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Exodus to Shanghai

Exodus to Shanghai a film by Anthony Hickox, writtend and produced by Michel Adam tells a story of two brave lovers, Fannia and Bruce, who stand up to the Nazis and fight against their evil. With the help of music, martial arts and wisdom, they make their escape to Shanghai on the Orient Express, saving many Jews along the journey.

Together with Dr. Ho, the Chinese Consul in Vienna in 1938, who helped thousands of Jews to flee Vienna and escape to Shanghai with free Exit Visas, they make their Exodus to Shanghai.


A Dead Nazi is a Good Nazi.


Exodus to Shanghai - A personal story for Michel Adam

Michel Adam wrote and produced Exodus to Shanghai and shared with the reasons behind his involvement!

“The movie is dedicated to the memory of my mother, who died last year. She was a musician who fell in love with my father in Vienna during the war and they eventually ended up in China after having crossed all of Siberia. I had heard many epic stories of their dramatic lives and escape to safety and knew it was meant for the big screen. I felt I had to tell their story and hope viewers will enjoy it. I trusted my friend Anthony Hickox and thank him for his support, aalso I want to congratulateAnne Coates the acclaimed Oscar winning (editing) Lady for her help on our movie”

Anthony Hickox the director of Exodus to Shanghai told us:

"I was so bored with those films showing the Jewish people as victims, rather than people who sacrificed themselves in the hope that their children might survive. Children who would eventually help the world defeat the Nazis and everything they believed in.

I wanted to create a poster which symbolizes the passion, danger and love of those who were brave enough to fight back against the impending holocaust and didn’t believe Nazi propaganda. 
And which they eventually did.”

Michel Adam and Anthony Hickox on set

Michel Adam expands on his motivations

FashionTV is recognized as the leading international fashion TV channel among viewers and specialists alike, whose founder and owner Michel Adam has for 17 years successfully carried out his task – to talk about fashion. The company also engages in the production of a range of products holding the recognizable brand - from fashion cafés and fashion bars located in key destinations of the world, to hotels and ready-to-wear lines and accessories, alcoholic beverages and water. All the segments are produced under the company’s iconic letter f· symbol, elegantly located inside the diamond logo. Now Mr. Adam is planning a completely new project – a feature film. But not just any film - a historical war themed cinematic picture. It was of great interest for us to speak to Michel on this topic, and to find out what was the reason behind the push towards such a radically new  beginning.

Michel, where did the idea to produce a film come from? What inspired you?

In June 2014 we were visiting the Shanghai Film Festival. During the Sabbath meal the local Rabbi was recounting a story about an extraordinary man known as “the Chinese Schindler”. His name was Dr. Feng Shan Ho. He held the position of the Chinese Consul in the late 1930s; he provided and stamped thousands of visas allowing Jews to flee from the Nazi-occupied Austria to Shanghai.

This period in time has always been of interest to me, and now I have found a way to live out this curiosity – through a movie based on real life facts. The characters and incidents are based on many stories told by real-life people of Jewish heritage, who I met on my multiple journeys from Vienna to China. One of these personalities was Shaul Eisenberg.

However, the main inspiration for the film is the life story of my mother. She and her family left Europe for Palestine, while her sister and her husband went to China through Russia. She was 17 years old in 1939 when the war started, and she pursued her path to survival. Our generation does not have to go through such challenges, but I always ask myself this question: what choice would I have made, if I would have ended up in a similar situation. Would I have been able to do something better? To do something more “right”?


Do you have desire to enter the world of cinematography, or are you limited to this film, which embodies your dream?

I have always had an interest for audiovisual technology. My father gave me my first camera when I was 12 years old, and from that moment I was constantly filming things. The majority of the time, of course, I was filming documentaries. FashionTV, in fact, is a well-chosen collection of numerous short documentaries which in total transmit the world of fashion to the viewers. The difference is that the future movie is focused not on what people wear, but on what they do in order to survive. There have been many movies made on the topic of war. However in our film we will attempt to show a slightly alternative view on the incidences in order to remind viewers that even in the time of war, apart from the suffering and the atrocities, people continued to live, fall in love, have children, and even under those circumstances, find their little bundle of happiness.

Could you briefly describe the story of the film?

When Hitler invades Austria in March 1938 he is greeted enthusiastically by the Austrian population. Fannia is a beautiful violin player from New York studying music in Vienna. She decides against the urges of her family to return to safety in New York, to join the exodus with Bruce, the son of Dr. Feng Shan Ho – the Chinese Consul of Vienna, to Shanghai. She becomes a part of thousands of Jewish survivors, given the lifesaving “Exit Visas” by Dr. Ho… The Visa opens the route for the “Exodus to Shanghai” – the new “promised land”… But the “new Pharaoh” (read: Hitler) sends his loyal soldiers (The Gestapo) to stop them from reaching their dreamland and to rob them of their valuables and their lives…

This film belongs to the fantasy genre where the Nazis get executed by the Chinese and the Jews and the Gestapo get bitten to death by the Nazi dogs. The Jews reach with dignity their New Jerusalem – Exodus to Shanghai.

This is your first movie. Do you feel nervous about how the film will be accepted by the audience, or do you take it light-heartedly and view it as a new adventure?

Each new project is a calling, and we are certain that hard work and meticulous organization will assist us in producing a high quality film.

How would you define the category of this film – is it a European movie or is Hollywood awaiting us?

I believe that it is a synthesis of European, Asian and Hollywood cinema. On one side we are trying to achieve a stylish, dynamic action and adventure movie, using the most modern special and visual effects. On the other hand we are trying to keep the depth and romanticism of the plot, keeping the authentic sense of what was happening.

Does the movie have a character which represents your own story?

Of course! The character of Fannia is based on the persona of my mother.

When and where did you film?

The movie shows many outdoor scenes in different locations – Austria, Lithuania, Russia, and some Asian countries.

To which audience is the film catered to?

I believe that this movie will be close to the heart of everyone, as the story is told from the perspective of a young girl thrown into a world of turmoil with which she has to try and cope, on a journey that encompasses New York, Europe and Shanghai.

What message does this film bring to the world?

Mutual respect and sympathy held by the Chinese and the Jews that contributed contributes to the preservation of human dignity and world progress in general.

Are you planning on creating another feature film after this one – or is this a one-time project?

Of course, we hope to create more. For us this is a new, exciting venture.

Michel Adam


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