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A thousand generations live in you now. See Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters December 20.

James Bond 007 No time to die 2020 Daniel Craig, Rami Malek

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Director: Nestore Buonafede.
A night journey, Edgar, the poet, in company with Psyche, his soul, through spectral and shadowy landscapes. The two characters, after stopping at a forest, peopled with archetypal figures and horrific, and then, with a mysterious lake, come near a stately avenue, flanked by monumental cypress trees, which pass through. When, at dawn, come the end of the avenue, a distant star flooded them with a light arcane and mysterious, attracting to itself Edgar, as the sirens did with Ulysses. That magical star, intoxicating and wonderful, retain, however, in itself, a terrible trap, from which, Psyche try in vain to save him, trying desperately to dissuade him to continue the journey, and begged him to come back until I still time. Edgar, though, as if hypnotized, and that irresistible attraction, pushes inexorably forward, dragging with it the recalcitrant Psyche. But in a short time, that light, warm and welcoming, changes color, becoming cold and distant. That light, almost greenish, awakens in him doubts and uncertainties, making him shiver. Shortly thereafter, a tomb bar their way, and knowledge, so long lovingly hidden, emerges in the light of consciousness, making it more conscious, but at the same time more fragile. That monumental tomb, located on the edge of his mind, it holds a terrible secret, knowledge of which destroy him. The past, buried in the deepest recesses of his soul, returned slowly to the surface; Psyche, distraught, tells him who is buried in there: Ulalume, his beloved, lost Ulalume. Ulalume is not, however, she believed that he, his adored young bride, but she who gave him life, and has fed and bred among the miasma of illness and death, until, at only 2 years, has seen her die in agony. Ulalume is his mother Elizabeth, who died of tuberculosis after repeated hemoptysis, as well as Virginia died of tuberculosis his beloved wife. The memory, then, stands out vividly in front of him, and death, that silently and secretly, had accompanied him throughout his life, he shows, finally, in all its horror, and spreads her black cloak inside him. Psyche, the vital soul, which so long supported him, is no longer necessary, and, weeping, leaves him, alone and desolate, in the arms of the woman, who soon he will claim the body also.

47th New York Film Festival Centerpiece Presentation of PRECIOUS Red Carpet Photos

By Maria Esteves - October 7, 2009 The 47th New York Film Festival 2009 (NYFF09) Centerpiece Presentation of "PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL PUSH BY SAPPHIRE, directed by Lee Dainels was held at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, on Saturday, October 3, 7:00 PM.  NYFF09 presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Centerpiece red carpet arrivals included cast of actors, directors, producers, recording artists, and celebrity guests. PRECIOUS released by Lionsgate, winner of the Audien...


The golem

DER GOLEM, WIE ER IN DIE WELT KAM (Golem: come venne al mondo) (Projektions-AG “Union” [PAGU], DE 1920)

The legend of the golem is a famous story of Czech-Jewish culture. Although there aren’t many Jews left in Prague today, it was once a very large community. One of the leaders in that community during the 16th century was a man by the name of Rabbi Loew (pronounced “Lev”). According to the legend, he created the Golem (which derives from a Hebrew word literally meaning “raw materials”) out of the four elements (earth, wind, fire, water) to protect the Jews from Anti-Semitic ...


Director: Ben Ferris.
“There are Two Gates of Disembodied Dreams: The Gate of Horn and the Gate of Ivory. Those dreams that reach us through carved ivory bring words that damage us…But dreams that take the Gate of Polished Horn…do foretell what is in truth to come.” [Penelope, Book 19 ‘The Odyssey’ of Homer] Penelope, the mythical character from Homer’s The Odyssey, is waiting for her husband Odysseus to return from war. In this film adaptation, set in a mythic time and space, with contemporary influences and attitudes, Penelope is both archetype and human being. She wanders alone through the halls of her castle, each room a different memory. In these rooms she has visions of her husband, as past, present and future become indistinguishable from each other. Her visions are an escape from the loneliness of the present and increasingly dislocate her from the world around her: the companionship of her maidservants and the feasting mythical suitors who have gathered in her halls.

Pulp Cinema: Raymond Chandler On Film

  The New York Film Festival, which is in full swing following a busy weekend of films and premieres, will be presenting a number of special presentations in the days ahead. One of the more intriguing takes place this Wednesday evening. Chandleresque: Raymond Chandler on Film and Television is an illustrated lecture by Film London CEO and former London Film Festival topper Adrian Wootton. Raymond Chandler, who is oddly more revered in Europe than in his native America, is the mos...

"This is Love" a film review from San Sebastian

Some films just make me feel stupid. I generally am not a fan of this. 20 minutes into This is Love, I still had no real idea what was going on, or even who the main character was supposed to be. I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out… was the director going to pull a “Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!” on me? How did these two characters connect? What in God’s name was going on? Let me backtrack a moment: This is Love is a German film that begins by introducing a woman who, s...

This is Love - a film review from San Sebastian

Some films just make me feel stupid. I generally am not a fan of this. 20 minutes into This is Love, I still had no real idea what was going on, or even who the main character was supposed to be. I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out… was the director going to pull a “Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!” on me? How did these two characters connect? What in God’s name was going on? Let me backtrack a moment: This is Love is a German film that begins by intro...

