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New York International Independent Film and Video Festival









The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival was founded in 1993 by entertainment impresario Stuart Alson and showcases independent films in real theatres in New York City and LA.
Passionate about exposing the films and documentaries of emerging filmmakers from all over the globe, NYIIFVF is a unique platform for emerging and established filmmakers to network and screen their work in the hope of getting exposure and a distribution deal.
Past festivals have included the work of Calista Flockhart, Cameron Diaz, Eva Herzigova, Guy Pearce, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Rod Steiger, Sean Lennon, Tippi Hedren, Willem Dafoe and Vin Diesel. Indie guru Abel Ferrara famously quoted in MovieMaker, "This festival is the real deal: Everybody else just talks about doing it, these guys just do it!”



Los Angeles VIP Screenings from the NYIIFVF

Los Angeles VIP Screenings


FRIDAY July 18th
Laemmle Sunset Screen 3
12:00 pm Recover Me 124 min 
Director Dahsheen Amin    
Genre Drama
Synopsis gritty drama unfolds on the most destitute streets of Richmond Virginia, challenging a single mother’s strength and sobriety as she fights to fulfill her own “pursuit of happiness”.
2:10 pm Fillbilly
 98 min 
Director A.L. “MIG” MacFarland    
Genre Comedy/Redneck
Synopsis A Filipino Redneck tries to prevent his wife from becoming a rock star and solicits the help of his childhood friends. Based on a true story, well sort of. A crazy redneck comedy with an international flavor. Get ready for a belly-bustin' good time with an original story that should turn the world on its own end, wherever that might be?
4:00 pm LINK: one man's connection to the world

 23:24 min
Director Joana Madruga    
Genre Documentary (Biography)
Synopsis This documentary features the journey of Joseph Henry Beasley, a civil right activist, who has been a prevailing link for social and economic change in the United States and various countries around the world. It is his ultimate goal to leverage opportunities for African descendents and to link up a billion Africans throughout the globe.
  A Nashville State of Mind
 85-90 min
Director John-Martin Vogel and Eric LaRocca Mainade    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis A documentary on the alternative music scene currently thriving in Nashville, TN.
6:00 pm 21 Seconds
 8 min
Director Ru McArdle    
Genre Romantic Tragedy
Synopsis A gritty romantic tragedy. Maddie is looking for a place to commit suicide; Security Guard Keith is out to save her. Fairytale ending? Definitely not.
  Teacups & Mink
 12 min
Genre Experimental
Synopsis TEACUPS & MINK is mixed-media odyssey through the lives of Averbach's first-cousin immigrant parents: escaping persecution from a Russian shtetl to Canada, the rise of her father from peddler boy to success, and the dissonant marriage that lasted over 60 years as two strong individuals created rarely intersecting realities.
Director Dan Frank    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis In 1996, the legalization of medical marijuana won by the citizens of California and the DEA has been at war with the clinics ever since. This is costing the tax payers of California millions of dollars each year. If it is legal, why are they raiding the medicinal clinics? Are they going to make the use of medicinal marijuana illegal or can they come up with a solution to make this practice work?

 4:45 min
Genre ART FILM / DRAMA    
Synopsis This film is an experimental collaboration in combining the fashion images of Internationally-known Los Angeles photographer Ash Gupta as seen trough the eyes of a filmmaker Michael Hirshenson.
The creative endeavor here is that a still photographer sees moments frozen in time through his lens … while the filmmaker attempts to tell a story with movement and sound. What happens when the filmmaker sees movement in the still photographers’ images? The result is “MOVING STILLS." Starring: Gulshan Grover

