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First-ever neurodivergent moving image festival investigates the concept of the 'Dyslexic Aesthetic'


Still from DYSPLA Award-Winner, Mike Forshaw's Saturday (2015)


DIMIF, with the support of Arts Council England, will exhibit the work of over 20 dyslexic and neurodivergent filmmakers from 14 -18th March 2018 at The Crypt Gallery in King's Cross, London. Do not miss your opportunity to participate in the first-ever neurodivergent moving image festival that will investigate the concept of the 'Dyslexic Aesthetic'.





We are very excited to introduce our incredible DIMIF Award Winners, Finalists and Semi-Finalists. Their work is a massive contribution to the dyslexic/neurodivergent cinematic landscape!

The festival itself is a novelty; DYSPLA has curated the films in a way that will blur the lines between traditional film festivals and the art gallery experience. DYSPLA has a reputation for challenging their audiences and this festival is no different. All of the audio for the Award Winning and Finalist films is only available on portable devices, using a localised radio signal. We are excited to see how the audience will interact with the moving image and how they will make sense of the fragmented audio. In fact, this is part of the audience experiment! 

DYSPLA will film some willing members of the audience, who wish to retell their experience and describing a film they saw. We want to see whether or not, their imagination or/and factual news from the radio stations will subconsciously create a new narrative.

DYSPLA Festival Themes:

The festival will explore themes of birth, life, memory, the fight for existence and death. How do we as humans deal with tragedy, corruption, inequity, prejudice, moral issues, how are our ethics formed?  These are the universal questions in all of DYSPLA work and in true DYSPLA fashion, we echo the stories of those who are under-represented in our society.



The festival will commence with the Awards Ceremony of three handmade awards by commissioned artists, Sari Rathel. This will take place during the Gala on the 14th March, there will also be and a Cake and Artisan Gin Reception.  Our Gala guests will be the first to experience all the award-winning films in an immersive gallery setting, opening with a live multi-channel holographic smoke installation entitled, FIGHT, by commissioned video artist D-Fuse. The public screenings and the Panel Discussion on the Dyslexic Aesthetic, will follow on the 15th of March and run until the 18th March.







Emma Allen resides between Sri Lanka and London. She’s an internationally recognised artist that is entirely self-taught, and produces work in a broad range of different mediums.

A maker at heart, and combines painting, body-painting, animation, sculpture, sewing and even light in her work. Despite such breadth her work has a clear focus on the human condition, and how it interacts with nature. She’s best known for her body-paint animation work which has been exhibited all over the world.


Featured Film - Ruby (2013)

“An animated self-portrait exploring the idea of rebirth and illustrating the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another.”






Born and raised in Liverpool, Mike studied film at Northumbria University before moving to London to study Fiction Direction at the National Film & Television School. His graduation film premiered at the BFI London Film Festival, and his shorts have been screened at numerous UK and international film festivals.

In 2013 SATURDAY was awarded a top prize at Nisi Masa’s European Short Pitch, and the film premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2015.


Featured Film - Saturday (2015)

“A fictional account of how the Hillsborough stadium disaster – which claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool supporters – unfolded for one family back home in Merseyside.”






Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese is an award-winning Lesotho/South African filmmaker and artist. He has worked as writer, director, cinematographer and editor since 2007, and currently spends most of his time between Lesotho, South Africa and Berlin. His work ranges from feature length to short films and image films to music videos.

Two of Mosese’s short films, Mosonngoa (2014) and Behemoth: Or the Game of God (2015) have been screened at over a hundred film festivals.


Featured Film - Behemoth: Or the Game of God (2015)

“An itinerant preacher declares to his followers: their God is in the coffin he is dragging along.”





We are thrilled to be including the work of Stan Brakhage in our festival - an American non-narrative filmmaker, considered one of the most important figures in 20th-century experimental film.

Over the course of five decades, Brakhage created a large and diverse body of work, exploring a variety of formats, approaches and techniques that included handheld camerawork, painting directly onto celluloid, fast cutting, in-camera editing, scratching on film, collage film and the use of multiple exposures. Brakhage sought to reveal the universal in the particular, exploring themes of birth, mortality, sexuality, and innocence.





Featured Film - Window Water Baby Moving (1959)

"The film documents the birth of the director’s first child, Myrrena, by his then-wife Jane Brakhage. The graphic imagery of Window Water Baby Moving carries with it a shock value which makes the work frank, honest and powerful."

*Image Courtesy of the Estate of Stan Brakhage and Fred Camper.

*Many thanks to Lux, for their support and co-operation in providing us with the footage of Window Water Baby Moving.




Click Here For More Info About Our Award-Winners




DYSPLA is extremely excited to welcome our esteemed panel members for an academic discussion on the DYSLEXIC AESTHETIC. It will take place on the second night of the festival, 15th of March 2018 at 7:00 PM, so save the date if you’re up for a debate!  There are only 30 tickets available so book your tickets today.

Buy your Panel Discussion tickets here for £10

We will evaluate what connects the linear, feature-film-like narrative of Forshaw’s work, with the cross-media style of Allen’s time-lapse film, the passionate political rhetoric of Mosese, and the non-sequential, visceral imagery of Brakhage - and how this relates to the ‘dyslexic aesthetic’ as a whole.


