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1- What is Gangz ?

2- How are the Gangz defined?

3- History of Gangz

4- Presentation of the different Gangz

5- How do Gangz interact between virtuality and reality?

6- How to create your Gangz?

7- How to animate a Gangz community?


1- What is Gangz ?

“Gangz represents the new numerical generation…the new mafia”

Gangz is a collective of international numerical artists of various artistic backgrounds and

influences. Gangz is in favour of genres and arts fusion.

The various Gangz were gathered to develop a universe that would combine virtuality

and reality, and whose values are “do it yourself” and “alternative work of high quality”.

Gangz defends a universalistic vision of the world through the use of new technologies,

modern transportations (the Internet, planes…) and future means of communication.

Thus, these artists of the “home studio” generation create collectively and exchange

visual and musical samples, as well as information, pictures…in order to develop a

common numerical universe.

Each Gangz includes several artists (with at least one musician and one visual art artist).

Each Gangz is composed of three to six characters, designed according to the

patternGangz that opens them the doors to this new universe.


2- How are the Gangz defined?

Each community is defined by the city it is based in (Gangz of Paris, Gangz of Bruxelles,

Gangz of Shanghai and Gangz of London already exist), by its neighbourhood, by an

animal that symbolises the Gangz, by its activities, its look and music style.

Gangz universe obeys certain fundamental rules. The most important of those concerns

the mutation. Excepting the bulldogs Gangz that never gets transformed, each character

becomes a monster when it feels angry. The reasons for its anger vary according to each

Gangz and can be totally weird or even absurd!

The meeting point of all Gangz is GANGZ.ORG is the portal website where one can discover the universe of Gangz, including

all its productions. You can download all necessary information to create your own

Gangz or animate a Gangz community on this website. After selecting a city, you will

discover the various Gangz based in this city, their weekly newsletters (that will be a mix

between relevant and tabloid’s type of news), their games (under the “Gamez” part) and

reviews of their favourite music. You will then be able to navigate between each

neighbourhood and discover its characteristic (history, profile of each member…) and

have access to their blogs. You can also find all productions of the artists behind these

virtual characters. That’s also how the link with reality is created: the artists will create

events that will stage the Gangz (via drawings, illustrations, short-movies, cartoon

movies, music…) as well as happenings, exhibitions or special Gangz parties.


3- The history of Gangz

Part of the history of Gangz occured between 1920 and 1925, in Paris, just after the “Der

des Der”.

Indeed, during these crazy years, a universalistic utopia was prevailing. The concept of

Esperanto was thus invented during these times. It is even common to hear that at this

time, the five continents would rather get closer than further away.

During this period of glorified times, Josephine Backer, the first singer to appear naked

on stage, would drive Paris crazy with her delicious English accent. Picasso, Matisse, Dali,

Braque and various foreign artists would lead a cosmopolitan Paris.

It’s at this time that the bulldog Gangz used to throw the best parties, in a place quite

similar to heaven on earth. You could enter the Pere Lachaise cemetery and admire the

three monkeys of wisdom who would keep the peace and inspire artistic creation.

Unfortunately, manipulated by the wild-boars, the Gangz of pandas broke this harmony

by stealing on the wisdom-monkey. Out of control, the three monkeys disappeared and

chaos began.

The Big Depression started. Unemployment and racism rose. Ashamed by their

weakness, the Gangz of pandas decided to live underneath the ground, in dark corridors

and people started blaming the Gangz for all disorders. The Gangz of wild-boars took

back to their usual activities: business men, politics, guns sellers, pimps. The Gangz of

bulldogs, promised to death, decided to never get out the Pere-Lachaise cemetery and its

dark and tiny alleys where they could still hide. The only visible Gangz was the one of the

Bumblebees, wrestling stars who inspired and nourished numerous super-heroes myths.

But in 1932, as the biggest sport event ever organised was taking place in France,

hundreds of attendees were to perish under the collapse of the largest stand of the

stadium that belonged to the Bumblebees. A psychological black-out erased definitively

the last Gangz of the collective memory.


4- The different Ganz :

The first Gangz appeared in Paris. There were 8 of them:

- The bulldogs: they are the kings of the nights, located at the Pere Lachaise. They

used to throw the biggest open-roof parties in this cemetery. Always peaceful,

they would control the excesses of the other Gangz.