  Cinders of My Soul 16 min  
Director Rob Diamond    
Genre Drama
Synopsis Mandy must return to a horrific place and confront her abuser so she can reclaim her stolen childhood and move on as an adult. As she drives to this place we see her past and we find out why this courageous act is so important. Forgiveness is not for the perpetrator it is for the victim.
  Lime Salted Love
 86 min
Director Danielle Agnello, Joe Hall     
Genre Art house
Synopsis LIME SALTED LOVE is a minimalist, surreal examination of abandonment, guilt, abuse and psychic pain set in this minute's hipster enclaves of Los Angeles. The film, told in rippling flashbacks from its four main characters, drains out of the eyes of the institutionally confined, David Triebel, his guilt-ridden younger brother, Chase, Ellie, his emotionally damaged girlfriend, and Zephyr, the sexual provocateur. In the visual narrative tradition of David Lynch the film depicts the tale of three bonded brothers broken by the accidental death of one and the residual guilt draping the remaining two. The film examines how damaged people are hurt even more by their own willful ways. Sometimes it is the smallest things we do to others that destroys them.
Starring: Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) Kate del Castillo (Under the Same Moon, Bordertown), Jason Brooks (Days of Our Lives, Baywatch Hawaii) Billy Drago (The Hills Have Eyes, The Untouchables, Charmed).
10:00 pm
Long Night Drone
 3:15 min
Director Neil Forman    
Genre Music Video
Synopsis Building the Rock Star.
  Under the Skin
 58:20 min
Director BILLY BURKE    
Genre Documentary    
Synopsis You are about to embark on a journey into the underground world of Japanese traditional tattoo.
  Black Metal Satanica 50 min 
Director Mats Lundberg    
Genre Music Documentary    
Church burning, grave desecration, satanism and murder. A documentary about how the modern Vikings of Scandinavia took the music genre "Black Metal" to its darkest abyss, and turned words into action and declared war against Christianity. But it all started a thousand years ago, when the Vikings ruled the North.


SATURDAY July 19th
Laemmle Sunset Screen 3
12:00 pm The Murder of Freedom

 3:20 min 
Genre Drama
Synopsis Tempus Ocularis gives his testimony on the killing of Victory of Freedom by Homer Status Quo. It is an analogy to the human condition and its quest for freedom. Direct by Patricia Basseto.
  Moral Ecstasy
 3:40 min 
Director Dustin Kahia    
Genre Drama
Synopsis Inspired by the Aesop Fable "The Flies and the Honey Pot", the film revolves around the concept; pleasure bought with pains will only lead to ones self-destruction, physically and emotionally.
  Aahir Bhairav - The Song of the Dawn 104 min 
Director Siba Prasad Thakur    
Genre Drama    
Synopsis Ahir Bairav is the moving story of an Indian woman’s struggle with schizophrenia and the impact it has on those close to her, especially her westernised daughter.
The story is about three generations of educated Indians caught in the vortex of this dilemma and how they psychologically struggle to come to terms with the lives of schizophrenia victims in their midst. The film tries to see this problem through a human angle and set an example of tackling it in a positive way, by bringing about a ray of hope to the distressed
2:00 pm A Call For Valor
 11 min
Director D.R. Hernandez    
Genre Documentary (Crime, Urban)

Synopsis Police Sergeant Ken Hogan was ambushed and left for dead in his police car by a shooter who pumped four bullets into his body with the last bullet lodging in his head. Sgt. Hogan survived this armed encounter and tells his courageous story in A Call For Valor.
  Last Man Out
 90 min
Genre Documentary
Synopsis The documentary presents a compelling eye-witness
testimony of the events of 911 from a White House
honoured American Hero, William Rodriguez.
The film examines Rodriguez's motivations behind his
quest for the truth and also goes on to corroborate
what he is saying.

Featuring William Rodriguez (Last Man Out WTC) and
Annie Machon (Former MI5 Officer.) Directed by
Jonathan Kerr-Smith. All music by Pete Lawrie.

4:00 pm Drifters
 10:37 min
Director Chris Pair    
Genre Documentary

Synopsis Drifters documents artist Pam Longobardi’s environmental intervention in Hawaii with plastic marine debris of the North Pacific Gyre. The film translates one artist’s work into a call to action encouraging audiences to develop creative solutions that spread awareness of this enormous and challenging problem. It is a timely look at our material artifacts and their collision with nature, at once changed by the process, and changing the very substance of the earth and its creatures.
  Redwood Adventures
 27 min
Director Dave Losko    
Genre Nature Documentary

Synopsis Got Nature? Johnny Redwood and friends discuss nature from the Redwood National Park. Take exciting adventures and learn important facts about the Redwoods, wildlife and birds that live here. TV Episodes include Kayaking, Hiking, Fishing and the History of the Redwood Forest. You may even stumble on the Tallest Tree in The World! 
  Husher (Memories)
 45 min
Director Avedis Ohanian    
Genre Documentary
6:00 pm Pop Your Panties with Paris, Nicole & Lindsay
 5 min 
Director Victor Geheimnis    
Genre Pop Culture Music Video
Synopsis POP YOUR PANTIES with Paris, Nicole & Lindsay.. Three BFFs (best friends forever) face the pressures of image rehab by banding together and finding a new charity to support. Our HOT celebs learn true empowerment as Paris has an idea. Nicole says no to drugs and Lindsay finds support from her friends.
  The Pikers
 23:40 min 
Director Cone Chamberlain    
Genre Comedy    
Synopsis Havoc reigns as a family of hillbillies moves into the ghetto, much to the consternation of the neighborhood overseer. Starring Jackie Martling, Michael A. Shepperd, Inger Tudor, Nancy Schofield.
  Death, Taxes…Chocolate!
 82 min 
Director "Bud" Dowdey    
Genre Dark Comedy,Romance, Autobiography,Spoof, Educational    
Synopsis Take a leisurely, thought provoking cruise with six witty, environmentally and socially conscious friends who are empowered to shape their own destiny in planning their final days.
8:00pm Lost Night
 13:50 min 
Director CHRIS LOIZOU    
Genre Drama    
Synopsis A Bangladeshi Cab-driver picks up a fare in the form of bruised & battered transvestite ‘Dory’. Their journey across London to the river Thames reveals a connection between them that bonds them for life’.
  NEVER ENOUGH: Sex, Money and Parking Garages in San Francisco

