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Vanessa McMahon

Vanessa is a novel writer, screenwriter, rep and a film producer. She shares her discoveries and film surprises. :-)




LITTLE BLUE PILL (USA, 2011) is a new fresh comedy by director Aaron Godfried.


In the style of a Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, 2007) and Paul Weitz (American Pie, 1999) and even more closely, Todd Phillips (The Hangover, 2009), this film depicts the essence that is the American sense of humor. They say comedy is local but due to the universal situation of sex appeal and sex stimulants, this could just hit an international audience successfully.


LITTLE BLUE PILL is an all American indie comedy that will either make you laugh hysterically or cringe from the dark reality that is contemporary American twenty-something subjects. Computers, I-phones, social networks, house parties, and good old Californication- oh my! Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important character of the film, the ‘little blue pill’. It does not take a stretch of the imagination to know what this pill is… yes, it is the drug for male virility and this film is a warning to what would happen if one were to take too much by mistake. Or could it possibly be a metaphor, that too much of a good thing can turn bad?


Stephen (played by Aaron Kuban) seems to always make one wrong turn after another in front of the opposite sex- from swearing in front of a young mother’s baby to frustrating the ladies. But things take a turn for the worse when his lady friend Lane (played by Rosie Tisch) gives him a handful of pain relievers to cure his hangover only to find out when it’s too late that she has dosed him (unintentionally) a handful of Viagra the ‘little blue pill’ instead. So, rather than sooth his throbbing hangover headache, he attains a throbbing loin that he cannot quell, made worse with every sexy female he sees and the mere nearness of the opposite sex.


Is this constant firmness of the male’s organ a male’s fantasy or his greatest nightmare? Well, LITTLE BLUE PILL explores this rhetoric question in depth mixing a painful drama with hilarious comedy, science and mystery and the most banal of human situations with the philosophical question of whether a man (or woman for that matter) can live a normal life with just the libido in control. The Viagra doctor, Dr. Johann Von Luther (played by Gerold Wunstel) gives a riotous performance with his erectile charisma on screen and ads an essential spicy element to the film’s energy. What’s his diagnosis on poor Stephen? Well, Stephen will have to fight this battle alone and there might just be no cure for his constant stiffness.


This could just be a casual sex comedy about sex on the brain and insatiable animal urges or on a higher level this could represent the power of the creative desire and it’s impossible to ignore drive towards the individuation process. Have I lost you? Well, see this inventive new American indie movie and you decide what this fresh new comedy is really saying, or not saying. Take a dose of LITTLE BLUE PILL and it will leave you hot and bothered, hard or soft, or just plain flaccid; that’s entirely personal. In any case, this‘little blue pill’ is way more exciting than just any old pain reliever.


written by, Vanessa McMahon April 26, 2011


read an interview with Aaron and I here:  


For those of you in the States, you can now rent or buy it on iTunes at  and for you in the rest of the world Little Blue Pill is coming soon. Stay tuned. Little Blue Pill - Download Little Blue Pill on iTunes Preview and download movies by Aaron Godfred on iTunes. Buy Little Blue Pill for just $5.99.

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