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MEDIAWAVE International Film And Music Gathering

In MEDIAWAVE Festival original, new and particular views, different ways of thinking and free thoughts come together not just on the screen, but in the other visual art performances and in music, too (folk-music, improvised and alternative music as well.)




MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival

„Fényírók Fesztiválja – Another Connection”

 30 April - 4 May 2013, Fort Monostor - Komárom

                                    SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 10 JANUARY, 2013 

MEDIAWAVE Festival – “ANOTHER CONNECTION” expects the applications of artists, whose individual way of creation is independent of fashion streams; for whom technique is the means not the purpose; who attempt to create an individual film code set - whether they live in a minority group or in a less exposed part of the world. We want a festival where an abundance of original, new and particular views will play a major role instead of exotic productions and tricks; where artists with different ways of thinking and free thoughts will come together.
Our geographical borderline situation gives us a chance to consciously mediate between the artistic movements of the Eastern and Western- European region - still rather isolated from each other. Our purpose is not to unify them, but to expose local values and characteristics. On the border of East and West, in the eastern border fortress of the old political and the newest/modern cultural and economical iron curtain, we attempt to reveal the products of modern age migration in film, a program supplemented by other visual performances (theatre, movement theatre, exhibitions) and folk-music, improvised and alternative music concerts.

Special Theme

99th Anniversary – The Last Year of Peace

For the upcoming 100th anniversary of the World War I, The Magtár Artistic Foundation as a part of the project „Pax Pannonhalma” with support of the MEDIAWAVE Foundation is announcing the series of events elaborating the lessons and messages of the World War I.

We are awaiting not only for films connected to the WWI but – without time-limits in length and film genre restrictions - any productions exploring the impacts of any wars or tensed social issue influencing the society or everyday people (change of collective consciousness, birth of extremes, mass enthusiasm, looking for a scapegoat, etc. and fear, uncertainity, ethnic difference, change in human connections, manifiestation of life instincts and cognitive dissonance, etc). We also include the last years of peace before the war analysing the social and psychological background in order that danger can be recognised and further wars could be avoided.

The question can be, regarding that one of the main reasons for the breaking of the First World War was the fast technical development, what kind of negative results and dangers the information technology revolution of our era and today’s lifestyle ignoring the earth capacity to support us bring about.

The central element of the series is an international film festival with submission system which, within a couple of years, would like to collect the already existing films in the theme and, at the same time, announce an application on film ideas connected to this theme.
The festival, with organising backround supports, intends to promote the realisation of the best synopses selected by a professional jury. It will help in finding the possible financial sources for the realisation with involving the private and public sphere and other European resources.

The 1st edition, for the occasion of the 99 anniversary evoking the atmosphere of the last year of peace, will be held during the MEDIAWAVE 2013 Film Festival and will work as an independent festival in a freshly restored mill grange building between 2014 and 2018.
We will gladly appear with a selection at other festivals.
The festival, beside the usual film festival elements, will be completed with science, theatre, fine art, music and gastronomy as well.


You can submit any films which explore womanly spirit, creative endeavours or female integration problems (”minority” social role, returning to work after having a baby, sexual defencelessness, etc.)



Any films can be submitted which deal with the problems of small nations and other minorities with special regard to European minorities especially the gipsy integration problems and opportunities.



Films, that were once swept away by storms of the history, and were not presented due to isolation, political or economic reasons, or only a limited number of people, but not the general public could have seen them, or were put back into their boxes after a few showings. We are searching for imprints of disappeared worlds, for films preserving their artistic value despite the passing of time.

Film and video programs:
After receiving and previewing the film and video entries, first the preview jury selects the films to be shown at the festival. They also decide whether the films will be screened in the competitive program or in panorame programs.

After viewing the films of the competitive program, the international jury will present one grand prize (independent of category) and category awards (best youth film, best cinematography, best actor, best editor, best sound, etc.). Special awards: critics’s award, audience award, award of the student jury, etc.

You can enter with films of any of the cateories or genres.
MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival attempts to serve as a scene where you can see and show films which are excluded from the traditional structure of distribution, thus they are rarely shown in cinemas and television, because of their unique and irregular visual world or topic.
Thus the Festival gives an importance and welcome especially:
• features, short fictions and documentary films with uncommon structures, with the emphasis on the image and film realisation, instead of verbalism,
• musical films: associated with jazz, contemporary or archaic folk music, also musical films creatively using or dealing with ethnic-based contemporary or improvised music,
• dance and movement films: inspired by the subjects of dance and movements (with the exception of documentation of these),
• animation films: based on different animation techniques, especially those expanding the limits of animation,
• erotic films: with artistic contents,
• films adapting and comparing East and West European visual and cultural values,
• experimental films which use technics as instruments rather than goals.

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About MEDIAWAVE International Film And Music Gathering

In MEDIAWAVE Festival original, new and particular views,different ways of thinking and free thoughts come together not just on the screen, but in the other visual art performances and in music too (folk-music, improvised and alternative music concerts).



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