 98 min 
Director Dave Sawle    
Genre Dramatic Farce
Synopsis NEVER ENOUGH: Sex, Money, and Parking Garages in San Francisco is is a dramatic farce questioning our "never enough" society's dependence upon material goods and starring Barbara Niven.
10:00 pm Nina 92 min 
Director R. C. Hörsch    
Genre Documentary    
Synopsis A documentary about creative, accomplished, intelligent women; feminism; free expression; sex; and pornography. Features adult actress Nina Hartley (Boogie Nights).



SUNDAY July 20th
Laemmle Sunset Screen 3
12:00pm Who Are You-The Blue Bottles of Suffering
 5:10 min 
Director Omer Pasha    
Genre Horror/Drama    
Synopsis Official Selection of Festival De Cannes-Short Film Corner 2008, Omer Pasha's brand new film "Who Are You." Edited with a Soviet Montage style technique.
Horror and dark eerie colours in a green blue bottle bulge out to tell a story. A young boy, Pasha cursed in his love life rescues the witch Farah and teaches her the meaning of the cross. The cross undoes hurt in life, the answer to all problems one can face. 
  Cold Steele 101 min 
Director Larry Moore    
Genre Comedy-Satire    
Synopsis An X-File "ish" satire of slasher movies. 
 2:00pm Thirteen or so Minutes…

 13:55 min
Director Branden Blinn    
Genre Alternative/Dramedy/Drama
Synopsis What can change in thirteen or so minutes...everything!
Hugh Greerey and Lawrence Jefferies have just met. They both have girlfriends...they're both straight. Thirteen or so Minutes later, however, something's happened and things have changed.
WINNER Best Short, Honolulu Rainbow FIlm Festival, Stars Nick Soper and Carlos F. Salas
  Cuore Scatenato (Raging Heart)
 85 min
Genre Spaghetti Western
Synopsis In Sicily, in a time not yet forgotten, that which made a man a real man was not riches or power, but his honour. He had to defend his dignity against insults and village gossip. One of the worst humiliations a man could suffer was to have an adulterous wife. A man so disgraced would bear the mark of shame, with all eyes of the community upon him. It was said that “his horns were sticking out” for all to see.
4:00 pm The Rug
 11:29 min
Director CHRIS DOLLARD    
Genre Dark Comedy
  The Favor of Father Dominique
 19:40 min
Director Boim Hwang    
Genre Black Comedy/Fantasy/Romance
Synopsis Sister Veronique and Father Dominique are roommates who share a bunk bed. Sister Veronique insists that she is the bride of God but God only answers to Father Dominique who sleeps on the upper level.
  Chekhov and Maria
 80 min
Director Eric Till    
Genre Fictional Drama
Synopsis Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov is ill with tuberculosis and is cared for by his sister Maria with whom he lives in Yalta. He is desperately struggling to complete his play, “The Cherry Orchard.” With Maria’s help he is able to continue writing, but when Maria discovers that he has secretly married the Moscow Art Theatre actress, Olga Knipper, she feels betrayed and schemes to prevent him from returning to Moscow. When Chekhov discovers how manipulative Maria has been, they have a major confrontation. Eventually there is a reconciliation. Chekhov finally completes his play and leaves for Moscow.
6:00 pm El Arbol Seco
 13 min
Genre Fiction Drama
Synopsis A five years old boy lives with his parents in a shack that will be evicted soon. The boy discovers a dry tree near to his home and, when he tries to give it back the life, he achieves to escape to the dramatic situation around him.
  Frankie D
 94-96 min
Director Rosemary Edelman    
Genre Drama
Synopsis “Frankie D.” is the story of an upscale African-American carpenter who gets ripped off by two African-American ghetto kids, and insisted of throwing them in jail, when he realizes how horrific their life is, he takes them as his, because he was these kids.
Starring: Todd Bridges (Different Strokes, Everyone Hates Chris, Skaters on Edge), Sheryl Lee Ralph
8:00 pm The Wonder Kids
 109 min
Director Jim Petersen & Pamela J. Richardson    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis A tiny dance studio sets out to save the art-form
of tap-dancing, and, not only produces many of the
world's greatest dancers, but saves the lives of
thousands of inner-city kids in the process.
Features Dick Van Dyke as the host, Savion Glover, Debbie Allen,
Victoria Rowell, etc.
10:00 pm Don't Drink Poison 15 min 
Director Marc Homer    
Genre Thriller
Synopsis Recently single and ready to mingle, Noelle Richardson (Cheryl Cosenza) gets more than she bargains for one night at a club when she ends up in the arms and bed of a handsome stranger (Aaron Mathias) who harbors a dark secret.
  Love Like Blood 84 min 
Director Steven Bozga    
Genre Drama    
Synopsis Love Like Blood is a story from the streets of New York. Kevin (Thaddeus Schneider - "Law & Order" / "Rescue Me") is a notorious car thief at the top of his game. His life is about stolen cars, sex and cash. But as good as Kevin is, he knows it's only a matter of time until he'll get caught. Before his life starts to completely unravel, Kevin tries to walk away from his criminal lifestyle and start over. Can he get out before it's too late? Does Kevin own the streets or do the streets own him? Kevin knows he is going down... but on whose terms?


