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A thousand generations live in you now. See Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters December 20.

James Bond 007 No time to die 2020 Daniel Craig, Rami Malek

Trailers in 2020

 Edie is a 2017 British drama film directed by Simon Hunter and written by Elizabeth O'Halloran. Discovered at the SBIFF not to be forgotten.

Animation Day in Cannes

The joint initiative from animaze and (launched in 2015)  stops this year to leave room for Annecy and Marche du Film and their NEW INITIATIVE ANIMATION DAY: May 19, 2019 

English Version I French Version 
WWW.ANIMATIONDAYINCANNES.COM   #animationdayincannes       @animationdayinc       Facebook


Check the video channels and our history:  



Animation in Focus N°2





WWW.ANIMATIONDAYINCANNES.COM   #animationdayincannes       @animationdayinc       Facebook

Email us to promote animation in our newsletters or showcase and pitch your work (in progress)? 


Animation Day in Cannes 2018 returns to the Market / Festival For Networking on May 16th

before ...




Networking at Animation Day in Cannes May 16 12:00 to 14:00



Lady Jersey will be our host for the Animation Day networking function May 16 12:00 - 14:00 The Mission A Musivision FILMS / ANIMAZE   - Production Founded  by  Laurie Gordon (Montreal International Animation Film Festival  - Animaze Festival founder) and  Bruno Chatelin ( co founder and Major Buzz Factory consulting founder curator of the BEST FOR FESTS film selection for the circuit). The ...

ADIC presents Animation Film Financing Panel: What's the Catch - What's the difference?



Animation Day in Cannes presents: Animation Financing: What's the Catch --> Whats the Difference?  From grassroots to government institutions, the art of film financing is personal and strategic. ADIC presents this lively panel on the various financial models from the UK, Nordic countries. This is an  open discussion encouraging audience participation.     Panelists: Sally Griffith of BFI ...

Shall we screen your Work in Progress in our of Animation Day in Cannes Discoveries

    Do you have a Work in Progress or teaser you want to screen in a Palais screening with buyers and media in attendance?. We have scheduled the Market screening for may 15th 1.30 pm Palais B. (reserved for buyers) You will benefit from our overall publicity and advertising efforts with a strong media coverage from our partners. You will also have a chance to repeat your pitch in front of your peers and colleagues during the networking sessions on our Yacht, May 16th. Wi...


Yellow Submarine "Once upon a time…or maybe twice…there was an unearthly paradise called Pepperland…"


We are very happy to announce our first Animation that Matters Award for ADIC 2018 Yellow Submarine....

of course "all you need is love"...(and the beatles in Cannes !!!)
Gerald Pottertion key contributing animator to receive the prize designed by artist PAB. The Beatles’ legendary animated hit film YELLOW SUBMARINE​ is returning to cinemas across the UK and Ireland on 8 July 2018. An unmissable cinema event, this momentous big-screen revival will give generations of audiences the golden opportunity...

The Animaze Daze in Cannes Final Selection

The Animation in Cannes Discoveries will screen May 15th 1.30 pm at Palais B Screening includes Animaze Daze in Cannes Selection A selection of Work in Progress and Showcase Best of Fests and  The Animation that Matters Award to Yellow Submarine (celebrating the 50th edition and the Power of Love: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE...) Animaze Daze in Cannes Screening Selection     ANIMAZE DAZE IN CANNES Project Title Dir...

Gerald Potterton : recipient of The AnimationThat Matters Award

Gerald Potterton (born 8 March 1931) is a British–Canadian director, producer and animator. He is best known for directing the cult classic Heavy Metal and his animation work on Yellow Submarine.   Potterton has been nominated three times for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film: as director on the National Film Board of Canada animated shorts My Financial Career and Christmas Cracker, and as producer for The Selfish Giant.   

Check our radio spot

Our partner is is running these radio spots to alert online the audienceabout the upcoming events ...

Animation Day in Cannes Discoveries May 15th 1.30 Palais B

Buyers are cordially invited to view the 2018 Animation Day in Cannes Discoveries 1.30 at Palais B May 15. Programme includes  A selection of teasers from Animaze Daze in Cannes Program The Best from Fests trailers from Animation Festival Winners Showcases and Work in Progress presentations A special segment of The Beatles - Yellow Submarine one of our Animation that Matters Award winners on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the release. We kindly advise you to please R...

