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    La notte è piccola per noi
    a film by Gianfrancesco Lazotti


A large dance floor lit by colored leds, surrounded by tables. At the edge of the dance floor, a band is playinglive music. Mainly pop songs from the 60s’, 70s’ and 80s’, but also rumba and merengue. The party mood is on: it’s Saturday night. A woman is waiting for her man, suddenly disappeared years ago without explanation: she doesn’t want to consider as closed a story that has missed its final moment. A young student and a more mature woman are on a blind date, but recognizing themselves in real life is much more complicated than in a chat room. An alcoholic boxer wants to get back his ex-girlfriend, the beautiful singer of the band, and to be sure of succeeding, he makes a deal with his patron saint. On the dance floor a policeman bumps into an old acquaintance of his, a fugitive thief. For the policeman, law comes first, but tonight a girl who made eyes at him comes before everything else. Four teachers on their day off allow themselves the thrill of a pop night out in a dance hall, and the dance hall does not spare them some twists to remember. A jealous and unruly over 80 couple tears forever apart and turns back together several times, until alcohol smoothes any disagreement. A philosopher waitress, a fortune-teller giving hope away, a “foot loose” dancer, an illegal immigrant valet parking, and many other characters still, walk lightly through this suburban thrilling night.









    Rabbia Furiosa
    a film by Sergio Stivaletti


Fabio has just served eight months in jail for a crime he has not committed, but only to cover his close friend Claudio, a former boxer, a criminal who wants to become the boss of the Mandrione (suburb area of Rome). Claudio manages various trafficking trades and also runs dog fights. Whenever his dogs are injured, he turns to his friend Fabio who, in the back room of his dog wash, takes care of small surgical procedures and medications. The friendship between Fabio and Claudio is very ambiguous, almost insane. Claudio has a bipolar personality that leads him to act with extreme violence towards everyone especially Fabio who seems unable to react… until one day Fabio carries out his terrible revenge...
The film is inspired by the real-life case of Er Canaro ("the dog keeper), a pet groomer and drug addict who, in 1988, murdered his criminal friend . The crime case appeared on the criminal news as one of the most atrocious crimes of all time in Italy, due to the tortures that the killer put his victim through. Giancarlo Ricci - Fabio in the film - claimed he had tortured for hours his victim, cutting off his fingers and tongue, castrating him and finally cutting off his skull.









Los Padecientes
a film by Nicolas Tuozzo


A psychoanalyst determined to discover the truth… no matter what it takes.
Pablo Rouviot, a well-known psychoanalyst, receives Paula Vanussi, an attractive young lady who comes up with a very particular request. The dead body of her father, a powerful businessman, has been found on the banks of a river and her 22 year-old brother Javier, a young man with serious psychological issues is accused of being responsible of the cirme.
Paula needs help to prove that her brother is not chargeable, being declared insane, so to avoid him going to prison.
When Pablo meets Paula’s brother, he concludes that not only he is not chargeable - and any psychologist could prove it – but also that he wouldn’t be physically capable to commit such a crime.
So, who is the murderer? Obsessed to know the truth, Rouviot reassembles a sinister plot where nothing is as it seems. Doctors, police, lawyers and lovers conspire in an obscure image alongside a family story full of violence and obscure points. The question remains till the end of the story, to be revealed by the psychoanalyst, inevitable mix between Sigmund Freud and Sherlock Holmes : Who killed Robert Vanussi ? And why ?