MONDAY July 21st
Laemmle Sunset Screen 3
4:00pm Lost in Love
 91 min 
Director Guy Orlebar    
Genre Love Drama    
Synopsis Based on a true story, a young Englishman must travel to Hong Kong in search of his love and the true meaning of life. How far would you go for love?
Starring: BENE'T LYNTON (Bat Boy), SARIKA CHOY ("Infernal Affairs" trilogy & Jackie Chan’s "Rob-B-Hood"), GORDON LIU (Quentin Tarantino's double-bill masterpiece Kill Bill), Writer, Director, Editor, Producer ~ GUY ORLEBAR (GUY shares the same legendary film instructor, Dov S-S Simens, as iconic directors Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and Spike Lee).
6:00pm Vengeance is Mine

 10 min
Director Tisa Key    
Synopsis A woman seeks revenge against the man that raped and murdered her daughter.
  The Photographer
 89:22 min
Director Anthony Napolitano and Anthony DiBernardo    
Genre Suspense
Synopsis The Photographer is a story about a young married woman who meets and has an affair with a photographer. She immediately regrets it and wants nothing to do with him afterwards. He decides to get back at her by making her and her husband the subjects of his demented photo shoot.
8:00pm Life Lottery
 17:06 min
Director Theresa Corrao    
Genre Comedy
Synopsis Winner "Best International Short Comedy" at the New York screening of the NYIFVF, "LIFE LOTTERY" is a moving short that explores a moment in the life of Cecilia who is unexpectedly faced with the ultimate decision: remain in her safe but seemingly soul-destroying domestic life or embark on a fast-paced corporate life of substantial personal rewards. Cecilia won a brand new life from the Life Lottery and is forced to make a choice. Director Theresa Corrao brings this touching story to life with a mix of clever dialog, expressive imagery and emotive music.
  The Mind Conjurers
 31:07 min
Director Emanuel Gironi    
Genre Spiritual Drama
Synopsis An accident leaves a couple quadriplegic...learning to move
the only part of their body that can move...their minds...
achieving intimacy, bearing children and unlocking secrets
of the mind!
 32:03 min
Director Peter Steusloff and Connor Sullivan    
Genre Drama
Synopsis The film is about a young man who lost his mother and then moved away from his home town immediately after. Three years later, he returns home to see everyone he left behind, and in the process, learns how to move on in his life.
  The Aphrikan
 37 min
Director Tim Hicks    
Genre Horror
Synopsis A psychological horror story exploring empathy, race, and identity. A plastic surgery staff finds themselves caught in a nightmare when one of them locks an injured transient out. Starring Conrad Corral, Kent King and Welton Thomas Pitchford. 
10:00pm  Memory
9 min
Director Whitney Grover    
Synopsis Memory explores the superficiality of home videos and picture perfect families. It is a nostalgic trip through childhood, connecting good and bad memories.
  Waking Eye
Director David Stager    
Genre Experimental
Synopsis A look into the subconscious mind: the identity crisis within us all. How much is hidden within your thoughts? How much of it will you ever come to know?
  The Survival of the Wildebeest 88 min 
Director Joe Wolf    
Genre Documentary    
Synopsis Stuart Ross, an inner city public high school teacher by day and guerrilla artist by night must survive the most time constraining challenge that he has ever endured. In just 80 days he must prepare for the largest showcase of his artistic career. So the question is, can Stuart Ross pull it off?
 MONDAY July 21st
Laemmle Sunset Screen 2
4:00 pm Le Drame
 17 min
Director Hamado Ouedraogo    
Genre Fiction
Synopsis Two men makes irruption in the home of a journalist,Michel and kill him and his wife. Their two youngsters join their grand father suffering of a mental ilness in another district.Then,all begin to topple over...
  Battle of Souls 76 min
Director Chloë Bellande    
Genre Thriller/Drama
Synopsis Written and directed by Chloë Bellande, Battle of Souls tells the story of a young soldier who finds himself trapped between the moralities of fighting for justice, versus fighting for his personal beliefs, when he becomes romantically involved with a motel bartender. The young attractive woman, implicated in an accident homicide, turns to prostitution in order to cover up the crime. Inspired by Prudentius' allegory "Psyhomachia", this thriller/drama features untrained and inexperienced cast and crew from Montreal, Canada.
6:00 pm Le Vol Inacheue (The Interrupted Flight)
 26:10 min
Genre Environmental
Synopsis The Humankind's world through Siberian Cranes, "endangered species"
  The Land of Kelmund