What's the difference between me and a froglet! @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

The frog took my mother from me, as well as my arms and my legs. I was like a froglet, without mom! Without arm! Until one night... Ehsan Nasri Director Ehsan Nasri Writer Akram Khoshvaght Producer   Director Biography - Ehsan Nasri Born in 1988 in Tehran, Iran  Lives and works in Tehran, Iran Educations: Diploma in Graphic Design, School of Fine Arts Karaj  Graphics BA, University of Science and Frhtng, T...

Interview with Mickael Marin head of the Marché in Annecy

In Cannes with Bruno Chatelin The alleys in the Cannes Market are very busy, full of busy people, Mickael Marin took the time to sit down in one of the booths, with highly comfortable cinema chairs, to take a quick interview with Bruno Chatelin. Discussing the upcoming edition of Annecy.     ...

Pitches and Mifa Recruitment: packed with talents!

Pitches and Mifa Recruitment: packed with talents!     From 12th to 15th June, there are meetings for animation professionals, young talents, established talents, animation and VFX studios!     2018 Mifa Pitches: a record year! Of the 468 projects submitted, discover 37 to be presented during the Mifa. ...

Annecy reveals its juries

The official juries of Annecy 2018     Emily Loizeau, Alê Abreu, Pénélope Bagieu... discover the names of the jury members for the 2018 Festival.     The juries have the delicate mission of awarding 18 official prizes to the 220 Films in Competition. These prizes include the Cristal for a Short Film and Cristal for a Fea...

The first footage of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph shown at Annecy 2018

Walt Disney Animation Studios to give Annecy Festival attendees a sneak peek at RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET: WRECK-IT RALPH 2     An exclusive preview of Ralph and Vanellope’s brand-new adventures in the internet!       Walt Disney Animation Studios will preview their brand-ne...

The Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

Project Title Directors Duration First Name Last Name Email Project Type Country of Origin Country Achoo   00:06:33 Coline Moire Animation France France Alice in War   96 Pages Stev...

FILM.UA GROUP Opens International Pre-Sales for Full-Length Animated Film MAVKA.THE FOREST SONG at the Cannes Film Market



The 71st Cannes Film Festival and the traditional Marche du Film, which is one of the world’s largest film markets for full-length content, are starting on May 8. This year, FILM.UA Group’s headliner at the market is MAVKA.THE FOREST SONG project, because it is in Cannes on May 8 that the international pre-sales of this full-length animated film, which is already in pre-production, are set to open.   “We became aware of the incredible interest to the project even befor...

Marcel Vaid scores animation film 'Chris the Swiss' (Semaine de la Critique - Cannes - 13 May)

  Swiss-German composer Marcel Vaid creates exceptional score to animated documentary 'Chris the Swiss' 'Chris the Swiss' by Anja Kofmel will premiere on Sunday 13 May @ Semaine de la Critique in Cannes   Award-winning composer Marcel Vaid has created an intensely strong score to Anja Kofmel's extraordinary story 'Chris the Swiss'. This hybrid film combines both animated scenes and high-quality old school documentary seq...

Jaion and Jamal @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

  28 Page Screenplay Written by: Bettina Horton       Post by: Anna Mancino ...

The Oscar @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

An award winning script written by Julia Lieberman   Written by Dallas Fitzmartin ...

Guess How Much I Love You: Christmas to the Moon and Back @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

On a snow-covered Christmas Eve, Little Nutbrown Hare and his friends stumble across a little Brown Bear who is lost. Determined to return their young friend back to his mother in time for Christmas, the friends venture bravely into the unknown woods. Through this epic journey we are reminded that the greatest gift of Christmas is being with the ones you love.   Jo Boag Director David Evans Writer Suzanne Ryan Producer Sebastia...

Guess How Much I Love You: An Enchanting Easter @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

As Winter melts into Spring and the meadow bursts forth with new life, Little Nutbrown Hare sees a rare sight… a pure white fawn shining in the moonlight. His friends think he's making it up, but venture into the next valley to find her. With every step their doubts grow, but she is right there hiding on the patches of white snow, thinking it's all a big game of hide and seek. Only when she falls into the stream and the friends save her do they believe Little Nutbrown Hare. The ...

The Cat Burglar @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

A middle class family struggles financially to an unlikely end.   Nathan Gabaeff Director Nathan Gabaeff Writer Nathan Gabaeff Producer Steve Gabaeff Producer Rob Nagle Key Cast Della Saba Key Cast Cady Zuckerman Key Cast Trent Garrett Key Cast Justin Dray Key Cast Jully Lee Key Cast Monica Quinn Key Cast   D...

