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Animaze - Montreal International Animation Film Festival


August 16-19, 2018 

Animaze is an international film festival and conference exploring the world of animation in all its diversity. Filmmakers and professionals from over 65 countries will converge on Montreal from August 24-26 2018. Over the course of three days Animaze celebrates animation with:

  • Screenings of over 160 films at the McCord Museum and Moyse Theatre McGill University Art Building  with an exhibition hall, panels and speakers, networking opportunities 
  • The Virtual Reality Cinema installations and panels
  • Talks and special events
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Le Festival International du cinéma d'Animation présente des longs métrages d'animation, des courts ainsi que des films expérimentaux. Des conférences de l'industrie, des panels d'intervenants ainsi que des coproductions internationales seront au rendez vous. Des Ateliers sur l'état de l'art. Une Sélection internationale de films pour le public, des panels d'intervenants et une plate-forme éducative pour enfants. Nous présentons aussi un concours de film étudiant : un défi ouvert à toutes les écoles de film d'animation à travers la province du Québec et le Canada.
Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer cette nouvelle édition de notre festival, incluant les conférences de l'industrie du 16 au 19 Aout 2018. De nouveaux films excitants, une programmation originale et un cycle de conférences de l'industrie sont prévus.

Abonnez vous à notre lettre d'information pour des mises à jour régulièress. Newsletter link

Archive 2015 : Click to Download the Poster I  Download The full Program I  Les dailies en français I in english


Le Miaff announces Industry Conference and Panels

INDUSTRY CONFERENCE & PANELS CHOP CHOP NINJA The game creators, producers and broadcasters TELETOON tell the tale of how a popular IOS app developed by Gamerizon was developed into a successful multi format television and web property.     FROM IDEA TO TV – Broadcast Ready Mike Drach development executive of 9 Story Media Group outlines the process of taking a concept for animated TV series through development all the way to production and broadcast.  ...

Non stop Presser Play It's Animaze Daze! Chillin' with media Montreal

It's easy to smile with Rosalie     Laurie gives Thumbs Up with Sue Smith CBC RAdio Canada  Studios on Home Run    Richard Bugs Burnett the Montreal Gazette , Laurie Gordon director Animaze, Liz Ferguson Reporter, Blogger   Laurie Gordon director of the Montreal International Animation Film Festival strikes a pose at the CBC television after her interview on Home Run         Animaze 22  ...

Le MIAFF Press Conference Montreal Canada Animation & Technology together under ONE roof! April 16-19 - Concordia University

Paul Aflalo interviews Laurie Gordon Director of The Montreal International Animation Film Festival     David Thomas of Impact Reseach Marketing Technology arm of prime ad agency Cosette Group wait for the press conference to begin - by the wine collection at Rosalie Laurie Gordon talks to the media press & television & bloggers about the plans for Animaze and the development of City of Montreal - A Digital Hub     David Thomas of Impact Research market...

Animaze introduces LE MIAFF Montreal International Animation Film Festival's Themes to the Media

1st Edition of Le Montreal International Animation Film Festival announces launch and partnership with TELETOON, Meridien Hotel, TOONBOOM, Animation World Network (, Rosalie, and more Programming, sponsors, industry conferences, Montreal University and CEGEP participation were presented at Rosalie Restaurant, Tuesday March 31st, 11am   Montreal-based film producer, Laurie Gordon (producer of Ryan Lark...

Le MIAFF 2015 has a poster!

Le MIAFF 2015 has an incredible poster for this year's edition. An artwork which combines old with new, the poster symbolises the continuous evolution in the world of animation. Our pencilman waters the animation flower with the latest tech microchip-pot. Inspired and created by Tom Tassel, the poster will soon be all over Montreal, exceeding the expectation for the festival, set for April 16 - 19. Be Ani-mazed!  ...

CONTENT is KING & CREATIVITY is KEY- Festival Countdown...Le MIAFF! Poster design and Film festival PROGRAM

It is with great delight that within a few short days ANIMAZE will announce the time date and place of the LE MIAFF! Festival OFFICIAL Program press conference. The BIG reveal! Next week in the heart of downtown  Montreal Canada we'll do a presser with style! We are excited to present the OFFICIAL Animaze MIAFF poster 2015  designed by  Animator Tom Tassel EXPOSED!, programming and jury Animaze 2015 REVEALED annual clip by filmmaker with FUNK!  filmmaker Steve Wol...

Le MIAFF and Mozart are waiting for you at the pre opening April 16

Laurie Gordon Festival Director is waiting for you  “We are very happy and proud to announce  Mozart's Magic Flute produced by German based Interactive Media Foundation as part of our opening night program at the Montreal International Animation Film Festival.This special evening is a symbol of what Animaze aims to achieve bridging all niches of animation under one roof for four consecutive days in the animation capital of the world Montreal Canada. We ar...

The Land of the Magic Flute Pre opening of the Festival will stream worldwide to selected audiences

The streaming will be organised by M. M is a streaming service for film festivals determined to help filmmakers gain recognition, distribution, and reach.   M merges your physical audience to digital audiences limited by time, geography, and/or finances.     M offers live, interactive, and on-demand viewing seamlessly from your website and pay portal with our seasoned streaming and production team scaling to your custom needs.     M also offers filmmakers marke...

