A selection of International short films, the “best of the best” of short cinema, coming from all over the world and a careful selection of the Italian debut works, which favors those who have had little or no distribution in the Italian cinemas: these are the basic ingredients of Maremetraggio, International Short Film Festival and Debut Work, that will be held in Trieste, from the 30th June to the 6th of July.


This is its 14th edition and the festival has become enormously popular attracting people from Italy and abroad. In 2013 the festival will dedicate its seven days to the new promises  of the Italian and international cinema.


Marathon of screenings, as well as meetings with actors and directors, special events, workshops, discussions, cocktails and happening with the protagonists of Italian and foreign film-making: Maremetraggio also in 2013 will be an event completely dedicated to the next generation cinema, that will bring in Trieste many guests, such as young and new talents and European celebrities  on-the-rise, that will be presented for the first time to the press and cinema industry. All these features will represent for sure a big attraction for the public and tourists who will choose to spend some summer days in Trieste, taking the advantages of a vacation based on entertainment and culture.


The actors and directors who have participated in the previous editions of the festival Maremetraggio are many, such as Sergio Rubini, Andrea Bosca, Michele Alhaique, Ambra Angiolini, Michele Riondino, Veronica Pivetti, Francesca Inaudi, Rocco Papaleo, Marina Massironi, Christiane Filangieri, Gianfelice Imparato, Michele Venitucci, Alba Rohrwacher, Giuseppe Battiston, Margherita Buy, Amanda Sandrelli, Laura Morante, Federico Moccia, Murray Abraham, Gillo Pontecorvo, Giuliano Montaldo, Paola Cortellesi and many others.


                      The competitions of Maremetraggio 2012


In the fourteenth edition of the festival there will be two competitive sections: Maremetraggio and Ippocampo. Moreover, thanks to the important collaboration with the European Barcolana Regatta, this year there will be the second edition of the competition “UnderOvertheWind”.


This year there will be a selection of about 80 short films, winners in 2012 of the most prestigious International Festivals; a professional jury  will choose the Absolute Best Short Film and awards it with 10,000 euros in cash. This year there will be many awards for the different sections: to the Best Italian Short Film, the Best Short Animation, the Best Italian Editing Short, the Public Award, the Web Public Award, the “Behind the Wall – Trieste Province Award”, the Award to the Best Short of Topical Interest.


The Ippocampo Section will present instead Italian debut films, focusing on films that have had a poor distribution or even failed to pass in the cinemas. In this section there are many awards :  the “Best Debut Film Award”, “Best Actor and Best Actress Award”, the “Critique Award”, the “Courage Award”,  the “Best Emerging Actor/Actress Award”  and the “Audience Award”.


The competition OverUndertheWind” will be dedicated to the sailing world, the sea spirit and all the sports that use the clean energy of the wind as a driving force. This competition is open to shorts shot with all new media formats (smartphones or new camera technologies). The awards of this competition are the  “Best Professional Short Film Award” and the “Best Amateur Short Film Award” .

Focus and tributes: the news of 2013


For its fourteenth edition Maremetraggio will propose, as well as last year with Indian cinema, a focus entirely dedicated to the short cinema of an European or Extra European Country.

The focus won’t be only on cinema, but will offer a total immersion in the choosen Country, with its arts, literature, music.

In the past Maremetraggio moved in two directions: it proposed retrospectives of famous Italian actresses and actors  (Laura Morante, Margherita Buy and Sergio Rubini) and “perspectives” of some young  talented Italian actor and actresses (Michele Alhaique, Andrea Bosca, Michele Riondino, Alba Rohrwacher), that later became famous.

In its 14th edition Maremetraggio will renew its bet on a young  Italian talent, Luca Marinelli, with the aim of supporting his career.

The festival will show his films and will organize a public meeting with Luca Marinelli.


More and more “Beyond the Wall”


Maremetraggio has always been interested in the social sector and its community, that’s why since 2009, with “Beyond the Wall” Section, every year the festival organizes screening inside the prisons of Trieste. After the positive experiences and enthusiasm shown by the prisoners with this initiative, this year the project “Beyond the Wall” has taken on a new connotation, becoming a training program that will last a whole year. Thanks to the  collaboration of the director Davide Del Degan and the commitment of the festival’s Artistic Director, Chiara Valenti Omero, “Beyond the Wall” will consist of a series of meetings and lectures, that will conclude during Maremetraggio 2013, intending to educate inmates in the basic notions of cinema, with the aim not only to build a future jury that will be called upon to give the “Behind the Wall – Trieste Province Award”, but also to encourage inmates to shoot themselves a film, in the wake of what has been done in Rebibbia and documented by the Taviani brothers with the docu-drama Bear winner in Berlinale 2012 “Caesar must die. ”

Special events


As last year, with the event dedicated to video art, “It’s all right”, also in 2013 the festival Maremetraggio won’t be only cinema, but it will open to many different artistic languages and to emerging Italian and International artists, in order to encourage fusion among different forms of art and different cultural backgrounds.


Meetings with the public and workshops

Maremetraggio has always supported young directors and filmmakers, that usually begin their careers with their own short film and can enjoy, participating at the festival, an exceptional showcase for the public and the chance to show their films to the professionists.


Not only the directors that will participate to the festival will have the opportunity to attend workshops and training courses, but the public will have the possibility of participate too. The workshops will be held by professionals and new techniques and technologies in filmmaking will be shown.

In addition to the meetings for the public there will be also meetings for the young filmmakers, where professionists and the participants will discuss the “hottest” themes  in the world of cinema. The workshops  will be useful to bring together professionals from the world of cinema and help the circulation of  new ideas and give birth to new projects.


The location: Trieste, Piazza Verdi and Miela Theatre.


The strength of Maremetraggio will be once again the geographical position, Trieste, in the North East of Italy, that thanks to its location between the Adriatic and the Carso, will be the ideal place for a great summer festival of quality cinema.

For the second time Maremetraggio, that will be presenting its festival in different areas of the city, will propose the short films marathon in Piazza Verdi, the most elegant place in Trieste, that it’s near to Piazza Unità and the seafront of Trieste. In the seafront of Trieste there will be the second place of the festival, the famous “Teatro Miela”, presenting  the debut films of Italian directors.