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Wu Xia - A Martial Arts Tango

Director: Johnny K. Wu.

'Wu Xia' means Martial Arts Knights, and it takes two to tango. Follow the two as they are readied to confront the 5 elements to see if they are worthy of the opponent. An all martial arts style extravaganza set in a distant future

Wyland Earth Day

Director: Chris Morrow.
Some of the biggest ideas in the world happen overnight. While CNN ireporter Chris Morrow covered the behind-the-scenes activity of the 2009 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, the last thing she expected was to stumble across one man's plans to paint the largest picture of planet earth. But 24-hours after boldly announcing his goal to do just that, renowned environmental artist Wyland put the finishing touches on "Earth: The Blue Planet:" a three acre interpretation of our world atop the Long Beach Convention Center. Using ingenuity, elbow grease, and thousands of gallons of eco-friendly paint, the prolific artist turned a dusty, dry roof into a watercolor painting that can easily be seen from the upper reaches of the stratosphere. "Wyland: Earth Day" takes you inside the creative process behind the artist and his mission as told by the ireporter who chronicled the entire event.

xewna yusiv

Director: ferit karahan.
If you do not speak out against the wrongdoings that take place in front of your eyes, your silence will one day be your undoing


Director: .

You Are with Me

Director: Andrey Khvostov.
A small airport somewhere in a Russian province. The only flight today is just about to arrive. It is nothing special for anyone, except her. Today he is coming back. He left four years ago for his military service, but ended up going through a real war. He hasn’t changed – but a scar on his face suggests a different story. She is diligently dressed-up, with a bouquet of white lilies. She wants everything to be perfect today. Her apartment. They are quietly talking over a glass of wine, scared to waste the emotions they endured to make this moment almost perfect. He cannot believe that she has kept waiting. She cannot show how hard it has really been. Her closest ones declared her insane, and she had to pretend that she had forgotten him. But this isn’t the reality! Maybe it is, but only for them! “And, as for myself, I decided to keep waiting, until you come back!”. “I love you”, he finally answers. Everything will be perfect. Their dream has come true. A new day shows the price of that dream. The question is, whether we are ready to see it.

You Built Me A Labyrinth

Director: Lauri-Matti Parppei.

Just when everything was going right, she gets a love letter from the past.

You Built Me A Labyrinth

Director: Lauri-Matti Parppei.

Just when everything was going right, she gets a love letter from the past.


The Young Politicians is a film set wtithin the context of a society confused with the very colours of modern democracy. In a community where greed and embezzlement reigns perpetrated by mediocres in influential posts, the future of a whole generation is in geopardy.Thus the choice of children as hope for a brighter  young generation to come and correct the mistakes of the old heartless and selfish generation who do not want to resign for the young.Princess stands out as the voice of the new generation, challenging two gentlemen Alo and Ngoleson who seem to be the replica of the old generation. it is suspence filled and who says the voice of the woman is not important for any meaningful developemeent to take place.In a very rich dialogue with campaign speech slogans, this video proposes solutions and depicts a lot of elements of good governance policies and gender inequality that characterises the African community.


Director: Jason Gray.
Kiku and Shunsuke are elementary school classmates. On their way home, they tease and threaten to reveal each others' secrets. As signs of childhood love begin to bloom with the chance for a first kiss, an unforeseen tragedy arises...


Director: ONUR YIGIT.

Zeynep bir gecekonduda bulunan evini tutmak için çalışır. Ama laik Hanks ilişkiler onu ve aynı kısır döngü içinde evini hapsetmek.

Ancak rutin kırma başka yollar açmak için yarım dönmek için gerçekleri ile yüz cesaret konuşmak geçmek için gerekli ...

Bitti ve düşünülen hatalarından kırık kalpleri tedavi etmek mümkün mü? Zaman sadık olmak tedavi edilebilir bekliyor?

Biz öğrenmeye çalışın, bir yandan büyük sosyal olaylar, diğer taraftan, bireyin gelişimini ne üzerine, kişisel hayatlarını küçük bir ailenin penceresinden tül dışarı açarak.


Zeynep essaie de Tenir debout oğlu nid qui est situé dans la bölge. Mais le noeud des ilişkiler enferme Zeynep ve oğlu nid dans le même tourbillon.

Tam tersine, il faut une eylem le changement, il faut parler, être courageux, faire dökün aux Réalités et pouvoir revenir de mi-chemin yüz değiştirici de yönünü dökün ...

Est-il mümkün de réparer les Coeurs Brises avec des fautes ou bien avec ce qui est Enseigne? Rester fidèle au temps, attendre serait-il une çözümü?

Kolye que certains EVENEMENTS sociaux sont tr tren de se PRODUIRE, nous essaierons d'gözlemci l'évolution des vies individuelles tr entrebâillant légèrement le tül de la fenêtre d'une famille modeste.