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magic kisa

Director: mathieu saliva.
MAGIC KISA is a dark short comedy on the topic of the gemellity : Two twin brothers after years of separation. One leaves prison and the other lined up and founded a family. Associated by long years of swindle and chicaneries, their destinies rock in one night... Stealing of identity, handling and threats of two strange grave-diggers... Genre film under the tradition of the 50’s, 60’s French whodunit, “MAGIC KISA” is a trap movie with squeaking humour...

NSWCFF Highlights the Napa Film Program

  The 23rd Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival continues Sept 24th - 27th in select venues in select venues in downtown Napa. See nearly 50 films taking you to many different countries! Tickets are available along with a complete NSWCFF program schedule online at, by phone at 707.935.3456 or at the venue the day of show. Program is subject to change. There are...

La séléction des European Film Awards 2009

La European Film Academy et EFA Productions gGmbH annoncent les titres des 48 films sélectionnés cette année, la liste des films recommandés pour une nomination aux European Films Awards 2009 ! Avec 25 pays représentés, la sélection illustre à nouveau la grande diversité du cinéma européen.Dans les 20 pays qui totalisent le plus de membres EFA, ces membres ont désigné un film de leur nationalité.Afin de compléter cette liste, un comité de sélection, composé de membres de la Eur...

La séléction des European Film Awards 2009

La European Film Academy et EFA Productions gGmbH annoncent les titres des 48 films sélectionnés cette année, la liste des films recommandés pour une nomination aux European Films Awards 2009 ! Avec 25 pays représentés, la sélection illustre à nouveau la grande diversité du cinéma européen.Dans les 20 pays qui totalisent le plus de membres EFA, ces membres ont désigné un film de leur nationalité.Afin de compléter cette liste, un comité de sélection, composé de membres de la Eur...

Water Injected Cars

Director: Nino De Santis & Nickolas Klein.
30 year Biography of Crusader for Water and Alcohol Injection for Cars.

Russian Online Student Filmmakers Festival 2009


Entrants must be Russian nationals who are either:

Students studying film in Russia or abroad.

Film student graduates from 2006 onwards.

Young filmmakers (high school age)

Film School entrants (class or group produced films) from 2006 onwards

  • Films entered can be from 2006 to 2009 graduation classes.
  • Dead line for Film entry is September 27th 2009.
  • Film entries can be either portfolio work – work in progress during a film course, a graduation film or other work.
  • Open to all production techniques including animation – documentary – drama and experimental or artistic film.
  • No film length restrictions.
  • No theme restrictions.
  • Films can be in either the Russian or English language. If the films are in Russian it is strongly recommended that English subtitles are provided.
  • Multiple entries by schools will be allowed.
  • Film entrants must first register on the website .
  • All films for entry must be uploaded onto the  website or mailed to the address provided. Film submissions forms must, in both cases, be filled out on line.
  •  Prize: Best Overall Film- US$500.00 and entry into The Reelshow All winners Festival 2009.
  • An International panel of judges and Reelshow International members will decide the winner.


Director: Susan Everett.
“Hello Mum. My name’s Alison. Born on the sixth of June, twenty eight years ago. But you know that already, don’t you?” Grieving the death of her adoptive mother, Alison tries to track down her natural mother to find a replacement ‘mum’. She sends out a videotape as an introduction.

Filmfestival Turkey/Germany

The Filmfestival Turkey/Germany takes annually place in Nuremberg.

Features films, shortfilms and documentaries can partizipate.

Thera is a competition for feature films from Germany and Turkey. Those Awards will be given:

- Award for the best movie (5.000 €)

- Award for best actor and actrss (each 1.000 €)

- Award of the audience (1.000 €)

- Award of the film criticians (1.000 €)

Further there is a competion of shortmovies. The price for the best film is 1.000 €.

Our Landscapes of movies are a part of the festival without the charackter of competition. The give an overview about the german and the turkish cinema of these days.

Among all movies of the festival the Öngören Award for democracy and human righst is awarded.

Further information in german and turkish under:

The Doc

Director: Todd Lovette.
The Doc is Dr Ted Fleming of the Fleming Institute for Healing. One patient, a filmmaker, decides to document his amazing treatment and experience at the Institute.

Pune International Film Festival

The festival offers a contemporary and liberal platform for the filmmakers of the World to exhibit the excellence of the film art form. The aim is mainly to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of cultures of different nations. We hope to present complex human situations of this rapidly changing world in the globalised era.

