2010   Welcome to Devil's Town (2009), the new international award winning masterpiece film by writer/director Vladimir Paskaljevic. A new addition to sales company Film Planet Entertainment, we promise to make sure the world will visit Davolja Varos, Devil's Town, with us. Vladimir kindly took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions fo...

The Scenesters are here!

Producer Jeff Grace speaks about his latest film The Scenesters (2010) directed by Todd Berger starring Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Blaise Miller, Kevin M. Brennan, Suzanne May and Jeff Grace himself.    me: "Jeff, can you tell us what you'd like international audiences to know about your film The Scenesters?" Jeff: "We want to make sophisticated comedies that make the audience think a bit too. Not every joke is sold with a heavy punchline. Som...

'Around'... and around again...

      Writer/Director/Producer/Editor David Spaltro shares his thoughts and vision about his film, Around (2008), which despite being two years old now, is coming 'around' again.   me: "David, can you please start by telling us about the symbolism around Around? And what it means to you?" David: "...Around is a very personal story, auto-biographical but not auto-biography and an all around love-letter and val...

Hollywood Dont Surf...Dude!

This 63rd Cannes Film Festival featured the surprise new sensational documentary film by producer Lincoln Phipps. Having left his job in California government, he sold his house and put everything into the film with inflexible drive and passion; and lo and behold, a success story! The cast and crew finished editing literally days before cut off dates for entry and were celebrated with flying colors at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Sam George and written by Greg MacGil...

Hors La Loi and Regis Romele

  Regis Romele (Hors La Loi, People's Names, An Ordinary Execution) speaks about his upcoming works, Johnny( 2011/2012) and The First Man (2011). Regins Romele acts in a small role in the recently released Rachid Bouchareb film, Hors La Loi (Outside the Law) (2010) about three brothers from Algeria who's lives are torn apart by war and who are forced to make a new life outside their native land and outside the law. -VM   I asked Regis about his small pa...

Wild Target, an interview with Jonathan Lynn!

  In depth exclusive interview with legendary writer/director/producer Jonathan Lynn.   Yesterday I sat down to speak with venerated writer/director Jonathan Lynn about his impressive career in film as well as his newly released film, Wild Target (2010). When I first told him what an inspiration and icon he was for me, he told me it 'startled' him; his humble attitude thus began my even greater appreciation for him. Our interview took place with me in Dorset, England and...


  Heliopolis (2009) is an indie film made by first-time director Ahmad Abdalla about the lives of five different characters living in Cairo's upper class Greek district of Heliopolis. While none of their lives overlap, they all share the same feelings of loneliness and stangnancy in contemporary Cairo life. When I met and spoke with Ahmad at the PSIFF 2010, the first thing I told him was how much I loved the film. Really, I was annoyed with myself by the midpoint of ...

Working Day, Borghi

Meet Andres Borghi, Argentina's up and coming new director who is sure to become the film world's next Peter Jackson! Here he talks about his soon to be released short film (we hope he'll make it a feature as well) Working Day (2010/11)  me: "Can you speak to us about Working Day? What is it about and what inspired you to make this film? And please elaborate on your passion and talent for awesome naturalastic visiual effects!"    Andres: "...

'Night Before the Wedding' to 'Goodbye Promise'

  Actor Gregor Collins speaks about his roles from Night Before the Wedding (2009) to Goodbye Promise (2010)   me: First, can you talk about Night Before the Wedding (2009) and your film Chloe and Keith's Wedding (2009) and how you managed to be in two wedding films at the same time?   Gregor: Ha - I can see how you would ask that! Night Before the Wedding is totally separate from Chloe and Keith's Wedding - I happened to be cast in CAKW a couple ...

Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness (2011) by director Joel Bender is Film Planet Entertainment's latest acquisition, a gripping thriller with a haunting twist that promises to bring viewers into the dark with it. In an in depth interview with actress Dalal Bruchmann, we discussed her upcoming film as well as her skyrocketing acting/singing career.   ME: Dalal, first off let me say that your name is beautiful. Can you tell us what it means? DALAL: Thank you very much for your complime...

From 'Il Postino' to 'Sul Mare'

  Sul Mare (On the Sea) (2010), the new feature film by director Alessandro D'Alatri. Read Alessandro's exclusive interview about his film below: me: "Ale, thanks for joining us. Can you please start by telling us what Sul Mare is about?" Ale: "It's a struggling love story between a young seaman from the island of Ventotene and a young student from north Italy, on the background of the contemporary Italians contraddictions. The story is adapted fr...