 26 min
Director Mrika Krasniqi    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis A pagan nation, amongst the first in the world, embraces Christianity. Later, they were converted into Islam. Nowadays, this nation lives between three worlds; paganism, Christianity and Islam. They protect all religious holy places and those of cult with great love and speak of them with great pride.
  Negative Split
 63 min
Director Douglas Follmer    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis An Olympic swimmer destined to break the world record, is falsely accused of drug use, and has to again prove to the world that he is indeed the greatest.
8:00 pm Queens Bound
 90 min
Director STEVE RAHAMAN    
Genre Crime/Drama
Synopsis Writer and Director STEVE RAHAMAN welcomes you to the world of organized crime set in the borough of Queens NY. Anthony and Marcus are best friends born and raised in the dangerous world of organized crime. After years of doing petty jobs for their mafia boss Don Silio, they finally gain the opportunity to score bigger pay checks and fulfill their dream of becoming made men. Brace yourself for a story of tragedy, defeat and power.
10:00 pm      
TUESDAY July 22nd
Laemmle Sunset Screen 3
4:00pm Nine Hundred Kilometres Road 32:40 min 
Director Shu-Chi Hsu    
Genre Drama    
Synopsis North-Eastern of China is a unique cultural region. This Film rely on the simple life when lead coming back, and revealing the distance of mind hidden between the different living place.
  On Ma Tchatche 30 min 
Director Bouba Teoudoussia    
Genre Drama    
Synopsis This movie describes the deplorable social realities that one lives in Cameroon and Africa in general. It condemns the financial discrimination that is increasingly affecting public and administrative services.
  Cosmic Mumbo Jumbo 28:30 min 
Director Cupcake    
Genre Experimental    
Synopsis Cosmic Mumbo Jumbo is the episodic rants & raves of L.A.'s underground cultural icon/urban legend Snake Doctor.
6:00pm The Miraculous Pear Tree
 4:45 min
Director Jeroen Zijlstra    
Genre Animation (stop motion)
Synopsis The Miraculous Pear Tree tells the fairytale of a
Tibetan monk who encounters a less than dignified salesman. After
finding out about the salesman’s intentions, he teaches him a lesson.
  You and Me and Everyone
 7:44 min

