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ITN in Cannes 2019 - Ulysses with Danny Glover, Udo Kier & Charlotte Kirk


 Click Here

for ITN's 2019 Catalog. 

We will be at Palais des Festivals at Riviera E10

1 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France







        115 min. Sci-Fi/Action. HD. 2018. 




Federico Alotto



Danny Glover (Lethal 


      Weapon), Udo Kier (Downsizing,


      Blade, Iron Sky), Anamaria 


      Marinca (Europa Report), 


      Charlotte Kirk (Ocean's Eight)


        Synopsis: Taurus City, The 

        United States of Europe, 2023. 

        Uly, a disillusioned soldier riddled 

        with amnesia, returns home from

        a war in the Middle East, knowing

        only that he must desperately 

        comb the city to find his beloved 

        wife, Penelope.








        114 min. Action. HD. 2019. Complete.


        Director: Joe Lujan


        Cast: Eric Roberts, Mindy 

        Robinson, Bill Oberst Jr.


        Synopsis: The war for freedom 

        has just begun. Trikalypse joins 

        forces with rebel leader Kalera and

        her team of freedom fighters. They

        must now fight back to bring 

        Dominion (Eric Roberts) down and

        expose him to the world.        







        82 min. Action/Crime. HD. 2017. 



        Director: Ben Butler


        Cast: Jearnest Corchado, Tim 

        Abell, Mark Krenik


        Synopsis: Rico illegally

        immigrated with his mom to 

        escape the dangerous drug world, 

        but when his mom contracts cancer,

        he must dive back into that world to

        help pay for her treatment.



        Trailer: coming soon!








        75 min. Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller. HD.             2018. Complete. 


        Director: Gabriel Judet-Weinshel


        Cast: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Al

        Sapienza, Akiva Schaffer 


        Synopsis: A detective 

        investigates a murder, only to 

        find that the victim is... himself. 

        Soon, he discovers multiple 

        versions of himself, not all of 

        them friendly.









        85 min. Action/Western. HD. 2019. 



        Director: Micah Lyons


        Cast: Lorena Andrea, David 

        Astone, Chris Routhe


        Synopsis: While on a long 

        journey through a remote region

        of Texas in 1866, Rusty wakes 

        up to find that his family has 

        vanished. As he frantically 

        searches for them, he runs into a

        beautiful but desperate Native

        American girl. Now, they will have 

        get along and learn to stick together 

        in order to stay alive long enough 

        to both get what they really want 

        in this action-packed, traditional

        Western tale.                                             





        Horror. HD. 2019. Complete.


        Director: Joseph Kelly


        Cast: Martin Klebba, Tony Moran,

        Ari Lehman 


        Synopsis: Clown Motel follows 

        a group of ghost hunters, coming 

        from an old ghost town and a

        bachelorette party, returning home

        from Las Vegas. When the groups

        meet up, by mistake, they're left to

        discover if the motel is really

        abandoned and haunted by the 

        souls, of the clowns, that once 

        lived there.









        Action/War. HD. 2019. 


        Director: Uri L. Schwarz


        Cast: Robert Follin, Uri L.

        Schwarz, Martin Hestbæk


        Synopsis: A viking mercenary 

        finds himself in the middle of a 

        battle between the old gods and 

        the new. He decides that neither 

        side deserves to win.








        75 min. Animation. HD. 2018. 



        Synopsis: When a big contest 

        comes to town, a big, smart and 

        goofy elephant named Jumbo 

        needs help from all of his pals to 

        win the day. This elephant's got 

        a nose for adventure!



        In the draft of Walt Disney 

        Pictures March 2019 theatrical

        release DUMBO








        Action/War. HD. 2019. 


        Synopsis: follows pilots of the 

        U.S. Army Air Corp as they hunt 

        the skies of World War II Europe 

        for the most dangerous weapon 

        the Germans have in the air - the

        Me262, the first operational jet 














     WAKE UP


        77 min. Horror/Thriller. HD. 