God is coming: 4episode-festival-proposal @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

Every sunday the priest tries once again to bring the people of his little village to the church service. No one appears. But that is not enough: the priest faces a hard challenge...    Director Biography - Stefan Vogt Born in Trier. Left. But never came back. Studied film animation under Prof Andreas Hykade in Kassel. Lives and works in Berlin. Now.   Written by Dallas Fitzmartin ...

Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

The united village of sheep and wolves leads its steady and peaceful life when two unexpected guests suddenly arrive – a Polar fox and a small ewe. No one has expected them to bring along any mortal danger. Grey, the new leader of the united tribe, now has to convince the sheep and wolves that you can deal with any big problems or serious challenges only by working together – because power is in unity! Director:Vladimir Nikolaev Mr. Nikolaev was one of the producers for the first...

Happiness @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

A film about the crushing power of the ordinary, everyday life, which inevitably devours the dreams, the love, and the belief in the extraordinary. A life which means death to the artist. Director: Dimitar Dimitrov   Director Biography From Sofia, Bulgaria, Mr. Dimitrov has directed animated films such as "20 Kicks". Currently, he works in 3D animation and as a free-lance artist.   Post by: Anna Mancino ...

Cross and Plane to Space @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

(To view the trailer, click on the above image) The illusionistic ceiling fresco  'Triumph of St. Ignatius of Loyola' (1685) by Andrea Pozzo meets compositions with crosses (1932) by Sophie Taeuber-Arp. While the hierarchic, centralist painting in the Jesuit church Sant'Ignazio glorifies the holy lord, Taeuber-Arp created multifocal, plane compositions of non-figurative shapes. The only thing the baroque and the modern artworks have in common, is the sign of the cross. In the...

Kari @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

This is a stop-motion animated clay doll movie about a stray dog's journey from a war-torn part of the world to northern Europe. The movie is also about other refugees who live in a suburb in Sweden. When the dog arrives to Scandinavia it gets to meet many different types of dogs. It has a tough time, but has its goal in mind, to stay away from the humans. An allegory about world's condition. The movie interweaves all the stories from the people in the suburbs, with topics including u...

Alice in War @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

When young Alice follows her sister into the desert to save an Angel shot down by the military, she must confront the mysteries of the desert born of grief and war. Steven Boggart Writer   Written by Dallas Fitzmartin ...

The Box @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

An old man ends up taming the mouse he wanted to get rid of.   Directors Eliott Belrose Carole Favier Loïcia Lagillier Aloïs Mathé Juliette Perrey Joran Rivet   Written by Dallas Fitzmartin ...

The Fixies: Top Secret @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

Things take a turn to the catastrophic when Fire gets ahold of Professor Eugenius’ latest work-in-progress, tiny energy bracelets that will allow Fixies to travel through electrical wires.  Under the influence of the untested bracelets, Fire grows out of control and becomes a weapon of mass technological mischief and destruction. The Fixies must work together to stop Fire from destroying the whole city and revealing the Fixies’ secret existence to the world!  Director: V...

Laymun @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

The story of a gardener in a Middle Eastern war zone, fighting the destruction around her with life-giving plants. Director: Catherine Prowse Director: Hannah Quinn   Director Biography: Catherine Prowse Catherine Prowse is an award-winning animator, illustrator, set designer and model maker from London, the United Kingdom. Her graduation film, completed at Kingston School of Art, won the 2018 Royal Television Society London Student Animation Award, amongst others, and has been scr...


Made in France @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

Have you ever wondered what happened to your lost socks? Made in France reveals it to you.   Directors Lamia AKHABBAR Robin CIOFFI Brice DUBLE Stanislas GRUENAIS Maxime GUERRY Alexia PORTAL   ...

The Mud @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

We can be both bound and uplifted by identity.  A self reflection on the relationship between race, heritage, and stereotype, “The Mud” tells the story of a clay figure who struggles against outside forces that seek to overtake and disfigure his very essence. Through dance and movement, he strives to understand and find himself. Director: Brandon Lake   Director Biography: Brandon O. Lake Brandon Omari Lake is an animator and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. ...

Achoo @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

In ancient China, a little dragon who can't breathe fire will fight to overcome his weakness in order to take part in the New Year’s celebration.   Directors & Writers BOUTROT, Lucas  CARRET, Elise  CREANTOR, Maoris  HUBERT, Pierre LACROIX, Camille  PERROUX, Charlotte   Written by Dallas FItzmartin ...

