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Anna Polibina-Polansky

Experimental shortcut films by Anna Polibina-Polansky, a filmmaker originating from Moscow, are characterized by the genre-and-thematic novelty and by the fresh tools for embodiment of the plot. Anna screens films of the silver age of the Russian poetry (predominantly in English, at her own equity-rhythmic stanzas), of oriental and country-discovering subjects, of half-forgotten talented people and their lost estates in Russia, of Russian and European monasteries of the 16-17th centuries. Her films embrace a gamma of plots and protagonists, of stylistic manners and metaphoric gadgets. They are up screened in English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Anna translates poetry into English and French, from Arabian, Persian, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

Among her characters, there are: Dickinson, Pozzi, Pluth and Sexton, Verlaine and Baudlaire, Dali and Eloire, Appaulinaire, Prevert and de Nerval, Yeats and Keats, Byron and Coleridge, Machado and Lorca, Neruda and Ibanez, G.-A.Becquer and J.Updike, R.Stone and Tr.Capote, T.Williams, Cavafis and Elitis; nearly every representative of the Russian silver age in poetry, including the poetic followers of Akhmatova and her envvironment...'

She organizes demonstrations of her films, for various audiences, in Europ, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia (nerly worldwide). The most  Nothern, Arctic areas are of her special interest (because of mixed Arabian-Aleutan ancscestry). She has shown her poetic (lyric) films-essays in Poland, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, so far. She is waiting for invitations of her thematic movie programs to your  area (she takes no fee for shwings themselves, the demonstrations are totally altruistic). She propagandizes acute feeling for istory, genres of arts, creative personalities - artisans for those genres.

Anna Polibina-Polansky is a script writer, a director and an organzer for the video rows of her films-essays. She has gathered crops of diplomas, grand-prix and golden statues of international film festivals (in Moscow, New York, Paris, Valette, Strasbourg, Berlin, Basel) for her experimental films, so far. Her monocineartstudio has existed for 15 years already; it is simultaneously a lab for her genres and stylistic manners.

Currently Anna screens up plots at the genre of Oriental poetic-and-experimental films. She has issued 60 shortcut (from 10 up to 30 minutes, the length of each) over a variety of themes, starting from the Middle Sea and Maghreb to Tibetan India, Mongolia, Japan and Korea. Actually genuine orientalists at the cinematograph of nowadays are very few. They stick to their former genre techniques and cultivate fresh stylistics due to the subtle visual and verbal practices of the traditional East. Anna's themes profoundly correlate with the history of Arabian countries and of the Far East. She introduces her plots, protagonists and themes at a variety of European ans Asian festivals, as those works have a lot to do with medieval history and the genre scale.

I ASK A BIT OF YOUR ATTENTION, CO-THINKERS, COLLEAGUES, GENRE WORSHIPERS, CRYTICISTS AND VIEWERS! Several postards with self-announcements for my genre works have completely and irrevocably disappeared from this site. You cannot enjoy my works, in a gamma of hues and at verbal colors, anymore. Obviously this sphere of the site (a layer) was seld off to thieves and marrodeurs, sort of criminals. Otherwise, this loss cannot be explained. I offer the former rulers to give up the false services of doubtful newcomers who have got nothing to do with arts and genre cinema, as it is. The competence of former masters (C.Robillard, Br. Chatelin) was ignorantly rejected. I offer to my European colleagues to discharge the presence of those newcoming criminals. If you appreciate my genres and works, deny the presence of this cut-off site in your life of Inet-users. Artful matters have disappeared with grest filmmasters of the prior epoch. Anna Polibina-Polansky


Orientalism from Anna Polibina-Polansky and More

ORIENTALISM HAS PROVED TO BE ONE OF MY RECENT BASIC GENRES. Esperimental cinema of Mediterranean knighthood, medieval subjects (miniatures, manuscripts, verses) and annual reports of knights' orders are now acclaimed to be my fresh themes. Featurings and documentaries of restricted length (up to 30 minutes each), because of the versified and symbolically-publicistic forms, prove to be a new layer at my genre vision. I spread my feature research onto the countries up to the Far East and Sou...

Of My Orientalistic Arthouse Films at the Technique of Ethnic Medieval Miniatures (Drawn by Me, as well)

  This film "There In My Distant Land" was primarily demonstrated to the audience back in 2013 on Malta and gathered a hospitable international audience of viewers. It served an allegoric foreword to a series of my following Orientalistic films. Respected viewers and genre worshippers! You may have heard of that now I practice predominantly Oriental themes, from the Knighthood of the Middle Sea and from the Arabian Tribes of Maghreb (bedoines, for instances, an...

Oriental films by Anna Polibina-Polansky: 35 of them, predominantly in English and French, are now ready for viewing.

Over 35 of oriental-based and occidental-oriented films by Anna Polibina-Polansky are now completely ready and wait for their viewers. Films last each from 10 up to 30 minutes, their scripts are poetic and feturing. The theme (subject, genre) greatly vary, from the Middle East to Japan, from Mediterrenean Europe up to the Far East. The Middle East countries have been visited by the author. The Far East culture is quite familiar for the dynasty of the author. This series of the lyric films is bas...

About Anna Polibina-Polansky