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A vanguard organization set in the Silicon Valley, Cinequest’s uniqueness and impact result from being ahead of the curve in the powerful integration of creativity and technology. Cinequest fuses the world of the filmed arts with that of Silicon Valley’s innovation to empower youth, artists and innovators to create and connect - driving transformations and a better tomorrow. Cinequest does this through Cinequest Picture The Possibilities and Cinequest Film Festival.




"Trained In The Way of Men" Sylvia Guerrero and Director Shelly Provost

"Trained In The Way Of Men"

Left: Participant Sylvia Guerrero, mother of Gwen Araujo.  Right: Director Shelly Provost

 This powerful documentary explores the controversial events surrounding the violent murder of Gwen Araujo in Newark California - a murder that shocked the country when it made national headlines.

"Trained In The Way of Men" Sylvia Guerrero and Director Shelly Provost
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Gwen touched many lives for the better, just by being who she w

re: Sylvia's quote - "Her spirit is always with mommy and I appreciate that," she said. "Her physical body is gone, but her spiritual presence is here."

Sylvia, take comfort in the fact that Gwen touched many lives for the better, just by being who she was. A lot of people can live to be 100, and never accomplish anything good. But Gwen, in her very short life, touched millions with her story. You must be very proud of her. I am positive God is proud of her too. It's a cruel world, and sometimes I wonder why God doesn't just give up on mankind. But then someone like Gwen shows me how beautiful a person can be, and then I know why.
I have spent my entire life in a female body, and know what it is like to feel unacceptable as I am. I have learned to "hide" who I am from the world. I admire Gwen for having the courage and strength of character to be the woman she is. I wish I could be more like her. (I say "is" because I know Gwen is still alive. Her body may have died, but angels like Gwen will live forever). Thank you Sylvia, for sharing Gwen's life with everyone.

The Movie

I just recently saw the movie about her life, I found it to be a very sad and moving story, I feel for the family,and although i never knew her it makes me feel like i lost a member of my family.


This lovely soul was cheated of the chance to live a full life for no reason. Its not just sad, its unacceptable! She was born who she was. No one has or had the right to judge her for following her heart and bravely being herself in truth! A body is but a vessel and the soul is sexless, pure energy.Unfortuately sometimes the vessel does not always match the heart and mind. I can not imagine how hard it must have been for her to deal with societies ideals.We are all expected to fall into step to the same old drummer when in truth we are all individuals with different hopes and dreams. My heart goes out to her family and friends. I know first hand how it is to lose someone you love to a violent crime. My brother was stabbed at 22,but was brain dead for 4 yrs.The man who hurt him was only charged with aggravated assault and served only 3 1/2 yrs. in jail. My brother was sentenced to 4 yrs.a soul trapped in a body that no longer functioned and my family and I were sentenced to having to choose to end his suffering by removing his feeding tube and watching him die by dehydration. I would wish this kind of pain on no one! The saddest thing is that life, in the justice system has too little value!May Gwen find peace and joy with God in heaven!He has always loved her just as she is, his angel.

So Sad

Just finished watching a girl like me and I cried the whole time. Its real sad to see people so hateful and cruel. What was extremely shocking to me was the fact that this hate crime happened in 2002! I thought at first this show was about something that happened in the south back in the 60 or 70s, wow, was I wrong. I am a 25 mother of two children, a boy and a girl. I hope to be supportive and understanding as you, Mrs. Guerrero, if I am ever in the same situation. God bless you and your family. Never stop.


Thanks for the information.

Bush’s hate crimes

Speaking of hate crime(s):

The American people cannot tolerate Bush’s hate crimes.

George W. Bush is a hate-crime criminal.

George W. Bush did in fact commit innumerable hate crimes.

Bush will go down in history in infamy.

Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993


Very sad for Gwen

I just want to say that I am very hurt for Gwen and her family. I am so GLAD that justice was done. I was very concern when watching the movie that I had to turn twice. She did not deserve to die so young and such a horrific death. I do not believe those boys should be released for a long time. Gwen have a very supportive and loving family and courageous MOTHER. Much love.