Saturn Voyager @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

A traveller when faced with his anguish and frustration decides to leave the desert where he lives to embark on a trip to Saturn. In pursuit of understanding the meaning of his life, he goes through cosmic dimensions to face his own ghosts and to attain a personal light for the mastery of his unique universe.Director: Luri Araújo Director: Guilherme Araújo Director: Iuri Araújo Music by: Andre Machado Directors Guilherme Araújo and Iuri Araújo have previo...

Mecanique @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

The adventures of a tiny Digger and her friend the Bulldozer. Forced to work on an island ruled by a tyrannical crane, the two friends will do anything to escape.   Director - Coline Moire   Written by Dallas Fitzmartin ...

The Middle of Nowhere @ Animation Day in Cannes

  The Middle of Nowhere is an animated short film about Roger, a downtrodden nerd, and Danny, his huge goofball friend. From his prison of nerdiness, Roger pines away for Rebecca, a snide older woman. In a bid for the riches he needs to win Rebecca's love, Roger and Danny become entangled with a local murderer, and havoc and hilarity ensue.  Will Rebecca escape from the murderer's evil clutches?  Can Roger win Rebecca's love at last?  Only those who reach the mid...

Where the Sunflowers Grow @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

In a post apocalyptic world, plagued by radiation poisoning and pollution, a young boy finds an atypical friendship with a lone sunflower.   Parker Chatham Director Jarrod Chatham Writer Lucius Chatham Key Cast   Director Biography - Parker Chatham About the filmmakers: In their first stop motion short over 10 minutes in length, Parker Chatham and Jarrod Chatham seek to visually combine the staleness of a post-apocalypti...

Marfa @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

A town on the borderlands of Texas. A place out of time. A desert where strange lights dance in the night sky. A mecca for lovers of minimalist art. A landscape of lost horses, freaks and food trucks. And then there’s the giant lemon.   Greg McLeod Director Myles McLeod Director Greg McLeod Writer Myles McLeod Writer Greg McLeod Producer Myles McLeod Producer   Director Biography -...

The Enforcers @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

Two time enforcers are sent to investigate the appearance of a time portal up in the Alaskan mountains. Once there, the U.S. Military and the futuristic forces of the Northstar Coalition arrive to claim the portal for themselves. It's now 2 vs 2,000 as the Enforcers fight to complete the mission and survive.   Writer Biography John E. Bias is a creative, dynamic, and original screenplay/ comic book writer and producer from New Orleans, La. Currently living in Murrieta, Ca, he is ...



The Cookie Jar @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

It's just another sunny Friday morning, and Patches is once again guarding the house while his owners are out. While sleeping though, A little Sprite thief Named Delilah enters the house to steal some cookies, When Patches finds out however he's not happy! But is Delilah just a thief and nothing more? Chris DeRose Director Chris DeRose Writer   Written by Dallas Fitzmartin   ...

Paris Trance @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

On a bullet train to find romance, a San Antonio cowgirl dreams her way in a whimsical fairy-tale-like trance through the city of love with her cowboy.  Using stop motion photography animation and original lyrics, music and illustrations by artist Patricia Vonne.  "Paris Trance" is featured on Patricia Vonne's 5th studio album "Rattle My Cage". Musicians include Joe Reyes on guitar, Scott Garber on bass, Dony Wynn on drums, Bukka Allen on accordian & P...

Jamshid; a lament for a myth @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

Jamshid is chosen by the Creator to rule over his people. While he is granted God‟s favour and help, he manages to bring much prosperity to his people. But one day, a long hard winter is menacing to come over the land and its “deliverer” is a fierce dragon. As Jamshid manages once again to save his people, pride is slowly starting to take over. Moin Samadi Director Moin Samadi Writer Moin Samadi Producer Milad Movahedi ...

Sun and the Great Frog @ Animation Day In Cannes Catalog

A Cherokee Eclipse Story in the Cherokee Language. A great frog tries to swallow the sun.   Joseph Erb Director David Crawler Key Cast   Director Biography - joseph erb     Joseph Lewis Erb is a computer animator, film producer, educator, language technologist and artist enrolled in the Cherokee Nation. He earned his MFA degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Erb created the first Cherokee animation in the Cherokee language, “The ...

Pete & Annelie's Journey to the Moon Script @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

A five-legged May Beetle, Mr. Zoomzeman, and two kindhearted children, Pete and Annelie, set off to an adventurous journey to the moon, in order to break the Beetle's family-curse. A script by Tabea Isabelle von Gruenewaldt Genres: Family, Adventure, Animation   Number of Pages: 80 Country of Origin: Germany Script Language: English First-time Screenwriter: Yes ...