        2019. Complete.


        Director: Joe W Nowland


        Cast: Tatiana Warden, Joe W

        Nowland, Phil Baker


        Synopsis: When a psychiatric 

        doctor researches a young girls' 

        diary to find out why she murdered

        her entire family, he begins to fall 

        into the same state of insomnia and

        confusion that led her to lose her




        Trailer: coming soon! 








        97 min. Comedy/Romance. HD. 

        2016. Complete.


        Director: Manoj Annadurai


        Cast: Chris Riggi, Adam 

        LaVorgna, Rebecca Blumhagen


        Synopsis: A perpetually miserable

        man finds happiness when he 

        starts dating a manic pixie dream 

        girl, to the befuddlement of his 

        cynical best friend.          







        90 min. Family. HD. 2017.



        Director: Jared Young, Matthew



        Cast: Burt Reynolds, Elizabeth

        Leiner, Emma Rayne Lyle


        Synopsis: A former Broadway 

        star, who is now a great-grandfather

        suffering from Alzheimer's, relocates

        to the South to live with his

        granddaughter Tatum and her 

        10-year-old daughter, Liv. Along 

        with his great-granddaughter, they 

        put on a small town production of

        Shakespeare's Classic "Hamlet".







        90 min.Crime/Horror. HD. 2018.



        Director: Matt Beurois


        Cast: Guillaume Faure, Ken 

        Samuels, Auregan


        Synopsis: A serial killer strikes 

        Sugar Grove, Virginia. A rising

        journalist comes to town to cover 

        the story: her investigation will 

        soon lead her to the town's darkest

        secret, at her own risks.







        89 min. Horror. HD. 2017. Complete. 


        Director: Carles Jofre


        Cast: Simón Andreu, Carlos

        Poyal, Guiem Juaneda 


        Synopsis: Four young people 

        come to Mallorca to enjoy idyllic

        summer holidays, but delving 

        into the most inhospitable places 

        on the island will begin a hellish








        103 min. Action. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Louisa Warren, 

        Suzy Spade


        Cast: Darcie Lincoln, Peter 

        Cosgrove, Victor Toth, Georgia 

        Wood, Michelle Archer


        Synopsis: Ingrid and her siblings 

        are on the run from the Vikings 

        who have begun invading the 

        villages, taking over, savagely 

        using the residents on a game 

        where they vs a Berserker 

        Viking, and if they win, they get 

        to survive - only, no one ever 

        wins. The siblings are trying to 

        escape the Vikings after they 

        violently murdered and took 

        over their town. However, the 

        Vikings are on their trail, and 

        want to put them in the game.







        75 min. Horror/Thriller. HD. 2018.



        Director:  Chuck Morrongiello, 

        Karolina Morrongiello


        Cast: Karolina Morrongiello, 

        Chuck Morrongiello, Curtis Wyka


        Synopsis: Charlie and Buzi are

        ghosts' enthusiasts fascinated by 

        the legend of the scariest road in

        America, Mt. Misery Road. The 

        couple continues their adventure 

        to the woods until they realize they

        got into the whirlpool of paranormal








        Action/Western. HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Director: Marcos Almada


        Cast: Roque Chavez, Fernando

        Madrid, Sandra Guzman


        Synopsis: Texas 1848. Families 

        are being forced off their land by 

        the settlers who come to colonize 

        this unpopulated state. A battle for

        land and oil ensues.








        Comedy/Horror. HD. 2019. Complete. 


        Director:  Robert Lucas, 

        John A. Russo


        Cast: John A. Russo, Debbie

        Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman, Russell



        Synopsis: A zombie kept in 

        hiding by his niece and nephew

        suddenly becomes famous when 

        the world discovers he can talk 

        and reason as though he were 

        alive. As his popularity grows, he 

        is discovered by zombie hunters 

        who want to kidnap him and hunt 

        him for sport. 


