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Chashama Film Festival

November 10 -13, 2011!

Opening Night, "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?"
Followed by 33 other intensely fascinating films. Education is key to reform.

chashama Film Festival

At a time of widespread economic and political instability, when the world needs unification and peace, we believe uncensored media is vital to create an informed and understanding population. With film as our medium of choice, we seek to convey what is genuine: genuine compassion, genuine questions, and genuine ideas. Art is our action. Our action is essential.

The 2011 festival — Chaos Theory: The Rise and Fall of Societies

In its fourth year, chashama Film Festival invites artists to explore the current state of flux in the world, with a focus on societal change brought on by clashing philosophical and sociological ideals. We highlight the work of filmmakers who are not afraid to explore the outer limits of social stability and ask: What next? How do we respond to social changes that are too vast and too rapid for us to comprehend, let alone control? What can we do, individually and as a society, to avert disaster? What would mass disruption and instability mean for the future of humanity? 

Our distinguished panel of jurors select productions that examine how both behavior and ethos contribute to groups that flourish and groups that fail. The work of our international contributors, which addresses a variety of social situations and dynamics, offers a fascinating analysis of the theme for viewers to consider.






Venue Location 

chashama Film Festival_November 13, 2010 We will be exhibiting the following Films: +3 added

8th Wonderland ,Nicolas Alberny
Artists of the Great Western Divide ,Diran Lyons
Cold April ,Mike SmithRivera
Ice Cream Boy ,Allon Schemool
Lefty ,Todd Looby
Phone Sex Grandma ,Jack Truman
Previous Tenants ,Regina Robbins
Qui Es Tu? ,Chloe Jenden
Taxy ,Danilo Santos
The System ,Trenton Lepp
This is Arnold, this is Randolph…. ,Rick Kariolic
Virtual JFK ,Koji Masutani
Woman Warrior Exposed (Sigourney Weaver Remix , Desiree D’Alessandro

VENUE LOCATION 415 West 43rd Street NYC 10036

We Will be exhibiting films from 12pm-8:30pm roughly: times may tweak a little, due to Technical difficulties/Questions and Break
In this Order:
12pm Lefty
1:45 Phone Sex Grandma
2:00 Taxy
2:45 Previous Tenants
3:30 The System
4:00 Qui Es Tu?
4:30 Virtual JFK
6:00 Cold April
6:30 Artists of the Great Western Divide
7:00 8th Wonderland
Woman Warrior Exposed (Sigourney Weaver Remix) (2min) will screen at various times during the day
Ice Cream Boy(2min) will screen at various times during the day
This is Arnold, this is Randolph….(8min) will screen at various times during the day.

Again, we are going to do this grassroots. We will email and post about the screenings. Please do the same! :) Copy and paste onto blogs, newsletters, personal websites, etc.
Thank you all for giving us a chance to screen some interesting movies.

Festival Director
Rick Kariolic ;)


Chashama Film Festival

Festival presentation: 

In our quest for a vision we ask ourselves this: If we blended the continents into one entity, what would the ramifications be? If borders were porous, allowing through a free exchange of inspiration, culture, political and religious ideas—what would it look like? Sound like? Feel like? We are here to explore all cultures and hope to show what drives them or where their influence comes from.

Opening on October 22, 2009, the second annual chashama Film Festival aims to give us a taste of this global village with its 2009 festival, themed “Festival of the Worlds.” By screening films that voice diverse opinions and present international views, we hope to move us one step further from disassociation in the direction of a unified whole. Our goal is to not only push boundaries, but to erase them.

The Festival of the Worlds will provide a forum for global expression, a place for filmmakers and audience members to cultivate a better understanding of their brothers and sisters of different origins. It is a platform for a spectrum of political , sociological and philosophical ideologies presented in an environment designed to foster creative and intellectual expansion. Our goal is to explore both the differences and the similarities of the international community in order to become a more educated population, one that is more capable of avoiding negative historical cycles and more willing to push us into a sustainable future.

