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About me:
" The Knights Of Manhattan" Farhat Pasha Productions promotes emerging film makers & emerging rock bands to achieve to exposure for their film & music and eventually help them into making it in the industry.A program for the web based on interviews and current achievements of film makers & musicians . If you are a film maker, band, solo artist, actor or actress and interested in our program , feel free to contact us. Farhat Pasha Productions Farhat Pasha Productions based in Vancouver, BC Canada is now taking a step forward bringing emerging film makers,bands,musicians , actors and actresses together to produce a web based program called " The Knights of Manhattan".From all around the world, viewers and main stream media will now learn the buzz and energy of young and inspired film makers. "The Knights Of Manhattan" is produced by Omer Pasha, producer and director . The program will interview and promote film makers attending and participating in the Cannes Market,MIPCOM,local film festivals here in Canada and ofcourse The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival is the USA. "The Knights of Manhattan" is live on Google Video, MetaCafe, MySpace, AOL,Yahoo!, Revver, YouTube, MTVU.Film makers & musicians are encouraged to contact us

Omer Pasha Music Videos DISCLAIMER & Law Suit Patent

Omer Pasha Music Videos DISCLAIMER & Law Suit Patent


All Music Videos

All Videos

All Music

All Content of Lyrics

All Gala Events and Festivals


All Content Produced By Omer Pasha


All Music Videos and All the Models/Actors in it:


All models in Omer Pasha Music Videos sign a certain contract/agreement at the end of each video shoot. Here are the terms of the agreement:


Farhat Pasha Productions

2**-12**** 70th ave ,







I,__________________________________ give Omer Pasha exclusive right to use my still image and video unlimitedly , edited in multiple forms, world wide through TELEVISION_PRINT_INTERNET_WEB TV_FILM FESTIVALS WORLD WIDE. Omer Pasha has sole right to publish my images and video(s) produced under the project; The Curse' and 'Who Are You" "The Cal Crew" "The Soul Of Cole"' series produced by Omer Pasha.






Sincerely, Omer Pasha








All models all actors in all Omer Pasha Music Videos have signed this agreement with their name and signature and have been paid and are bound to all the conditions above.


I, Omer Pasha, have the exclusive right to use your image, exclusively, only of  the footage I have filmed with you.




The videos become famous like a Lady Gaga or Madonna a Music Video


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible





The videos become popular on youtube or facebook and your friends and family start probing you with intriguing questions and start harassing you


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible.





The videos start interfering in anyway with your regular career or day jobs


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible










Because of the popularity of the music videos, you are randomly assaulted, raped or killed


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible





You receive bullying or harassing comments or messages on youtube or facebook or anywhere on the internet



I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible





My videos cause riots, war or fights in a bar



I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible.






Everyone around you starts saying you were in a cheap porno, which Omer Pasha  music videos are not.



I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible










Because of the popularity of the music videos you real devious professions are exposed: such as you were an escort, stripper or prostitute or gay or straight porn star.


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible







Omer Pasha music videos are purely for entertainment and sale purposes only.


Incase you still decide to launch, law suit, in anyway Omer Pasha will file a counter law suit against you charging you the entire cost of production which totals upto 6 million dollars Canadian.











To some unprofessional models out there Omer Pasha would like to explain you the terms, that everybody else seems to understand, what is meant by the term “TELEVISION_PRINT_INTERNET_WEB TV_FILM FESTIVALS WORLD WIDE”



Television means TV channels like MTV or CNN or CTV.


Incase, MTV or any other Television channels starts playing the music video you are in.


Do not start sending harassing emails to the TV station to take the video off and do not try to sue them either since you are under contract. Do not send them harassing emails to take it off as you are under contract otherwise Omer Pasha will sue you for damages.








The internet means websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs. All the internet.


Incase you discover a poster of Omer Pasha Music Videos on facebook or any other website , a music video still from a omer pasha music video and suppose you do not like that, or for example just because your hair or dress or make up are not looking that great in it. Do not send Omer Pasha harassing emails to take it off. Omer Pasha  will press harassment charges on you. Omer Pasha already prefers not to tag his models.




Incase big posters, advertisements and photographs of Omer Pasha Music Videos start appearing in newspapers or magazine, for example The Vancouver Sun or the Los Angeles Times or any other newspaper in the world. Do not send them harassing emails to take it off as you are under contract otherwise Omer Pasha will sue you for damages.







The term Web TV obviously means YOUTUBE, Vimeo and all other video streaming websites on the internet. Incase your music video starts getting billions and billions of views and you are uncomfortable with it and you start sending youtube emails to take it off whether its through you or your lawyer and if youtube somehow takes the video off or any other video off and Omer Pasha hears from youtube that one of Omer Pasha’s models sent them an email to take the video off just because they do not like theme of the video or some editing aspect or any reason. Omer Pasha will immediately sue that model for damages. Kindly refrain from sending me or youtube harassing emails to take it off as you are under contract.






The word “series”  in the agreement means series. Series mean it’s a music video series. The series will keep on coming up and continuing till Omer Pasha wishes. All Omer Pasha Music Videos are a continuing series that start from the debut music video “The Curse” . They are all related to that.







Film festivals means screening at a film festival or any event like a gala event in any part of the world. Incase your music video is playing at a film festival or at a gala event and you tell the staff or Omer Pasha to turn it off, Omer Pasha will immediately file a legal law suit against for damages as you are under contract.