         From the Co-Creator of Night of 

         the Living Dead





      2177: THE SAN




        98 min. Sci-Fi. HD. 2019. 



        Director: Jose Figueroa


        Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery,

        Dominique Swain


        Synopsis: In the year 2177, San

        Francisco is plagued by a serial 

        killer. In a world of holograms, 

        police race against the clock to 

        find the Branding Iron Killer.









     WE LIVE


        100 min. Drama. HD. 2017. 



        Director: John Whitney


        Cast: Kristina Kopf, Dino Tripodis,

        Katie Stottlemire


        Synopsis: A woman struggles 

        to hold her family together and

        maintain her dignity in the 

        aftermath of the national 

        financial crisis.








        81 min. Action/Comedy. HD. 2017. 



        Director: Mark Noyce, Ben 



        Cast: Mark Noyce, Ben Shockley,

        Michael Cross


        Synopsis: A serial killer has the 

        city in a murderous grip of fear.

        Assigned to the case are SAXON 

        and STEEL, and although they 

        have an unhealthy obsession 

        with cop shows of the 70's they 

        also have a reputation for 'coming

        down hard on the bad boys'.







        85 min. Action/Crime/Thriller. HD. 

        2016. Complete.


        Director: Luis Antonio Rodriguez


        Cast: Jorge A. Jimenez, Eduardo

        Sanchez, Oscar Javier Gutierrez II


        Synopsis: Based on true events,

        when an illegal immigrant crosses 

        to the United States only to meet 

        his worst nightmare, a determined 

        sexual predator U.S. Border Agent.







        95 min. Action/Horror. HD. 2017. 



        Director: Heidi Lee Douglas, 

        Arantxa Echevarria; 


        Cast: Najarra Townsend, 

        Elizabeth Debicki, David James, 

        Anne Ramsay, Javier Godino


        Synopsis: is a wild journey 

        through the warped mind of seven 

        of the best up-and-coming female

        directors. Female mud wrestling, 

        alien drugs and revenge round out

        this intense anthology. Presented 

        by the world renowned Etheria Film

        Night, we invite you to pop the pill 

        and take the ride!







        78 min. Horror/Thriller. HD. 2017.



        Director: Oliver Park, Vance 

        Tucker, Alessandro Frosali, 

        Patrick Rea, Nate O'Mahoney, 

        Jay Holben, Nate Crooker, Chris



        Cast: Holge Forrester, Holley 



        Synopsis: In a world where

        monsters, ghosts and other 

        dreadful creatures are a reality,

        nightmares can come true. And 

        they will. An anthology that delves 

        into the paranormal, the bizarre 

        and the downright insane. No place 

        is safe.








        Fantasy. HD. 2018. Complete.


        Director: Jadzia Perez, Leia 



        Cast: Karin Brauns, Robert 

        Amstler, Samuel Story


        Synopsis: A beautiful desperate

        widow goes on a dangerous quest 

        to meet a mythical wish-granting

        unicorn who lies deep in the 

        "Wishing Forest." Along the way, 

        she encounters a mighty warrior 

        and a deceptive thief, who may or

        may not be trustworthy. But danger

        lurks everywhere and they are 

        being tracked by savages who

        worship a magical feral Goddess 

        who feasts on the hearts of his




       TRAILER: coming soon!