At last year’s festival, we screened 54 films out of 200+ submissions and reached an audieznce of approximately 500. The festival spanned three days, and included films from Egypt, Switzerland, Greece and the United States. Directors flew in from around the globe to be a part of our festival, and we were honored to give out 15 Victor Awards, 2 of which were audience selections and the rest awarded by deliberation of a panel of 5 judges. Last year’s theme was “Films that other festivals are afraid to show.”

This year we are expanding that theme to formalize the global component: films that the world need to see. We expect this year’s festival to reach an audience of over 1000 people in venues that embrace today’s global nature, including museums and international theaters. The festival is designed to cultivate a community of filmmakers who can share, network, and help to build each other’s visions.

At chashama, we believe that the art of film and the existence of uncensored, non-corporate media outlets are vital to an informed, compassionate and understanding population. We aim to break away from mass-media caricatures and portrayals of lifestyles that are incongruous with reality or void of critical analysis. What we look for is real feeling, real questions, real ideas. As New Yorkers, we feel it is our responsibility to be on the cutting edge of social and political change and a model for progressive ideas, in this case using film is our medium.

At this time of widespread economic and political instability, when the world is breathing for change, for unification and for peace, we know our action is essential. Our action is art.

We hope that you will join us in realizing our vision.


In a large area to explore our schedule will be dictated through mirages of these categories.

Definition: Ethnocentrism- Judging other cultures by the standards of your own culture.

2. Types of Culture and Social Change

3. Socialization and Deviance

4. Interaction Groups and Organizations

5. Population, Ecology, and Urbanization

Social Inequalities

6. Inequalities of Social Class

7. Inequalities of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

Social Institutions

8. Marriage and Family

9. Education

10. Religion

11. The Political Order

12. The Economy

13. Medicaine and Healthcare

Working for change

14. Collective Social Action

-Collective Behavior

-Socail Movements

-Collective Socail Action and Working for Change

Critical thinking is an important part of why we are......


Reality- 4 antinomies(Limitation of, pluarlity, causality, neccessity as a whole); the Cosmos

Bodies- Universal laws of nature

Personality- developing human capacities

Knowledge- Analytic vs. Synthetic judgements; Knowledge and Faith

Freedom- Freedom and Neccesity

Morality- Moral training

Society- The problem of a good society; types of government; War and Peace; Friendship

Religion- The Theological idea

Immortality- The prospect of a future life

Fulfillment- Happiness; Moral Perfection

Political Explorations

-History of

-People From

-Current and Immediate situations

-Filmmakers View

-Justice System

-World Goverments




Festival Nickname: 
cha film fest
Festival Logo: 
Festival of the Worlds
African Films
American Films
Arabic Films
Art, Dance, Music
Art-house films
Asian Films
Black Culture Films
British Films
Environnement & Nature
European Films
Fantasy / Science Fiction
French Films
German Films
Horror films
Human Rights
Italian Films
Japanese Films
Jewish Films
Latin American Films
Religious films
Silent films
Spanish Films
Student films
not specified
not specified
Animated Films
Digital / DVD
Fiction Features
Music video
Short films
Student film
Video / TV
Festival Info
Price info: 
to be disclosed later
Opening hours: 
12pm 1am
Last attendance: 
Next Festival Dates: 
Is the Festival open to the public ?: 
Does the Festival have a market?: 
Does the Festival have a competition ?: 
Festival Submission
Film submission fee: 
Film submission amount: 
15-45 $ depending when you send it in
Submission accepted on 
Film call for entry start day: 
Film call for entry deadline: 
Festival Contact
Festival Director Name: 
Rick Kariolic
Festival Director E-mail: 
Festival Programmer Name: 
Rick Kariolic
Festival Programmer Email: 
Festival Press Contact Name: 
Claudia Chung
Festival Press Contact Email: 
Festival Commercial Contact Name: 
Jennifer Orbom
Festival Commercial Contact Email: 
E-mail for Webmaster: 
Festival Organization
Rick Kariolic
201 East 42nd street, 32nd floor
New York
Zip code: 
United States



About Chashama Film Festival

chashama burst onto the art world in 1996 by dazzling pedestrians with its enticing window performances. Now, in the year of the Rat, chashama steps into the arena of film with the first annual Film Festival.

New York

United States

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