Director Seon Jeong Lee    
Genre Animation
Synopsis One day, the leftover asparagus ran away from the plate. Sometimes we are rejected, feel lonely and scared. But there are small events which help us to continue our tough lives. A little bit of charm, that is all we need. Everyone can be happy.
  Eagle Talon The Movie: The Chancellor Only Lives Twice
 75 min
Director FROGMAN    
Genre Animation
Synopsis This is a ground-breaking film ever utilizing mainly Flash animation in Japan. FROGMAN, the king of tongue-in-cheek humor of the late night Japanese TV, attacks the whole entertainment industry with a nonsense comedy with a secret society whose silly conspiracy is never to come real. The film opens with a spoofed sequence from the world famous cyber-punk animation, which is actually rendered by the same 3D animator.
8:00pm Racing Daylight
 86 min 
Director Nicole Quinn    
Genre Drama    
Synopsis Three short movies tell one story from three points of view in two different times. What happens when time collides? Sadie thinks she's going insane. Edmund's sure he's being haunted. And Henry ... well Henry's racing daylight. Starring Academy award nominee David Strathairn, Melissa Leo, Giancarlo Esposito, Sabrina Lloyd and Jason Downs.
10:00pm Portrait of an Addict 12 min 
Director Alex Morissen    
Synopsis “Portrait of an Addict” is a brief scenario of a woman named “Eddie” who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Her life and relationship with her husband begins to crumble. The only thing that can provide a short period of happiness is drugs in order to forget and overcome her inner fears. She makes an attempt to get help from AA, but bounces right back to her old habits. Addiction is a sickness and it will take a lot more than a few AA meetings to battle it. I show my support. This film is dedicated to my sister Elaine.
  Chasin' Gus' Ghost 97 min 
Director Todd Kwait    
Genre Documentary    
Synopsis Chasin' Gus' Ghost is a documentary film on the history of jug band music. It is a historical retrospective that spans the globe and honors many great talents from yesterday and today. Features John Sebastian (The Lovin Spoonful) and Bob Weir (The Grateful Dead) among others.
 TUESDAY July 22nd
Laemmle Sunset Screen 2
4:00 pm Black to Our Roots
 52:10 min
Director Ras Tre Subira    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis Black To Our Roots is the inspirational story of the journey that 17-year old Sylvia Dorsey takes from the projects of Atlanta, Geor ia to Ghana, West Africa to explore her ancestral homeland as she seeks to escape the drug abuse and violence that surrounds her. 
 58 min
Director David Civico & recPlay    
Genre Documentary Historical     
Synopsis Txakurkalea narrates dog´s relations between them and humans in the old town of Bilbao(Spain). Their territorial marks will be erased by another dog or maybe the rain, and then start again. 
6:00 pm The Rise of Khalsa
 43 min
Genre Religious
  Bondage and the Bible
 55 min
Director D. Eric Harmon    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis Does the bible support slavery, and if so, why are African Americans such loyal followers of the "good book?" This film examines the controversial connection between slavery and the bible.
8:00 pm Signals
 133 min
Director Carlos E. Roman    
Genre Science Fiction    
Synopsis During the 1950’s soldiers for the U.S. and Russian governments were the subjugate victims of remote viewing, mind control and behavior modification experiments. American soldier Nick Marconi, after surviving decades of abuse and chemical experimentation at the hands of both countries, eventually escapes from the confines of the U.S. government. Little did they know, they had unwittingly created a man who can heal himself and others, does not age, and has powers such as telekinesis and remote viewing. While on the run, he discovers and begins using these powers, although he is limited by the fact that he can only summon them when he is under extreme stress. He also discovers that he has a child (Zack Rebak) created through artificial insemination with sperm collected from Nick while being held as a test subject by the government. Zack’s powers are ten-fold that of Nick’s, and he has the advantage of being able to control and use those powers at will. The down side? Unlike his father, Zach loses his powers when under stress, leaving him vulnerable during life or death situations. After finding out that Zack and his mother are also on the run from Russian and American agents, Nick must find them before they are captured and “disappear” beneath the secret government cloak of experimentation and exploitation. 
10:15 pm Ruptured Identity 90 min 
Director Will Desmerattes    
Genre Thriller    
Synopsis In a quiet suburban area, a series of murders have occurred. The city goes into chaos over a new serial killer and two detectives race against time to find this criminal before he kills again. 
Laemmle Sunset Screen 3
3:45pm Ebola Warning
 7:15 min 
Director Martin Sommerdag    
Genre Thriller    
Synopsis In 1978 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Denmark recorded a secret 8mm videotape of an unknown EBOLA incident. The tape has been hidden for 30 years.
 10 min 
Director DALE STEWART    
Genre Horror    
Synopsis New Zealand's Horror Debut From Dale Stewart Mild-mannered office worker Herb is a dedicated employee working the lonesome Monday night shift.

After hearing a strange rattling coming from the stationary cupboard that night, Herb mentions it to fellow co-worker, Lucy the following morning. Unfortunately for Herb, the office bully Shawn overhears the conversation and starts blackmailing Herb with threats to tell everyone in the work place.
Herb is determined to prove that there is something coming from the stationary cupboard and will go to any extent to get answers.