        80 min. Horror/Thriller. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Lawrence Riggins


        Cast: Jae Head, Tara Westwood, 

        Tom Sizemore, Kherington Payne,

        Lauren Compton


        Synopsis: A demonic creature 

        not of this world impregnates a

        woman. 160 years later a team 

        of ghost hunters must set aside 

        their quick buck party mentality 

        when they discover one of their 

        team is the offspring of the entity

        haunting the place - and its true

        target. The offspring and her 

        friends become uneasy allies 

        with the ghost of the mother to

        destroy the demon and restore






     TRUST NO 1


        90 min. Action. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Daron Niemerow


        Cast: Douglas Rouillard, Britton

        Purvis, Charles Justo


        Synopsis: Officer Bradley 

        (Douglas Rouillard) investigates

        murders believed to be part of a 

        serial killing and quickly learns it's

        much bigger. With the body count

        rising, and nothing adding up, he

        turns to his last resort for help, his








        86 min. Animation. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Evan Tramel


        Cast: Nathan Gray, Martin Singer


        Synopsis: When Arvid, the 

        most malevolent yeti in all of the 

        North Pole has come in possession 

        of the powerful Master Scroll of 

        The Naughty Children, he enlists 

        the scroll's powers to banish Santa,

        his sworn arch nemesis, to the 

        Land Of Holiday Misfits, a dreary

        place from which no one can return.

        It's up to a boy named Finn and his

        mighty dragon Haldor to rescue 

        Santa and save the day before it's 

        too late!







        70 min. Animation. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Jason Wright


        Cast: Joachim Cruise, Pony 

        Frenzel, Luka Pilar


        Synopsis: Welcome to Jurassic 

        Bark where dogs and cats are 

        fighting to take control of the 

        galaxy. When an ancient bone is

        spotted in a distant galaxy it's up 

        to the star paws team to retrieve it

        and save the universe. Grab hold 

        of your treats and prepare to sit, 

        stay and space travel!







        84 min. Horror. HD. 2018. 



        Director: J. Horton


        Cast: Rachel Amanda Bryant, 

        Brit Sheridan, Scott Menville


        Synopsis: Robert Wainwright 

        dies after breaking his deal with 

        the Devil, passing that debt onto 

        his estranged daughter Morgan. 

        She soon finds herself in a never-

        ending cycle of terror as she is

        brutally murdered then resurrected

        over and over again, each time 

        losing a piece of her soul. Now 

        she must discover why this is

        happening and break the deadly 

        cycle in order to escape.







        96 min. Action/Thriller. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Kamal Ahmed


        Cast: Tom Sizemore, Alexander

        Mercier, Franky G


        Synopsis: Zahid, an American 

        born Muslim who, after struggling 

        with his Islamic roots, explores

        different aspects of the religion,

        leading to a deadly calling.










        85 min. Horror. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Louisa Warren


        Cast: Claire-Maria Fox, 

        Claudine-Helene Aumord, 

        Manny Jai Montana


        Synopsis: Tooth Fairy follows 

        Carla who has recently taken care 

        of her sister's son Corey after her

        death. When visiting Nana to collect

        Corey's birth certificate, Nana starts 

        to tell the legend of the evil tooth 

        fairy who rips out teeth. Carla is sick

        of her crazy alcoholic stories and 

        tries to leave, however a power

        outage suggests something is 

        amiss, something much more 

        sinister than Carla could imagine.








        75 min. Thriller. HD. 2017. 



        Director: Douglas Schulze


        Cast: Lauren Mae Shafer, 

        David G.B. Brown, Veronica



        Synopsis: A woman struggles 

        for survival beneath a frozen lake

        while a serial killer stalks her from 

        the surface







        111 min. Horror. HD. 2016. 



        Director: Tommy Faircloth


        Cast: Felissa Rose, Mark

        Patton, Suzie Haines 


        Synopsis: After moving into the 

        home of a deceased relative, a 

        family discovers they may have

        inherited more than just the house.







        84 min. Horror/Thriller. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Joe Lujan 


        Cast: Corey Taylor, Brittany 

        Enos, Taylor Kilgore


        Synopsis: Meredith is a girl who 

        so desperately tries to fit in with 

        the beautiful people. A group of

        beauty pageant girls that have 

        been friends since they were kids.

