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Golden Network Cannes 2015 Lineup



At the forthcoming Marché du FilmGolden Network! will be presenting Saving Mr. Wu, the latest police-action film from Ding Sheng, who most recently directed Police Story 2013 starring Jackie Chan. The new film stars leading Chinese actors Andy Lau, Liu Ye and Wang Qianyuan on opposing sides of the law in a battle of the wits during a sensational abduction case. 

We will have the first market screenings of the English-language version of our CGI animation, Frog Kingdom, an adventure-packed comedy featuring an accidental hero competing in the Froglympics with a runaway princess bride.  

We are also presenting its brand new sequel, Frog Kingdom 2: Ice Cave Adventure. In the 3-D animation, there is mass panic in the capital after a series of explosions. The Frog Warriors, together the Frog Princess, investigate the mystery, involving a voyage across the kingdom. 

Our lineup also includes The Arti: The Adventure Begins, a unique visual experience, employs 3-D puppet animation in its fantastical tale of a map, an energy source and a single wooden robot at the heart of a legend that will decide the fate of China and the West.

Yugo & Lala 2, a CGI animation that secured 2.1 million admissions in China during the competitive summer holidays, features the brave young Yugo who returns to the fantastical kingdom in the clouds, teaming up with her friends Uncle Bear and Lala to discover why the land’s animals are shrinking.

Golden Network will exhibit at booth E17 in the Riviera from 13 to 21 May. To schedule an appointment, please email Ms Michelle KONG at or call us on +852 2751 1886.


Stephanie Cheung
Senior Sales and Marketing Manager
Golden Network Asia Limited

Market Screenings

Frog Kingdom

Market Screenings (English Version)
14 May | 1200 | Riviera 3
16 May | 1200 | Riviera 3


China / 86 min / Adventure / English / 2014

Director: Nelson Shin
Voice Cast: Bella Thorne, Cameron Dallas, Rob Schneider, Drake Bell, Keith David

When the Frog King announces that the amphibian who wins the most Froglympics' medals will marry his daughter, the Frog Princess runs away. Dressed as a commoner in men's clothing, she befriends street vendor Rain and his tadpole sidekick Little Ken. The princess can't help falling in love with Rain as he trains for the games. Meanwhile, the Frog King is having a personal relations nightmare without his daughter by his side and has a Fake Princess trained as her stand-in. Then Little Ken learns that four other contestants are spies of the ruthless Snake King who is plotting an invasion.

SYNOPSISarrow.png TRAILERarrow.png MERCHANDISEarrow.png

New Lineup



China / Post-production / Crime Thriller / Mandarin

Director: Ding Sheng "Police Story 2013", "Little Big Soldier"
Starring: Andy Lau "Firestorm", "Blind Detective", "A Simple Life",
                Liu Ye "Police Story 2013", Wang Qianyuan "The Piano in a Factory"
                Wu Ruofu, Lam Suet "The Midnight After","Drug War", "Blind Detective"

Based on a real kidnapping case that transformed modern media reporting in China, Ding Sheng's latest crime thriller is about the abduction of a Hong Kong star in Beijing. The crime gripped China for 21 hours in real-time. This dramatic realization brings to light the details of the police investigation, the cruelty of the kidnappers and the bravery of the kidnapped star.



China / Post-production / Adventure

The Frog Warriors face their biggest challenge yet

Director: Peng Fei

As panic engulfs the kingdom, Frog Princess, her runaway groom Rain and his Frog Warriors must locate the kingdom's missing protector, the mysterious Crystal Frog.



The ARTI: The Adventure Begins


Taiwan / 102 min / Puppet Animation / Adventure / Mandarin / 2015 

The quest for a mysterious power source unearths a lost world

Director: Huang Wen-chang
Producer: Hwang Wen-tze

After their once-respected family is accused of treason, the son and daughter cross the desert with their wooden robot to find refuge in the ancient city of Loulan. But the legendary kingdom's prince harbours his own political ambitions, constructing his own robot army to wage war across China.

SYNOPSISarrow.png TRAILERarrow.png


Yugo & Lala 2


China / 76 min / Family / Mandarin / 2014

Courage Comes In All Sizes

Director: Wang Yunfei "Yugo & Lala"
Producer: Yuan Mei "Yugo & Lala", Diao Renyong

The brave young Yugo visits Uncle Bear and Lala in the fantastical kingdom in the clouds only to be met with a new crisis. All the animals are shrinking in size! The friends embark on a perilous journey to find the source of the land's water to save the kingdom.

SYNOPSISarrow.png TRAILERarrow.png TEASERarrow.png STILLSarrow.png MERCHANDISEarrow.png

The Legend of Qin


China / 90 min / Fantasy / Martial Arts / Mandarin / 2014

Written & Directed by: Robin Shen

In a border town, young Tianming is entrusted with a sacred stone by his Uncle Lu. Chased by the Qin Army, he is rescued by Ge Nie, the kingdom's greatest swordsman. He teams up with skilled teenage fighter Shaoyu and a mysterious girl named Xiao Li, who reveals that the stone is a hibernating descendant of the Divine Dragon. They travel across the desert to the legendary city of Loulan to stop Emperor Qin from awakening an ancient weapon. When the Qin Army arrives, it is left to Tianming and his friends to risk their lives to destroy the weapon.

SYNOPSISarrow.png TRAILER 1arrow.png TRAILER 2arrow.png


Live TV

Official Selection
Midnight Passion - Busan International Film Festival 2014 (South Korea)


Korea / 86 min / Found Footage / Thriller / Korean / 2014

Live streaming the victims of a serial killer
Will you die for more "Likes"?

Directors: Kim Sun-ung, Son Kwang-soo
Starring: Yeon Je-wook, Ko Eun-a, Yeon Song-ha, Kang Hyun-woo, Oh Kwang-rok

Online video jockey Cheong-rok, hell-bent on securing one million viewers, streams a threesome with his friends Seon-hong and Ja-ju. But they discover that their seedy motel location is overflowing with corpses, victims of its serial killer manager. But the show must go on.

SYNOPSISarrow.png PROMOarrow.png

The Master


China / 86 min / Martial Arts / Mandarin / 2014

A legendary martial arts master who fought for his country

Director: Ke Zhou
Starring: Shi Hongbo, Cheng Ni, Shi Tianlong, Mai Jintong

Chen Xiang opens a martial arts school to teach his unique style. When a contest is held by foreigners, he beats fighters from Russia, Japan and Germany. But he only reveals his true powers when the Qing Prince kidnaps Chen's students to make him fight for the corrupt Qing dynasty.

SYNOPSISarrow.png TRAILERarrow.png

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