 15:28 min 
Director Steven Benson and Wayne Benson    
Genre Thriller    
Synopsis Tom Barbusse watched everything...except his back.
  Alone in the Fog 19:25 min 
Genre Psychological Thriller    
Synopsis Set in the harsh Australian bush, a seemingly innocent little girl uses an unstable man's alter ego to exact revenge over a chocolate bar she felt should have been hers. A preview to a thrilling & twisted concept that won't leave you!!!
  Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time 6:35 min 
Genre Comedy    
Synopsis Two crazy girls find themselves in a little bit of trouble, when a game of “catch the hot guy” goes terribly wrong.
  Bala Wala Chi (Without Anything) 15 min 
Genre Drama    
Synopsis The story happens in a pub in Beirut. For 15mn, we forget about the situation in Lebanon, and we concentrate on 3 peoples, same generation talking about all and nothing. It’s a one shot movie. No cuts. Everything or Nothing could happen in a pub. 
  Memories of a Blind Musician 56:30 min 
Director Galina Likosova, Hernán Humberto Restrepo    
Genre Documentary    
Synopsis The documentary is a Gonzalo Vidal´s monologue remembering his life two hours before leaving forever his beloved city Medellin.
The "Memories of a blind musician" are also remembrances of the beautiful city of Medellin at the ends of the XIX century - first half of the XX century, of its streets and temples, of its people, of the characters that forged his cultural life and his development. Gonzalo Vidal’s beautiful music is a Hymn to Medellin and its people.

6:00pm Tenebrae
 37 min
Director REZA BENHADJ    
Genre B&W Film, Adventure & Fantasy
Synopsis Paris, 1920. Juliette, Professor Toupet's daughter (a brilliant inventor and eccentric precursor) is kidnapped by the mysterious Tenebrae gang's.
Using her power and magnetism, the Machiavellian Tenebrae forces Professor Toupet to give her the blueprints to a famous time machine.

  Alien Grey: Zone-X
 65-70 min
Director Thomas Randall Dickens    
Genre Science Fiction
Synopsis Park Ranger Don Morgan is torn from his routine life, when he stumbles upon a UFO visitation in the arid, deserted Park Area where he resides. An inexplicable, bizarre power outage knocks out all electronics and communications, stranding a carload of hikers in the park, and downing a small plane. Searching for hydration in the blistering heat, Don must lead the survivors across an apparently abandoned Military Testing area (similar to "Area 51") called "ZONE-X". Is it the sun, dehydration, or is something else (a covert government mind control test or possibly aliens) playing tricks on their minds, confusing them with harrowing mirages? In order to end the extra-terrestrial's experiment on humanity, Don must summon newly found paranormal abilities and battle his arch rival "The Madman" (also stranded in the park) not to mention gigantic marauding creature monstrosities (cyborg spiders, flying beasts, huge reptiles) "created" by the Alien Greys (in a special effects show-down featuring hundreds of high-end CGI effects shots never before seen in Independent Film).
8:00pm Broken Fences 101 min 
Director Troy McGatlin    
Genre Drama/Western    
Synopsis A lifetime of bad luck threatens a father and son’s reunion, as old wounds resurface and new ones are opened in Broken Fences, Troy McGatlin’s fusion of family drama and contemporary western.
10:00 pm The Wonder Kids (2nd Screening) 109 min 
Director Jim Petersen & Pamela J. Richardson
Genre Documentary    
Synopsis A tiny dance studio sets out to save the art-form
of tap-dancing, and, not only produces many of the
world's greatest dancers, but saves the lives of
thousands of inner-city kids in the process.
Features Dick Van Dyke as the host, Savion Glover, Debbie Allen, Victoria Rowell, etc.
 WEDNESDAY July 23rd
Laemmle Sunset Screen 2
4:00 pm Gubbachigalu (Sparrows)  95 min
Director Abhaya Simha G.A    
Genre Film/Environmental
Synopsis Amidst the concrete jungle of a sprawling city, two children go on a quest to find 'their' missing sparrow. 'Sparrows' takes us with these two children as they pursue the elusive sparrow.
6:10 pm Division
 103 min
Genre Drama
8:00 pm Hollywood and Vine
 83 min
Genre Drama
10:00 pm Prelude to Genesis
 4:50 min
Director Draxula Drakos and DREXAR the Warrior    
Genre tba
Synopsis Prelude to Genesis is a swords and fantasy tale depicting the epic battle between good and evil taking place in ancient times set to the eerie electronic/rock song of the same name as the movie’s title.
 20 min
Director Pamela Chase    
Genre Drama    
Synopsis Inspired by true life experiences with LeeAnn Taylor's disabled children, Bluetiful tells the story of a young couple whose lives are changes forever when the woman's disabled sister is sent to live with them. Through a harrowing and, at times, poignant journey, they come to discover not only the overwhelming challenges of caring for a profoundly disabled person, but ultimately - and unexpectedly - the triumphant power of the human spirit. 
  Ultimate Proposal 97 min 
Director Rabia Louis Haynes    
Genre Romantic Drama    
Synopsis A Love Drama of younger woman and older man. But the mother of woman interrupts this affair with malice and deceit. The man loss his first Love in a ski accident. 


