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Miami Gay & Lesbian line up



20 CENTIMETERS (Director Ramón Salazar)
The musical journey of a lively narcoleptic transsexual who works the streets of Madrid for the money that she needs for her impending sexual reassignment (Spain – Florida Premiere)

50 WAYS OF SAYING FABULOUS (Director Stewart Main)

An overweight girly-boy and his tomboy best friend live out adventures from their favorite TV show Adventures In Space… with Billy playing the pony tailed heroine Lana, and Lou as the swaggering hero Brad. But with fall rugby season, the gender-bending idyll comes to an end. (New Zealand- Florida Premiere)

A LOVE TO HIDE (Director Christian Faure)

A wartime epic of gay love in Nazi-occupied Europe. Two men who are madly in love take in a young Jewish refugee. They offer protection, and help her establish a false Gentile identity. (France – South Florida Premiere)

ANOTHER GAY MOVIE (Director Todd Stephens)

Andy is decidedly queer and much to the horror of his mom. With the help of a sexed-up party dyke who has no trouble scoring cheerleaders and his sexually ambiguous dad, Andy has made a pact with his 3 hunky homo pals that by summer’s end, all cherries will be popped. (US–Florida Premiere)

BE REAL (Directors Bobbie Birleffi & Beverly Kopf

A revealing documentary of the spirit of local community hero's that feature two outstanding personalities from the South Florida community who become a source of pride for their local gay community. (US– World Premiere)

BOY CULTURE (Director Q. Allan Brocka)

Three gay roommates living in Seattle; one a high-end call boy, one recently out of the closet and the other a party boy allowed to live rent-free. Everything changes for the three when a 79 year old man enters the picture. (US– Florida Premiere)

ELEVEN MEN OUT (Director Robert I. Douglas)

A soccer superstar lets the news slip that he is gay in a post-game locker room interview. His world begins to unravel as he is banned from professional play. Taken up as a hero by Icelandic’s tiny gay community, Ottar accepts an invitation to join a friend’s amateur soccer team that already has some closeted gay players inspiring his gay teammates to join him in public declaration. (Iceland – Florida Premiere)

FABULOUS! THE STORY OF QUEER CINEMA (Directors Lisa Ades / Lesli Klainberg)

Book-ended by Kenneth Angers avant-garde “Fireworks” and “Brokeback Mountain,” this film competently guides the viewer through the history and defining seminal moments of gay and lesbian cinema in the US. (US- South Florida Premiere)

FAG HAGS: WOMEN WHO LOVE MEN (Director Justine Pimlott)

What do Patsy from “Absolutely Fabulous”, the Queen Mother, “Sex and the City’s” Charlotte and our own famous South Beach activist Merle Weiss have in common – why they are all Fag Hags - straight women - who adore and love the company of gay men.

(Canada- Florida Premiere)

FAMILY MATTERS (Director David Noy)

Two men and one woman decide that their dream to have a baby can only be fulfilled with each other’s assistance. Deciding its time to settle down and start a family the men enlist a single straight Israeli musician to have their baby. (Israel – Florida Premiere)


From his schoolboy adventures in public toilets to the wrenching story of his Brazilian lover who died of AIDS. There are some things about George Michael that you’ve never heard before as well as heard too much about: the public sex arrest and the homophobic backlash. This delicious new documentary has it all. (United Kingdom - Florida Premiere)

GYPO (Director Jan Dunn)

An unhappily married working-class couple in their forties, barely holding it together is caring for their young daughter’s newborn son. When a young Romany Czech refugee is befriended by the family a much warmer response develops with their daughter which begins the possibility of a brighter future. (United Kingdom – Florida Premiere)


In Hebrew the word Hineini means 'Here I am”, it is how Moses responded to G-d when he called out from the burning bush and what Abraham replied when asked to sacrifice his son Isaac. For Shulamit Izen it signified her decision to come out as a Jewish lesbian, living and studying in a spiritual community (US- Florida Premiere)


Tracing Smith’s often overlooked legacy, his role in shaping the counter-cultural revolution, and his influence on relative art world insiders like Warhol, this documentary weaves together interviews with those who knew Smith’s genius firsthand and those who doubted his vision. Smith. (US – Florida Premiere)