- The crabs: they are located Porte de Montreuil and are big soccer fans (they

organise clandestine match, take orders…) and love tuning (they retail trafficked

cars to escape cops)

- The otters: they are located in the Gare du Nord neighbourhood, they represent

avant-garde (they all are Artistic Directors, trend setters…) They can provide you

with any high-tech products as well as with any type of illicit substance.

- The rabbits: they live in the Beaugrenelle buildings and all are sex-addicts. They

lead the “Rabbit’s newspaper” (sort of a porn version of People magazine). They

also produce porn movies, run sex-shops and blackmail important businessmen.

- The pandas: their grand-father is at the origin of the peace and love and WWF

movements. Unfortunately, his grand-son radicalised their action after watching

Taxi Driver. They thus became warrior ecologists who will punish you if you use

too much water or don’t recycle your waste.

- The bumblebees: they inspired all super-heroes myths. Fallen stars of the

wrestling world, they haunt the locker room of the Parc des Princes, hoping for

the revival of their favourite sport.

- The elephants: they squat the last floor of the Eiffel Tower, where they

continuously rehearse and compose the biggest music hits (the Neptunes and the

Daft Punk are huge fans of them).

- The wild-boars: they are the bad boys…Their origins will always remain

mysterious as they use all their power and influence to create chaos and turmoil.

They spend their time partying and pillaging.


5- How do Gangz interact between virtuality and reality?

If you want to meet the Gangz, you can find them each second Friday of the month in

the trendy club “le Paris-Paris”. Each Gangz gather there for concerts and all night long


You can also meet them via other ways:

Example n°1: the Gangz of Rabbits are true comics characters. Part of the comic was

found and is going to be published in the magazine “Trois couleurs” edited by MK2.

Here-under: the Gangz of rabbits in the patternGangz, and in real (in comics)


Example n°2: the Gangz of bumblebees just came out of the Parc des Princes and staged

a concert in place hold secret. Some pics taken by amateurs can testify it.

Example n°3: we just discovered graffs representing the Gangz of crabs around the Porte

de Montreuil.

Example n°4: a pirate VHS of the story of the rabbits was sent to the State Department…

Example n°5: just imagine…possibilities are unlimited thanks to numerical and digital

arts, the mix of image and music…


6- How to create your own Gangz ?

You just need to follow the plan!

A- Answer the questionnaire:

- What is the animal that symbolises you?

- What is you occupation?

- What place do you live in?

- What provokes you transformation?

- What is your motto?

- What is your music style?

- How would you describe you look?

- Where do you go out?

- What are your favourite activities?

B- Choose between 3 to 6 characters

You have the choice between male and female characters.

You just need to use the following patterns:


Male Female


C- Roughly draw your characters (between 3 and 6) and their angry counterparts

(here below, you have 2 male characters and one female one)


D- Invent the story behind the birth of the Gangz

E- Answer the following questionnaire for each character:

- What are their nicknames?

- What is their role within the Gangz

- What is their style of music of each character

- - What are their strengths (on a 1 to 5 scale) in music, video, graphism, new

media, concept…

F- Choose the colours of the Gangz.

G- Update the various information formerly filled with the colours of the


H- Finally, create a nice cover page (as here below for the Gangz of pandas)


7- How to animate a Gangz community?


- TIME in order to gather artists, put them in touch and create links and artistic



- PLEASURE through personal and artistic development

- Multi-disciplinary artistic collaboration (with other members of the


- Notoriety (the aim of is to help the artists involved in this project have a

better and wider visibility)

- International outreach (Gangz will have communities in all major cities, gathering wil

be organised, parties, exhibitions…)

- Financial Income via merchandising (art-toys, t-shirts, stickers…)

Each city of the world is under the control of the Gangz (between 4 to 15 Gangz in each


In order to gather these Gangz, a leader is required. This leader will create the Gangz

that runs an emblematic place of the city (for example Ground Zero in New York, the

Summer Palace in Pekin…) he will also be in charge of gathering and choosing the other

Gangz. Each Gangz includes 3 to 6 characters and is animated by 2 to 6 artists (there

must be at least one musician and one visual art artist in each Gangz).

All sources are available on a FTP provider: the PatternGangz of male, female and

monster characters, the presentation of Gangz, “How to create your Gangz”, the

arborescence and the codes for the website as well as games and root files for animated


The leader only has to download the LEADGANGZ pack and put talent and time in it!

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