        When her attempts fail, and the

        bullying laps over into adulthood 

        from these girls, Meredith snaps 

        and begins a terrifying life or death

        game with the girls who treated her 

        so horribly. They must either kill

        themselves, or live their lives with

        some sort of "imperfection".






        125 min. Action. HD. 2018. 




         Cast: Ken Melchior, Billy Xiong,

         Angus Her, Sarah French



        Synopsis: Dmitri and James,

        two powerful government contract

        elite killers reconnect after their last

        job In Southeast Asia. 







        92 min. Animation/Family. 

        HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Directed by Alex Sebastian and

        Written by BC Furtney


        Synopsis: A troll named Leaf 

        and his sidekick, Bellyrumble, 

        set out on an epic journey to 

        save the imprisoned King Basil, 

        and gain the love of a lonely








        100 min. Horror. HD. 2018. 

         Complete. Ready for Delivery.


        Similar to Warner Bros. 

        September 2018 theatrical 

        release of THE NUN (it's a part 

        of THE CONJURING franchise)


        Synopsis: Based on true events.                 Aesha goes to an isolated former                 convent turned bed and breakfast 

        for some much needed relaxation.

        Aesha is visited by a nun at the 

        door who progressively begins to

        show her true colors as the night                 unfolds. 








        96 min. Horror. HD. 2018. 



        Director: David Brückner


        Cast: Sebastian Matthias

        Weißbach, David Brückner,

        Kristina Kostiv 


        Synopsis: An international group 

        of film students finds a disturbing 

        video clip on the dark web which

        seems to contain poltergeist

        phenomena. Agreed that it's just 

        what they need for their latest

        documentary project the group 

        travels to the sanatorium shown 

        in the video clip. Once there, they 

        rig up their camera equipment and

        start to explore the possible ghost

        activities - until the true horror 







        100 min. Action/Western. HD. 



        Cast: Parker Stevenson, 

        Dan Beck, Christopher Bowman. 


        Synopsis: Desperate to escape 

        the marriage to a brutal neighbor,

        Willa Randall joins Wheeler's 

        Division of the Confederate Cavalry 

        in Georgia.







        92 min. Action. HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Cast: Eric Roberts, Tom 

        Sizemore, Bill Oberst Jr., Shaun



        Synopsis: Based on "The

        Vanquishers" Comic Book Series.

        The Immortal Wars tells the story 

        of war between humans and a 

        race known as Deviants. The 

        humans have captured Deviants 

        and force them to fight to the death 

        in a live televised show.







        90 min. Action-Thriller. HD. 2018.     



         Cast: Tony Todd, Michael Eklund,            Lance Henriksen


         Synopsis: A gunslinger, a vengeful            ex-slave, and a runaway board a                midnight train to Atlanta. They                      discover that the train is haunted 

         by a sinister force, and must fight 

         to survive the night.







        90 min. Sci-Fi. HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Cast: Gary Daniels (The

        Expendables), Marshal Hilton

        Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek

        Wedding), Dominique Swain,

        Michael Pare (Gone, The Virgin

        Suicides, The Lincoln Lawyer), 

        Randy Wayne (Honey 2, Hellraiser:

        Judgement, The Dukes of Hazzard:

        The Beginning), Spice Williams- 

        Crosby (Star Trek V: The Final


        Synopsis: A science-fiction story of 

        a billionaire's private space

        exploration program returning to 

        Earth with an abducted 

        extraterrestrial from a newly

        discovered alien planet.


        In the draft of PACIFIC RIM











        90 min. Sci-Fi/Thriller. 

        HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Cast: James Duval (Donnie 

        Darko), John Cho (Harold & 

        Kumar Go to White Castle, 

        Star Trek, Searching), Peter 

        Greene (Pulp Fiction, The

        Mask), Roxy Saint (Zombie

        Strippers), Nathan Bexton (Go).


        Synopsis: A sci-fi conspiracy 

        thriller, based on real phone

        messages and testimonials from

        victims of mind control technology.









