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A site of an art house film director from Moscow. I hope you will enjoy my up screened stories and plots! Make friends with my protagonists and antagonists! 

*** Now I have screened over 100 feature works, and the scope of my genres and themes is wide. I am of wish to participate et your thematic festival! The organizer is to pay only for my tickets and accomodations. I hope that I will be able to show my movies without any fee for me as for an author, from your part. I am highly altruistic and humanistic, at the realm of my genres. Feel free to get in touch. My e-mail address remains the same:   


Dear friends! If you are of wish to invite me, as a film director with my own film program, to your demonstration or festivity, write me at the mentioned address. I have screened movies about Emily Dickinson, Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, Joseph Brodsky, Constanine Cavafi, Osip Mandelstam and other poets, actors, screeners and masters of stage. 

Truly Yours, ANNA POLIBINA-POLANSKY, a film director and a script writer from Moscow

*****Anna Polibina, a fruitful experimental filmmaker from Moscow (March, 2013) Dear colleagues! As I am cultivating up lifted genres and elated themes in cinema, I truly need your assistance, advice and collaboration. I have screened over 260 shortcuts (at a variety of plots, subjects and themes) so far, predominantly in English and Russian, but also in French, Spanish and Italian (of outstanding and less known poets, writers, literary translators, legendary filmmakers of the past and of the present; of colorful cultural landscapes and genre traditions). I operate with self-drawn sketches and drawings, but video, animation and installations are also involved into my experimental films. My scripts (that are basic, paramount - at the structure of my films) are poetic, for the most part. I create a metaphorical script and a video row for my films (make drafts, draw portraits and paisages - stylized under the described epoch), write tunes and embody the sound. So I am not only the director-essayist for my films, but also the artist, the actress and the music composer. I thought up an art house technique that allows me embody complicated, exquisite and delicate ideas and themes. I consider myself a fruitful author of films, as my mind is yet abundant with new ideas and subjects. I would gladly offer dozens my new films to international festivals, provided that they would not ask an admission fee. For the primary showing at a festival, I ask no royalties. My only target is to get the world acquainted with my genres and topics, to let audiences encounter my stylistic manners. If my suggestion is of interest to you, please let me know at my e-mail address (, so we could get connected to each other and work together. I can immediately send you video trailers and teasers that reflect my genre manner. I can estimate the genre, as my experience at genres is truly huge. I had worked as a script writer, editor, director, author of soundtracks' texts and translator, for the cinema industry, before I realized that I could become a sheerly independent author of films. My own film fund is inexhaustible and is comprised of over 260 works (that I have screened all by myself), as I have mentioned, over a multitude of worthy cultural subjects. It will suffice to mention several of my themes and protagonists. I have screened movies about Anna Akhmatova (that got a diploma "For the genre debut" of New York Film Festival of Russian Documentaries in 2012), Tsvetaeva, Joseph Brodsky (it was shown in 2012 at the Moscow Central House of Literators, by a known Russian poet Cyril Covalgi, at his personal literary studio), Emily Dickinson ("At the Unheard Frigates of June" is a member of IMDB.COM - this movie got "golden" prizes and statues, at International Festivals and was shown at the State Literary Museum in 2013) , Constantine Cavafis, Zinaida Gippius, Yakov Protazanov, W.-H.Auden, Michael Chekhov, Osip Mandelstam, Serguey Dovlatov. I also made films of Venice, Berlin, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia, of Basel and Strasbourg, of the Alps, of the Black Sea and of other great cultural and spiritual landscapes and places. My viewers become devoted worshipers of my humble genres, after having opened my genres, characters and plots, for themselves. I have screened my own films, for already over 10 years. From this excerpt, you can judge of my bio and literary experience that serve a substance for my plots (I consider meaningful, such periods of my life as my studentship at the legendary Literary Institute of Moscow or the time when I eagerly traveled Europe). My shortcuts (from 10 up to 60 minutes) can serve a versatile and elated material for your thematic festivals. My poetic intonation and subtle drafts will surely ornate your demonstration. With all my dedication to the upper genre, and with my aspirations for common work and reciprocal joy and use. Anna Polibina-Polansky, an experimental film maker.

"At the Unheard Frigates of June" ("На неслыханных фрегатах июня")

Original Title (If different): 
At the Unheard Frigates of June
Other languages or subtitles: 
Production country: 
Russian Federation
Running time (In minutes): 
18 minutes
Art-house films
Student film: 
Production year: 
December, 2005
Film Credits
About the Director: 

Anna Polibina graduated from the Literary Institute of Moscow in 2001. She is a professional script writer and a translator of poetry and fiction. She has screened over 80 short cut movies up to now.

Film director: 
Anna Polibina-Polansky
Anna Polibina
About the Producer: 
The movie "At the Unheard Frigates of June" was self-produced by the film director. The movie is devoted to the life of Emily Dickinson
Anna Polibina-Polansky
Galina Nikashkina
Film photographer: 
Aleksander Polibin
Anna Polibina
Anna Polibina
Art Director: 
Anna Polibina
Anna Polibina
Anna Polibina
Cast 1: 
Anna Polibina
Film synopsis: 
The movie is devoted to the life of the American poetess of the 19th century, Emily Dickinson. All significant episodes of her life have been staged.
Budget Range: 
Under $10 000
Actual Budget: 
$6 000
Technical infos
Technical infos
Original Film Format: 
not specified
Format Ratio: 
Film Sound: 
Video master available ?: 
Video Type: 
Number of reels: 
Festival Selection, Awards...
Festival selection, awards or citation already received and other comments... :
Already selected in a Festival?: 
Festival selections: 

The film director participated in all-Moscow fest "The Thread of Ariadna" in 2010 and got the diploma of a laureate

Awards received: 
The diploma of a laureate of all-Moscow fest "The Thread of Ariadna", November, 2010
Film reviews: 
The reviews are gathered at
Film distribution
Sales/distribution name: 
"At the Unheard Frigates of June". The Screened Story of Emily Dickinson, by Anna Polibina (and her monocineartstudio)
111524 Moscow, Ulitsa Plyuscheva, 9-2-8
Publicity Infos
Publicity contact: 
Tel.:(495) 309-0891
publicity address: 
111524 Moscow, Ulitsa Plyuscheva, 9-2-8
Publicity contact email: 
Trailer availble: 
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My Capacity

Let me get introduced. I am Anna Polibina, a script writer and an art house film director from Moscow