I know what I must do now. Gwen's life was summed up in the movie, and it did more than "touch" me. I too, am transgendered, if that's the only word to describe it, but if you knew me, you would clearly see the masculine side more than anything else about me. I have learned from fear, from experience, and from saturated male privelage to hide myself.
I came out to my bible college and family recently, and now everyone thinks I am gay. Close, but not correct. I guess I should be more understanding. They just don't get it, and I know that the fear, ignorance and societal structure of things has warped their minds, as it has affected all of us. "It" was always there. It affected us, because our parents were raised to think in ways against such "oddities", and their parents were taught, and so forth. Time to make a stand and stop the fear, hate and ignorance.
I don't really know what I am trying to get at here, but I just want anyone who is reading this to know that I am your brother, your sister, your ally and friend. My faith in Christ may have differences, and it may be entirely THE difference between us, but I hear the cries of our family out there, and I will answer. Transgender Christians need a face to represent them, and there are a few, but what about the others who have not transitioned? What about the others who, for any reason, who decide it would be best to remain their current physical gender? This is where I could come in. God bless.

So sad! People need to wake up!

I just watched A Girl Like Me on Lifetime, I'm so upset about the way Gwen was treated! Until this movie I had never heard of her or anything that happened to her. It is so sad, I'm still balling my eyes out over this. To her mother may GOD bless you in what you are doing. She clearly got her courage from you. Continue to fight for the rights of transgender people. Though sad what happened, this may have been your calling. You are the person God chose to fight this battle. Don't give up no matter what happens good or bad. Gwen is in a better place now where she doesn't have to hear the criticism of ignorant people who don't understand. It's sad how far we as a people have come, yet we are still behind! I'm so sorry for your loss to you and your family!

What can't we.....

LIVE AND LET LIVE? I am a 49 year old mother of two sons. Both my sons are typical, straight males but I would have unconditionally loved them REGARDLESS. I was VERY lucky that my mother (now 68)taught me acceptance and tolerance of people different than me. These lessons were taught during the 60s and 70s in the South where very narrow-mindedness still exists. To be we have to let me... Just because someone is different doesn't make them bad... we are ALL different. LOVE, PEACE AND ACCEPTANCE... THE ONLY THINGS THAT MAKE THIS PLANET WORTH LIVING ON. STOP THE HATE.


I'm sorry but there are still people out there that are racists and sexists. It will never stop. No matter how many times you tell people, there is always going to be that one person that hates "different" people. And you know why they hate them, because they themselves are afraid their different. How do you get across to EVERYBODY in this world that EVERYONE is different in their own way and there is no "normal". None of us are normal. Think about it. This world is becoming more and more sick every single day!

This Story

I just watched A Girl Like Me. And I am touched. I am a 19 year old Gay Male. I live in South GA. Gay descrimaination is changing a little. But In this part still look down upon. I wish you could come visit the High School I am graduating from this saturday. I wish when school started back you could come and tell your story to this group of students. I think it could make some difference. I don't know. But even though I don't know you. I love you. I wish I could have beenn there. I would have made friends with Gwen the day I met her. and I would have tried to hang out with her and I wouldn't have let Gwen go to that tragic night alone. I would have went with her. I would have helped her. If you do think you want to come to my school it's Lanier County High School. Lakeland, Georgia 31635

All men are created equal

We treat women and men equally, we treat whites and blacks equally, we treat gays & lesbians and heterosexuals equally. We should also treat transgendered men and women as equally as we treat every other member of society, after all they are human beings just like every other person on the face of this earth, NO DIFFERENT THAN YOU AND I. It is unfair to treat them differently just because they have been diagnosed under DSM IV rules as having a recognized disorder. They are entitled to equal treatment as much as any other person on this planet. To do anything else degrades the moral fabric of this world.

all men are created sexually inferior

We do not treat men and women equally. Women have been cross dressing without social condemnation since Jackie Kennedy went to mass in stirrup pants. California has a law which punishes employers who insist that women wear a skirt. Women display cleavage but punish any man who responds to it. Eddy Araujo had 2 decades of warning that what he was doing was severely disapproved. Once again, men get the short end when it comes to sexual expression.

(Appeal to DSM is appeal to psychiatric culture and is meaningless).

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