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"Found Objects" to play Athens, Greece!

"Found Objects" will have its Greek premiere in the Athens International Digital Film Festival, September 7-17th, 2013. The film will be projected in the L.A. (Life n' Art) Theater. "Found Objects" deals with art and fame and how life in art requires some balancing... The film was generously supported in the camera department by Canon USA, Inc. The C300 was provided for the July 2012 production. Cinematography is by Brandon Bondehagen. For more info on the festival: htt...

London Memory multi+city

Director: Margarida Sardinha.

London Memory multi+city - synopsis written by Margarida Sardinha London Memory multi+city is a 25 minutes optical illusion experimental film relating the Bergsonian idea of memory with that of duality in a contrapunctum of movement, colour, text and sound. Memory thus appears as a mirror of the mind being the reminiscence of time and space reflected. The holistic transcendental synthesis of a pure past over ten years lived in London by Margarida Sardinha renders itself in a stream of consciousness through the works of those Londoners who influenced her, such as Howard Hodgkin, Virginia Woolf, John Latham, Anish Kapoor, Sri Aurobindo, William Blake (to name a few) as a geometric-sonic abstract continuum. London personifies the ideal description of a long lived, loved or imagined city used by Bergson to convey the impossibility of the analysis or creation of concepts through recursive points of view – reductionism – for it will always fail to give the true feeling of walking in the street of the city itself and the zeitgeist of its collective unconscious at a given time; the city being such a fluid phenomenological cluster can only be perceived by intuition’s capability of grasping the absolute and has always tested the limits of its concepts much sought by religions and several thinkers alike such as Italo Calvino through the words of Marco Polo in Invisible Cities: "Journeys to relive your past?" Kublai Khan was asking, which could also be formulated as: "Journeys to recover your future?" and Marco's answer was: "Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveller recognises the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have." The city thus becomes the archetype of Nemesis where the foreigner traveller constantly faces duality whose structural process embodies dogma, organisation, simulation, derivation, fragmentation, pluralisation, deconstruction, assimilation… suggesting the ratio of multiplicity being to duality as duality is to illusion, further doubled within ubiquity being to illusion inasmuch as symmetry is to the mirror - the concept of duality as being a twofold impression (Maya) of the same substance and opposites as ideological correlates. Hence, dichotomy emerges as a fractal symmetrical and illusionary phenomenon through which human consciousness commences to understand oneness besides its derivative ever evolving multiplicity. Thus, by converging into the union of mind effected opposites such as original & copy, objective & subjective, time & space, male & female, cause & effect, light & dark, heart & mind, harmony & chaos, spirit & matter, random & determinate, individual & collective, motion & inertia etc. the whole surfaces as far greater than the sum of its two parts and polarity as a simple differentiation within which we are able to define and categorise its pluralism. Consequently in the film this gestaltic reenactment of coincidentia oppositorum is implicitly analogous to the holism of Bergson's duration through a myriad of overlapping afterimages that create an illusionary sequence merging single immutable geometric solids and random impressions. The optical illusion performed by the angular velocity of a static symbol renders the multiplicity of a codimension as interlaced mirror-images of the same icon, which are then integrated with yet another background illusion of concave and convex duplications - two internally consistent worlds that when juxtaposed make a completely inconsistent composite world. Dynamic symmetry and poetical-sonic repetition act as a metaphorical bridge to this union and thus the inversion of polarities becomes possible symbolising a sacred marriage between the several dual manifolds. This hieros gamos, remembrance of a sacred love, is the foundation and the culmination of duality, akin to the words of Tagore: "In love all the contradiction of existence merge themselves and are lost. Only in love are unity and duality not a variance. Love must be one and two at the same time. Only love is motion and rest in one. Our heart ever changes its place till it fin." Concluding further and beyond the inevitable logico-mathematical paradoxes implied in self-referential meta-dualism, Shakespeare discloses this oxymoron of schism in Phoenix and Turtle as being equally within love that the illusion of doubleness can be overcome: "So they loved as love in twain, Had the essence but in one, Two distincts, division none: Number there in love was slain. Hearts remote, yet not asunder; Distance and no space was seen Twixt this turtle and his queen; But in them it were a wonder. So between them love did shine, That the Turtle saw his right Flaming in the Phoenix's sight; Either was the other's mine. Property was thus appalled That the self was not the same; Single natures, double name, Neither two nor one was called. Reason in itself confounded Saw division grow together; To themselves yet either neither, Simple were so well compounded, That I cried, "How true a twain!" Seemeth this concordant one: Love hath reason, Reason none, If If what parts can so remain."(25-28)

