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16th Third Eye Asian Film Festival: XI

16th Third Eye Asian Film Festival: XI Sixteen years is a long time in the life of a film festival. It seems an even bigger achievement when you consider the upheavals that the Third Eye Asian Film Festival has undergone during its tenure. In fact, it is a miracle that it has continued, against all odds. Asian Film Foundation, headed by Kiran Shantaram, son of late V. Shantaram, remains the driving force, as does Sudhir Nandgaonkar, journalist and a bunch of teenage students pool in their res...

Bose Dead or Alive: Rajkummar Rao in thriller take on Indian freedom fighter

Bose Dead or Alive: Rajkummar Rao in thriller take on Indian freedom fighter If you were a patriot and freedom seeker in the British colonial India of the 1920s-1940s, you either believed in non-violent struggle, a movement led by ‘Mahatma’ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or the increasingly violent approach of ‘Netaji’ Subhas Chandra Bose. Mahatma means great soul and Netaji translates as leader. Both belonged to the Congress party, but when Bose called for armed struggle,...


The winners of the International Uranium Film Festival Berlin 2017(link is external). The International Uranium Film Festival Berlin was for the 6th time in Berlin. Between Oktober 10 and 15 the in the world unique atomic age film festival screened 28 nuclear films. More than a dozen filmmakers participated in the event with a fantastic audience of hundreds of people from Berlin and around the globe. "The sixth Uranium Film Festival in Berlin was a blast", co...

Montreal International Animation Film Festival premieres JUNOD Japanese Swiss Story of a Hero

Montreal International Animation FIlm Festival annual edition August 17  - 20  2017 (MIAFF) is thrilled to announce the official North American premiere of JUNOD to take place August 19th. Junod produced by Shizuko Tsuya with direction and storyboards by Shinichiro Kimura, is also based on a true story, with a time traveling twist. In 1945, a Swiss doctor named Marcel Junod is appointed head of the Red Cross delegation to Japan. Shocked by the devastation he finds in Hiroshim...

Siraj Syed reviews Resident Evil 6-The Final Chapter: Horror is terrific business

Siraj Syed reviews Resident Evil 6-The Final Chapter: Horror is terrific business There has to be something about it. It’s the first film franchise of the horror genre to cross a billion dollars, since its genesis 15 years ago. If you are from the gaming generation of the new millennium, you are probably aware that it all began as a game, and the eponymous first edition in the series was released in 1996, as a survival horror video game, but the franchise has since grown to encompass ot...


  “In  The Cocktail Party, writer-director Regge Life  takes on the controversial subject of the American military presence on Okinawa and renders it powerful and personal.  The essence of effective historical drama is to translate large geopolitical abstractions into concrete human interactions – and that is exactly what  The Cocktail Party  does.  US-Japan relations, racial tensions, military presence in civil society, violence and rape, ...


Director: Regge Life.

Hiroshi Uehara is a prominent Okinawan, a leader of both civic and business communities – albeit in the poorest prefecture of Japan.  He has made the most of the difficult post-war years and is a survivor with no visible scars.  But things in Okinawa are on the move; and Uehara’s hidden wounds are soon to be reopened.  The U.S. military is under pressure to move a controversial base that sits right in the middle of the main city so Uehara agrees to attend a “cocktail party” hosted by Major Porter, a dynamic new Marine officer in Okinawa.


Uehara’s Father had been a regular guest at Marine base cocktail parties in the sixties, before Okinawa was returned to Japan.  In those days, just setting foot on base would prompt jeering from fellow islanders, who saw any Okinawan as a sellout for befriending the occupiers.  But his Dad found a friend and mentor at these early cocktail parties, Mr. Yang, a Taiwanese businessman making a new life in occupied Okinawa, and very savvy around the US military administration.


The highlight of the evening is Porter’s introduction of Uehara and by the reaction of those in attendance; Porter knows he has found an ally.  The strongest reception comes from Mr. Ohashi, a Tokyo businessman new to Okinawa. The party ends on a high note and the next morning, Uehara receives a call from Porter and the offer to meet again. Excited by this opportunity, Uehara makes a call to share the good news with Mr. Ohashi only to learn a sad truth.  While Uehara and Mr. Ohashi toasted and celebrated the night before, a US serviceman at a popular nightspot allegedly assaulted the Mr. Ohashi’s daughter.


The news eventually makes its way to the base and Porter has to move quickly. Facing the prospects of seeing one of his men called up on serious charges and the media circus that will follow, Porter enlists Uehara’s support to urge Mr. Ohashi to remain calm, but Mr. Ohashi is determined the serviceman face charges for what he did to his daughter. Ohashi’s interest is absolute justice.


Powerless to calm waters around him, the great secrets of Uehara’s life surge up from his past.  It is revealed that his sister had been the victim of a sexual assault during the occupation years that the family kept quiet.  His Mother was shattered by

the incident and never completely recovered. His sister left Okinawa after their Mother’s death but Uehara remained alone in Okinawa, holding together his fractured family from afar.


While Porter continues to press his Marine for the truth of that evening, Uehara must choose between his feelings or a decision that could potentially gain new business.  Both men are resigned to put their fate in the power of truth and justice in the fragile world of Okinawa.  

What Merry White, recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun has to say about COCKTAIL PARTY

  The Cocktail Party is a compelling look at what at first appears to be another military rape by a young American soldier on the Japanese Okinawan islands, heavily inhabited by U.S. bases. Okinawa is at least twice afflicted, first by the Japanese who claimed the Ryukyu Islands as their own, making Okinawans second-class citizens and running rampant over their indigenous culture. Second, the postwar agreements placing the majority of the post-Occupation U.S. troops on these islands mea...

