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Martin Scorsese Masterclass in Cannes services and offers


Mariam Arthur

CIFF (Volunteers)

Volunteers The Cambodia International Film Festival welcomes both national and international volunteers to help us create a world-class event. There are volunteer positions available in many areas. Some require experience, such as venue managers, ticket sellers and equipment assistants. Other positions can be filled with enthusiastic helpers. Once we receive a volunteer application, we decide which position is best suited for that individual, and contact them by email. For inte...

CIFF (Contacts)

CONTACT Submissions: Mr. Cedric Eloy Cambodia Film Commission tel : +855 023 222 920 fax: +855 023 222 920 email :   Events and Volunteers: Ms. Mariam Arthur tel : +855 012 543 074 email : Skype: theroadgypsy Sponsorship: Mr. Allan Cheung / Lion Fong tel : +855 023 6320 875 email : ...

Trip to Cannes back and forth, day 20 and wrap up piece

  DAY TWENTY The flight was uneventful. It was a good thing I had some cookies from the Edinburgh train. I paced myself through-out the trip. I had ordered two meals, but there is a good 9-10 hours in between them. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see ALL Malaysian workers with face masks. We had to go through a single-file line with a heat-sensing camera aimed at us. They were taking no chances with passengers arriving from countries which have had cases of H1N1 flu, and London f...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes and back to Cambodia: Day 19

  DAY NINETEEN I woke up early and was able to get on a WIFI signal to check my email. I sent one to my mom and let her know I didn't have to spend the night on the streets of London. Tom was still sleeping so I decided at 8am I should wake him up so I could get going. A cup of tea later and after a quick check of train timetables, we were on our way by bus to Liverpool Street Station. I had come full circle as we rode the same bus I took late that first night I arrived in London ...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes and back to Cambodia: Day 18

  DAY EIGHTEEN The day started early with a bowl of cereal, yogurt and fresh fruit. Then it was time to pack the purple carpet bag again and head off to another train station. Wynford drove me to the station, where the price for a train ticket had gone from $35 Pounds if I had purchased the ticket online the night before, to $69. Since my credit card wasn't working, we walked over to the National Express bus office where a ticket to London was a mere $23, which I had in cash. Howe...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes and back to Cambodia: Day 17

In the morning, I fixed myself a cup of tea and woke up slowly. Breakfast was fresh fruit and cereal. Wynford's daughter appeared, waking late after a costume party where the theme was the Flintstones - how fun! Wynford and I said goodbye to her and headed off by car through the surrounding Rhondda Valley. There were terraced houses everywhere; the doors and window frames were a multitude of colors, all stacked neatly in rows. We talked about the different terms for housing like townhouse...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes and back to Cambodia: Day 16

Another night of sound sleep and I was refreshed. Nina made some fresh toast from home-made bread with butter and jam while I showered and packed my things. I actually tried a bit of marmite on one slice! It wasn't as horrible as everyone says, but it was very salty. William, Nina, Pookey and I all piled into the car for a drive to the beach. After stopping to apply fly ointment to Romeo and Chili, we were on our way. There was a HUGE castle, Bamburgh Castle, once the capital of Northumbr...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes and back to Cambodia: Day 15

This morning I decided to look out the drapes and check my watch when I woke up. It was 5:30am and already getting light. Any further north and I suspect it would be the gloaming, when the darkest part of night remains twilight. Breakfast was again superb, this time with an added sausage. Chris need to run an errand, so he dropped me off at Sorbie Tower to wander around. It was quiet except for the birds; it smelled of fresh rain and wild garlic (or onions - they both look the same to me)...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes and back to Cambodia: Day 14

The drapes in my room were thick tapestries. I awoke in the morning, but couldn't tell the time, so I dozed off back to sleep. Around 8:30am I finally got up. Almost instantly, Chris, my host, had a hot breakfast prepared. An egg, potatoes, bacon (of course, they raise pigs), tomatoes, and toast, all served with Brown Sauce (like A1) and homemade rhubarb/ginger jam. I checked my email and showered; then Chris was extra-kind enough to take me into town. We drove by Sorbie Tower (built by my a...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes and back to Cambodia: Day 13

  Vic had to leave for work so I said my goodbye early. She suggested I might want to skip Galway because it would make a tough day. This was always a "Plan B" that I was hoping I wouldn't have to do, but I can also be flexible and adapt when necessary. Jim and I spent the morning checking out options for going to Belfast and catching the ferry. I decided to take the 12pm Bus Eireann to Belfast ($15 Euros) arriving around 3pm to catch the 5pm ferry to Stanraer, Scotland ($35 ...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes and back to Cambodia: Day 12

Breakfast was a healthy serving of muesli with fresh banana, pear, yogurt and milk. The coffee tasted sooo good. Jim had to cater an event and left early. Nathan and I looked at photos I brought in my computer of Cambodia, America, my family, and other places. Being Sunday, it was Vic's day off so she chose to spend it relaxing while I went with Nathan by bus to meet up with Jim in Blessington for a ride through the mountains. We got to Blessington at 12:30pm, but Jim wasn't going be finishe...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes: Day 11 part 2

I have never been on a airline like Ryan Air. Getting on the plane was pretty much standard, but once I sat down, I knew it was going to be different. After all the carry-on luggage was placed in the overhead bins and the attendants closed the doors, I could see advertisements down the length of the plane, like on a public bus. Half way through the flight, there was an announcement and the attendants walked through the plane offering special Ryan Air scratch-off lotto tickets for $1 Euro each....

