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Over 400 actors submitted for the roles of the 5 SEAL Operators in the upcoming feature film SEAL Team VI.

Jeremy Davis is one of those rare actors, ya know.  A professional and very interested in telling stories that are about something, but very personable and easy going at the same time.  In fact, he was the very first actor cast in the film for a few simple reasons.  His approach to the role, talent, and a sheer commitment to accurately portray a very complex lead character that required an actor playing so many levels of raw emotion throughout the story.

A truly powerful performance and a level of innocence, yet toughness, that is not only extraordinary to watch…it’s unmistakable.

– Mark C. Andrews
Writer / Director / Producer – SEAL Team VI

Hello to all my fans out there!  I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my website!  I hope you have been enjoying my acting work, it truly means a lot to me to be a story teller, it’s a privilege.  I want to keep doing movies and hopefully keep my fans happy!!  If you have any questions for me or comments, feel free to contact me, I would love to hear any thoughts.  I want to thank all of you for taking interest in my career.

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Jeremy Daniel Davis: New Sure Bet

A down to earth mans-man, actor Jeremy Daniel Davis is what leading men are made of. With a steely gaze, charming smile and all the charisma packed into his athletic frame that you can stand-he is a directors dream.

Not only does he refurbish his own race cars, sings in his dad’s band, but likes to see chick flicks. Really. His healthy sense of humor and gusto for life have landed him in a string of big international films.

When you first meet Jeremy Daniel Davis, the first thing you notice is his amazingly bright blue eyes, which he is complimented all the time apparently just from reading his Facebook comments. But he is way more than good looks, and boyish charm. It all gives way to a unstoppable, gritty actor cast as a meth character and a relentless Navy Seal, military characters and dramatic, dark roles. He has been the lead in five films back to back.

His years of expensive acting training paid off when he moved from Phoenix, Arizona to tackle Hollywood head on. And Hollywood responded. Starring in such films as God’s Children to A Death in Bethany, SEAL Team VI, Relapse, and Angel City A.H. Not to mention a string of leading roles in and supporting character roles.

Although, his meaty characters are showcased in Schindlers List; and in The SEAL IV film series (playing a hard-core Navy Seal). Don’t be fooled, under it all he is a Robert Downey Jr-like comedian at heart. Combined with a young Mel Gibson charm, and boyish humor his comedic timing is dead on and hilarious.

I had the opportunity to sit down with this brilliant thespian and find out how he got to where he is, and where is he going.

Bobbi: How old were you when you first knew you wanted to act?

Jeremy: I was three when I had first initial interest in acting, I had an agent and everything.  I just loved playing different characters, and I would put on show’s for my babysitters, and family. (he laughs)   I would do my own stand up routines for them, good times!

Bobbi: What is the latest film project you did?

Jeremy: “Relapse“  was the last feature I did.  It was a one million dollar budget, and we shot it in Kona, Hawaii, my first time in Hawaii! We had a small crew, maybe 50 or so, but man, they were freakin’ awesome!  A very smart, hard working crew.  I really enjoyed working with Willy Navarro, who was the director, he really allowed us to play with our characters, and try new things.

Bobbi: Who was your character and how did you get into character?

Jeremy: I play the lead character named Markus Garlow.  I changed the last name of the character to Garlow because that is my mom’s maiden name, and it won’t be passed on by anyone in our family, I just thought it was really cool to put it in there.  Now, this character is heroic, and caring, but he has some serious issues with crystal meth (which has nothing to do with the last name choice by the way.) (he laughs).

Markus just got out of law school, and became addicted to crystal meth kind of by accident.  He noticed that he could study much longer without getting tired.  But this is ultimately what destroys his law career, and he has his license taken away from him.  So, he and his wife take off from L.A. to Hawaii to sort of “start over”, only to move into an old meth lab.  A house that was used to make meth, and things escalate from there as you can imagine.  He gets exposed to crystal meth residue and it enters into his bloodstream, and then his wife thinks he is using again, and that starts a whole new set of issues.