LAUGHING MATTERS….MORE! (Director Andrea Meyerson)

We are given an all-access pass to four of the hottest hilarious lesbian comedians working today; Elvira Kurt, Sabrina Matthews, René Hicks and Vickie Shaw in this hilarious documentary sequel. (US – World Premiere)

LOOKING FOR CHEYENNE (Director Oublier Cheyenne)

A successful and attractive high school teacher, is deeply in love with a struggling, unemployed, dark-haired young journalist whose welfare payments are soon to be cut off. The proud journalist refuses to be taken care of and leaves for a simpler existence in the countryside. (US – North American Premiere)

LOVING ANNABELLE (Director Katherine Brooks)

The newest student at this prestigious all-girls’ Catholic academy is Annabelle, the rebellious daughter of a senator who’s too busy to parent. Underneath her bad-girl persona, Annabelle hungers for love, and it doesn’t take long for her to crush out on everyone’s favorite English teacher, Simone. A steamy new boarding-school romance destined to set hearts on fire.

(US – East Coast Premiere)

METH (Director Todd Ahlberg)

For years now, crystal methamphetamine – aka crystal, T, or Tina – has been quietly devastating the gay community. But rather than offer a lecture or statistics, this bold new film pulls us, first-hand, inside the experience of meth, capturing with startling precision every stage in the rapid creep of addiction. (US – East Coast Premiere)


When handsome closeted swimming champ Nikhil discovers that he’s HIV-positive, he first faces the rejection of his teammates and the break-up of an impending arranged marriage. A heartfelt and groundbreaking story of living with HIV/AIDS in the late 1980’s

(India – Florida Premiere)

RED DOORS (Director Georgia Lee)

A dysfunctional Chinese-American family with three headstrong daughters – a workaholic eldest sister heading towards a 30-year crisis, the mousy middle sister training to be a DR while falling in love with a movie actress and a teenage rap choreographer and disaffected high school senior who is obsessed with devising elaborate “love” gifts for the boy next door.

(US- South Florida Premiere)

REINAS (QUEENS) (Director Manuel Gomez Pereira)

The country's first mass same-sex wedding is a cheerfully overhyped media circus full of pre-nuptial jitters and clashing egos. Upscale hotelier Magda has agreed to host the event at her five-star establishment, but faces a possible labor strike from her kitchen staff. Magda's son Miguel reluctantly agrees to have future mother-in-law Ofelia stay at his posh apartment, but a furry surprise threatens to sabotage his relationship with hunky fitness trainer Óscar.

(Spain – East Coast Premiere)

SAY UNCLE (Director Peter Paige)

“Queer as Folk” star Peter Paige casts himself as Paul, an artist who is happiest in the company of children. Yet the extremes to which he follows his bliss – and ignores prevailing social mores – do not sit well with certain mothers in his community.

(US – South Florida Premiere)

SCREAMING QUEENS (Directors Victor Silverman / Susan Stryker)

Before Stonewall, there was Compton’s. An all-night San Francisco diner where transgender prostitutes gathered for a cup of coffee, bawdy gossip, and a brief refuge from the mean streets of the Tenderloin. Compton’s was also the site of a drag queen riot, an unknown chapter of gay history that this riveting new documentary brings to life before our very eyes. (US- East Coast Premiere)

SÈVIGNÈ (Director Marta Balletbo-Call)

Set against the backdrop of Barcelona's theater community, thespian Júlia Berkowitz is ready for her directorial debut, but is there a play out there that can capture her imagination? Enter Marina a lovelorn TV editor with a provocative pet project: a no-holds-barred account of the obsessive and nearly incestuous bond between 18th Century French socialite Madame de Sévigné and her daughter. (Spain- Florida Premiere)

small town gay bar (Director Malcolm Ingram)

Deep in the heart of the homophobic Bible belt of North East Mississippi is home to two gay bars both battling to survive and create a safe getaway place for the local LGBT community. (US – South Florida Premiere)

SUN KISSED (Director Patrick McGuinn)

Teddy, a frustrated young writer withdraws to his professor's isolated desert California home to overcome his writer's block. A night of drinking and dancing with Leo, the retreat’s charismatic caretaker, unlocks a magnetic attraction between the two men.

