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Finding Vince 400, an inaugural film festival concluded in Rome in honor of St. Vincent de Paul's life

Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, indoor
Hosted by the Vincentian Family, Finding Vince 400 will Showcase Film Screenings, Art Exhibits and Panel Discussions with Clarence Gilyard, Jim Caviezel and Sheree Wilson 
The Festival Features Films from Around the World That Bring Awareness to Issues of Poverty in Diverse Communities
(L-R) Forgotten Huts , Courtesy of FV400 Festival ; Mare Nostrum , Courtesy of FV400 Festival ; A Little Wisdom , Courtesy of FV400 Festival . Rome, ITALY — In celebration of the 400th anniversary of St. Vincent de Paul’s birth and life mission to serve the poor, Finding Vince 400 today announced a new competition and festival showcasing art, films and installations, taking place at Castel Gandolfo, October 18-21. Hosted by the Vincentian family, the foundation’s namesake festival features stories from around the world that spotlight issues of poverty in diverse communities. Attendance is free and open to the public.
All jury selected artists will be awarded a trip to the festival. “We are thrilled to bring our global community together to celebrate St. Vincent’s life mission to serve the poor through the power of art and storytelling.
The projects selected showcase the breadth and depth of talent from up and coming filmmakers we’ve had the pleasure of supporting through the Vincentian Family Foundation.
The Festival is a unique opportunity for us to bring awareness to the many different faces of poverty,” said West McDowell , FV400 Program Director. “We are inspired by the example of St. Vincent.” The full lineup of the festival program includes four feature films, 25 short films and two art installations from 20 countries including Honduras, India and Ethiopia. The festival will provide live translators interpreting the films to audience members in six different languages via headsets. The full program roster follows.
The following projects were created with the aid of the Vincentian family in their mission to support up and coming filmmakers as they e xplore different perspectives of poverty through storytelling. In addition to select grants, all participants will receive flight and lodging for the artists and filmmakers to attend the festival screening and Q&A of their project.
Bao Bei / Taiwan (Director Angela Chen) — This documentary takes us through a journey that asks not what we can give, but what we can receive and how we can become more understanding of the world at large.
International Storytellers Lab Grant Recipient Does the End Justify the Means? / U.S.A. (Director Savannah Joeckel) — A personal investigation of individual beliefs and life moments that impact the rest of one’s mortal life; an investigation of varied love and loss, and how time alters these beliefs in a lifespan. Jesus, the
Gift of Life, a Musical: Documentary / France (Director Dan Hoang) — A musical on Jesus’s life and His message of loving others by serving them. In partnering with the humanitarian organisation S.E.L that sponsors children in 26 countries, the musical gives audiences the opportunity to become actors of change by helping the most vulnerable people.
FV400 Grant Recipient
LA Thrive / U.S.A. (Director Yumiko Fujiwara) — This film will challenge the notion that only the elite or educated can create important works of art by delving into the underbelly of Los Angeles, where artists refuse to be silenced despite not having the resources of so many others.
FV400 Grant Recipient
westside / U.S.A. (Directors Johann Rucker and Vince Briscoe) — Most people don’t associate segregation with the West Coast, let alone one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. Why is that? Institutional racism has had its tendrils in Las Vegas for decades and the effects are still being felt today.
A Little Wisdom / Canada/China/Nepal (Director Yuqi Kang) — An intimate portrait of orphaned monks living in an isolated monastery in Lumbini, Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha.
Lovers of the Night / Ireland/Germany (Director Anna Ewert) — In this adoring portrait of a monastery, the priests are poets devoted to service and compassion. With a lot of heart and humor, seven Irish Cistercian monks strive to keep their fragile monastery community alive.
Red de Libertad / Spain (Director Pablo Moreno) — The incredible life of Helena Studler, a nun and Daughter of Charity who created a non-violent network that rescued over 2,000 people in Nazi-occupied France during WWII.
Voices Beyond the Wall / Honduras (Director Brad Coley) — Rescued from the streets of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, murder capital of the world, orphaned girls find their voices in poetry as they heal from the traumas of their past and prepare to transition into an uncertain future.
