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A few good news from the festival circuit

Bienvenue sur le blog de Bruno !
Voici quelques news en français du circuit des festivals francophones. Laissez moi un commentaire quand vous le pouvez.


Guitar and film

Résultat d’images pour guitar in film

The life of a woman is transformed after she is diagnosed with a terminal disease, fired from her job and abandoned by her boyfriend. Given two months to live, she throws caution to the wind to pursue her dreams.

Director:  Amy Redford;  Writer: Amos Poe; Stars: Saffron BurrowsIsaach De BankoléPaz de la Huerta |See full cast & crew »

Think of Desperado, This film comes to my mind too because I have worked on it for Sony ,  the guitar plays a central part in the story, remember it s remake of El Marriachi!

Résultat d’images pour guitar in film

I dont remember seeing this one.

 Résultat d’images pour guitar in film


All about different brands of acoustic guitars


One of the most famous instruments of the music industry is the guitar. This is a musical instrument that takes the ancient roots and offers a wide range of music styles. This musical instrument is made with of strings through which one can play music.

There are many types of guitar, however, acoustic guitar is the most popular one and still widely used everywhere. Guitars are one of the main instruments used in many forms of music today like mariachi music, pop music, roc, blues, country music and jazz etc. They can be also played as a solo classical instrument.

Acoustic guitars

An acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces an acoustic sound through the vibration of its strings. Acoustic guitars are usually made out of various woods and strung with animal gut, or with nylon or steel strings. Some of the popular brands of guitars of this type are Fender, Gibson and Yamaha.

This type of guitar does not contain an external device to be heard. Instead, the acoustic guitars make use of a soundboard and this is a piece of wood which is to be mounted on the top of the body of the guitar. Through this one can heard the music played through the guitar.

Today’s acoustic guitars that are available feature pickups which enable the player to amplify the guitar sound. Since acoustic guitars do not have any amplification methods, piezo and magnetic pickups are mounted under the bridge saddle of this guitar, which can be plugged into a mixer or amplifier. The best part of these acoustic guitars is that this guitar can be played by any guitar player. Similarly, this type of guitar can be used in any type of music.

Categories of acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitars are available in different categories such as

  • Perfect classical guitars

One of the best things about these perfect classical guitars is that these have nylon strings which are quite durable. Sometimes these are even called as nylon string guitar. Playing system of the classical guitar is little different. You have to move your fingers a lot in order to play this guitar. Plectrum has no role in this specific playing process.

  • Steel string guitars

These types of guitars are also known as bass guitars. The strings of these guitars are made with steel and it has only four strings

  • Arched top guitars and

This instrument has got its inspiration from a violin. This type of guitar is a still stringed guitar. This form of guitar is very much popular among the jazz guitarists.

  • Twelve string guitars

These are the still stringed guitars and these types of guitars are generally made with 12 strings. That is a couple of six strings are paired up in this guitar. This type of guitar is very much famous in folk music and rock and roll music.

  • Renaissance and Baroque guitars

The guitars of this type are as same as the classical type guitars. The difference is that these guitars are smaller in size than classical guitars and also less noisy than those guitars. The strings of these guitars are just like the twelve-stringed guitars but it contains only four or five couple of strings and not six.

Apart from these types there are also some other forms of acoustic guitars like the flamenco guitars, folk guitars etc.

However, the acoustic guitars available today are differ more than the ones that are available in earlier days. The modern acoustic guitars are designed and constructed as like the electric guitars and this is to generate huge volume of sound while playing the guitar. Aside from the general acoustic guitars that are available, special acoustic guitars like the left handed acoustic guitars are also popular in the recent days.  

In general, most of the music instrument players consider this instrument as an interesting one. The reason for the popularity of these acoustic guitars is that these guitars are hassle free and extremely easy to carry. And, the special part is one can create magic with the help of these guitars.

How to choose the best acoustic guitar?

When you are going to buy an acoustic guitar you have a lot of options and variations. Therefore, you will face little confusion while choosing a guitar. Hence you need to consider certain things while buying an acoustic guitar

Price Range

One of the major things you need to consider while buying an acoustic guitar is its price. In fact, most of the people have to stick to a fairly strict budget. This does not means that you should never settle for one of the cheap acoustic guitars. Even if you have to save up for a few months, it is definitely in your best interest to purchase the one of the highest quality, best instrument that you can afford.

Personal Attributes

Besides of the guitar, one has also need to consider the personal attributes. This is because the physical considerations change from one person to another. Hence, you need to consider your physical considerations while buying an acoustic guitar. What are the factors you need to consider? You need to consider

  • Hand size

  • Finger length

  • Body size

  • Arm length

  • Age

  • Gender

This is because all these factors normally come into play when you are deciding to buy a new acoustic guitar. For instance to say, the players with a longer fingers are able to handle the model with full size. On the other hand, beginners and those who with short fingers have to buy parlor sized guitars.

Style of playing

One also needs to consider the style of playing the guitar before going to purchase it. The reason is the individual players use different musical playing style and this style normally differs from one to another. You should be aware of your own playing style while choosing the guitar. You have to choose a guitar that is appropriate for your playing style and the particular preference.

Choose your guitar according to where you use it

You also need to consider where you are going to use your guitar. This factor also plays a vital role.

For the guitar players those who play in the public concerts, they need to know which guitar suits best for that. The reason for this based on the venue the guitar choice also differs. One has to choose the right guitar that projects the sound in the good way in public. If you are playing only for yourself or a small number of friends, this particular criterion may not be as important as for those playing in public.

Playing Experience

A guitarist's ability to judge the quality of a guitar tends to increase as their skills improve. If you are beginner to this field, you don’t have concern on your subtleties of your guitar. This will create a vast difference in the instrument’s quality that you need to buy.

Advantages of acoustic guitars

Level of playing - The acoustic guitar also makes the perfect choice for both beginner and experienced players. Thus this is the ideal guitar to start learning to play on or to use by an experienced songwriter or performer.

Finger Correction - A common problem when finger playing guitars is using incorrect muscles and finger strokes but because the strings of an acoustic guitar are typically thicker, good finger strength is imperative. As a result, bad habits are relatively easy to correct.

Easy to move - Without the need for electrical cords or stands, the acoustic guitar is 100% mobile so an individual could take this instrument virtually anywhere whenever wanted, even when travelling via plane

Sound - This type of guitar also produces amazing sound that works great for different genres and without effects or distortions getting in the way, sound is clear and beautiful

Performance - One of the many things that guitarists appreciate about the acoustic guitar is its level of performance. Overall, this instrument has good sustain and performance ability, making it a popular choice of instrument

Where to get an acoustic guitar?

Getting an acoustic guitar is easy today. Almost all the stores that sell musical instruments have this guitar. Similarly, you can get these guitars from online stores also. Even you can get different variety of guitars from these stores. Buying your acoustic guitar through online stores is better. This is because you will be able to see the entire features of the guitar including its price range.

You will get the entire details relate to the particular product and different brands of guitars. Hence consider buying guitar online.

Guitar reviews

Another best support for buying a new acoustic guitar is to check the reviews on these guitars. A lot of online sources today provide reviews on the best guitar products. Checking the reviews on guitars will help you know a lot of information about the one you need to buy. Therefore, through this, you will be able to buy the best one for you.


With so many choices available it may be hard to fine your choice down to just one guitar. But if you take these above given information into consideration, your chances of selecting one of the best acoustic guitars in your price range will improve considerably.

Meta Description- Different brands of guitars have got their own special quality. Make sure to check all the features before buying the perfect one for yourself or loved one.





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