Omer Pasha does not  usually use names of  models because they are not famous. They are not famous like Lady Gaga or Madonna or Maroon 5, so do not try to give that attitude that you are them. Omer Pasha does have the right to use your full name but will prefer not to because you are not famous. Your full name is only used when applying for the CRTC CERTIFICATE in Ottawa to obtain for  Omer Pasha Music Videos for airplay all over Canada. It is to inform them that you are Canadian. LIKENESS is already described in the above passages  and already understood that Omer Pasha has all rights to use your likeness as you are under contract and have signed that agreement.





Although all models have signed the agreement  above.  Incase even if you did not sign , all the conditions above would still apply to you as Omer Pasha  has record of all the raw footage filmed with you and is publically available on youtube and all other video websites as “The Making of Pasha Music Videos” or so titles like that.  The raw footage is a proof that you are voluntary giving Omer Pasha consent to video tape you and that you  are dancing to Omer Pasha Music and songs or so and the fact it is the making of a music video with vocals, backdrops changes and changes in dress etc. It is not something being filmed for fun. Omer Pasha still has the right to sue for damages if you do not want your footage out there for some petty reason and decide to take action, Omer Pasha will legally file law suit against you.


Omer Pasha makes it clear to all the models in the video now, that these are actual music videos made for entertainment and sale purposes. This is an actual production and distribution, you cannot later request to take your image off , out of a fully produced and finished product. In doing so, you will be sued for 6 million dollars Canadian in damages.


If you have been paid  either $80 dollars or $300 dollars or $150 dollars for an hour shoot. The millions of dollars are the cost of post productions, editing, animation, effects on more than 500 music videos and more than 100 songs, distribution ,marketing in film festivals and events over the past 3 years. If Omer Pasha were to make millions of dollars worth of profit, no model is entitled to any shares of profit.






All Music



All Music/Audio is original. Original Music produced by Omer Pasha, Various DJs and legally licenced Loops purchased from authentic music websites that have been blended together by Omer Pasha and other DJs to make original music tracks.  All THIRD PARTY CLAIMS on youtube are wrong and claims have been released back to Omer Pasha by Sound Recording and Administering Companies.  Incase a song becomes a mega world wide hit, Do not come claiming it, you will be automatically sued for damages.


                                               All Content of Lyrics



Some songs.The content of lyrics are about certain people. Omer Pasha has sung about them under their FAKE/STAGE NAMES and some with Real Names. Omer Pasha has not mentioned any company associations they are associated with nor have used any trade marks nor have sung about that certain trade mark or business company. Real Names, for example if your name is  Matt Smith. There are more than a 1000 people named Matt Smith in the world and Omer Pasha can claim anyone that the song is about him and not the actual person. Omer Pasha will distance himself  from the actual person the song is about and interested in no association with that person incase the song becomes a hit.


A prime example is song: Sitemail (Midnight Explanation)


Incase any song becomes a world wide sensation and your real identities are revealed,


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible


Incase you are harassed or assaulted because of the popularity of any song


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible




Because of the popularity of any song, you are randomly assaulted, raped or killed


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible





You receive bullying or harassing comments or messages on youtube or facebook or anywhere on the internet



I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible for anything and cannot be held accountable for any blame, as Omer Pasha is only the vocalist and singer of these songs.






You want removal of song. I will distance myself from you publically or may sue for damages as all these songs are professionally studio recorded and worth thousands of dollars.





                             All Gala Events and Festivals



For Vancouver, BC . If you find a picture of yourself in a nightlife magazine, blog or any website or youtube  video. Do not harass Omer Pasha to remove it otherwise Omer Pasha will press harassment charges on you. If there is video footage of a gala event and you are in it, intentionally or unintentionally, all over youtube or the internet. Do not harass Omer Pasha to remove it otherwise Omer Pasha will press harassment charges on you. It is already understood at a gala event, you will be filmed and photographed.


Location and Clubs:  If Omer Pasha has video taped an event, and the club owners knowingly know it is a special event, that involves, Omer Pasha at your club as a participant of the event, do not ask Omer Pasha to remove any video from the internet.


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible



For Footage of Actresses and Actors from festivals in  Los Angeles and New York City. You have signed different agreements with Omer Pasha for interviews and certain red carpet actresses already sign agreements with the festivals to be publically filmed and photographed. Do not harass Omer Pasha to take the video or photographs off from the internet.


I, Omer Pasha, am not responsible














If Omer Pasha has used your logo or name  or mentioned  you in press releases, blogs and youtube videos OR any videos. Your logo will not be taken off as at that time Omer Pasha was in contract with you and your privacy statements still apply. If you cause Omer Pasha any sort of harassment or harass to take your logo off or dismiss any acknowledgment of your film festival or market away from Omer Pasha Music Videos. Omer Pasha will immediately  sue your for damages.










Jenna Jream

Matt Turner

Christopher Daniels

Nastasha Langmann

Dustin Eleason

Brandan Nelson

Brent Ray Fraser

Jason Barbour

Mish Kleider

Martina Paig

Whitney Starr

Christopher Golaiy

Vendella Sonia

Kim Reso

Jordan (Samantha)

Nakita Allen

Shelley Brown

Brittany Lewis

Brett Bennell


Shannon Ostrom









Farhat Pasha Productions

All Rights Reserved


This is a registered DISCLAIMER.

About Theknightsofmanhattan