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AZ PRODUCTIONS & Concept Initiative presents OFF DE CANNES, celebrating more than 10 years of excellence. The OFF CANNES festival presents NEW TALENTS discovered with the GREAT INTERNATIONAL CONTEST ON THE WEB.

With the 2017 GREAT INTERNATIONAL CONTEST ON THE WEB, OFF CANNES FESTIVAL created by Alain ZIRAH and Anne GOMIS, the team received more than 6.500 propositions of NEW TALENTS with photos, videos, music...

On this site participants, medias or fans can have access to all documents and information on the official website:




In May 2015, for the decade, AZ PRODUCTIONS & CONCEPT INITIATIVE present OFF DE CANNES, celebrating 10 years of excellence. The OFF de CANNES presents THE RETROSPECTIVE OF TOMORROW’s TALENTS (2005-2015).

The OFF DE CANNES and the International Great Digital Film Contest on the web, created by Anne GOMIS, celebrate the 10th birthday in MAJESTIC, in the place where the history began in May 2005. Since ten years, the glitter twins have discovered more than 3.700 artists and NEW TALENTS of the third millennium. They tell a story ofthe decade with the artists, present in Cannes during the festival, and explains how they make it possible within the most creative competition around avant-garde films in different categories.

When we have a good idea, explains Alain Zirah, it's very important to choose immediatly the good form to express (photography or painting, novel or book, short-film or long feature, drawing or clothes, fugitive in one look or with an atmosphear as a film, a book or a catwalk...). It's the reason why in our festival, we have a lot of multi talents artists. The computer become the instrument who canalize all the texts, music, pictures to make a film. Tommorow, the singers will also direct films and write books."

The brilliant couple remember to the audience how, from May 14 to 25, they organised THE RESURRECTION OF MICHAEL JACKSON in May 2014 with DIMITRI  Jackson Junior and the 35 awards ALAN REEVES in EDEN HOTEL. It was also the place, for the second year, where they judge the Battle JACKSON vs NOUREEV. The auditorium is the place where the russian producer Alfyia CHEBOTAREVA (SVOY POCHERK) introduces the film Rudole NOUREEV rebellious demon, for the first time in France.

The opportunity to present the subject in Russian Pavillion, May 17th, for ROSKINO 90 years and Alain ZIRAH explains, in english, to the russian population why he choose this documentary for OFF DE CANNES to illustrate how the great dancer, as Michael Jackson too, made of its life a struggle for excellence and how the two dancers fought for Peace on The World. 

The ceremony is also dédicated to Nelson MANDELA and The DALAÏ LAMA with The Doves for Peace a symbol developped by Franck KATZ, 2011 OFF de Cannes winner with Michael WINKLER "The GLITTERKING" from Berlin.

The famous tv presenter Patrick LACHAUD make the link between the the two editions in EDEN HOTEL auditorium in 2013 and 2014.

A very beautiful selection of films were presented May 21st and 22nd for the 8th edition with an exceptional jury composed with in the chair Myriam LAMARE, world champion of boxing and 2013 OFF OF CANNES godmother, and the President Max HOWARD (The Lion King) whith Jay SCHINDELL (Iron Man3), Alan REEVES (Kill Bill 2), Laurie GORDON (Canadian producer), Afida TURNER (french American singer), Petteri PASANEM (price of the Cannes Jury), carribean Top Model Féline SABINE and Préity ÜUPALA (Miss India).

Three years totalely different for a NEW WAY TO COMMUNICATE.



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