Searching Otto

Director: Angie Bolea.
In the future there is a co-existence of two Earths. When Nuka arrives to the original Earth she has a mission: Return Otto. Nuka is on her search whilst she is documenting information about the human urban lifestyle. Finally she finds Otto, living comfortably in this new world. He explains how he doesn’t want to return to their planet, and shows her the beauty this new Earth has for them. They both begin to live a different life, which is suddenly disrupted.

Call for entries for Reggio Film Festival

  Dear Filmaker, the rules to register your short-film at the 11th edition of the Reggio Film Festival are on-line. The authors from every country of the world are invited to send their operas related to the theme of this year: CITY. Furthermore there is the OPEN CATEGORY, for short-movies not related to the theme. The deadline is 30 June 2012   ...


Director: Florent Tillon.
The automobile industry jumpstarted Detroit’s rise and made it the most industrialized city in the United States. But because of changes in American society and population demographics, the city lay deserted for decades and urban prairies complete with falcon, deer and coyote turning out the urban landscape in a B movie setting. Now an unexpected turn of events has created an environment where young people are moving back into the ruins of the former Detroit... are they a new kind of pioneer? Could this now be a way for America to be “rediscovered”?

Underbelly Razor DVD Party Sin City, by Eva Rinaldi

Underbelly Razor DVD Party Sin City Sydney Tomorrow Night - 8th November 2011 Tomorrow night some of Sydney's most interesting people, including media types, will return to the scene of many a crime from the original Underbelly 1920's and 30's. They will be celebrating the DVD launch of 'Underbelly Razor'. "Glorifying crime"...we can hear the knockers already.  Some 'Underbelly' blurb that we got hold of (thanks Larry Writer - ...

Very rare Second City pilot featuring "Covariance" star!

A very rare Second City pilot starring David Razowsky of "Covariance" has just been released by the Second City vault. Shot in 1993 in Chicago, the 46-min. gem also features Steve Carell of NBC's "The Office" and films "Little Miss Sunshine" and "The Forty-Year-Old Virgin". To see a trailer of "Covariance", please visit:

Car Lights Like Tears

Director: Peter Hastie.
A lone soul looks for pity in the night. Text from an anonymous blog.

Democracy Is ...

The film "Democracy is ..." by Tino Schwanemann is a controversy on democracy. Is our society really democratic? Can everyone be part of it? Or is the act of being part in democracy dependent to the access on technology, progression or any resources of information, as philosophers like Paul Virilio or Jean Baudrillard already claimed? The film is an inventory of our surrounding reality and its goal is to initiate discussions on democracy. This is the winner film of Gesellschafte...

Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam

Over 100 films, documentaries and shorts about city culture, urbanism and architecture in just four days.

Old City Films

 We are a new indie film company here in Wilmington, Delaware and we film full and short films every month and we are looking for actors male and female that live in the area. We present the films to film festivals, the internet and for sell on ...

The Galaxy

Director: Ashim Paul.
The film is about a refugee (Somu) of post Babri Masjid Demolition from Bangladesh who has migrated to India. There he faces several other character, in a space where political turmoil is still on. A child labor, Kanai, who works at an adjacent tea stall is willing to go to the cities to work as a construction labor. At the end, Somu feels deserted in the space and leaves. After he leaves, a puritan love in form of a lady, Sathi, the daughter of the landlady where Somu used to live, explores Somu's past and feels great attachment towards him through the decor of the space.


