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Announcing the Thailand Short Film Competition


The Thailand Film Office, under the Thailand Department of Tourism is responsible for promoting, regulating and supporting international film productions in Thailand. Films such as 'Hangover II', 'Tomorrow Never Dies', 'Only God Forgives', 'The Railway Man' and many others have filmed in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Now, the Thailand Film Office wants to find the next generation of film-makers who will bring Thailand to the screen.

History of the Thailand Short Film Competition

The competition is now in its sixth year. In total, over 200 aspiring film-makers have joined the competition, from over 30 different countries. Check out the Facebook page or YouTube to see some of the great films and incredible experiences that contestants have enjoyed.

Who is eligible?

We are looking for film-makers in pairs. You must have a partner who you trust absolutely. You must be engaged in a full-time course of study related to film or the media at undergraduate or equivalent level. You must be under 35 years of age. You must not have a criminal record, or have ever been turned down for a visa to Thailand. You must have access to a DSLR or digital cinema camera producing footage at 1080p resolution. You must have access to a laptop or other mobile computer with editing software. You must be available to join the mission from 9th July to 17th July 2018. 

The Thailand Film Office will provide...

One return air ticket to Thailand for every film-maker. 
Total of four nights accommodation in Bangkok to cover the start and end of your trip.
One van with driver for your time while not in Bangkok
30,000 Thai Baht for expenses during your mission.
One local assistant, who will travel with you and support you with translation.
Travel insurance.
Mission briefing in Bangkok.

Your mission.

To make a short film exploring  “Thailand through the eyes of foreigner (Way of Life/Culture/Tourism)”. We are looking for a fresh approach, using imagination, dramatic technique, and creative vision. You will have to find locations, actors, and use your talent to show your perspective on Thailand within the context of the region you have chosen. The character of your region may be found in unique geographical features, the culture, the people, the food, or the local products. 

If you succeed...

The winning team will receive 300,000 Thai Baht, and there are eight runner up prizes of 30,000 Baht each.
1. Applicants must apply in teams of two. 

2. Applicants must not be more than 35 years old. 
In order to bring the challenge experience to the most amount of people, we cannot accept applications including any team member who was accepted for and participated in the Thailand Short Film Competition in any previous years.

3. Applicants must be engaged in a full-time course of study in film, television or related media subject at undergraduate or equivalent level. They will be required to prove this at time of application.

4. All contestants must have a valid passport with six months remaining. They must not have a criminal record. They must not ever have been denied entry to Thailand. If for any reason, a contestant is denied a visa for entry to Thailand, his/her team will not be eligible to compete.

5. All contestants must be in good physical health, and have no existing or recurring serious medical conditions.

6. All contestants must be able to read, write, speak and understand English.

7. Contestants will supply their own camera and editing equipment capable of filming at 1080p 24fps with audio.

1. Completed Application Form
2. Resume/Profile of both team members
3. Passport copies of both team members
4. A written treatment for your concept for the film you want to make. (Full script not required at this stage.)
5. A link to a YouTube clip where you introduce your team to the judges and explain why your team should be selected to join this competition (maximum two minutes). Make it interesting!!!
6. A copy of your Student ID, or letter (in English language) from your college/university, showing that you are currently engaged in a course of study related to film, television, or other media-related subject.  
7. A passport-type photo of both team members.

Theme of the short film 
We need you to explore the Way of Life/Tourism/Culture of Thailand. What are its characteristics? What is the secret formula that makes Thailand unique? 
We understand that Thailand is a land of great beauty and a diverse culture that appeals to millions of visitors each year. But there is something deeper; a character that goes beyond physicality. We need you to capture that unique ' Way of Life/Tourism/Culture ' on film. Many travelogues have failed in this mission. We are looking for a fresh approach, using imagination, dramatic technique, and creative vision. You will have to find locations, actors, and use your talent to unlock the secret of Thailand

Each film should be based on 1 of the 37 provinces presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Please note that contestants must base their short films on one of the thirty seven provinces but are not allowed to feature more than one province in their films. It is highly advisable that contestants familiarize themselves with the location of their films subject matter, prior to traveling to Thailand.

