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Brazilian film fest in Miami program


The 8th Festival brings the best of Brazilian Movies to Miami

From the story of the great soccer player Garrincha to the comedy Sex, Love and Betrayal, by Jorge Fernando. From the film produced by real prisoners of Carandiru in The Prisoner of the Iron Bar, to the documentary about the unforgettable Glauber Rocha. This is just a sample of what to expect from the 8th edition of the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami at the Lincoln Theater from June 9 –13, in Miami Beach.

Actually, the festival opens its doors on June 6th with an outdoor screening of Viva Sapato, a film by Luiz Carlos Lacerda, voted best film by the public last year. Always reinventing itself and creating new ground, the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami will also take over the hip Española Way. An outdoor screen will be set up for the opening, while the Miami Beach Cinematheque, also located on Española Way, will be hosting a special screening in homage to one of the greatest names of the history of Brazilian movies, theater and television. The actor, producer, screenwriter, Jose Wilker will be honored by the Festival, due to his contribution and dedication to the art of the Brazilian movies. From June 7-11, the public will be able to watch some of his work including Bye Bye Brazil, and O Homem da Capa Preta, among others

The full program details:

35mm / color / 74 min / 2003 / Documentary

The documentary Fala Tu – Lives of Rhyme tells the life stories of three little-known rappers from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. The film captures how rap affects their daily lives and how their own experiences shape the way they write and sing.

Director: Guilherme Coelho / Screenplay: Nathaniel Leclery / Producer: Mauricio Andrade Ramos, Mano Tales, Nathaniel Leclery , Guilherme Coelho / Co- Producer : Patrick Siaretta / Photography: Alberto Bellezia / Sound Editor: Denilson Campos / Direct Sound : Leandro Lima / Editing: Márcia Watzl / Production: Matizar, Video Filmes.

35mm / B&W / 12 min / 2003 / Fiction

The Brazilian cinema invades the favela: the delivery of a cocaine bag
starts an epic confusion in the slum.

Director: Burno Vianna / Screenplay: Bruno Vianna / Producer: Marcelo Laffitte / Photography: Dudu Miranda / Art Director: Bárbara Cunha / Sound Editor: Rodrigo Marçal / Sound: Pedro Moreira / Editing: Daniel Garcia / Production: Carol Romero / Cast: André Santinho, Elza Soares, Babu Santana, Gustavo Falcão.

35mm / Color and P&B / 110 min / 2003 / Drama

The film is about the Brazilian soccer player life known as “the bow legs devil”. The movie confronts the international star with the poor humble man. Garrincha’s facets are shown through the memories of people that lived and loved him.

Director: Milton Alencar Jr. / Screenplay: Rodrigo Campos / Producer: Jorge Moreno / Excecutive Producers: David Matthies , Isa Castro /Photography: Jorge Monclar / Art Directors: Sérgio Silveira, Carmem Gloria Silva / Sound: Sílvio Da-Rin , Maurício Molina / Costume Designer: Maira Diaz, Ximena Veloso / Production : FAM Filmes / Cast : André Gonçalves,Taís Araújo,Henrique Pires, Alexandre Schumacher, Ana Couto ,Tatiana Merino, Roberta Rodriguez, Chico Diaz, Jece Valadão, Marília Pêra.

35mm / color / 123 min / 2003 / Documentary

The Brazilian penitentiary system seen from inside: one year before the demolition of Carandiru House of Detention, inmates learn how to use video cameras and start recording daily life inside the biggest jail in Latin-America.

Director: Paulo Sacramento / Screenplay : Paulo Sacramento /Producer: Paulo Sacramento / Assistant Director: Dennison Ramalho / Photography: Aloysio Raulino / Sound: Márcio Jacovani , Louis Robin/ Sound Editor: Ricardo Reis / Editing: Idê Lacreta , Paulo Sacramento / Production: Olhos de Cão Produções Cinematográficas.

35mm / color / 20 min / 2003 / Fiction
A contemporary love story set in Ouro Preto, Brazil, intertwined with the words of Fr. Antonio Vieira (1608-1697) about the Remedies of Love.