How I got into character was by really imaging the circumstances, and what it would truly be like to be addicted to crystal meth.  Not easy, ’cause I have never used any hard drugs, and I wasn’t about to start. Plus, I didn’t have much time to prepare for the role (you never really do though).  I was on a plane for Hawaii two days after they told me I got the part.  I did spend some time with ex-meth users, asking them questions, and having them share about their experience.  I identify with how things feel more than basic facts.  If I know what something might feel like, I can work with that.  On set, I would have several ex-users watch the film monitors to see if they believed, what they were watching, was someone truly on crystal meth.  They would know better than anyone.  I would go over with them how much was in my system at the time, and what my tolerance level might be, things like that. Then, they could gauge where I was at, whether I was coming down from the high, or not, and at what stage.  I would get a thumbs up after the take, or we would talk about it.  I felt that if they believed it, I was gold.

Bobbi:  What type of actor do you consider yourself to be?

Jeremy: That’s a great question, because I think it changes. (he laughs) No no, for real now.  I consider myself versatile, strong, focused, and dependable.  What I mean by dependable is, a director can really rely on me to deliver the performance, I’ll do whatever it takes to get there, to get it right.  I feel I am a giving actor, and feel that I am very pliable and inventive.

Bobbi: How old are you and how long have you been in LA?

Jeremy: I have been in L.A. for six years, and I am 30 years old.

Bobbi: What directors are you working with now, and what type of films have you been doing?

Jeremy: I am back working with Mark Andrews, the director of “Seal Team VI“, and I am also working with a director named Simone Bartesaghi.  Simone and I have done three projects together and are working on two more at the moment.  Shawn Dawes in another one I am working with, a talented guy for sure.  Most of my upcoming films are action oriented with some really fun dramatic tension.  I am attached to play the lead in another Navy SEAL film at the moment, should be fun.

Bobbi: You play the lead on most of your films, what do you bring to the table that most actors can learn from you?

Jeremy: I seem to have been lucky enough to, and it is what I do prefer. Learn from me?  Good question, I’m not totally sure.  But I know that I give it everything I have to get it right, and to tell the story.  I also try to be as prepared as possible.  All I did for a week before filming “Relapse” ( a week was all we had) was read the script and think about the character.   It was constantly on my mind. And  I do know that I feel like I am learning from other actors all the time, and that this process of acting is a real journey.  Playing lead roles is different than supporting roles in the way that you have to really bring it everyday, for the duration of the shoot.

I think that’s easier in some ways because you have a lot of momentum behind you, and you are most likely developing a stronger relationship with the director and the whole crew.  If you are playing a supporting role, you just have to jump right in and go for it!  That’s not the easiest thing to do, so that can be hard.  Lead roles are challenging in many ways because you just don’t get much of a break during filming, but that’s what I love!  I just love being there everyday and doing my job, I get to act! I’m ok with that.

You do get a little tired at times though, I’m not complaining at all, I love my job, It just happens to be one of those things some people might not realize. Your most likely the first one there in the morning, and the last to leave, then you go home or back to the hotel, and go over sides for the next day, after you just worked 14 hours or so. Then, you go do it again the next day. But, that’s why I do this,  to be engulfed in the work. Yes, some days are very challenging, but that’s all part of it, and that’s how you grow as an artist I think, you have to be pushed.  Maybe some actors can learn from me how committed I am to the role, and to the project as a whole.

Bobbi: What film are you promoting right now? What countries is it playing in?

Jeremy: We are promoting a film called “Seal Team VI“.  It’s based on a true story, and it takes place in 1991, four days prior to the U.S. declaring war on Iraq.  Navy SEALs are divided into different teams, and that number associated with your Seal team has to do with what your team does.  We were the number one counter terrorism Seal team, the best of the best.  The film is playing all over the world pretty much, it’s big in China, and Japan, and it just got released in the U.S. two weeks ago.

Bobbi: What film do you have scheduled for 2010?

Jeremy: I have a couple of films in the works.  One is another Navy SEAL film, but it is more of a action/sci-fi/horror, should be tons of fun!  Another one is very character driven, about a guy who is just learning the lessons of life after a loved one dies, I’m really looking forward to this one.  I have about five other ones that I am involved in that we are trying to get off the ground for 2010 as well. I am also producing a reality show, we are working withbig celebrities, and they have been great to work with so far.