You can visit us online at 

Hillside Film Festival

Celebrating its fifth year in 2010, the Hillside Film Festival is calling for entries from Victoria’s most promising young filmmakers. The festival gives emerging filmmakers the opportunity to see their films on the big screen in front of a large audience, be judged professionally by some of the most respected filmmakers and writers in the country, and win some fantastic prizes along the way.   

Screened in one of Victoria’s most-beautiful cinemas, the Cameo Outdoor Cinema in Belgrave, the festival proudly focuses on artistic excellence and innovation, celebrating great filmmaking across all genres, styles and budgets. We want to hear from young filmmakers with a unique voice, a story to tell and a fresh approach to filmmaking – not just those with the best equipment or famous friends. Industry judges include Sandra Sciberras, director of the AFI award-winning ‘Caterpillar Wish’ (AUS 2006), and Bridget Callow, producer of the AFI-nominated ‘Bitter and Twisted’ (AUS 2008).

This year, filmmakers are competing for a stack of cash and awards, including a $1,000 cash prize from The Upwey & District Community Bank Group and a prize pack from Madman Entertainment. Selected films will also feature on the small screen, presented on Foxtel’s Aurora Community Channel as part of Youth Week 2010. To enter, films must be 15 minutes or less, and the filmmaker from Victoria and aged 30 or under.

For more information, and to enter online, check out

Entries close on Monday 2nd November.


The filmmaker is making a film on a real life incident from history and literature about a character called the Bhawal Sannyasi based on the book called the Princely Imposter. He is in the preprodcution stage when he gets the bad new that he can't shoot in the location he had selected during the recee stage, so his assistant advises him to compromise by shooting in available cheap village locales, which threatens to change his plot, but he has to go ahead with the shoot,so he does, sacrificing his relationship with a girl who is being pressurized by her parents to marry an architect, in the process. What happens to the lives of both the film maker and his protagonist unfolds in the film.

Voice of Jerusalem

Director: Ofer naim.
Those who remember Jerusalem in its splendor have called it the city of gold. It is a city remembered for its glorious past but with no future. Instead of dealing with the present, people remain involved in the past. This is what stands in the way of Jerusalem’s survival. What happened to “Jerusalem of Gold”? Is there any hope or solution to the problems surrounding Jerusalem? Which of the three religions should have the right to control Jerusalem? Should Jerusalem be the capital city? Maybe all that is happening in Jerusalem stems from the ”Jerusalem Syndrome” that causes one to lose touch with reality and ones stability. Did Israel and Jerusalem’s leaders suffer from this syndrome as well? This movie tries to answer many of these questions talking to a number of people from various walks of life in this unique city and through the many songs sung longingly about this city, over time.

Charleston Film Festival

The Terrace Theaters of Charleston, SC are please to announce The Charleston Film Festival. The Charleston Film Festival brings the best of local and national films to the Charleston community. It has two locations, one on the Charleston Harbor, and the other in James Island. Scheduled for March 11-14 2009, the Charleston Film Festival will bring film makers and film lovers in a three day celebration of the art form. Three educational talks are planned, as well as and after-festival gala and an awards ceremony. For more information, please see

Naked Sushi Movie

Director: Patricia DiSalvo Viayra.
What Happens when a couple on a blind date accidentally go to an adult-themed restaurant?

Hollow Feet

Director: Nick Walters .
The film is an oddly charming and unique love story that explores a twisted psychological predicament as in the ‘extremist’ tradition of Japanese and South Korean cinema… A big city at night. Two young cyborg lovers (a Japanese boy and girl) are on the run from repair men. The couple reaches a bridge and agrees to jump to escape to a better world but as they step off the boy pulls out at the last moment. After a literal kiss of death (from the figure of Death itself) the girl's ghost rises from her body and looks around for her partner, but the boy sneaks off, ashamed he failed to keep his promise. Whilst sulking and hidden in a giant cardboard box (once used to contain a cyber), a cunning idea strikes the boy – one which he thinks will allow him to face the girl with respect intact ...but it backfires spectacularly and he wanders the night streets in a sulk, his various comical attempts to terminate himself intermittently punctuating his gloom. Out of ideas and resigned to the fact that he will never again be with the girl, a passing emergency siren leads him on a chase through the night streets as he hunts down the figure of Death itself... The film shares a combination of the mythical tone and dark humour of Old Boy with the playful, dream-like tone of Punch Drunk Love.