Aazar / Spain (Directors Alberto Rodriguez, Alice Labourel, Fabian Riquejo, Ignazio Acerenza, Jose Luis Herrera and Juan Gonzalez ) — Aazar is on a cosmic journey towards planet Earth. As she gets closer to the blue planet, obstacles she never imagined will change her destiny forever.
Ainhoa / Spain (Director Ivan Sainz-Pardo) — Ainhoa is nine years old and has left home, bringing only her school bag and a Playmobil.
crISIS / Iraq/Italy (Director Ali Kareem Obaid) — ISIS occupation of North and West Iraq causes severe security deterioration in Baghdad. This creates psychological problems for Asaad, who lost his wife in a car bomb. He decides to stay in his home to keep his only son Fadi alive. Fadi wishes to go to school with his friends, but he is scared to make this decision alone, until family friend Alaa steps in to help.
Criteria / United Kingdom (Director Adam Kes Hipkin) — An exploration of identity through the eyes of a young woman who has been forced to grow up too quickly.
Cuerda / Spain (Director Pedro Solís García) — María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.
Death of a Father / India (Director Somnath Pal) — When Babu's father passes away, he is caught in a web of age-old rituals and social formalities. As he looks for opportunities to cope with the loss of his father, death ends up being just another mundane routine for Babu.
Fatima / Canada (Director Akreta Saim) — Fatima is the story of a young visually impaired girl plagued by the unkindness of society, yet anchored by the strength of her mother’s love. Fatima won’t allow the limits of her sight to stop her from her goal of becoming a Judo Olympian.
Forgotten Huts / Ethiopia (Director Tanya Maryniak) — This film illustrates the salvation of water provided to communities in dire need of support and how HOPE International performs compassionate service for the poverty-stricken who live without clean water throughout the world.
Goodbye / Peru (Director Rosa Maria Santisteban) — Veronica, a middle aged divorced woman, struggles with accepting the path that her only daughter decided to take seven years ago.
Il Signor Acciaio (Mr. Steel) / Italy (Director Karas Charlotte) — Vincenzo is terminally ill and relies on medication to numb his pain. When he finds Mr. Steel, his beloved toy robot from childhood, Vincenzo aspires to no longer be human so he would stop feeling pain.
Serena, his wife, must find sense in madness in order to do the right thing.
In the Way Home / Italy (Director Stefano Bertelli) — The scenario is all paper made. A dream.
In Three Years / Canada (Directors Rob Kelly, Mark Chow, Tanya Maryniak) — This film is an intimate portrayal of the dramatic transformation of three families moving out of poverty. In Ethiopia, Cambodia and Bangladesh, the stories of these families demonstrate that when compassion is blended with mindful and sustainable development work, change does happen.
Ladies of Charity: Serving with a Vincentian Heart / U.S.A. (Directors Joan and Martin Dominguez Ball) — Founded by St. Vincent De Paul, the Ladies of Charity responded to the needs of the poor in seventeenth century France. Today, 400 years later, they continue that work throughout the world. This short documentary provides a glimpse of their dedicated efforts to serve the poor with dignity in the United States.
La Leccion / Spain (Director Hugo Gómez) — Javier is a prestigious executive with a life full of luxury and money. He makes decisions that contribute to poverty and exploitation of families. Everything will change when Oscar appears and gives him a lesson he will never forget.
Mare Nostrum / France/Jordan (Director Rana Kazkaz) — On a Mediterranean shore, a Syrian father makes a decision that puts his daughter’s life at risk.
Murga ( Rooster ) / India (Director Racha Rakesh) — A lower middle class family drives into the woods to perform a ritual for resurrection. During the process, the controversial decision they make due to a mistake leads them to an unintentional outcome.
My Father the Fish / France/Germany (Directors Adrien Pavie and Britta Potthoff) — Seven year old Esteban lives with his Turkish father on an untidy farm in France. Coming home from the river with a trout, Esteban finds his father gasping for air like a fish out of water. Everything gets mixed up in the boy's magical imagination; he must save the fish to save his father.