        95 min. Thriller. HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Cast: Mischa Barton (The O.C., 

        The Sixth Sense), Tara                                 Reid (American Pie, Sharknado), 

        Dee Wallace (ET, Cujo, The                         Howling), Chris Mulkey.                               (Captain Phillips, Whiplash, The                   Purge, Twin Peaks), Carly                           Schroeder. (Lizzie McGuire, 

        Firewall, Port Charles).



        A girl takes her friends to a house 

        with a dark past for a research 

        project. They unwittingly summon 

        an evil entity with plans of its own                 who makes the house part of its                   sinister game. 


        Official Selection - Texas                           Frightmare Weekend


        OUIJA HOUSE in Entertainment               Weekly


Click on link below: First Look at Mischa Barton and Tara Reid in OUIJA HOUSE






        90 min. Thriller. HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Directed by John Real (Winner of 

        the Golden Globe for Best

        Breakthrough Director 'Native' in 

        Italy and Venice Film Festival 



        Cast: Antonio Lujak (Star Wars: 

        The Last Jedi), Fiona Whitelaw 

        (Feel Dead), Rachel Daigh (The

        Runners, American Crime Story).


        Synopsis: When a music box 

        begins affecting Sophie's behavior

        and health Annabelle seeks the aid 

        of a child psychologist and 

        clairvoyant who soon discover the

        music box is possessed by an evil








        80 min. Horror. HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Cast: Phoebe Torrance, Kate                     Lister, Tara MacGowran

        Synopsis: Three burglars will soon             realise they are not alone in a 

        manor house when they discover a             doll mysteriously appearing.


        For Fans of ANNABELLE franchise,             THE BOY, ROBERT THE DOLL,                 CHILD'S PLAY







        98 min. Crime. HD. 2017. Complete. 


        Synopsis: Entangled in his 

        Uncle's gambling affairs, Scott and 

        his dim-witted companion, Joel, 

        find themselves desperately 

        strapped up in the company of 

        debt collectors, dog thieves and 

        an unsuspected psychopath.







        80 min. Thriller. 

        HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Synopsis: Twenty years after 

        the horrors of a West African 

        civil war, Reverend Brian William

        confronts his past when his wife

        and daughter are kidnapped.







       100 min. Romance. HD. 2018. 



        Director: Richard Chamberlin


        Cast: Kali Hawk (Fifty Shades 

        of Black, Couples Retreat,

        Bridesmaids), Adrian Adams, 

        Derek Armelin, Scott Brandon


        Synopsis: Rick is in his final year 

        of College and finds true love (Kali

        Hawk - Fifty Shades of Black, 

        Couples Retreat, Bridesmaids). 

        The catch is she's Black and Rick

        quickly discovers this love isn't







     LOT 24


        73 min. Sci-FI/Thriller. HD. 2018. 



        Synopsis: When Rachel is 

        extended an invitation to stay at 

        the camping lot (Lot 24) of her

        missing uncle, she is leery, but 

        excited at the thought of spending

        some time away. Although the 

        details surrounding his 

        disappearance are sketchy at 

        best, Rachel and her friends plan 

        a weekend of hiking and relaxing.







        88 min. Horror. HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Cast: Claire-Maria Fox (Suicide 

        Club, 24 Little Hours), Manny Jai

        Montana (Mandy the Doll, Lucifer's



        Synopsis: A failing radio host finds

        out she has inherited a farm house 

        in Wales from a family she never

        knew she had. But what goes on 

        the land is story in which people 

        have gone missing every 20 years.

        Fixed on repairing her career, she

        sets off with her friends to make the

        ultimate discovery for her radio 

        show but what she discovers may 

        well be what she would least expect

        for every 20 years, the Scarecrow 

        will rise, and this time - he's seeking 

        a bride.






        79 min. Thriller/Horror/Sci-Fi. HD.               2018. Complete. 