International film competition - "Intervideo Talent Award"

Films permitted for submission are those dealing with the theme “Tomorrow we will see”, in accordance with the description of the competition. The length of the film contributions must not exceed 10 minutes. In the case of longer films, an excerpt of up to 10 minutes may be submitted. Films can be submitted until 31st August 2009.

 The competition is open for students, apprentices and graduates from sectors like, e.g. TV, film and media production, media design, animation and multimedia as well as media technology may participate. The competition is also aimed at young professionals and job starters with work experience of up to 2 years.


The winners can look forward to cash prizes totalling to € 1.500.00 as well as various non-cash prizes. The prizes will be awarded during the "exground" film festival in

Wiesbaden, Germany on 15th November 2009. To submit a film online, filmmakers can register at


You can find up-to-date information about the competition at homepage of the competition and the homepage of intervideo.


Find the application form and the description of the competition in English and German here.


Director: Valdimar Jóhannsson.
The film deals with unexpected and unexplainable loss. Due to an accident, the life of a happy family turns into a larger-than-life tragedy. The film is based on a tale retold by Wilhelm Grimm.

Annual Charleston International Film Festival

The 5th Annual Charleston International Film Festival will be April 11th-15th, 2012. All movie screenings will be at the Cinebarre Mt Pleasant (part of the Regal Group) and the classic original American Theater in historic downtown Charleston, SC.  Features, shorts, documentaries and animations will be shown from local, national and international filmmakers.  There will also be a screenplay competition.  Enjoy the nightly sponsored after parties and deal making opportunities, seminars, workshops and special events. Charleston International Film Festival is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, created to bring people together through the art and science of film. Please go to or email for more information.


“EASTWARDS” is the result of a long journey. Bosnia is the focus, with its cumbersome past and its present as much uncertain as controversial. Sarajevo, Mostar, Srebrenica, different solicitations coming out meeting people and their present and past history. Sarajevo is the capital. The memory became its political structure, and lights up consequent opportunities to reflection and debate. Mostar is symbolized by the Old Bridge, heart of a slow beat of a social and political life which fails to heat the peripheral wings of the city still shattered in the reality of ghettos, Croatians and Muslims. And finally Srebrenica, the town of women, the city of pain. 12,000 dead (institutionally they say 8372, but in reality missing people is 4000 more). Every year on 11th of July it takes place the big ceremony for the burying of the hundreds of bodies still found in mass graves newly identified. Hatidza Mehmedovic' is from Srebrenica, she is the main character of the movie. Only she could transmit the emotional charge affecting the director because of her ability to bear mourning (during the genocide of 1995 she lost her only two children, her husband, her brothers, her father..)

Bangkok IndieFest

our goal is to bring the most compelling independent movies from around the world to screen alongside the best new independent Thai cinema.

Bangkok IndieFest is a cross-cultural cinematic showcase of compelling non-mainstream independent films and videos from Thailand and the rest of the world.

100% copyright-friendly
All Screeners Safely Archived
No Unauthorized Screening or Duplication


Director: Krisztina GODA.


Gábor is an office cleaner. Wearing overalls and a baseball hat, he seems insignificant. Working on the night shift, Gábor rarely has any contact with his employers, yet he learns everything about them by thoroughly analyzing their garbage. Since he is almost invisible, nobody suspects that Gábor is, in fact, a con man who carefully chooses his victims by the trash they leave behind. His targets are mostly disillusioned, lonely women. In a few months he destroys all their romantic illusions by taking all their savings. Having an unusually high IQ and an ability to assume various personalities, Gábor is an expert in manipulation. When he gets a job at a psychologist's office, Gábor meets Hanna, an injured dancer who happens to be the daughter of a millionaire. Insecure and vulnerable, Hanna seems to be the perfect victim. Gábor pretends to be a doctor who can cure her body and her soul, an irresistible offer for a desperate woman. Everything goes according to plan until Gábor falls in love with Hanna and has to make a hard decision between her and the money.

8:00 a.m.

What would you do if your life is centred around a relationship where your partner has forgotten why you are together?

Out Any Window

Director: Charles Woods Gray.
A man alone by choice or circumstance, it appears he has chased all relations away, with the exception of the neighbor across the lane, he is only a little obsessed with her. He sees her but once and his voyeuristic expiditions begin.

New Beijing International Movie Festival

The 3rd New Beijing International Movie Festival  - 中外青年电影交流网 continues throughout the Summer and Fall of 2009! We will be presenting all kinds of innovative new foreign and Chinese movies, with filmmakers present to discuss their work.


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