Nobody Dies Here / Benin/France (Director Simon Panay) — Perma gold mine, Benin. Some dream to find something, others realize there is nothing to be found. Some dig relentlessly hoping to become rich, others die in the process. And a few of them say that here, nobody dies.
Sacrilege / France (Director Christophe M Saber) — The money has gone missing in the mosque of Saint-Etienne. Saoud, the gang leader, is suspected. Sons of / France (Director Federico Cappabianca) — This film captures the dreams and desires of orphans. It illustrates their struggles to come to terms with their feelings of worth and belonging in a world which has dealt them the much too early loss of their parents.
The Bird Painter / U.S.A. (Director David Eisenstadt) — A short fable telling how birds got their colors and why doves did not, told through watercolor and inked paper puppets along with a lovely lyrical song.
The Prodigal / Indonesia (Director Tod Polson) — This film is a retelling of the parable, The Prodigal Son. It is a reminder of the way God’s love works. It is a love based not on action, but given purely because someone is.
They Won’t Let a Dream Come True / Pakistan (Director Shumalia Kanwal) — When a dream is squashed, scared away, or unsupported, there is a death of something inexplicable which occurs. This film is a reminder to stay vigilant and to look towards the light of someone’s unique voice while celebrating what their individual vision may offer the world.
Third Kind / Greece (Director Yorgos Zois) — Earth has been abandoned for a long time now and the human race has found refuge in outer space. Three archeologists return to Earth to investigate where a mysterious five tone signal is coming from.
This is NOT a PSA / U.S.A. (Director Delana M Lewis) — Who deserves to have a voice? Listening to people of color embody and speak from their perspective is necessary in our multicultural world. Featuring GetLit poets and black students in Los Angeles, we are invited to hear different views amongst the diverse lives we all live.
FV400 will host panels featuring conversations with passionate advocates who are artists, filmmakers, historians, photographers, writers and performers speaking on behalf of their vocation. Audiences will have the opportunity to listen and learn more thoroughly about the special understanding artists bring to their mission of charism and art via their particular worldview.
These panels will highlight:
● Independent artists and art projects that focus on poverty and the struggles of disenfranchised people around the world.
● The subtext and causes of poverty, social and cultural struggles, and migration in mainstream or independent film.
● New media and millennial based content expressing and reporting on poverty and social issues on a global scale, providing insight to audiences who may not be presented with this kind of information and discussion from traditional news sources.
Artists: Students of Adamson University Country: Philippines Simple and soulful paintings that ask the questions: What do we each deserve and what are our rights as human beings on this earth? Through these images we are inspired to embrace the following: We all deserve a voice. We all deserve a chance. We all deserve peace. We all deserve love. We all deserve charity, peace and understanding hands. We are the same. Hope in Poverty by Jiwani Lou R. Gulinao Bread of Service by Ecisa Anne B. Espique Peace, Unity, & Charity by Kimverly Mae A. Tomagan The Poor’s Last Supper by Shawn Rusell A. Valerio Adamsonian One Heart for the Poor by Richmond Tolibas Embracing of the Poor by Romina Mae Anastacio Holy Influence by Luthgarda Beltran Caritas Et Misericordia by John Angelo Gan Volatile Characteristics of St. Vincent de Paul by Remark P. Bartolome Children in Poverty: Hope in Misery Artist: Fr. Vincent Yang Country: Korea A photography installation featuring images that challenge notions of value and beauty. What can we learn from the innocent? When approaching children trapped within the cycle of poverty, how can we make efforts to aid them in moving towards a more equal world full of opportunity?
Each of these images uplifts the idea that the poor will inherit the earth. Misery in poverty is a reality. Yet with children, dreams are abundant and hope is eternal. Finding Vince 400 Finding Vince 400 (FV400), is a competition and festival for people of all voices. It is inspired by the 400th anniversary of the birth of St Vincent de Paul's charism of service to the poor. As one element of the Vincentian Family’s celebration of this event, FV400 is part of the Vincentian Family’s initiative to globalize charity. Our mission: to champion 21st-century storytellers and challenge audiences with films that change our perspective on poverty in our communities. We spark our imaginations by sharing our charism through a creativity that is inspired by the Vincentian mission to globalize charity.  

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