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes: Day 11 part 1

I had a leisurely breakfast, chatting with a producer also staying at the college. Then I spent an hour packing my duffel bag to ship back to Cambodia and deciding what to carry with me for the rest of the trip. I decided to pay the $10 Euros for a taxi to the Palais. TNT is the sponsoring shipping company, so I trolleyed my duffel bag to the counter inside the market. It weighed in at 20 kilos - perfect! I told them the day before it might be 30 kilos, which they said would be fine for t...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes: Day 10

Finally a moment that wasn't perfect; I got off the bus one stop later than I wanted to and had to walk further to the Carlton. But if that's all that goes wrong, I figure I'm doing pretty good. It was perfect timing when I arrived to meet with one of the major studios about bringing US Box Office hits to Cambodia and they were able to see me right away. I walked back to the Palais and met some more distributors (is that getting boring yet?). I ate lunch and met more distributors. I had a...

Mariam Arthur amazing race to cannes

DAY EIGHT The college where I am staying provided a simple breakfast of cereal, fruit, juice and tea. I caught the local bus to the Palais (the main venue of the festival and market). I went around and said hello to sales agents that I already knew and checked out their new movies until 11am when I had an appointment to close a deal for an action film from a Japanese company. I stopped at a few new booths and watched trailers of perspective movies for Cambodia. By 1pm I was hungry and ...

Mariam Arthur en route to Cannes day 7, final stop!

I'm walking through a park full of people with backpacks and rock-climbing gear. Who are these people? I've been looking for someone for 2 years to climb with in Cambodia... BZZZZZ. 7am and it's time to wake up. This is the day I go to Cannes. I officially started working in film in 1999. I've attended the American Film Market since 2000. Cannes is the Big Daddy of festivals and markets. Now it's my turn. And I'm representing Cambodia; how cool is that! Uli walks me to the Metro stat...

Mariam Arthur en route to Cannes day 6

The calm before the storm. One last day in Paris, and I thought the best way to spend it was to relax. After a breakfast of muesli and yogurt, I worked on the computer writing my Amazing Race diary and checking the Internet for more details about future days of the trip. Uli took me to the post office to send off postcards and we got bagel sandwiches for lunch. Mmmm, pastrami (not available anywhere in Cambodia)! Back at home I worked some more on the computer and took a nap. After pizza for...

Mariam Arthur en route to Cannes day 5

I awoke to the smell of fresh croissants baking in the oven. Xin and Uli were so kind to offer such a yummy breakfast! Soon, we were off for the day, taking the Metro to Montmartre, where artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir used to live and create. Artists of today still flood the area. Unfortunately, the Metro goes straight through the hill of Montmartre, so the two closest stations are on either side, necessitating a steep walk. I have found that a steady pace works best for me, and with ti...

Mariam Arthur en route to Cannes day 4

Thankfully I slept in until around 8am. By 9am, my bags were packed and waiting in the guestroom for me to come back after sightseeing. I have to say that one of the coolest things about being in England is that all the words I know as British (boot, bonnet, lift, loo, queue, etc.) and that I hear spoken occasionally by British friends in the US or Cambodia, are used by everyone all the time. This is an obvious fact, but to HEAR it is fun. Tom and I went straight to the Underground to ma...

Mariam Arthur en route to Cannes day 3 part 2

I slept until around 9am. By 10am, I ventured out into the neighborhood. I took pictures of the lovely row houses. There was a street sign with the words "Humped Zebra Crossing." I looked at the house it was in front of thinking "Is this a joke." After a few more steps I understood - there is a pedestrian crossing over a wide speed bump with diagonal white stripes. Clever. At the corner I discovered the free WIFI McDonalds. I ordered a small burger and a coffee. I...

Mariam's Amazing Race to Cannes: Day Three

  Thankfully, the flight on AirAsia to London Standsted was uneventful. I was so happy that they had personal "handheld entertainment" units - rental for flight $30 R. I was able to watch some movies & TV, listen to music and play games. Everything went like clockwork after my arrival. The passport control took 45 minutes. I picked up my bag, purchased a $19 GBP Stansted Express train ticket with $100 Euros, giving me British Pounds as change so I am set for the next two...

Mariam Arthur en route to Cannes day 2

no, I am not on the show "The Amazing Race" but when I got into the taxi in Kuala Lumpur, it felt like I am embarking on a similar - fast-paced journey. DAY TWO Getting from the airport (LCCT) was easy. As with most places focused on tourism, getting back was more difficult. But I was expecting it to be, so I allowed plenty of time. The Swiss Inn Hotel in Kuala Lumpur was a pleasure. I had a good night's sleep and awoke refreshed. A breakfast buffet was included - noth...

Mariam Arthur's journey to Cannes day one of a 7 flight trip from Cambodia

I can't believe the level of " pre-production"  I did getting ready for this trip - airline tickets (7 flights), bus tickets, hotels, B&Bs, friends to visit, updating geneaology info, arranging cat sitters, house sitters, car parking, banking, goodbyes, laundry... I just felt exhausted yesterday. I woke up this morning with a list of " last day"  things like locking my computer, washing dishes, etc. I went down to Rory's Pub for a Toastie breakfast. Then I set about...

Thunderbird International Film Festival

Awards in different divisions/categories. Family-friendly with variences for age and cultural differences. Premiering Uwe Boll`s, Heart of America. Free scenic tours for filmmakers in a.m. Screenings in afternoon. Parties at night.