Click Here For More Info About Our Panel




DYSPLA is excited to announce our list of 7 finalists! Our finalists consist of 3 female and 3 male filmmakers, as well as 1 arts organisation - their films are a selection of a variety of exciting stories, themes and techniques! All finalist films will be screened continuously throughout the festival!



Still from Aurora Fearnley's Murmur (2015)


Aurora Fearnley - Murmur

"A young woman makes a dawn escape from a commune she has grown to distrust. It is a film about how we perceive events differently based on our past experiences. Comfort and security to one person is a confined prison to another."

Sam Johnson - God’s Lonely Man

"In the moors of south-west medieval England, a delirious pilgrim voyages through perilous lands in search of a hallowed monastery, leading him to the site of a mysterious dream."

James McColl - Celebrating Ageing

"Video artist, James McColl, wants to tell you about his Nan. He wants to show you the life of this strong, self-reliant, eighty-six year old woman. He wants to celebrate age."

Kate Aries - Foil

"Faces and masks have long been subjects in video art. The mask more clearly than any other motif provides a means to explore how femininity is constructed as a masquerade."

Gregory Hayman - Dog

"This video artwork is a response to the migrant crisis and the death of the three-year-old Syrian boy Alan Kurdi."

Kaiya Stone - Everything Is Going to Be KO

"Humorous and poignant journey following one young lady with dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD."

Downtown 500 Magazine - No, It Is Not; Not Always. The Self-Fear!

"A story of the eccentric proto/antagonist of modern times (the Meta Man, the Metamodernist) who is balancing between the Modern vs Postmodern legacies."


More Info On Our Finalists




Our semi-finalists consist of 15 filmmakers; 7 female and 8 male, whose brilliant films provide a further extension to the themes of our festival. All semi-finalist films will be screened continuously throughout the festival!



Still from Kasia Zimnoch & Pawel Kleszczewski's Broken Tale (2016)


Slawomir Milewski - Smart Dress Is Absolutely Essential

Angie Stimson - Sacred

Mads Johan Øgaard & Katie Wyman - I Am Dyslexic

Martin Lennon - Oor Walley

Margarita Ospina - Home - La Casa

Kieran Thompson - Clutter

Dana Dimant - High Functioning

Thomas Walker - CTRL

Natalie Priest - ZACK!

Sofie Redfern - Dear Air

Kasia Zimnoch & Pawel Kleszczewski - Broken Tale

James Olivo - Give Attention

Campbell McConnell - Deck Chair


More Info On Our Semi-Finalists




Listing & Booking Information*

Award Ceremony and Gala: 
14th March, 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM, £30.00

Screenings + panel discussion: 
15th March, 1-7 PM + 7:30 PM, £10.00

Daily festival screenings: 
16th-18th March, 1-8:30 PM, £5.00

(All films will be screened continuously throughout the festival)
*All tickets will include £1 booking fee. Tickets are an extra £5.00 on the door.




DYSPLA is participating in a number of upcoming events, including both the SheFest Festival in Sheffield, as well as the Shape Open 2018 exhibition in London this month, where we will be screening, You Will Fail Her.  You Will Fail Her is a one woman performance about mental health and the educational apartheid that blights British society. Click the link to watch the trailer on our website.

DYSPLA will also exhibit a new film called DYSPLA_HayBea, in the  'No It Is Not; Not Always' exhibition, hosted by Downtown 500 Magazine. The exhibition explores the contradictions and absurdities of modernism and postmodernism, creating a new 'metamodern' aesthetic in the process.


The film version of this exhibition will be featured at DIMIF as one of our finalists!




Would you like to be work at the festival? We are looking for ushers (unpaid) as well as waiters (paid) for all nights of the festival. If interested, please contact Lennie on 07917157748 or email



More information about the Festival & our Partners

DYSPLA was established in 2007 to exhibit and produce the work of dyslexic and neurodiverse story makers. From our early stage, we have produced and exhibited work internationally, establishing ourselves at the forefront of the dyslexic and neurodiverse creative community.

DIMIF has secured mentorships with industry professionals and further development opportunities for their Award winning filmmakers. The Award Categories are: Best Story Innovator, Best Experimental Film, Dyslexic Creative Champion. These awards will be judged by DYSPLA's esteemed panel made up of elite members of the creative industry.

POET have been supporting DYSPLA since 2011 and their contribution has allowed Sunday Surgery Scripts to exist. Their funding has also allowed DYSPLA to reach out for additional support and contributors.

DIMIF is excited to be partnering with Canvas Media, an Arts Council-funded initiative aimed at helping arts organisations engage with audiences on digital platforms.

DYSPLA International Moving Image Festival was made possible by funding from Arts Council England. ACE are integral to keeping arts and cultural events like DIMIF alive, and DYSPLA would like to thank them for giving us the chance to showcase incredible dyslexic and neurodivergent filmmakers.

A special thank you to Karma Cola, with whom DIMIF is also partnering, and who will be providing soft drinks throughout the festival.















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