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WorldFest Houston


You are cordially invited to be part of the upcoming 51st  Annual WorldFest-Houston! The oldest Indie Film Festival in the whole wide world! WorldFest gave first awards to giants of the film industry, including Spielberg, Lucas, Ang Lee, the Coen Brothers, Ridely Scott, John Lee Hancock, Randal Kleiser, Oliver Stone, David Lynch and literally hundreds more! We are happy to accept Online FilmFreeway Screeners! We have Big LG 110" Digital Screens for our juries! Not little laptops. Since we show our Remi Winners on big AMC Theater screens, it seems right that we look at your production on a big flat screen! We do also accept DVD, BLURAY or USB FLASH/PEN/JUMP DRIVE for juding and for Theater Screening. Region Zero, please! (If you win a Remi, you may be screened on big AMC 60-foot screens to 600+ theater audience!! So we need a BluRay or Jump Drive for the DCP screening! Large juries view your entry on a big digital screen, not a little laptop! {Screenplay entries must be bound}! We will personally confirm your entry's arrival. We will personally let you know the jury results, and if you win a Remi Award, we will invite you to attend the 50th WorldFest. We do prefer Premieres! We discovered Spielberg, Lucas, Ang Lee, The Coen Brothers, Coppola and David Lynch, with their Premieres - those many new festivals did not! Therefore WorldFest requires a Premiere of some level, World, USA, South West! If your entry if it has been all over, we reserve those screening slots for true Premieres, but you could still win a Remi Award. 
Script Winners receive an InkTip Script Listing: A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you. 
InkTip helps writers sell their scripts and get representation. Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip.

WorldFest was founded over 51 years ago as Cinema Arts, an International Film Society in August, 1961. WorldFest became the third competitive international film festival in North America, following San Francisco and New York. WorldFest is the oldest Independent Film & Video Festival in the World. It evolved into a competitive International Film Festival in April, 1968. It was founded by award-winning producer/director Hunter Todd to present a quality film festival for the Independent filmmakers. Hunter Todd has been honored with more than 115 international awards for creative excellence in film production, and he has been the producer, director, writer and/or cameraman on more than 300 motion picture and video productions. He has served as the member of the International Jury on more than 25 world-wide film festivals, from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Korea, Ireland and Bulgaria. The mission/vision statement of WorldFest is ~ To recognize and honor outstanding creative excellence in film & video, to validate brilliant abilities and to promote cultural tourism for Houston, to develop film production in the region and to add to the rich cultural fabric of the city of Houston. All members of the WorldFest staff are filmmakers.


WorldFest Houston Wishing you a Bountiful Thanksgiving!


All of us at Team WorldFest wish you...

A truly Bountiful Thanksgiving! We wish you wonderful moments with your family, friends and co-workers in this delightful holiday season of giving and warmth!

All of us at Team WorldFest - Hunter, Kathleen, Kelly, Adrienn, Chandni, Elease, Ray, Dan, Tom, George, Paul, Wayne and Katy Lea hope that your Thanksgiving 2017 is the very best. We will be roasting our traditional Capon with Virginia Honey-Nut Dressing, Artichokes, Sweet Potato Souffle, Goobers & Onions, Colonial Egg Nog from a Todd Family secret recipe - with Bourbon, Dark Rum & Cognac, Smithfield Ham Biscuits, Champagne, Some fine Texas Red & White Wines, and home made Pecan Pie with Bourbon Hard Sauce!

Yes, we will Gobble until we Wobble!






The Capon


This marvelous bird is a result of too much government control! Back in Ancient Roman times, the Roman Senate was concerned about the people having too many feasts and having too good a time. So, they outlawed fatted Chickens! A very clever Surgeon managed to 'de-sex' the Rooster, resulting in a super fat, tender and delicious "Capon" - The "Soprano Chicken" that is far more tender and tasty than a regular chicken or a turkey. Plus the Capon is a lot smaller, which helps! So the people got around the Senate ban of Chickens for their feasts, only to create something better - The Capon. A good final result from government meddling!









The Smithfield Ham 


The traditional slow cured Smithfield Ham is always part of our holidays at the Todd House. Back in the 1700's, one of my ancestors, Capt Mallory Todd traded goods from Virginia to the Caribbean Islands. The ham industry in Smithfield goes back to Colonial Times when Capt. Mallory Todd, a merchantman from Bermuda, set up shop in town and began exporting hams as early as 1779. Capt. Todd is credited with the creation of the Smithfield ham with his distinct salt and smoke cured country hams. In exchange for Todds Old Virginia Hams, he brought in fine Rum and other Caribbean products. Todd's business was very successful and his first packing house was built in 1880. It is now the Smithfield Company, a Fortune 200, built on Hams!




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About WorldFest Houston

Haney Kathleen
(The 45th Annual WorldFest-Houston Intl Film & Video Festival)

Kathleen Haney is the Artistic & Program Director of the upcoming 45th Annual WorldFest-Houston. She has been associated with WorldFest since 1983 and has been the Program Director since 1998. She was born in Mexico City, speaks Spanish, English and French and graduated from the Univ. of Houston in 1979 cum laudi.
She has served on several international juries and also directs the WorldFest Screenplay Competition.

Hunter Todd is the Chairman & Founding Director of the 45th Annual WorldFest-Houston. A former filmmaker, he produced, directed and shot more than 300 films of all types - from features to TV Commercials, and was awarded 117 Intl Awards. He is a retired USCG/Merchant Marine Captain and still sails as much as possible, including the annual HYC Regatta at WorldFest. Married with a 21 going-on-29 daughter who is attending Mary Baldwin College in Virginia. He has served on the Intl juries of more than 25 festivals, most recently was President of the Intl Jury of the Concorto Intl Film Festival in Italy and The Golden Bell TV Festival in Seoul, Korea...
Fun, Fun Fun! Great Films, Great wine, wonderful food, super people! 


United States

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