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Reason8 Films in Cannes


Office location : Riviera, Marina Club, H6, Table 10

Production meetings : Plage Royale Members Club 


After an exciting year Reason8 Films is back in Cannes and pleased to announce our Marche 2017 line-up with an International Market Premiere of ANOTHER MOTHER'S SON, completed WWII drama produced by a prolific British theatre and film producer Bill Kenwright.

With a carefully planned release campaign centred around Mother's Day celebrations in the UK, the film was released theatrically by Vertigo on March 24th. 


Other titles in our current line-up include US crime thriller DARK MERIDIAN, which had its market premiere screenings in Berlin 2017 as well as development/pre-production thrillers THE FALLEN and WOMEN


We have also added several titles to our library catalogue, including some classics like The Jungle Book (1994), The Second Jungle Book (1997) and Cyborg 2 (1993).  

We look forward to seeing you in Cannes in May and hope to continue or establish new mutually beneficial business relationships between our companies. 












“Jenny Seagrove excels in this true-life tale of a mother who hides a fugitive Russian in the Channel Islands during the second world war.”

 - The Guardian


Genre: War/Drama

Director: Christopher Menaul

Cast: Jenny Seagrove (Diana, A Woman of Substance and multiple theatre productions), John Hannah (The Mummy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), Ronan Keating (Boyzone, Postman Pat: The Movie), Julian Kostov (Barbarians Rising)

Country: UK


Based on the true story of Louisa Gould, the drama is set during World War II on the Nazi-occupied island of Jersey. Lou took in an escaped Russian POW and hid him over the war's course. The tension mounts as it becomes clear that Churchill will not risk an assault to recapture the British soil, and the island-community spirit begins to fray under pressures of hunger, occupation and divided loyalty. Against this backdrop, Lou fights to preserve her family's sense of humanity and to protect the Russian boy as if he was her own. 















Genre: Thriller/Crime
Cast: Billy Slaughter (Max Steel, The Magnificent Seven), James Moses Black (Joe Dirt 2, The Runner), Dave Davis (True Detective, The Walking Dead)
Director: Rankin Hickman 
Country: USA

A corrupt New Orleans detective Spencer Soleno is on a stakeout at a warehouse when he finds himself in the middle of a dispute between two criminal gangs. Entrusted to provide security for Oren Marek, head of the Marek clan, Detective Soleno discovers that he’s actually providing cover up for the brutal interrogation of a man suspected of murdering one of Oren’s sons. When the identity of the killer comes into question by his interrogators, suspicions of a double cross lead to an escape opportunity for the hostage. Detective Soleno is then forced to protect another Oren’s son, Tevi, while he searches for the escaped killer.

Tense race-against-time thriller with a twist ending that marks writing and directorial debut of Rankin Hickman (production supervisor on 2 Guns, Parker and Leonie).















Nika Awards 2016  (equivalent of Russian Oscars) – Winner: Best Film & Best Screenplay
Russian Guild of Film Critics 2016 – Winner: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematographer, Best Actor
Moscow International Film Festival 2015 – Winner: Alexandr Mindadze  


Genre: Drama/War

Cast: Jacob Diehl (Rai/Paradise, The Baader Meinhof Complex), Birgit Minichmayr (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer), Marc Hosemann (A Coffee in Berlin)
Director: Alexandr Mindadze 

Country: Russia/Germany


In this historic multi-award winning drama, the cautious bond between a German scientist and his Russian colleague in a Russian glass factory just before the World War II is put to the test. Ubiquitous and fierce emotions keep pace with dramatic events. Based on a true story. 















Genre: Action/Thriller/Mystery

Cast:  Danielle Cormack (Wentworth Prison;), Daniel Feurriegel (Heidi: Queen of the Mountain; Spartacus), Michael Sheasby (Hacksaw Ridge) 
Director:  Nick Robertson (The Pack)

Country: Australia


In the Afghan desert, Australian Sergeant Jill Manning leads a small squad to construct a small Green Zone of security bunkers. Joining her is hot-headed Dalton Shultz and Kris Lefferson, who is on his first tour of duty. Something is awry between Manning and Shultz, rumors of a tragic incident in a prior mission. Manning sees a wounded Afghan girl wandering in the desert. Feeling protective, she orders her team to help her to safety. Suddenly, insurgents attack with ferocity. One by one, Lefferson, Shultz and Manning are killed. But then, the next day, Manning awakes, finding the events of the previous day repeating. Before convincing her squad what is happening, they discover the Afghan girl and are killed again. On the third loop, Manning finds the shocking truth: Shultz is sabotaging all attempts to break this cycle of limbo (between life and death). A haunting tale of redemption and sacrifice, The Fall is an exciting, edge-of-your-seat mystery action thriller. Will Manning crack the ceaseless war-time “Groundhog Day” in order to save the girl and her crew?  












Genre: Thriller/Crime
Cast:  TBC
Director:   Anton Sigurdsson (Grimmd)

Country: USA


Principal Photography: Autumn 2017


US directorial debut of Anton Sigurdsson whose latest movie Grimmd was #2 Icelandic film in 2016 Iceland Box office


Bradley is a Sociology professor at a local college who seems like a normal man, but his outward appearance is only a façade. He secretly lures women from his classroom to kidnap them and imprison them in his secluded home on the outskirts of town. When Bradley gets bored with the women or they have served their purpose he kills them. The longest survivor is a woman named Jennifer who has been his prisoner for a decade. She has developed Stockholm’s syndrome after years of captivity and is fueled on her basic instinct to survive.
Bradley’s newest “trophy” is Hailey, very bright student and a strong, somewhat rebellious character. When kidnapped, Hailey finds herself in a sometimes supportive and sometimes competitive relationship with Jennifer.  
Meanwhile, in a scrapyard in another part of town a worker discovers the remains of a woman who has been tortured and brutally murdered. Arriving to take the case is young detective Darren Hawk - a sharp, intelligent cop who follows the evidence. Hawk’s investigation into the murder leads him to a local college where he meets an unassuming Bradley. However, Hawk’s suspicions begin to rise with Bradley as the coincidences start to mount, but with no evidence to support his claims Hawk discovers that he must use his innate instincts if he is going to capture this cunning killer red-handed. Will Hawk find the women before Bradley decides to kill again? 






We also have 15+ titles in our library



To schedule a meeting please contact Anna Krupnova






Reason8 Films | Suite 482, 19-21 Crawford St, London, W1H 1PJ United Kingdom