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A dialogue from bigmikecraft, Meyer Lansky's last enforcer. A new movie is being filmed in Saratoga in 2011 and a short for the Providence Film Festival this summer. I was inducted into the Lansky Group in 1968 because my father worked for the syndicate fixing trials thru-out New York State. My father was the Honorable William A. Craft, of Solomon, Kirwin, and Craft. They were not lawyers, they were Supreme Court Reporters, and were the bag men for both the Republican Party, and The Democratic Party. I became Meyer's Last Enforcer because My father did his job for the organization and I was an only child, therefore no threat. I was a millionaire by the age of 25. I was broke 4 times and kept starting over! I owned many nite-clubs in N.Y. which are all registered to me via the N.Y.S. Liquor Authority. I had the contracts to kill Pierre Trudeau of Canada, and Fidel Castro of Cuba, in 1974. I shall explain them in blogs on this web site. I was forced to save Richard Nixons life after Meyer put out a hit on him in the fall of 1974. I have been in many newspapers and have had to fight the FBI for years until they finally kept me from being printed in the Enquirer o9n the Toronto Star's Article on my contract to hit "Pierre Trudeau, and Fidel Castro in 1974! The article was printed on January 3rd, 2008. The new movie, "Woodstock Melody, "The Real Crime Story" which stars Ben Gleib of the Chelsey Handler Show and is "Esquire Magazines "Comic of the Next 10 years"is a great Real Action Film! Ben plays the eldest son to the Upstate New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire Mob Boss! The iconic actor Fred "The Hammer" Williamson will play a gambler who works for the Boss with the great actress from "The Dallas Television Series" Audrey Landers playing the Bosses long term wife! Audrey is wonderful! The Emmy Award winner Ken Kercheval, "Cliff Barnes" on Dallas, will play the part of the last of the real old time mob bosses still active! Ken is perfect for the part. A new comer "Lena Chase from Smooth Magazine, will play the girlfriend of the big boss! It is a great cast and wait and see the final shoot, live right here on !


BigMikeCraft's Problem With The Toronto Star

On January 3rd, 2008, The Toronto Star ran a Front Page by Peter Crawford entitled "Mobster Confesses"! The interview was in Amsterdam N.Y. on a snowey nite, right after Christmas. 2007! Mr. Peter Crawford came 400 miles to interview a former general member (made) of the old Lansky Group (Meyer) and a Full Member of the NCS (old Combination) in the United States, not Canada. The interview was about 5 hours long at the America's Best Hotel in Amsterdam, N.Y.(about 30 miles from Albany, the capital of N.Y.) Dinner was at Ruby Tuesday's and there was about 2 hours of chat. The Hotel interview was about 3.5 hours and was taped and videoed. I explained about the hit on Pierre Trudeau in 1974 inorder to get Fidel Castro at a State Funeral and the exact weapons I was going to use. I explained the joke of a border at the time and that I used it as an open door for contraband. I explained why Meyer wanted Castro dead and that Trudeau was just the bait. I explained that I was just a member at the time (soldier) and I took Meyer's orders thru other trusted friends. I explained my partership with Paul DiCocco of Schenectady N.Y. and that Paul had acted as Carmine Galante's underboss in the 50's and after in Montreal. I explained that Paul and I had been partners in 3 nite-clubs in the 70's and early 80's. I then got pushed way up over Paul and started to stay away from any day to day. I explained how powerful my father had been, as a fixer for Meyer and his friends, in the 50's, 60's, & 70's. I, in short told this moron reporter exactly the facts as they happened. ---When I read the Article on January 3rd, 2008, I swear that I did not think he and I had been at the same interview. He only said I was a degenerate gambler and did not explain to the reader that the term meant over $1,000,000 (million) dollars bet per year. I was always in the enviroment. I called myself that, no one would ever dare. He said I was a heavy drinker, when I said I owned 19 bars and restaurants in my career, and Drank too much. He listed me as a bartender, when I was a holder of 19 N.Y.S.Liquor Licenses since the age of 23. My father was in the Supreme Court of N.Y., not some street person! I told him my family owned a summer home in the North Hatley Lake area, and that my mother was born in Waterville, Que. He said my mother was in Canada, when she was an American citizen, and head of the Memorial School of Nursing in the 30's& 40's. He brought in some small time writer of Mafia stories who could not understand why I would not contact any wise guys in Montreal. I explained that Montreal was a sub-family at that time(74) and that I would never contact any other groups since I represented the National(including all of Canada) therefore no one was over me! Also that I was going to hit the Prime Minister of Canada, therefore it would be stupid for me to talk to amatures! I was an executive gun and worked for a commission member and was best friends with another commission member in the Mid-West, therefore there was nobody for me to talk to in all of Canada. There was no commission members from Canada at that time, therefore why would I talk about a Plan that could get me a Life Sentence at that time. The limitations on Conspiracy are up thus I can tell the story now and try to sell the movie and T.V.rights. I said I would walk any Producer who paid ,thru the process. Apparently the RCMP and the FBI (partners of RCMP) had other ideas. They chose to down play the fact that My father was an American National Pistol champion in the 30's and went on to be a fixer for both the Commission but also a fixer for the Republician Party. They chose to not want to say that the Canadian Border was basically open until the 911 Tragety, and was open for all time until 9-11-01. We brought every thing in the world down the St. Lawrence Sea Way and I likened the Vermont Border as My personal Walmart loading dock. The Toronto Star chose yellow journalism and cowardly journalism by dumbing down the story and me rather than telling the Canadian People what they should have known. Trudeau was what I call a play-day-hit. He had little to bad protection and because he loved the people so much, he was usually predictable. I gave a complete and honest narrative for 5 hours! Peter Crawford, who has some hair issues and needs a stylest, chose to play up to the government. The government and Editorial Managers did not want it out that The Canadian Prime Minister was such an easy target. Peter Crawford could not understand why I was sent. The commission sent a young man to Kill a foreign Head of State, and then ordered him to stay and Kill anotheHead of State, Fidel Castro (Trudeau's best friend). Use your minds people and tell your friends. Do you understand how good I use to be for some of the most powerful men in North America to say to a 26 year old kid, "hay, Mike, stick around after you hit Trudeau and Hit Castro for us, ok" I was a sharpshooter and at that time in my life, I was considered a most dangerous inside member player! The Toronto won't let me reprint that story either, and I have even insulted them! They won't go for a one on one for the only Assassination story in Canada of their beloved Pierre Trudeau. I'm sure those of readers and members are smart enough to smell the Toronto Star, the friend of The RCMP! Sincerely bigmikecraft