TIFF 2009 - Midnight Madness Episode #7: Solomon Kane

Director Michael Bassett and actor James Purefoy bring Solomon Kane to life in a film that will probably make the character as well known as his cousin Conan the Barbarian... Great flick! ...

Anikruya Trailer

Tessa, a high school student (Olivia Goncalves), falls asleep studying in the library to awaken in a dream where an ancient book appears before her. Upon opening the book, she discovers it is alive in the person of a young girl named Kang Yi (Courtney Zang). Kang Yi, the living book, tells the story of how she was chosen by the Great Bookmakers to become the chapter of Purity in the Eternal Life Book, and how she wa ...

The Global Film Village: Lanford Wilson’s Burn This casts a spell over it’s actors and audience by Marla Lewin

"Burn This" at Flight Theatre at the Complex. Eli Mahar (l.), Mark Thornton, Melanie Hawkins, Ben McGroarty. photo by Ryan Correll.Anna, (Melanie Hawkins) a professional dancer is living in a loft, with two gay roommates and they are all fabulous friends. Larry (Mark Thornton) works in advertising and feels he has sold his soul to make his living. Their other roommate Robbie also an exceptionally talented and famous dancer was just killed along with his Greek lover, Dominic in a boati...

The Global Film Village: NEVERMORE a fitting tribute to Edgar Allen Poe by Marla Lewin

The play opens with music in the dark theatre, almost as a mediation, and then a lit candle, and Edgar Allen Poe emerges in a bravura performance at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. The team of Combs, Paoli and Gordon create a fascinating one man show. Jeffrey Combs As Edgar Allen Poe Stuart Gordon said he got the idea to honor Poe because this the bicentennial year of his birth. Gordon began by engaging accomplished actor Jeffrey Combs, who he has worked with six tim...

the Windmill - a modern Don Quixote story

The Windmill is a 80 seconds modern Don Quixote story about battling windmills :)

The Global Film Village: Ray Bradbury at 40th San Diego Comic-Con by Marla Lewin

  Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Tim Burton, Robert Downey Jr, Jeff Bridges, Tron, Super-heros, and  Science Fiction are everywhere in downtown San Diego for 5 days. And then there is the man who epitomizes science fiction, Ray Bradbury. Ray wrote about Mars as well as The Illustrated Man little knowing that a future generation would become enamored with decorating themselves to an unprecedented level. Ray attended the very first Comic-Con 40 years ago, and he returned again this year....

Call For Entries

Clones Film Festival is now taking entries for its 2009 Francie Awards. Named after the protagonist in The Butcher Boy, written by our Patron Pat McCabe, the awards are growing in stature every year. Visit  for more details. ...

The Global Film Village: The WGA Just Add Pictures by Marla Lewin

 During the WGA strike last year there was an expansion of discussion among members and a desire to enhance the earning potential of the membership through greater ongoing communication. This is one of the first of the series of panel discussions which will explore various genres with writers and industry executives at the top of their game. The Saturday July 11, 2009 panel was about the huge comic book to film genre. The topic was turning screenplays into comic books to enhance their salabilit...

House of the sleeping beauties

Director: Akemi Tachibana.
An old man, Mr. Eguchi accidentally finds a special hotel for gentlemen that are called "House of the sleeping beauties" by the sea. When a guest reserves a room, he can sleep with a young girl who is dead sleep by medicine. But the house has the strict rules and a landlady controls all. Mr. Eguchi fall in impossible love with a sleeping girl and the love remind him of his life. The background of this story is 1960’s in Japan. It was the last period that Japonisme and specific morals had remained in ordinary people and their life after world warⅡ.

The Global Film Village: The Produced By Conference

Marshall Herskovitz is an instrument of change. He is an award winning producer and the current President of the PGA. He wants to change the world, our business and how we do business. This past weekend he oversaw the first Produced By Conference which took place at the Sony Studios in Culver City. Marshall said during his Sunday afternoon Master Class "Producers are adept at keeping on Balance. There are no answers so there is still lots to be learned. The purpose of this conference was to hel...

Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film: Visually superlative cinema entertainment

The organisers of the 16th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film have included the bizarre stop-motion cinema fairytale “Coraline” in the programme for AniMovie, the competition for feature-length films. Cult director Henry Selick’s most recent film will celebrate its German premiere when it is shown this Saturday in the 3D version. This Universal film is not due to open in German cinemas until July 30. The feature-length animated film "Coraline" is based on the children’s book of the same...

Twilight” has been nominated as ‘cult movie’ of the year at Ischia Global

“Twilight” has been nominated as ‘cult movie’ of the year: the award for the record-shattering box office hit that mesmerized young viewers all over the world will go to the American director Catherine Hardwicke at 7° Ischia Global Film & Music fest (July 12th 19th). Based on the best selling novel by Stephenie Meyer “Twilight”, the film has just been nominated to seven MTV Movie Awards including the one for the best original song (“Decode” by Paramore). 53-year old Hardwicke, a...

The Story of A San Francisco Icon

In the beautiful city of San Francisco, history is never far away from the gleaming city by the bay that has been its modern identity. Yes, tech companies prosper and it is a financial and business hub. But the glories of San Francisco past is still very much in evidence. Some would say the glory years were the 1950s and 1960s, when San Francisco was the home to the beats and the hippies, and had an international reputation for tolerance and forward thinking. It still has that progressive vibe ...