Director: James Shilton.
Cites with Eyes, No steps untraced, Safety or Surveillance. Is the use of CCTV within the public realm, for our safety or control by the state? The 60 people used to produce the film were asked to count to a minute in their heads while sitting in front of the camera. This worked as an experiment on peoples perception of time. The morphing effect was used to notion towards the need for people to protect their identity.

Milk Man

Director: James Rumsey.
Brian is a neurotic voyeur, trapped by fear in a routine existence. Fuelled by milk, each night he logs activities from outside his flat using a home-styled CCTV suite. His neighbour, Marina, likes Brian. She sees beyond his neurosis, to a man she’d like to know better. Brian likes her too, but is rendered dumb during routine doorstep encounters and so can never accept her hopeful invitations to share a cup of tea. Late on this night, Brian runs out of milk and must break his routine to venture out and get more. We join Brian the morning after, dishevelled, tired and with red stains on his usually pristine shirt. Flashes of what happened show Brian attacking a woman for the last of the milk.... A detective questions him.... No, a reporter.... With this reveal the night’s events are retold: a pregnant woman knocks some pasta sauce off a shelf as her contractions start and she doubles over in pain; she stumbles into Brian and drags him to the floor; in his struggle to get away from her Brian backs up into the sauce and it ends up staining his shirt. Brian, in a brave new world well outside his comfort zone, wants to run but chooses to stay and help the woman deliver her baby. In turn he gains a new, broader view of himself. The CCTV suite is turned off and he finally manages to stammers his way to accepting one of Marina’s invites for a cup of tea.

Omer Pasha-'The Curse' PACHA NYC Premiere

Omer Pasha-'The Curse' PACHA NYC Premiere

Omer Pasha-The Curse (French Edition)

Omer Pasha-The Curse (French Edition) The Curse French Edition is a compilation of 9 music videos of 'The Curse', 'Who Are You' and'Come To Me' by Omer Pasha. The Curse French Edition features french subtitles as musical dialogues exchanged between the witch , Farah and the cursed boy, Pasha. The adventures of The Curse take place between Canada and the USA; Pasha brings his curse to Toronto, Vancouver, New York City a...

The Knights Of Manhattan-New York City Filmmakers (Teaser)

  From the heart of downtown, NYC & the New York Film Festival. "The Knights Of Manhattan"New Film Releases:1.Turk Caicos Jr. Legend Hunter by Nick Baratta2.Pop Your Panties by Lisa Nusbaum 3.The Sign By Alfred Aloysius Adlawan4.My New York Film Festival Experience / The Curse by Omer Pasha5.The Miraculous Pear Tree By Joroen Zijlstra

Omer Pasha Biography

Omer Pasha born in Pakistan of Turkish descend developed a passion for film making and moved to Canada in his adolescent years. Omer Pasha's debut short film “The Curse” filmed in parts of Pakistan and Canada made its debut on SHAW TV on “Vancouver Masala,” in 2006. Omer Pasha became a regular performer at the Dufferin Nightclub in Vancouver, BC where he would perform his singles “The Curse” and “Who Are You” for a HIV/AIDS benefit charity “House Of Just Cuz.” Scor...

4 Days of American Independent Film in New York City - 2008 Event

Branding for our 2008 film festival.

KC Jubilee Awards

Indie Pioneer Award Peter Broderick - President of Paradigm Consulting, which helps filmmakers and media companies develop strategies to maximize distribution, audiences, and revenues. Outstanding Service Award to the KC Film Community Heather Laird - Wright-Laird Casting Heartland Division These films were made by filmmakers who live in Missouri or Kansas. Students may be at a school any where, but must still have parents/guardians in Missouri or Kansas. All films are shorts, unless otherwise n...