(US- World Premiere)


In the slums of Manila, a 12 year old happily steps into the void left by the death of his mother, he cooks, cleans, mends & protects his family of 2 macho older brothers and a rugged father, who are perhaps the sweetest, most gentle den of petty thieves you’ll ever encounter.

(Philippines– Florida Premiere)

THE MASSEUR (Director Brilliante Mendoza)

In the dim little rooms of a Philippine massage parlor, Iliac performs his job with care. He takes his clients from massage to sex silently and seamlessly, and among a stable of handsome, half-naked masseurs, he’s a stand-out. But there’s no glamour in this life. Iliac turned to massage/prostitution to support his family when his father abandoned them. (Philippines– East Coast Premiere)

TIME TO LEAVE (Director François Ozon)

A handsome 31-year-old fashion photographer who discovers he has cancer and less than 3 months to live. He travels to visit the one person he can confide in and let go of his self-protective callousness: his grandmother and soul mate, Laura (played impeccably by the legendary Jeanne Moreau) (France – United States Premiere)

UN AÑO SIN AMOR (A YEAR WITHOUT LOVE) (Director Anahí Berneri)

A year in the life of Pablo Perez, a handsome intellectual struggling to get his poetry published while toiling as a French tutor in Buenos Aires during the 1990s. When he learns he has contracted HIV, he begins a journal to track his journey of grappling with the disease and eventually meets a swarthy macho leather dominator.

(Argentina – South Florida Premiere)

WHOLE NEW THING (Director Amnon Buchbinder)

A thirteen -year-old boy growing up in Nova Scotia, is home-schooled by ultra-liberal parents in an atmosphere where casual nudity, recreational pot smoking and open discussions about sex are embraced. Forced to attend public school for the first time -he lands in the home room of a middle aged gay teacher whose lonely secret life consists of solitary nights at home with porn rags and anonymous sex in public washrooms. (Canada – Florida Premiere)


Selim is Palestinian and Ezra is Israeli. According to many around them, these men should be mortal enemies. Instead, they’re lovers. Samira is Palestinian and Edit is Israeli. These women have radically different visions of the country they live in. And yet they fall in love. . (Canada – Florida Premiere)


· ALL HE NEEDS (Director Nicolas Randall)

A syrupy cupid’s love tale of two Australian

(Australia/UK – North American Premiere)

· ANNIVERSARY (Director Shammi Samano)

Daddy's little girl can't quit fighting with her own girlfriend

(US – East Coast Premiere)

· ARIE (Director Gianluca Vallero)

A professional dancer is spellbound by his new choreographer.

(Germany – East Coast Premiere)

· ATTACK OF THE BRIDE MONSTER (Director Vicky Boone)

Stella and Betty’s 25-year relationship is put to the test when Betty falls under the dizzy spell of a giant green Godzilla in a dress (US - Florida Premiere).

· AVAILABLE MEN (Director David Dean Bottrell)

A Los Angeles film producer’s business meeting and a blind date get jumbled at a hotel bar (US – Florida Premiere)

· BLACK BOX: A PERSONAL ESSAY (Director Shay Sellars)

Inter-cutting between home video footage and frank interviews with family, three distinct chapters define the director’s passage from pre-teen to womanhood.

(US – World Premiere)

· BUTLER (Director Erik Rosenlund)

A tuxedoed butler finds himself caught up in the middle of a bizarre love triangle as he juggles to address his employers’ needs. (Switzerland – Florida Premiere)

PlanetOut Winner for Animated Short

· CAIRO CALLING (Directors Xiodan He & Joseph Antaki

The cry of the homeland is heard clear and up-close when Ahmed's Egyptian mother unexpectedly turns up in Canada. (Canada – Florida Premiere)

· COPAIN DE PARIS (Director Jacob Owens)

Even in the world of hamsters, boy culture has complicated twists and turns. (Canada – United States Premiere)

· COSA BELLA (Director Fiona MacKenzie)

Our two pretty things are as cute as a button together, but there’s a decision that Delphine has to make to win the heart of Belle, her lover.(US – World Premiere)

· CRIMSON MARK (Director Hyun-jin Park)

In Korea's Chosun Dynasty, the dispute over the mourning period for a King brings problems to the Chancelor political rivals who also happen to be lovers (Korea- Florida Premiere)

· “DANI AND ALICE” (Director Roberta Marie Munroe)

The last five hours of an abusive African-American relationship. Starring Yolanda Ross (“Stranger Inside”) and Guinevere Turner (“Go Fish,” “The L Word”).

