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lisa murray

“Butterflies” Premiere & Party in Hollywood!

YouTuber and Filmmaker, “Filmester” (Ester) launched her debut feature documentary, “BUTTERFLIES” in Los Angeles tonight and I was honored to be one of the 200 guests at the special screening. In attendance, the film’s stars: LisaNova, DannyDiamond, OlgaKay, MrSafety, and xgobobeanx. (Pictured below.) Check out the trailer:

Today’s BlogTV Show: Criticism

EVERYONE is going to have an opinion about your dream. People you know will have criticisms. People you DON’T KNOW will have criticisms. When going for your dreams, you have to be able to tune those people out and just listen to YOURSELF. I know it’s hard, believe me! Criticism - Good [...]

My Friday Blog: Eat Chicken Tikki Masala!

Please watch in HQ by clicking the red “HQ” box on the bottom right of the video player. It’s soooo much better!

My Friday Blog: PATIENCE

Do you give up on your goals and dreams when you lose patience with how long it takes? It’s SOOOOOOOOOOO hard to be patient! (This video is my “Friday Blog” as one of the bloggers on the YouTube channel: 5AwesomeOptimists. Be sure to subscribe to that channel to be alerted of [...]


Serendipity - Broadcast your self LIVE

My Inspirational Book Review

As the “Friday Blogger” on the 5AwesomeOptimists channel on YouTube, I posted this video today about my most inspirational book and I tried to talk about the 3 video responses I received but YouTube wouldn’t let me view the videos!?! It was straight trippin’ boo! Anyway, I will talk about the video responses [...]

Today’s LIVE show: THE ABYSS

The Abyss & Jim Carrey - Broadcast your self LIVE

Inspirational Books!

In this week’s Friday blog for the 5AwesomeOptimists channel on YouTube, I am turning the cameras on YOU. I want to know what books totally inspire YOU. Make a video response about your most inspiring books and why they inspire you. In my next Friday blog, I will talk about MY favorite [...]

Live Dream Chat on BlogTV!

Feb 15th V1 - Broadcast your self LIVE

Live Dream Chat on BlogTV!

Feb 15th V1 - Broadcast your self LIVE

Thank you for crossing my path.

As part of my contribution of my weekly blog on the “5AwesomeOptimists” YouTube Channel, I today I talked about 3 people I work with who have moved on from their jobs at Paramount. I am so grateful our paths crossed and I will miss you Barb (congratulations on your retirement!), Matt (you are so [...]


BlogTV Show: Motivation & Skype Call-Ins

MLK Day 1 - Broadcast your self LIVE

Cheap Red Wine Lady

DeenaMaria (of YouTube) wants to cohost with me. Here is my explanation of why I haven’t been able to go live with her.

Kate Winslet Rules!

OMG, I love Kate Winslet!  Her acceptance speech at last night’s Golden Globes was amazing.  She is awesome.   In case you missed it, she won for Best Supporting Actress in “The Reader” (haven’t seen that one yet) and for Best Actress in “Revolutionary Road”. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, GO SEE IT! Here [...]

Sandy Grason’s FAAABULOUS Radio Show

If you are coming to this site because you heard me talk about it on Sandy Grason’s THE ROAD TO FABULOUS - Virtual Cocktail Party radio show today, WELCOME!  First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the FAAABULOUS Sandy Grason.  She is very inspiring.  I am honored that she asked me to be a guest [...]

Revolutionary Road

I can’t readily remember a movie that has evoked more gut-level emotion from me than Revolutionary Road. The first time I saw it, it was for a work screening (QCing Latin Spanish subtitles) and I only saw the first three reels and then had to go back to my office job and then at [...]

This week…

This week I will be proactive and centered and grounded. I just had to put that in writing somewhere. What’s YOUR week going to be like? Oh and below are two quick videos (1st one is 10 minutes, 2nd is 2 minutes) from my live BlogTV show yesterday.  I’ve run out of space on my BlogTV [...]

Show YOUR Obama Newspaper!

Email me pics of YOUR newspaper: (You can still post your voter day experience! Scroll down to view others’ experiences around the country and to post YOUR experience!)

I voted! Did you?

My Ballot! (Go Obama!) Voting & Starbucks = The American Dream