        Cast: KateLynn E. Newberry                       (Auditorium 6), Joshua Winch (Fall 

        of Grace) 


        Synopsis: A demonic evil is

        unleashed, following a man named

        Remmington who recently escaped 

        in deadly clutches. Trying to evade

        this relentless demon, Remmington

        hides out in a bar with two women in

        search of a missing person and a

        failing host of a paranormal-themed

        TV show. It becomes a battle for

        survival as the evil spirit releases 

        its wrath, hell-bent on collecting he

        souls of these three new victims. 

        The group must band together to

        bring an end to this evil, once and 

        for all.









        90 min. Horror/Thriller. HD. 2018.



        Dir: Eddie Lengyel; Cast: Angela

        Cole, KateLynn E. Newberry, Debbie



        Synopsis: The Curse of Lilith 

        Ratchet revolves around the

        discovery of a mysterious shrunken

        head that leads to the sudden death

        of anyone who encounters it.







        86 min. Horror. 

        HD. 2016. Complete. 


        Directed by Jamie Cymbal, 

        Ryan Simons

        Written by Ryan Simons


        Cast: Jimmy Allen, Lindsay

        Bennett, Chris Blackwood


        Synopsis: A young gangster 

        forced into trafficking girls goes 

        into hiding when a deal goes 

        wrong but when the girl unleashes 

        her supernatural curse he must

        decide between his love for her 

        or running for his life.







        72 min. Comedy/Drama. 

        HD. 2017. Complete. 


        Cast: Megan Boone (The 

        Blacklist), Larry Bryggman (Die 

        Hard with a Vengeance, As the 

        World Turns), Derek Cecil (House 

        of Cards).


        Synopsis: Sloane and her 

        boyfriend Barrett return to her

        childhood home determined to 

        ruin her father Roan's re-marriage.

        Family secrets surface and give 

        rise to a puzzling future.







        77 min. Drama. HD. 2017. Complete. 


        Dir: Riley Wood; Cast: Denise

        Richards (The World is Not Enough, 

        Wild Things, Love Actually), Lili

        Bordán (Battlestar Galactica: Blood

        & Chrome, The Martian), Jennifer 

        Taylor (Two and a Half Men).


        Synopsis: The story about the life 

        of a dollar bill, and the many lives it

        passes along the way.







        78 min. Mystery/Thriller. HD. 2018.



        Directed by M. Shawn Cunningham


        Cast: A  Garrett Charles

        Coleman,  Amanda DoSsa

        Doss, Robert Glover 


        Synopsis: Esther Harrison has it

        good and got exactly what she                     wanted in life; steady income two 

        kids and a loving husband but, 

        when a dark figure from her past

        comes calling, it reveals a secret 

        that will change everything.







        96 min. Horror. HD. 2018. Complete. 


        Synopsis: It's Christmas time in                 Cleveland, Ohio and four young 

        ladies are on the verge of 

        completing their mandatory thirty 

        days of community service. With 

        only one night to go, they are 

        required to make a series of 

        in-home visits to the older and 

        less fortunate. Upon arriving at 

        their final stop for the night, they

        become introduced to a pleasant

        older woman who graciously

        welcomes them into her home for 

        the evening. However, as darkness

        falls and the cold settles in, they 

        begin to realize that there is far 

        more to their seemingly innocent

        host than meets the eye.






        82 min. Family. HD. Complete. 


        Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Robert

        James-Collier (Downtown Abbey),

      Kylie Minogue, Suranne Jones

        (BBC's Doctor Foster, Scott & Bailey,

       Coronation Street), Bronaugh Wagh

        (Hollyoaks, The Fall) and narrated by

       Liam Neeson.


       Synopsis: Born under the Christmas

       Star, Noelle believes she has the gift

       to perform miracles, so when

       conniving developer McKerrod

       threatens her peaceful life she and 

       her friends determine to use this gift 

       to thwart his plans and save their










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