Kydoai ( Brothers)

Trailer available in Cinando Screenroom KYODAI ( BROTHERS)  JAPAN by American Born Zak Baney will debut in Cannes this year. Beautifully shot in Japan, this coming of age movie is a real tear-jerker.   ( subtitiles) ...

Kydoai ( Brothers)

Trailer available in Cinando Screenroom KYODAI ( BROTHERS)  JAPAN by American Born Zak Baney will debut in Cannes this year. Beautifully shot in Japan, this coming of age movie is a real tear-jerker.   ( subtitiles) ...

shnit International Shortfilmfestival

As ambitious as it is unforgettably bold, shnit International Shortfilmfestival unfolds simultaneously in multiple cities on five continents, bringing together more than 30,000 filmmakers and film lovers in ways rarely experienced elsewhere on the festival circuit. Over its 12 days, shnit celebrates more than 200 short films of all genres and styles and gives away US$100,000 in cash prizes. 


Information, registration and regulations: 


2014 GUAM - USA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ANNOUNCES CALL FOR ENTRIES Final Extended Deadline for Submissions is July 21 The Guam International Film Festival (GIFF) has officially announced its open call for entries to begin today, for its fourth annual event scheduled to take place in September. Submission forms can be completed directly online at the official GIFF website, Deadlines to submit films for the 2013 Guam International Film Festival are:...

Crossing Destiny

Director: Martin DORST.

On a hot afternoon in Tokyo, a foreign business man is on his way to a very important business meeting in Shinjuku. Overloaded with work he tries to be on time, but has to overcome some obstacles. Desperate to make it to the appointment, he hurries at a big street intersection, but someone is stopping him. It is an angel from heaven who forces him to think about his life. After the business man realizes what kind of life he lives and takes first steps to change it, the angel makes his way free for a new future.


Director: Jason Gray.
Kiku and Shunsuke are elementary school classmates. On their way home, they tease and threaten to reveal each others' secrets. As signs of childhood love begin to bloom with the chance for a first kiss, an unforeseen tragedy arises...

2012 Guam Int'l. Film Festival Announces Call for Entries

The Guam International Film Festival (GIFF) has officially announced its open call for entries for its second annual event scheduled to take place from September 27th through September 30th, 2012. The final date for submissions is August 3, 2012. GIFF executive producers and co-founders, Don and Kel Muna, have returned with former Paramount Studios director of development, J.D. Iriarte, as Festival Director. "The 2012 GIFF will be a refined version of last year's celebration focusin...

Submit your film! Come to Japan!! - Call for entries to Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Tokyo

Greeting from Tokyo!!! One of the biggest short films in Asia, an Academy accredited short film festival, Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2012 is now accepting the entries from all over the world!!   The regulation is as follows: - up to 25 minutes including the credit - Produeced after June 2010 - Japan Premiere ONLY - Deadline: NOVEMBER 15, 2011 (but of course you DO NOT need to wait!!)    If you would like to submit us, please...

Second ZIPANGU FEST to kick off at London's ICA

This year’s celebration of cutting edge Japanese cinema will get under way from November 17th to 24th Following the success of last year’s inaugural festival, the second Zipangu Fest – celebrating the best of cutting edge and avant garde Japanese cinema – will be held at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts from November 17th to 24th, before moving to venues around the UK. Showcasing a selection of Japan’s finest features, documentaries, shorts, anima...

Bollywood Musical Comedy Movie

"Miya Anari Ba Biwi Khilari Ba" is a upcoming Bhojpuri Bollywood-style Canadian-Indian musical comedy film written, directed and produced by Babukishan Das (interview) starring Birbal, Yogini, Varsha, Chhatu Master, Yunus Parvez and many more. The film featurs songs performed by renowned Bollywood singers Sapna Awasti, Vinod Rathod, Chandana Dixit, Anuradha Paudwal and Anwar. Filmed in India with great

All-out zombie epic at Terracotta Far East Film Festival

Terracotta Far East Film Festival showing a crazy Japanese Zombie film at the Prince Charles Cinema as a one-off on Friday 6th May at 22.50, which is part of our 3rd edition of Terracotta Festival,  HELLDRIVER  (HELL DRIVER, Nihon Bundan: Heru Doraibaa, 2010) is the latest movie from cult-favourite splatter film director Yoshihiro Nishimura with Eihi Shiina (Miike’s Audition) Hoping that you could help us spread the word among zombie and horror film-goers through your website or newsletter,...


Karate Girl

Guam Int'l. Film Festival - CALL FOR ENTRIES

 Hafa Adai and Welcome filmmakers!The Guam International Film Festival (GIFF) is looking for exciting new films to present in our inaugural festival to take place this year. Below you will find the link to the rules and regulations for the requirements to submit to this year’s event. We look forward to having your film be a part of this momentous and groundbreaking celebration.All filmmakers – student, amateur and professionals – are encouraged to submit to GIFF. For submission deadlines ...

Meet the directors for Masterclass at Terracotta Festival Sat 7th and Sunday 8th May 2011

Open to Terracotta Festival ticket holders/ festival pass holders only.Free, registration required. Terracotta Far East Film Festival invites film-makers, film-students and any Asian film goers to attend our Masterclasses with guest directors.   Masterclass with Sam Voutas RED LIGHT REVOLUTION director: "Turn On the Red Light: Marketing Your Concept" - Saturday 7th May 11am -11.50am Join director Sam Voutas in a Masterclass on how he turned his film concept to a reality. The...

US Film Companies Raise Money For Japan

  While Hollywood films are the last thing on the minds of the Japanese people as they confront the most challenging period in their modern history since the end of World War II, the effect and response from the US entertainment industry has been swift. Japan represents a huge chunk of the international dollars made mainly by Hollywood films and animation projects. As much as 20% of international revenues for Disney comes from the island nation, and the major studios all have large pres...