(US– Florida Premiere)

PlanetOut Winner for Dramatic Short

· DAVID (Director Roberto Fiesco)

A young mute student who ditches school to go to the meets an unemployed man who tries to communicate with him. (Mexico – Florida Premiere)

· DELIRIOUSLY JEN (Director Angus Oblong)

Twenty year-old Jen is gleefully searching for an identity. A growing crush on Ken, her artsy gay neighbor, drives Jen to embrace her inner hag fag with hilarious consequences

(US –Florida Premiere)

· DINNER CONVERSATION (Director Jim Cashman)

Quick witted and lightning speed delivery over a meal reflects the innermost ramblings of dating jitters. (US – East Coast Premiere)

· ESTER (Directors Maria Pavon / Rut Suso)

Love, sexuality and the battle of the sexes are pondered over in a big white bed in this sensually fragmented portrait of a woman and another she's met. (Spain – United States Premiere)

· FIANCÈ (Director Petra Volpe)

The romantic and erotic evening that Lolo has prepared takes an unexpected turn when his Italian Nonna (grandmother) comes over to make dinner and meet her grandson's fiancé. (Switzerland – Florida Premiere)

· FUR MARIA (Directors Waldo Capote / Armando Guerra)

As naked bodies silently frottage in the swealtering heat of the Havana afternoon, we are left to ponder the poetry of love. (Cuba – North American Premiere)

· GUESS WHO I SAW TODAY (Director Abe Sylvia)

Set to the Nancy Wilson tune of the same name, cocktail hour between this man and his wife will forever be changed. (US –World Premiere)

· GUY 101 (Director Ian W. Gouldstone)

An incredibly creative retelling of an astounding confessional told through the recesses of Internet chat. (United Kingdom – Florida Premiere)

· HEAD CASE (Director Jason Ritle)

A young man who’s found his ideal connection ponders his attachment and longing for the one that got away. (Canada – East Coast Premiere)

· HELLO THANKS (Director Andrew Blubaugh)

A biographical tale about a year within the personal ads spawns an escalating wordplay of personal wants and needs that almost rivals the relationship originally sought. (US – East Coast Premiere)

· HITCHCOCKED (Director David M. Young)

David M. Young (“Freud Slips”, “Looking For Mr. Right”) returns for his third consecutive year with a high tension offering about sexual fantasies going too far. (US – East Coast Premiere)

· HUNG (Director Guinevere Turner)

Ever thought about having a penis, sun-up to sun-down. Ruby (actor-writer-director Guinevere Turner) and her friends swallow some “medicine” to join the “weeny-club” for a day (US– Florida Premiere)

· INVULNERABLE (Director Alvaro Pastor)

A man begins his career as a high school teacher and and a new relationship when he finds out that he is HIV-positive. He must cope with the news and tell his loved ones, while accepting the fact that he is not invulnerable anymore

(Spain – Florida Premiere).

· JAYWALKING (Director Leigh Iacobucci / Kathy Huang)

San Francisco Drag King performance artists Jay Walker (Jeannie Sevelius) and Elvis Herself (Leigh Crow) creatively challenge fixed rules of gender.

(US –Florida Premiere)

PlanetOut Winner for Best Documentary Short

· KISSING TIGERS (Director Teddy Lussi-Modeste)

A tough young kick-boxing champion in Gernoble's Gypsy community faces his biggest challenge yet, when a night out with his friends harassing homosexuals at the local cruising area creates tension with his elder brother.