Bobbi: Where do you see your future headed? What do you want to do?

Jeremy: I see myself working all the time, one project after the next, always busy, and hopefully playing the lead in most films.  I just love it, I love the challenge.  I want to continue to work on films that inspire me to want to tell the story.  But, just working on films is cool to!  Any film, just doin’ it man.  I would love to do some television also, so many great shows on T.V. right now. I could see myself really loving doing a T.V. series, I would jump at the opportunity.

Bobbi: What other type of films do you want to do?

Jeremy: Romantic comedies look like a blast!  I would love to do more of those types of roles, and I love

watching them, I bet they are so much fun to make.  I would also like to play the bad guy, some guy who looks nice on the outside, but man he’s got some serious issues!  I think it’s so much fun to play the opposite, cause, I don’t really look like the stereotypical killer, so that would make it different I think.  I love films like “Gladiator” and “The Departed“, and I’m not gonna lie, I would have loved to have played Maverick in “Top Gun” (he laughs).  I wanna do films like that.

Bobbi: Do you consider yourself sexy?

Jeremy: Well, I really don’t feel sexy, except for maybe in the morning when I’m rolling out of bed!

(he laughs)

Bobbi: What are your strongest traits?

Jeremy: If I want something, I go for it, life’s too short.  I believe that’s a strong trait of mine.  I’m a hard working guy, and I’m fun all at the same time.  Ya gotta have fun in this life I think, very important.  I am reliable and I am honest.

Bobbi: Is there anyone you want to give a special thanks to at this point in your career?

Jeremy: My parents. They are great.  They are always there for me.  Ramona Richards too.  She really helped give me the confidence that I could to this, and also some of the skills that I would need. Also, Richard Kline, and Gail Ramsey.

Bobbi: What do you do to relax?

Jeremy: I drag race. (he laughs) That’s true though, I love racing, I met some great guys while I was racing and building my cars, good times.  A lot of great relationships were built while we were working on our cars together, just trying to go faster, (he laughs) I sing quite a bit also.  I used to sing with my dad in a band, and we used to record together, still do actually, I find that relaxing.  Going to the movies, going to concerts, oh and did I mention that I love food.  I really should be very large I think, (he laughs)  but somehow I’m not.  My family and friends are very important, I find it relaxing to spend time with them.

Bobbi: Do you have any pets?

Jeremy: No pets, but I did have a black cat named Cuddles when I was a kid.

Bobbi: Are you open or private about your relationships?

Jeremy: I think I am fairly private about my relationships, but I think it’s perfectly fine to share about certain things.

Bobbi: Any tips you can give to up and coming actors?

Jeremy: Enjoy yourself.  Acting, just like anything else I think, it takes a lot of hard work, so remember to have fun doing it.  Keep working on the craft, and growing.  Don’t get too bogged down, just keep at it, and do what you can to work as often as possible.  I found that I learned the most by just doing it.  Being on set, and actually doing the work.  So act as much as you can.  Classes are very important also, I do believe that.

Bobbi: What are your eye colors and hair color?

Jeremy: My eye’s are blue, and my hair is dark brown.

Bobbi: What sports have you played if any?

Jeremy: I played some basketball, I wanted to be Michael Jordan. (he laughs) But who didn’t??  I ran track for a lot of years, did cross country.  Played a ton of football, but never organized, just guys getting together in the neighborhood to play some games.  I love racquetball too, great game man.

Bobbi: What do you look for in a film before you want to play it?

Jeremy: Pay! (he laughs)   totally kidding.  I want to be able to do the character justice.  I almost backed out of “Seal Team VI” because I wasn’t sure I could pull off playing a Navy Seal.  The director and I had very long conversations about it.  I look for films and characters that speak to me.  I feel I have to have a connection to the material.  And that can be any number of things, you just feel it when your reading it over, and visualizing the circumstances.
You can reach Jeremy Daniel Davis at

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