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Musivision Films


Musivision Films is an artist driven, full service film and music production company located in Montreal  Canada.

Founded in 2006 by Laurie Gordon, president of Musivision is a boutique production house working with icons of the animation world; animator Oscar nominee Ryan Larkin and Oscar winner Co Hoedeman and  three time Oscar nominee cult film Heavy Metal director Gerald Potterton. Laurie is also the director of  The Montreal International Animation Film Festival (MIAFF) sometimes referred to as Animaze.

Musivision produced documentary film  Ryan’s Renaissance (available in French and English versions) began production with partner CTV BelllMedia and broadcast on Bravo. MusiVision is currently in development with animation and feature films, including I Spy My Father about Laurie enigmatic father and a feature documentary film on animation director London born Gerald Potterton his short film High Flight.

Please email laurie [at] musivision  [dot]  ca OR musivisionfilms [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Musivision is working on brand new film projects for 2018. Watch this space



A taste of Annecy International Animation Festival - Norman Mclaren's 100th and all things coincidental

    I take so much darn footge and I just can't get enough..I live my world through the lens of a camera sometimes actually missing the events around me mesmerized  possessed by the eye of the step outside of myself apart from the action to study the action and observe it. one parametre away - a distance between us..but I still love you real world yes I do.   Interesting to think I have worked with some wonderful animators who have worked directly i...

Two Festival Goers Dead at SXSW - - 23 Injured - Drunk Driver Kills -

courtesy of Two people are dead after a drunk driver fleeing arrest allegedly drove through temporary barricades in place for a South by Southwest music festival concert in Austin, Texas, police said. Around 12:30 a.m. local time, the car hit a man and a woman who were on a moped and several pedestrians on a busy street. The man and woman, whose names will not be released until next of kin are notified, died at the scene. People are comforted after being stru...

Teddy Awards Interview with Gloria Viagra! She HE tells us how to DRESS Quickly for a PARTY!

  Just LOVE wonderful creatives who reinvent themselves quickly and with GLAMOUR! Berlinale 2013...2014 here I come. Gloria tells us how to DRESS fast advising us on how to get ready for a party FAST. Are you listening ladies?   ...

Director Eduardo Coutinho Killed by Son - Brazil Calling It "Black Sunday"

One of Brazil’s greatest filmmakers, screenwriters and documentarians was murdered by his mentally ill son today.  Another devastating loss for the film world today with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffmann and Eduardo Coutinho who  directed and wrote the script to the 1967 popular Brazilian film, ABC do amor near the beginning of his career.The film was entered into the 17th Berlin International Film Festival. He was killed in Rio de Ja...

Philip Seymour Dead in his New York City Apartment After Apparent Drug Overdose

      Philp Seymour Hoffmann has been found dead with a hypodermic needle in his arm. New York City law enforcement officials said that the actor was found dead at his apartment Sunday afternoon. Watch clips from some of the films Seymour Hoffman has starred in, including "The Master," "Salinger," and "Pirate Radio." Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who won an Oscar for the film Capote, has been found dead in his...

An Oscar Nomination is a Beautiful thing...until it's taken away - Academy Revokes Best Song Contender

  An Oscar nomination is a beautiful thing...until it's taken away... "Alone Yet Not Alone" is no longer in the running for the coveted due to accusations of improper campaigning. The Academy renegged it's nomination for best original song nomination for the film of the same name over accusations of the composer having an unfair advantage. The Academy board of governors voted Tuesday night afterlearning that composer Bruce Broughton who in the past held a seat o...

TIFF - Cameron Bailey tells Filmmakers and Studios: Stay away from Telluride!

The huge fall festival institutes a new policy, restricting its prime first-weekend slots to movies that haven’t played another North American festival The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has decided that it’s time to force filmmakers and studios to make a choice: If you want a prime slot at our fest, stay away from Telluride. After finding that its highest profile films were increasingly screening at the Telluride Film Festival a few days before coming to Toront...


Retrospective & Homage JAN 28, 2014: BERLINALE CLASSICS Berlinale Classics, launched a year ago as part of the Retrospective section, is already held in high regard by long-standing film partners of the Berlinale. Presenting elaborately restored cinema classics and rediscovered films in brilliant picture and sound quality at premieres with prominent guests, it is in great demand as a platform for restored films in digital formats. In 2014, six films are screening in...

Oscar winner Chris Landreth "Ryan" and Robert Redford - @ Sundance 2014

My friend and spiritual brother Chris Landreth hanging out with one of the truly grounded actors and producers NOT of the Hollywood template - the elegant Robert Redford. Landreth directed one of the powerful animated films ever- RYAN  the most successful film ever to come out of the iconic National Film Board of Canada studios. Based on the remarkable life of Ryan Larkin is subject of my documentary film Ryan's Renaissance.  I had the extraordinary chance to know, l...

Harvey Weinstein on Violence in Films - Producing Anti-Gun Film with Meryl Streep - Battles with the NRA

        A new side of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is emerging. Weinstein, age 61, is an impressive man of integrity who is fearlessly taking on new perspectives to heart. He is an enlightened man still evolving at a time in his life where the Karmic middle class see this as a sunset into rocking chairs sitting on their laurels. But Weinstein sets himself apart from the showbiz bourgeois and is reinventing himself. Hello Sunshine! Weinstein has produced some...

Film Festival for a Cause - Breast Fest

        Breast Fest isn't just another film festival. Breast Fest is a two day festival held in Toronto Canada with a contest and activities facilitating film with a concrete  message and ACTION. Breast Fest supports the breast cancer awareness cause that goes beyond beauty fashion and the creative side of filmmaking while fostering and spearheading a community by exploring the issues surrounding breast cancer. Breast Fest is the world’...