THURSDAY July 24th
Laemmle Sunset Screen 3
3:45 pm The World is Yours
 3:40 min 
Director Co- Director Kathleen Ammalee Rogers
Co-Director Judith Shannon Grady
Genre Positive Short Film
Synopsis Powerful affirmation of life. Weaves stunning footage of earth from space with classical music and powerful narrative inspiring viewers to embrace inner dreams, power and courage
to create a better world.
  White Tiger Yellow Tiger
 5:29 min 
Director Peter Chen    
Genre Comedy
Synopsis : Comedy Action with Tai Chi about friendship and acceptance of different races, an Asian American cross culture, build friendship with a Caucasian man, learn about helping, win/win and winning with nonviolence.
  The Colours of Black
 10:30 min 
Director ALBERTO NACCI    
Genre Experimental-Documentary
Synopsis Alberto Nacci interprets the silences and the sounds produced by the great artist Mario Benedetti: the gestures which transform the inert paper into the work of a true artist!
  The Stoop
 23:14 min 
Director Andrew Liput    
Genre Fictional Narrative Short
Synopsis On the hottest day in July, in the swinging Summer of 69, two men explore the meaning of life in Harlem, worlds away from hippies, war protests, and Woodstock. One man is fighting for community and civil rights, the other is fighting to bring his family back together. For both men, the stoop of their brownstone apartment sets the stage to discuss and explore all of their hopes and dreams for the future. Starring James Singletary as "Willie", Lloyd Watts as "Grant", and former R&B recording star, Cassandra Lucas as "Louise."
  The Heart of Alaska
 26 min 
Director Scott David Martin    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis Take a thrill ride through America's last frontier into untamed wilderness. Directed by Scott David Martin, "The Heart of Alaska" delivers a compelling story about America's "Great Land."
  Lede Del Arte Leda 29 min 
Director Daniela Gontijo
Genre Documentary
Synopsis Based on Ziraldo´s (an important Brazilian writer and cartoonist) testimony, the documentary shows the art and the joyful personality of the Brazilian sculptor Leda Selmi Dei Gontijo, the first woman awarded the Machado de Assis Medal from the Brazilian Academy of Literature. 
6:00 pm This Is My Body
 19:54 min

Director Br. Peter Gabriel    
Genre Drama/Short    
Synopsis After a tragic encounter at a college party, Sarah O'Conner finds herself desperate and alone. Facing an unplanned pregnancy, she is caught between the trauma that haunts her and the conviction that calls her. Let down by family and isolated from friends, her desperation turns deadly as she comes face to face with the end of life as she knows it. Now she must make the final sacrifice.
Genre Documentary

8:10 pm Fifth Street
14 min 
Director DAVID RODDHAM    
Genre Action/Sci Fi/Crime
Synopsis To be a regular player in the Thursday night game of Texas Hold'em at the 187 Club is something every Professional criminal aspires to be. All the Syndicate asks in return is complete loyalty.
  Every Last One
 17:02 min 
Director Bernie Stern and Nando Betancur    
Genre Dramatic Thriller
Synopsis "It's time for Isaac to get what he deserves, sending him on a journey into the middle of a revenge plot he never saw coming and can do nothing to stop."
  The Turn Card 63 min 
Director Matthew Kloske
Genre Crime/Drama    
Synopsis Four criminals meet over their regular game of poker. As it unfolds, they recall the events that lead up to their imprisonments. Each convict's story is unique, except for one odd connection.
10:00 pm   Identity - The True Story of Juan Piras Peron
 83 min
Director Chiara Bellini    
Genre Documentary
Synopsis In 1909 emigrant from Sardinia Giovanni Piras leaves for Argentina. A few years later he vanishes, but then his traces allegedly overlap with those of Juan Domingo Peron. Among concealed documents and coincidences bordering on the absurd, an incredible travel between mystery and international politics, from Sardinia up to Argentina, throughout the entire 20th century. 

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