Director: João Vargas Penna / Screenplay: João vargas Penna /
Producer: Atelier de Cinema / Photography: Luis Abramo/ Art Director: João Vargas Penna / Sound Editor: Maria Muricy / Sound: Bruno Vasconcellos / Costume Designer: Thais Mool, Helena Campos / Editing: Célia Freitas / Production: Luciana Lamounier, Marcelo Henrique / Cast: Bruno Murtinho, Andrea Caruso, Luciana Brites.

35mm / color / 87 min / 2003 / Fiction
The paths of three young men from the outskirts of São Paulo are crossed during two very remarkable and distinct moments of their lives: Jeferson, Washington and Kennedy. After Washington’s death, Jeferson and Kennedy start the search for his body, when they remember a very important event from the past.

Director: Ricardo Elias / Screenplay: Cláudio Yosida e Ricardo Elias
Photography: Jay Yamashita / Art Director : Cristiano Amaral / Producer: Assunção Hernandez, Van Fresnot / Sound: Jorge Vaz / Sound Editor: Marcos de Aguirre / Costume Designer: Marichilene / Editing: Reinaldo Volpato / Production: Farid Tavares / Cast: Silvio Guindane, Fábio Nepô, Lohan Brandão, Glennys Rafael, Paulo Igor, Francisca Queiroz, Priscila Dias, Wilma De Souza, Lucelia Machiavelli, Mariana Loureiro.

35mm / color / 15 min / 2003 / Fiction
Living in the arid northeastern countryside of Brazil, a little girl dreams of knowing the rain. Her grandmother, old and sick, wants to fulfill the girl´s dreams. A travelling salesman is their only hope.

Director: Patrícia Baia , Gláucia Soares / Screenplay: Patrícia Baia / Producer: Valéria Cordeiro / Photography: Juarez Pavelak / Art Director: André Scarlazzari / Sound Editor: Triálogo / Sound: Anderson Ferreira / Production: Corte Seco Filmes Ltda / Figurine: André Scarlazzari / Cast: Leuda Bandeira, Michaela Farias Alves e Rodger Rogério.

35mm / color / 109 min / 2003 / Comedy
A fun Brazilian version of The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare. In the barroco Tiradentes, Fausto decides to seduce and rob two rich and honourable wives, Mrs. Lima and Rocha. The women end up getting their revenge, but not without involving their husbands, children, staff, and even the local priest.

Director: Leila Hipólito / Screenplay: Leila Hipólito / Producers: Julio Uchoa, Isabelle Tanugi / Photography: Marcelo Durst / Art Director: Alexandre Meyer / Sound Editor: Miriam Biderman / Sound: Jorge Saldanha / Costume Designer: Yamê Reis / Editing: Diana Vasconcellos / Production: Leila Hipólito, Isabelle Tanugi, Júlio uchoa, Carlos Paiva, Roberto Bakker/ Cast: Guilherme Karan, Zezé Polessa, Elisa Lucinda, Ernani Moraes, Edwin Luisi.

35mm / color / 15 min / 2003 / Fiction
In the radio show “Wherever You Are” Lúcia and Waldir almost meet again what they really had lost.
No programa de rádio “Onde Quer Que Você Esteja”, Lúcia e Waldir quase reencontram o que realmente haviam perdido.

Director: Bel Bechara , Sandro Serpa / Screenplay: Bel Bechara , Sandro Serpa / Producer: Emerson Jussiane / Photography: Bel Bechara e Sandro Serpa / Art Director: Ivana Calado / Sound Editor: Bel Bechara e Sandro Serpa / Sound: João Godoy / Costume Designer: Ivana Calado / Editing: Bel Bechara e Sandro Serpa / Production: Macondo Filmes / Cast: Leonardo Medeiros , Débora Duboc.

35mm / P&B and Color / 75 min / 2003 / Documentary
A documentary about the funeral of Glauber Rocha - the ground-breaking Brazilian cineaste, critic, journalist, thinker and controversialist - which, in 1981 - at the tail-end of the Brazilian dictatorship -, brought together the cream of Brazil’s intelligencia, as well as friend’s and admirer’s, to reflect on the great man, his legacy and the struggle for democracy in Brazil.
Director: Silvio Tendler / Screenplay: Silvio Tendler / Producer: Silvio Tendler / Photography: Walter Carvalho, Fernando Duarte / Sound: Cristiano Maciel / Editing: Silvio Tendler / Production: Caliban Filmes.