Red Carpet Disaster at Golden Globes - Glamour Night Destroyed by RAW Sewage

A burst pipe and raw sewage was the smelly theme of the red carpet roll out at the 2014 Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. An awful and disappointing beginning this event gone terribly wet. A raw pipe burst just before the glitz filled evening was to begin and guests were heading into the theatre. The stinky black water poured on journalists (OK not so funny)  as they awaited Hollywood's greatest luminaries to parade down the Golden Globes red carpet--the sprinkler s...

The Power of the Documentary- -McDonald's Counter Attacks Supersize Me with their Own Documentary

  Fiction vs reality- Film has been used as a tool for advertising, propaganda, political or corporate as a battle ground. Disguised as NEWS on this report a McDonald's creation is  a Wag the Dog operative- (1997 d. Barry Levinson) outline: Shortly before an election, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to fabricate a war in order to cover up a presidential sex scandal.   A documentary film can help ease the longlasting ill effects as Pepto ...

Alternative Christmas Movies For A Change SVP. The Good the Best and the Worst...the Ugly?

  Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Photo of Edmund Gwenn as Sweet Santa Claus aka Saint Nicolas As the holiday season descends upon us ready to rejuvenate our fall season bodies with too much food, family and friends take the front seat and happy exhaustion sets in. What better way to spend time this festive season than with the CHRISTMAS MOVIE! It seems the list of Christmas movies is never-ending.   Here's an interesting list of sources as com...

Supreme Court Awards Quebec Animator Claude Robinson Against CINAR GUILTY of Stealing his Animation Series

Animator Claude Robinson has been awarded nearly 2 million dollars in legal fees and damages after a 20 year battle against the now defunct riches to rags production house CINAR. A Montreal story for years we all knew someone who knew the characters in this macabre play of the weaker lowly creator versus big bad production house. CINAR ran a money machine production house plagiarising filmmakers ideas and while milking Canadian and Quebec film funding and tax credit system in the millions of d...

Peter Wintonick Memorial in Montreal - OSAMA BIN LADIN IS DEAD and other memories - The Documentary Film World Mourns

It has been a few weeks since Canadian filmmaker Peter Wintonick, considered the "international ambassador of documentary film," died at 60 years old. Last weekend I attended his moving memorial which was a full house of family and fellow filmmakers. Without a doubt Wintonick's contribution to the Montreal film community reverberates into the documentary film world all now mourning his loss. We lived in the same Montreal Mile End neighbourhood as did many of us &q...

A Small Festival is a Beautiful Thing… Ephraim Walker Fruitville Station Oscar nomination buzz!

A small film festival is a beautiful thing. The close proximity in which you can be talking to a first time director or emerging film producer in an impromptu exchange in an elevator is always possible...  bumping into Ephaim Walker in an elevator his film Fruitvale Station isnow buzzing with the coveted Oscar nod...the hopes and dreams his aspirations and inspirations of an unrelenting passion for a film, a story,  and cause.  The nomination is the fruits of  labour passion ...

"I Spy My Father" Feature Documentary Film in Development

In Development:                                 I Spy My Father. Documentary.director. Laurie Gordon. Completion 2015 Genre: Documentary Feature –Live action - animation Length: >90 min Production Company: MusiVision - Emotion Film Factory - Director: Laurie Gordon Delivery: 2015   I Spy My Father The 20th century zigzags its way through the short but intense life of enigmatic ...

Gary Lucas & Laurie Gordon Connect in Paris...future gigs...? Verrrry Interesting!

Gary Lucas signs copies of his book Touched by Grace about his experience playing with singer Jeff Buckley. Filmed in store at Shakespeare & Company in Paris (and edited in Montreal :) )  for camera geek Laurie Gordon  a bit of a songstress herself. Laurie joins Gary for an instore photo shoot at  Monster Melodies in Paris the craziest record shop ever! Talk of a collaboration is brewing. YES! Oh and Monster Melodies ONLY sell vinyl thank you very much. Als...

Ryan's Renaissance selected at Regiofun 2013 Katowice

  Ryan’s Renaissance Documentary. Completed. 2011.  Nicola Zavaglia,Laurie Gordon Ryan’s Renaissance chronicles an improbable human journey, friendship, and what transpires after Oscar nominated Ryan Larkin (Walking) becomes the world’s most famous panhandler after the film “Ryan” wins an Academy Award. It begins when Ryan, still living at a homeless shelter and Laurie Gordon, a Montreal musician asks Ryan to “draw a few pictures&rd...

55 Socks screening at Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur

Quebec cultural agency SODEC (La Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec)  is proud to announce the presence of many Quebec works presented at the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur. This year, SODEC supports the presence of Quebec directors at the event which runs from 28 September to 5 October.In total, 10 feature films, including three co-productions with Europe and seven short films will be presented at t...

55 Socks On the Festival Circuit - Following a Successful Opening at Montreal Festival des Films du Monde

Lots cooking on the MusiVision HQ’s. Now forging ahead with more shorts, documentary and feature films. Ryan’s Renaissance continues to air nationally on BRAVO television nationwide Canada. A  MusiVision production in association with CTV. Stay tuned for more film festival and broadcast dates for this touching and compelling tale about the extraordinary  story of Ryan Larkin…AFTER Ryan the Oscar winning film. Did he end up on the street panhandling or did he make hi...

About Musivision

MusiVision is an artist driven, full service film and music production company located in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2006 by Laurie Gordon, Musivision is a boutique production house working with icons of the animation world including such legends like animator Ryan Larkin and Co Hoedeman as well as  cult film Heavy Metal director Gerald Potterton.                       Documentary film is a definitive part of ...



About Musivision Films

MusiVision Films

Laurie Gordon, Producer-Director



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