The head of the jury, Pascal Ferran, described California Dreamin’ as “by far the most vibrant and most free cinematic offer that we have seen during the past ten days." The subsequent “buzz” generated around the film has ensured that it will now receive worldwide distribution.

Before his death, Nemescu was amongst the new generation of young Romanian filmmakers who were starting to win international recognition. At Cannes 2006 Corneliu Porumbui won the Camera D’Or for 12:08 East of Bucharest; the year before Un Certain Regard was taken back to Bucharest by Crisi Puiu for The Death of Mr Lazarescu; and in 2004 the Palme D’Or for best short film went to Catalin Mitulescu for Trafic. It is not unsurprising how these collective successes have lead to talk of a Romanian New Wave.

It was not long ago that the Romanian film industry was better known as a service industry for foreign filmmakers. Notably, Anthony Minghella’s 83,000,000 dollar Cold Mountain was filmed there in 2003. “Cold Mountain,” said Minghella “was proof to Hollywood producers that shooting films in Romania is a viable option".

With its wealth of beautiful locations, skilled film technicians and financial incentives continuing today, Romania remains an attractive setting for overseas production companies. 8 major foreign productions were filmed in Romania in 2006: Pu-239; Borat; Blood and Chocolate; Pulse; Shadow Man; Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj; Second in Command and Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth.

As well as boosting the Romanian economy, the foreign investment has helped develop local talent and has inspired homegrown young filmmakers. However, the growing body of great Romanian films and the burgeoning trophy cabinet, is a result of more than just industry growth.