35mm / color / 19 min / 2003 / Fiction

Raul gets home and finds his wife having sex with another man. A movie that speaks of love, betrayal, revenge, sex, death and wounded hearts (though not necessarily in this order).

Director: Marcos Jorge / Screenplay: Aleksei Abib / Producer: Claudia da Natividade, Aleksei Abib, Marcos Jorge / Photography: Kátia Coelho / Art Director: Said Assal / Sound Editor: Mirian Biderman / Sound: Zezé D’Alice / Costume Designer: Tatiana Colin / Editing: André Finotti / Production: Claudia da Natividade, Fernando Aguiar / Cast: Jeruza Franco, Simone Spoladore, Renato Rabelo, Denis Victorazo.

35mm / color / 92 min / 2003 / Drama
Freely based on the brazilian classic "Dom Casmurro", by Machado de Assis, DOM presents the story of Ana (Maria Fernanda Cândido) and Bento (Marcos Palmeira), childhood pals that reenter each other's lives years later to rediscover a love from the past. Bento, consumed in suspicion, comes to believe that Ana is having an affair with his best friend, Miguel (Bruno Garcia)

Director: Moacyr Góes / Screenplay: Moacyr Góes in collaboration Marcos Ribas de Farias, Reinaldo Moraes, David França Mendes / Producer: Diler Trindade / Executive Producer: Telmo Maia / Photography: Toca Seabra, A.B.C. / Art Director: Paulo Flaksman / Direct Sound: Alaerson Nonô Coelho / Music: Ary Sperling / Sound Editor: José Moreau Louzeiro, Maria Muricy, Ney Fernandes / Costume Designer: Maria Diaz / Editing: João Paulo Carvalho e Aruanã Cavalleiro / Production: Telmo Maia / Cast: Marcos Palmeira , Maria Fernanda Cândido, Bruno Garcia, Luciana Braga, Malu Galli, Thiago Farias, Isabela Coimbra, Claudia Ventura.

35mm / color / 12 min / 2004 / Fiction
Tree characters meet amongst crowd.
What are they looking for?

Director: Marcelo Laffitte / Screenplay: Marcelo Laffitte / Producer: Marcelo Laffitte / Photography: Jacques Cheuiche/ Production Director: Tuinho Schwartz / Sound Editor: Eduardo Nunes / Editing: Eduardo Nunes, Marcelo Laffitte / Co- Producers: Casablanca, Teleimage, Focus, TSM, Três Tabela, Mira-Set / Cast: Larissa Bracher, Hanah Suzart, Verena Isaak.

35mm / color / 88 min / 2003 / Comedy
After three seasons being aired by TV Globo, the cult hit series Os Normais became a movie. So Normal - The movie tells us how the protagonists Vani and Rui came across each other. Eight hours after they first meet, their lives would be radically changed! Find out the secret of the perfect chemistry between a normal couple in this wacky romantic comedy.

Director: José Alvarenga Jr / Screenplay: Alexandre Machado , Fernanda Young / Executive Producer: Eduardo Figueira / Associated Producer: Guel Arraes / Photography: Tuca Moraes / Art Director: Lia Renha / Sound Editor: Zezé D’Alice / Costume Designer: Lessa de Lacerda / Editing: Paulo H. Farias / Production: MI5 , Globo Filmes, Lumiére / Cast: Luiz Fernando Guimarães, Fernanda Torres, Marisa Orth, Evandro Mesquita.

35mm / color / 100 min / 2003 / Drama
Upon meeting Ariela Masé, a young woman who bears an amazing resemblance to the great love of his life, the aging and forgotten advertising model Benjamin Zambraia starts to relive the pleasures and the torments of his old passion. This “reincarnation” of his beloved Castana Beatriz has something more to offer him: a settling of accounts with his own conscience.

