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American Film Market Dailies

AFM Poster

Every Fall, the Global Film Industry Converges in Santa Monica: Filmmakers, producers, directors and writers from around the world come to AFM to gain exposure, discover new projects and make deals. The American Film Market & Conferences is the largest motion picture trade fair in the world. 

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Our AFM Newsletters will run:  
Pre roll newsletter N° 1 (October  18)
Pre roll newsletter N° 2 (October  25) 
Opening Newsletter N°3 (October 30) 
N°4 (November 2) 
N°5 (November 3)

N°6 (November 4) ANIMATION IN FOCUS  
N°7 (November 6) 
N°8 (November 8) 

Final wrap newsletter N°9 (November 10) 

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AFM 2014:   Newsletters  N°1 N°2 N°3 N°4 N°5 N°6 N°7 N°8


From Script to Screen The Finance Matrix Panel


Shirley Davis

Executive Vice President, Physical Production, Alcon Entertainment, LLC


“You have to build a solid foundation – build the skeleton of your budget first because that’s going to be your bible and that’s what’s going to determine whether you’ll profit or not from your film.”


“I always ask people what type of project they’re trying to make before building a budget for them.”


“As a creative producer, you firstly have to ask yourself, what are you trying to make? Secondly, be careful who you get into business with.”


“Once you confirm your IP, consider how cost effect you can make your budget.”


“We always do our visual effects in Canada because they offer a real solid incentive. It’s important to explore places that have post production and visual effects incentive.”


Stefan Lütje

Partner/Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig, LLP


“This market is in disruption, like any other market.”


“I think there will be more corporate equity finance that will go beyond the sheer product placement element.”


“You’ve got to get the IP right. Get that secured before you do anything.”


“It’s always important to ask yourself if it is worthwhile to tap into an additional fund, because there’s always small print involved.”


“I always see clients thinking about new ways to get equity with a corporate or product placement angle.”


Adrian Ward

SVP & Manager, Entertainment Industries Division, Pacific Mercantile Bank


“It goes back to the fundamentals of your budget, because that for us validates the film in the marketplace in a tangible way.”


“Netflix has been a big game-changer; they’re putting up a contract for a whole film.”


“It’s about knowing where equity is and how to go after it. It’s definitely out there; I don’t necessarily know where it is exactly, but I know it’s out there.”


“Certainly over the last three years we’ve seen more equity coming in. More films are fully financed with equity.”


“Sometimes, you might be able to unlock some gap financing. If the bank is putting up 30-70 percent of your budget, you see then what your need is for equity.”


“As a bank, we generally deal with countries that we’ve worked with before but we’re of course open to also working with states and countries we haven’t worked with.”


Brian O’Shea

CEO, The Exchange


“The streaming platforms have significantly changed the international sales market.”


“As the needs of companies like Netflix have changed the market, my services have become a different kind of interest from a producers standpoint.”


“We need to continue supporting our independent distributors across the various territories.”


“Streaming platforms are all still figuring out different models – it’s exciting, it’s fun!”


“There are different types of streaming out there, for instance, there’s the VOD element of streaming which is more transactional.”


“Incentives are very important. You have to know who your partners are and what your goal is.”


“Sometimes, equity likes to see a lot of soft money. Soft money is really important. You should know the expense of soft money because it ties into confirming the financing. Also focus on tax credits – really know that stuff.”




About American Film Market Dailies

WOLF Jonathan

The AFM is not a festival - it is the largest motion picture market in the world. 8,000 industry attendees, including producers, distributors, directors, agents, writers, lawyers & bankers. Over 540 films screened, most world or U.S. premieres.

$US3 Billion spent annually by participants to produce films
8,000+ industry professionals
2,000+ new films and projects
1,000+ production companies
400+ distributors
540+ films screened
100+ world premiers 
70+ countries represented
50+ thought leaders speaking
7 days of networking activities
1 beachfront campus that covers it all


Santa Monica

United States

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