Animaze le MIAFF announces the world premiere of the Motion Graphic Novel “The Land of the Magic Flute”

We are proud to announce the world premiere of the Motion Graphic Novel “The Land of the Magic Flute” at Animaze le MIAFF Montreal international Animation Filmfestival on the 16th of April 2015 as pre opener of the festival. The installation will be featured on 3 screens with live music performance. The event will be streamed worlwide by M Brands Film. The show will have an encore with live performance in the industry Hall - 7th heaven April 17th. “Th...

Le MIAFF to host a Transmedia Collaborative Workshop Pitching Competition

The Transmedia Development Workshop and Pitching Competition is a creative, collaborative, and competitive group exercise for LeMIAFF attendees. Participants with diverse skills and backgrounds form small groups to create an original animated transmedia concept and present it to a panel of experts. After receiving feedback and several rounds of notes, the team that comes up with the best pitch wins. This workshop mimics the process of developing transmedia properties for clients in t...

MIAFF Montreal International Animation Film Festival will soon be unveil its lineup

  The MIAFF Montreal International Animation Film Festival will be held from April 16 to 19 in Montreal on both Concordia rooms and a few other places in the city.   Teletoon Our main partner is committed to our side for five years.    Here is an outline of our new edition, with high ambitions, the desire to gather and unite the term creative industries related to entertainment (gaming, interactive ....)   The festival is accompanied by a p...

Le MIAFF Final Call for entry - Submit your animations by March 6

GUIDELINES: Completion date after 2013 CONTEST: ANIMAZE is a competitive festival including an Audience Award 5 selected Prizes and a Student Film Competition FEATURE FILM 60 + mins Open to all genres. Theatrical releases as well as made-for-TV and direct-to-video movies of all types of animation are included. SHORT FILM CONTEST Open to all genres – 59 minutes max. EXPERIMENTAL – 60 minutes max. SECTIONS   ADULT  SHORTS Hot? Why Not, we are ...

Le MIAFF! @ Berlin 2015 line up premiere animation & Cinderella! Disney animation adaptation to live film

Our programmers spent a while week in Berlin seeking original animation films  from all around the world to grace the screens at le MIAFF! Montreal April 16-19th 2015. Programming details to  be announced on our website At Berlin this year 2D to 3D were well represented at the market.  Interactive, Graphic novels and experimental to children's programming - the palette of animation on display at  EFM was colorful and inspiring.   Rep...

le MIAFF! On the hunt for animation films at Berlinale 2015 We are wowed with great submissions!

le MIAFF! Montreal International Animation Film Festival continues to receive many animazing animation films from around the world. Japan, USA, France, Taiwan, Canada, Israel, Macau, Singapore and many other countries.  Each submission more colourful than the next, less haunting than the previous and all as imaginative as Disney on shrooms. We encourage all animators professional or otherwise to connect to le MIAFF! Not onlyas  an animation festival but an industry conference for digi...

Noooooo not you Mr. Bill - Animation Kills!

Say it ain't so...     In this promotional photo released by Disney Pixar Animation, Dory, lower left, and Marlin, lower right, face an ocean full of perils in their efforts to rescue Nemo in this scene from Pixar Animation Studios "Finding Nemo." (AP Photo/Pixar Animation Studios, File) TORONTO – When it comes to violence in films forget about the works of Scorsese and Tarantino. A new study suggests children’s animat...

ANIMAZE presents MIAFF! Montreal Int'l Animation Film Festival - we want YOUR film December 19 early Deadline

ANIMAZE presents MIAFF - The Montreal International Animation Film Festival ANIMAZE is a registered non-profit organization supporting animation for cinema, technology and digital arts as the prime focus. ANIMAZE is a Montreal-based international animation film festival providing a showcase for animators and animation producers to showcase and market their works. ANIMATION is relevant to the entire film industry narrowing the divide between media and medium. Animation is a gl...

Animaze - The Call for Entries is Open

GUIDELINES: Completion date after 2013 SUBMIT YOUR FILM TO ANIMAZE 2015 NOW with FILMFREEWAY  CONTEST: ANIMAZE is a competitive festival including an Audience Award and Student Film Competition FEATURE FILM 60 + mins Open to all genres. Theatrical releases as well as made-for-TV and direct-to-video movies of all types of animation are included. SHORT FILM CONTEST Open to all genres – 59 minutes max. EXPERIMENTAL – 60 minutes max. STUDENT FILM CONTEST ANIMA...

Animaze - The Team and The Advisory Board

Festival Director: Laurie Gordon PROGRAMMING Tom Davia – Feature Michael Dahan Laurie Gordon Martin Petrov Steven Woloshen – Experimental SPONSORSHIP Laurie Gordon Bruno Chatelin Alain Andrieux INDUSTRY EUROPE: Tiziana Loschi SPECIAL PROJECTS: Alain Andrieux, Tom Davia TIZIANA LOSCHI Tiziana director of the world’s premiere animation festival Annecy Animation Film Festival (Annecy, France) from 1996- 2013 Tiziana developed Annecy from a grassroo...

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