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And Lost Soul

Director: R Das.

A Blast Killed Lots.But died Dance teacher keep returns to family.A New drama occurs when her corrupt husband loose his soul as not capable to carry humanity. Young Daughter seeks the test of life which gives birth of another Drama .....

And Lost Soul

Director: Robin Das.

The protagonist of this film is a poet who though revolutionary in spirit, has to compromise with the wrongs in the society. His perturbed soul could not tolerate it much longer however. It possessed his body to govern his actions. Ectoplasm can give a spirit form, but can it make it humane? That was a question that the poet's late wife could never answer. While she had been alive, she was a mere love-interest of her husband! The poet's daughter is quite unlike both her parents. How can she defy this patriarchal society? The story of this film is all about the search of the soul to find the correct rhythm of life. Not a poem, not a folk-lore, not a social drama, what is the true identity of this film ? The individual search finds a universal resonance in the language of this film.

And the winner is

Director: baptiste rouveure.

A boxer alone on the ring, engaged in an imaginary fight of boxing. Cheered by his public whom only
he can hear, an unexpected opponent, himself, is going to interrupt his demonstration and change his
convictions. Then begins a fight against doubt and resignation.

Andy et les Jumbies / Andy and the Jumbies

Director: Laurent LICHTENSTEIN.
Andy Narell is white, born in Brooklyn. But he is famous in the Caribbean's as the leading composer for steel band music. How did he get there? We follow him from New-York to Trinidad as he get ready for a big concert that may help him to be accepted as a true trinidadian … During our treap from New-york to Trinidad, we'll meet the best Trinidadians artists like Peter Minshall, Relator and David Rudder, 2 great calypsonians. We'll dive right in the heart of Trinidad culture, at the Panorama where 10.000 pan players gather and compete ... Andy est un musicien blanc, né à Brooklyn. Pourtant il est une star dans les Caraïbes, le plus grand compositeur pour les steel bands ... Comment a-t-il réussit à s'imposer ? nous le suivons de New-York à Trinidad dans la préparation du grand concert qui lui permettra peut-être d'être accepté dans la patrie du steel pan. Durant notre voyage de New-york a Trinidad nous allons rencontrer les artistes majeurs de la bouillonnante Trinidad comme Peter Minshall, Relator et David Rudder. Nous plongerons au coeur du carnaval lors du Panorama, où 10.000 joueurs de pan se réunissent et s'affrontent pour une guerre musicale ...


Director: Ahura Z. Diliiza.
Tessa, a high school student (Olivia Goncalves), falls asleep studying in the library to awaken in a dream where an ancient book appears before her. Upon opening the book, she discovers it is alive in the person of a young girl named Kang Yi (Courtney Zang). Kang Yi, the living book, tells the story of how she was chosen by the Great Bookmakers to become the chapter of Purity in the Eternal Life Book, and how she was protected and escorted by a legendary creature in human form (Ahura Z. Diliiza) and his apprentice (Nirakazi Ng). To others, this being is known as the Unicorn, but to Kang Yi, he is Anikruya.


Director: Matthew Solomon.
In August 2011, David and Laura Cole decided to move to Los Angeles from London. David left one week earlier to handle their move. David's increasing awareness of their new apartment's haunting was all captured via his video chats with his wife.


Director: Aurelia Burckahrdt.

Another day in Paradise

Director: Suraj Chitre.

This story is based on Social Message for people to “Be Human” and help the poor class to at least survive. Especially for the people who have flown away on the wrong direction because of some fake religious Saints and by worshiping the God in wrong way. But today’s youth gives them answer back not by the words but by their action.

Another Planet

Director: Ferenc Moldovanyi.
“Expanding upon themes he explored in Children: Kosovo 2000 (SDFF 24), Ferenc Moldoványi’s latest documentary is at once hypnotically beautiful and acutely disturbing. Shot over a two-year period in four countries on four continents—Ecuador (South America), Mexico (North America), Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa), and Cambodia (Asia)—Another Planet unfolds as a cinematic tone poem in the tradition of Koyaanisqatsi, exposing the unequal distribution of wealth around the world as a major humanitarian crisis. Framed by pastoral sequences in which a Tarahumara shaman imparts a dream of paradise on earth, the film moves quickly and seamlessly between the lives of seven children inextricably linked by their shocking and tragic experiences of daily exploitation and abuse. We meet lonely, aimless urchins, barely eking out a living on the streets. We see child laborers toiling in brick factories, garbage dumps, and brothels, only to be beaten when business is down. And perhaps most harrowing of all, we get to know the child soldiers of Congo as they are turned into killing machines. Throughout this journey, Moldoványi’s unwavering vision reminds us of the eternal coexistence of beauty and horror all over the world. Informed by the haunting cinematography of Tibor Máthé as well as Tibor Szemzö’s ethereal soundtrack, Another Planet crosses cultural boundaries to forge a commentary on the human condition as damning as it is open-ended.” 31st Starz Denver International Film Festival Official Catalogue "This globe-spanning film hits hard on many levels—visually, intellectually, emotionally. Beautifully shot in Ecuador, Mexico, Africa and Asia, Moldoványi’s film presents images that sparkle in the eye even as they punch you in the heart. Moldoványi introduces us to children in Cambodia, Ecuador, Mexico and the Democratic Republic of Congo, each of whom is struggling to survive. Working long hours, often in dangerous and dirty conditions, these children show us a side of existence that many have never seen or even imagined. While many in the US hold childhood as a special and protected time of nurtured innocence, this film reminds us all that for many children life is a brutal and precarious game of survival. With subjects that include children scavenging dumps for recyclables, child soldiers and child sex workers, this film offers a sympathetic and unblinking eye. The children themselves are our strongest storytellers, and they open up to Moldoványi’s camera to give us their own perspective. Their frankness astonishes as they talk matter-of-factly about their jobs and the consequences of not earning. The children either are at the mercy of adults—often the parents who force them to work and beat them when they don’t earn enough—or have been abandoned by adults altogether. While the film is not a gentle journey, it imagines a better world, a greater one. The filmmaker relies on your humanity and empathy to be moved by these children, while never directly suggesting a call to action. This film offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore another planet, a trip definitely worth taking." SILVERDOCS: AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival

anti social elevato

Director: Pierre Yves Clouin.