The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands @ Animation Day in Cannes Catalog

The main character is the girl named Gerda, who has no magic powers at all – unlike her parents and brother. So, one horrible day the King Harald, who hates magic and sees it as a threat to common people, exiles all the magicians – including Gerda’s family – into Mirrorlands. Now there’s only one way Gerda can save her parents, all the other magicians and magic itself – which is to discover her own magic powers. The only person who can help her in this is th...

Sally Griffith to present Anim18 initiative at Animation Day May 16th

Anim18, a celebration of British Animation, will be presented at the 4th Animation Day in Cannes networking event on May 16th.  Sally Griffith is the Director of Cinema at Chapter (Cardiff) and BFI Film Hub Wales.  She is also leading on Anim18: A Celebration of British Animation which is taking place across the UK between April – November 2018 supported by the British Film Institute, Arts Council England and British Council.  Anim18 (#Anim18, @Anim18UK) aims to celebra...

Animation Day in Cannes 2018 returns to the Market / Festival For Networking on May 16th

We will soon launch the registration to our networking sessions May 16 from 12:00on the Lady Jersey our host for the early afternoon. Short presentations, pitches and Awards. Come back here for updates, because space is limited, registrations for the boat  it will be on first in - first served basis.   The animation Day in Cannes will take place on this splendid Yacht May 16th. Registration coming soon. Submit your animation film or technology project,  360º...

Abina & The Important Men @ Animation Day in Cannes May 15th

Abina and the Important Men by US director Soumyaa Behrens will be featured at the official screening on May 15th at 1.30 pm at the Palais B theatre as part of the Animaze Daze discoveries. The screening is part of animation day in Cannes' 4th edition, also including a panel discussion on May 16th.  Synopsis: Trevor Getz and Liz Clark’s graphic novel about a young woman who fights for her freedom in the courts of Africa’s gold coast in the late 1800’s...

Helena's Dream @ Cannes Animation Day May 15th

Helena's Dream by Canadian director Heloise Magny will be featured at the official screening on May 15th at 1.30 pm at the Palais B theatre as part of the Animaze Daze discoveries. The screening is part of Animation Day in Cannes' 4th edition, also including a panel discussion on May 16th.  Synopsis: A little girl fights a crucial disease in her hospital room and finds strength in her own mind and imagination. She meets with her favorite cartoon characters, Be...

A short history of Indians in Canada @ Cannes Animation Day May 15th

A short history of Indians in Canada by Canadian director Nancy Beiman will be featured at the official screening on May 15th at 1.30 pm at the Palais B theatre as part of the Animaze Daze discoveries. The screening is part of animation day in Cannes' 4th edition, also including a panel discussion on May 16th.  Synopsis: Coyote the Trickster, an ancient shape shifting Native First Nations character, appears in 21st century Toronto and takes a visiting Businessman ...

Latest documentary Jack Kirby King of Comics

Documentary Biography Arts and Culture / Dir Marc Azéma and Jean Pelley / France / 2017   Black Panther, the Avengers, Hulk, Fantastic Four, The X-...

Wizart company to present 2 animation projects at Marche du Film in Cannes Part of Animation Day in Cannes

    Wizart company is about to present two the most long-awaited new animation projects The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands and Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal at Marche du Film in Cannes.   Wizart, is one of the leading animation companies in the World, is going to present its new animation features at Marche du Film, May 8th-17th: The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands and Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal, on which the animated studio Wizart Animation is actively working now. THE SNOW QUEEN: MIRRORLAND...

Just Cinema International: Our Animation Day in Cannes Partner comes back with a new issue for Cannes

  Also this year the magazine will be officially distributed during the Cannes Film Festival + Marché du Film. Keep updated with the latest film industry news. Follow us! Digital Edition will be released may 10th   ...

Qui fait quoi joins ADIC Partners

30 ans au service des professionnels: abonnez-vous!     Le Quotidien Chaque jour, nos collaborateurs glanent les informations qui font l’actualité des industries culturelles. Transmis par voie électronique du lundi au vendredi, Le Quotidien est lu par plus de 2 000 professionnels qui prennent ainsi connaissance des nouvelles les plus récentes en matière de production, financement, politique de soutien, technolog...


PAB french artist to design the animation that matters awards to the Beatles' Yellow Submarine

PAB on Facebook Pab, french artists paints his work on Film Poster, inthe streets since 2003. "Art is a school, the street is a teacher".   ...


Watch our videos from Animation Day in Cannes 2017




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