Description of the Short Film
1. The length of short film is no less than five (5) minutes in length and no longer than seven (7) minutes in length.
2. Concept of the short film must be related to Way of Life/Tourism/Culture of Thailand 
3. The short film must be filming at a minimum of 1080p 24fps with audio
4. The narration/conversation/monologue/dialogue has to be in English and have Thai subtitles or in Thai and have English subtitles.

1. All contestants will be required to behave at all times in a manner that is appropriate both in their own country and in the host country. If any filmmakers are found to be behaving in a way that is contrary to the laws of Thailand, the competition regulations, or in a way that is disrespectful or potentially damaging to themselves or to the competition or to the reputation of Thailand, they will be disqualified, and repatriated. Please note that any decision to disqualify is final, and is entirely at the discretion of the organizing committee.
2. All films are expected to meet legal standards in Thailand, and to uphold the values of Thailand and the competition. If a film is found by the organizers to contain inappropriate material, images, audio, or themes, the committee has the right to demand alterations, cuts, and/or to exclude the film from consideration in the competition. Such decisions are final and entirely at the discretion of the organizing committee. Entrants should be aware of the particular areas of cultural sensitivities of Thailand. There may be certain scenes which might be inoffensive in the film-maker's own country, but which would be unacceptable when filmed in Thailand. Areas of sensitivity include the monarchy, religion, and scenes of a sexual nature. All selected teams will be briefed on this subject during the initial briefing in Bangkok.
3. All footage contained within contestants' films must be original footage shot by the contestants themselves. Purchased, downloaded, stock or previously film footage may not  be included.
4. The rights to the music, symbol, logo and art work within contestants’ films have to be cleared. Contestants are responsible for any legal issue, by themselves.
5. The Thailand Short Film Competition 2018 shall own copyright on all projects produced as part of the event. However, contestants are free to show their films for non-commercial purposes as a reference example of their creative skills.


1. Each team will get two economy air tickets from their home country to Thailand. No stop-overs are permitted, and return ticket dates and destinations cannot be changed.
2. Each team will be given accommodation on their first two nights in Bangkok, whilst they attend orientation. They will also be provided with accommodation on their final two nights before returning home. On all other nights, teams must find their own accommodation. During the orientation day, teams will be given assistance in finding accommodation within their budget range.
3. Teams will be given a cash budget of total THB 30,000 (Thai Baht currency).* This must cover all the team's costs of accommodation, food, location, talent and any other costs. We strongly recommend that teams also bring spending money. We also provide transportation (van with driver) from 11th July to 14th July. Fuel will be provided sufficient to transport teams from Bangkok to the first shooting location. During the shoot, film-makers must pay for fuel. They must return the van with a full tank of fuel.
4. Emergency health insurance will be provided. This will cover all accidents and emergencies including repatriation if necessary. Please note that it will not cover existing medical conditions. If any film-makers suffer from an existing or recurring medical condition or allergies, they are required to inform us whilst applying.
5. Each team will be assigned a local assistant. This will usually be a local student. They will help the teams to bridge any language difficulties and assist communications. Please note that they will probably have limited if any film production experience. Note also that in matters of safety, local customs, and local laws, teams must heed the advice and warnings of their local assistant.  
*The cash budget will be paid to teams in two installments: 20,000 Thai Baht will be given on the Orientation Day - 10,000 Thai Baht will be given after the team has submitted its completed film.

The judging committee will view all films on the 16th July.
The overall Best Film as determined by the judges will receive 300,000 Thai Baht.

There will be eight runner-up prizes of 30,000 Thai Baht awarded to the outstanding film in each of the eight location groups.


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