Director: Monique Gardemberg / Screenplay: Jorge Furtado, Glênio Povoas, Monique Gardemberg / Producer: Paula Lavigne, Augusto Casé / Co-Producers: Fabiano Gullane, Isa Castro / Excecutive Producer: Elisa Tolomelli / Photography: Marcelo Durst / Art Director: Marcos Flaksman / Sound Editor: Beto Ferraz / Direct Sound: Jorge Saldanha / Editing: João Paulo Carvalho / Production: Natasha Produções - Dueto Filmes / Cast : Paulo José, Cleo Pires, Danton Mello, Chico Diaz, Nelson Xavier, Guilherme Leme, Rodolfo Bottino, Ernesto Piccolo, Mauro Mendonça.


35mm / color / 14 min / 2003 / Fiction

A family of peasants, a truck driver and a young couple travel by the same road. Each one must carry their children.

Director: Bruno Carneiro / Screenplay: Bruno Carneiro / Producer: Bruno Carneiro / Associate Producer: Fernanda Wendel / Photography: Eduardo Ruiz / Art Director: Paola Gemente / Sound Editor: Luiz Adelmo / Sound: Louis Robin / Editing: Bruno Carneiro /Costume Designer: Paola Gemente / Production : Camila Groch / Cast: Camila Mota, Maurício Marques, Marcos Cesana, Laís Marques, Marcelo Selingardi.


An exploration of the fascinating world of samba master Zeca Pagodinho and his songwriting partners on a journey through undiscovered talent - and into the very roots of samba.

35mm / color / 105min / 2003 / Romantic Comedy
Lisbela” is a romantic comedy that tells the amused history of the streetwise, adventurer and galant Leleu, and of the young dreamer Lisbela, who loves to watch American movies and dreams of the heroes of the cinema.

Director: Guel Arraes / Screenplay: Guel Arraes, Jorge Furtado, Pedro Cardoso / Producer: Paula Lavigne / Photography: Uli Burtin / Art Director: Cláudio Amaral Peixoto / Sound Editor: Miriam Biderman / Sound: José Louzeiro / Costume Designer: Emilia Duncan / Editing: Paulo Henrique Farias / Production: Natasha Filmes / Cast: Shelton Mello, Débora Falabella, Marco Nanini, Bruno Garcia, Virginia Cavendish, Heloisa Perissé.

35mm / color / 20 min / 2003 / Fiction

Rio de Janeiro, 1977: During the Brazilian dictatorship, a married man has a lover and makes up that he entered for the Communist Party to have an alibi to arrive late home.

Director: Rodrigo Guéron / Screenplay: Rodrigo Guéron, Manuela Santos /
Producer: Ralf Tambke / Photography: Ralf Tambke / Art Director: Bernard Heimburger / Sound Editor: Edwaldo Mayrink / Sound: Bruno Espírito Santo / Editing: Leonardo Domingues / Costume Designer: Ticiana / Production: Fabrício Felice / Cast: Isabel Guéron, Augusto Madeira, Bruce Gomlewsky, Claudia Lira, Tonico Pereira.

35mm / color / 90 min / 2003 / Romantic Comedy

Two couples. Two visitors. One big mess.
Sex, Love & Betrayal is about two couples of friends who have their lives upturned by the arrival of loves from the past. Ana needs more affection than Carlos has been giving her. Andrea is tired of Miguel’s indifference and heartbroken by his recurring affairs. The unexpected arrival of old flames leads each couple to face their problems in their search for personal fulfillment and love.

Director: Jorge Fernando / Original Screenplay: Antonio Serrano / Adapted Screenplay: Emanuel Jacobina, René Belmonte, Denise Bandeira / Producer: Iafa Britz, Walkiria Barbosa, Vilma Lustosa, Marcos Didonet, Marc Bechar & Daniel Filho / Executive Producer: Caíque Martins Ferreira / Co- Producers: Matthias Ehrenberg , Christian Valdelievre , Antonio Serrano / Photography: José Tadeu Ribeiro / Art Director: Marcos Flacksman / Sound Editor: Simone Petrillo, José Moreau Louzeiro / Direct Sound: Zezé D’Alici / Costume Designer: Marília Carneiro / Editing: Felipe Lacerda / Production: Total Entertainment, Fox Film do Brasil, Globo Filmes, Titán Producciones / Cast: Malu Mader , Fabio Assunção, Murilo Benício, Alessandra Negrini, Caco Ciocler, Heloisa Perissé.


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