(France – East Coast Premiere)

· LAYOVER (Director Ashlee Page)

A flight attendants plans for some sexy downtime with her girlfriend go awry when an elderly relative turns up on her doorstep.(Australia – East Coast Premiere)

· MACHULENCO (Director David Blanco)

A kidnapped Spanish writer, is about to be executed by the Argentine military. His torturers order him to walk down the road toward Machulenco, which is the name of one his scripts and a place that does not exist but will be his salvation. (Spain – Florida Premiere)

· MAN SEEKING MAN (Director Matti Harju)

A knock on the door gratifies Seppo’s quest to seek what he’s always wanted, or does it? (Finland- East Coast Premiere)

· MOCKINGBIRD (Director Joe Tunmer)

A young girl attends the funeral of her father, but don’t be sad, the countless memories of the magic and love he created live on infinitely in this beautifully cinematic film from England.(United Kingdom – East Coast Premiere)

· MY MOTHER’S HAIRDO (Director Abe Sylvia)

In this 1960s bouffant tale, fate, heartbreak and hairspray collide when Mary visits the hair salon for the first time (US– East Coast Premiere)

· PIPER (Director Abbe Robinson)

The classic mythical tale of the Pied Piper of Hamlin gets a lesbian twist when Amy drunkenly wishes for help with a cockroach infestation.

(United Kingdom – North American Premiere)

· RAPE FOR WHO I AM (Director Lovinska Kavuma)

Documentary highlighting the growing number of systematic rape attacks targeted at black lesbians. Channeling violence into education, “The Rose has Thorns” is an anti-hate crime campaign that deserves international support.

(South Africa – Florida Premiere)

· RED VELVET GIRLS (Director Claudia Molina)

In this lushly photographed Gothic tale, a novice vampire, has to make a choice between a centuries old tradition of arranged marriage or her childhood sweetheart Siena. (Canada – United States Premiere)


A young taxi driver Ricardo is not interested in what happens to people but rather in how people live what happens to them. (Spain- North American Premiere)

· SISSY FRENCHFRY (Director JC Oliva)

Student body President Sissy Frenchfry is quirky, happy-go-lucky, likeable and openly gay.All is well until a hunky student arrives and attempts to “fix” the progressive campus. (US –Florida Premiere)

PlanetOut Grand Prize Winning Short

· SUCH GREAT JOY (Director Michell Kramer)

A surprise family engagement party goes awry when it becomes patently clear that Megan is not in love with Markus.(US –Florida Premiere)

· SURF GANG (Director Katrina del Mar)

A turf war erupts when a gang of tough punkalicious New York City surfer girls, travel out of their hood in search of new territory. (US –World Premiere)

PlanetOut Winner for Experimental Short

· TRIPLE MINORITY (Director Amber Sharp)

With the support of her lover Rebecca, Clair seeks to reconcile with her parents, after several years of ostracism from family and church.

(US – East Coast Premiere)

· UNDERMINER (Director Todd Downing)

This bitchy doppelganger tale set in New York is at once an allegory for self-doubt and an exposé of the “Frenemy”. (US / United Kingdom –Florida Premiere)

· WHAT REMAINS HUMAN (Director Maureen Bradley)

four siblings are drawn together following their estranged father’s death. They try to work through their memories of their dad, their relationships with each other and deal with his remains. (Canada – East Coast Premiere)

· WHO’S THE TOP? (Director Jenni Livingston)

A tale of the trials and tribulations of Alixe’s passage through nearly a decade of sexual explorations set against a backdrop of stunningly choreographed song and dance numbers. (US –Florida Premiere)

The 8th annual Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is presented by Avis Rent-a-Car and Sundance Channel. The Opening Night Gala is presented by Karu&Y, and the Festival’s Awards sponsor is HBO.

The $10,000 Producer’s Circle Studio Heads for 2006 are the late Arn Berliner and Stephen Grundstein, and Peter Grigsby & George Weeks, all of Miami Beach.

Additionally, the Festival is sponsored by Absolut, Clear Image Creative Group, Here!TV, Regal Entertainment Group, and Tylenol PM. The Official Host Hotels and Delegate Center are The Hotel of South Beach and the Park Central Hotel.


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