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A vanguard organization set in the Silicon Valley, Cinequest’s uniqueness and impact result from being ahead of the curve in the powerful integration of creativity and technology. Cinequest fuses the world of the filmed arts with that of Silicon Valley’s innovation to empower youth, artists and innovators to create and connect - driving transformations and a better tomorrow. Cinequest does this through Cinequest Picture The Possibilities and Cinequest Film Festival.




D-Tour: A Tenacious Documentary

[img_assist|nid=10136|title=Kyle Gass|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=94|height=150]Saturday, March 1, 2008 -- If you've heard of the band Tenacious D, you probably know it consist of the comedic Jack Black and some-other guy. That some-other guy is Kyle Gass. Kyle, a San Francisco Bay Area native, co-founded the band with Jack Black in 1994. But as the band embarks on its first world tour, Kyle gets tired of playing second fiddle.

In the documentary film "D-Tour," we ride along with Tenacious D on their tour. It’s a fun ride as the band revs up to take it to the next level. The band's over-the-top rock songs put a smile on my face. Remember the music of Spinal Tap? It's kind of similar to that: silly lyrics but it's got musical merit. And Jack's wit and animated humor kept me laughing throughout the film.

But as the tour starts rolling, the band hits a few potholes. The band's feature-film "Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny" tanks at the box office. The demanding tour schedule also put a strain of Jack's family. And as the band tries to promote itself more, Kyle is pushed further into the shadow of Jack's spotlight. The boiling point is reached when Kyle is excluded from a Late Night show guest appearance. Jack must decide if he will cancel the interview if Kyle isn't included.

The film is well balanced with plenty of humorous moments to break up the tension that builds during the band's tour. Of the 300+ hours of raw footage shot for the film, director Jeremy Konner presenan artfully distilled 71-minute story. You don't have to be a Tenacious D fan to be entertained by this carefully constructed documentary.

--Craig vonWaaden



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