a film by Hernan Aguilar


Matilde is an overweight woman who leads a boring life. She lives in Villa Lugano. Her free time is made better by the appearances of Vanina, a girl she meet in the community center. They share an interest for everything related to national television, soap operas and gossip. During a strange robbery, Matilde´s husband is murdered, leaving her in a difficult economic situation and social marginality. An intelligent and romantic Detective investigates the circumstances of the murder. Stained of sexual tension, the relationship between the Detective and Matilde is both funny and refreshing. When Matilde is able to identify the assassin, her life takes another spin. She instinctively kills her husband´s murderer and keeps his cellphone. Intrigued by a confusing text message and the possibility to earn some cash, Matilde begins to do the hitman´s jobs that appear in the cellphone, although in an amateur way. Because of her success, she meets Teresita, a funny old posh woman that teaches her how to spend the money she earns as someone from the high society would. Matilde becomes a totally different woman. She goes from a boring life where nothing matters to one filled with excitement and danger. She must protect both Vanina and her romance with the Detective. After her hits get in the way of the Sheriff´s agenda, she is submerged in a turbulence of moral and dangerous decisions to save the people she loves and avoid her own death.







a film by Antonio Pisu


1944 Italy,

On the Bolognese hills, a family of decayed aristocrats survives its own economic decline in the only place that they have left: the estate of Villa La Quiete. They face the war and the crisis in the only way passed down by their families: by simply not caring. The Duke Pier Donato Martellini and the Duchess Romola Valli, tired and disheartened, reside in their villa with a skeleton domestic staff: a young blind gardener and a deaf butler who are both veterans; and Giovanna, a cook who is constantly angry and eternally in love. As if that weren’t enough they have to look after the son Jean-Jacques: an immature fifty-year-old who spends his days composing poems having only one recurring theme: the Bologna Footbal Club. The solution to all their troubles turns up at the villa on a ordinary afternoon: a man and two women who are on the run, ask the dukes for shelter; they are Jews, they’re called Beniamino, Anna and Stefania. They are disposed to pay one gold bar for each month of their permanence and they promise to relocate somewhere else right after the end of the war. The Duchess, after having accepted, tries anything to sedate in the bud every attempt of the domestic staff to steal the treasure of their guests and takes matters into her own hands. Hers is a simple order: do nothing, wait for the family of refugees to keep the promise and give as many gold bars as possible. This way they will allow the “decayed Martellini” to reacquire movable and immovable properties, frills, family memories, silk tablecloths, ivory brushes, collections of rocking unicorns that had to be to paw, sell or give away throughout the years. The rents follow one another, the gold bars pile up and right in the moment the Duke and the Duchess finally glipmse an aristocratic renaissance, the war ends. Terrified by the possibility of loosing their only source of income, with the help of the son and the domestic staff, they organize a series of rocambolesque gimmicks, pantomimes and subterfuges faking that the conflict has not ended yet. But one day, a man that Anna, Stefania and Beniamino know well turns up at the villa: Franco. From now on everything changes, and nothing will be as it seemed anymore.







a film by Rodrigo Fernández Engler


"Soldiers only known by God" is a feature film of military fiction, focused on the human drama of three young men from a small town in Traslasierra, Córdoba, who from very different ideological places are transformed forever by the Falklands War. Juan and Ramón are childhood friends until Juan falls in love with Ana, Ramón´s sister. By then Juan prepares to enter Fine Arts School, while Ramón decides to make a military career. For Juan this is interpreted as a personal betrayal, since his family moved to Córdoba hills protecting themselves from the military process. In the Falkland Islands this best friends are reunited, and Ramón saves Juan´s life. Their fates in the war are almost opposites. Juan, next to the section of Second Lieutenant Quiroga, lives a course against hunger and cold in desolate landscapes; while Ramón fights in the final battles, facing the British, becoming a hero, a legend known as "Soldier legend Peter". Fully inspired by true events, this film promises to open the dialogue on the consequences of the war in our society.









Comedy - 101 min
Directed by: SERGIO RUBINI

Cast: Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Isabella Ragonese, Sergio Rubini


Info & Trailer




WAX - We Are the X


Adventure - Road Movie – 97’


Cast: Jacopo Maria Bicocchi, Gwendolyn Gourvenec, Davide Paganini, Jean-Marc Barr and Rutger Hauer


Info & Trailer






Thriller - 81 min
Cast: Antonia Liskova, Niccolò Alaimo,
Jonathan Silvestri


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Somerville House Collection




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