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American Film Market Dailies

AFM Poster

Every Fall, the Global Film Industry Converges in Santa Monica: Filmmakers, producers, directors and writers from around the world come to AFM to gain exposure, discover new projects and make deals. The American Film Market & Conferences is the largest motion picture trade fair in the world. 

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Entertaining Power LINE UP at AFM



One Week to go

~Visit Entertaining Power at Loews Hotel - #647 ~


Greeting from Hong Kong!

Entertaining Power Co., Ltd is glad to announce attending the upcoming American Film Market from 1 to 7 November, 2017 and our office at Loews Hotel #647.


We would like to arrange a meeting with you in order to introduce our most updated line up.

Please return us an email for your available date and time for further arrangement. We look forward to meeting you soon!

EP was found in 2003, actively participated and exploring diversified opportunity in the entertainment industry among Hong Kong, China, Pacific Asia as far as the rest of the world. We have successfully launched numerous videos, TV and hundred of movie contents via production, distribution, copyright licensing, promotion regionally and internationally, in order to provide audiences massive choice of quality contents.

Our recent distributed movies such as "The Tag-Along2", "Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight", "Vampire Cleanup Department", "The Game Changer", "Anniversary", “SPL2 – A Time For Consequences”, “Ip Man”, “Cold War”, “The Constable”, “Love Detective”, "Are You Here", “S for Sex, S for Secret”, “Gangster Pay Day”...and so on.


Please find below lineup for your further viewing...

(updated to October 2017)




Assassins and The Missing Gold (十噸刺客)                                                                  In Production





Jeffrey LAU (劉鎮偉

(Producer of “Kung Fu Hustle”, “ChungKing Express”; Director of “A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three")





Max ZHANG Jin (張晉) ("The Invincible Dragon", "Pacific Rim: Uprising", "Ip Man 3" as Nominated The Best Supporting Actor in The 35th Hong Kong Film Awards, "SPL2" as Nominated The Best Supporting Actor in The 35th Hong Kong Film Awards, "The Grandmaster" as The Best Supporting Actor in The 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards),

Andy ON (安志杰) ("League of Gods", "Blackhat", "That Demon Within", "Once Upon A Time In Shanghai"),

HUNG Yan Yan (熊欣欣) ("Trivisa", "Ip Man: The Final Fight"),

CHAN Kwok Kwan (陳國坤("Ip Man 3", "Monk Comes Down the Mountain", "Kung Fu Hustle" as Nominated The Best Supporting Actor in The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards),

Ada CHOI Siu Fun (蔡少芬("S Storm", "Rebellion")


~Promo available at AFM~


Genre: Martial Arts, Suspense

Country of Origin: Hong Kong



‘The Seven Demons’ whom seven assassins led by ‘Hades’, some years ago met their failure in assassinating an important person in trading a huge quantity of gold bar. Actually, the sheriff Lei Gong (starring Hung Yan Yan) has trapped them by surprise.

At last, Hades managed to escape. Through the years, he believes there is a traitor who betrayed them badly. He has been waiting to find out the truth and the missed gold.

After the failure, one of ‘The Seven Demons’ Long Fei (starring Zhang Jin) with his six-year-old son Xin, separated apart from his wife Yin Fei (starring Ada Choi). One day, they run into five robbers. Long Fei has no choice but showing his fighting talent to save his son. The sheriff 369 passed by there, suspects Long Fei could be in connection with ‘The Seven Demons’. It then be an opportunity for his promotion. During the pursuit, Long Fei comes across Hades, who captures Xin threatening him to return the missing gold. But Long Fei has no idea what was happened. He then find Yin Fei for help, who swore not to see him again. Now they must work together to save their own son and solve the mystery of the missing gold. But sheriff 369 pursues them relentlessly. During their investigation, they discover a series of weird incidents in a village nearby, where Lei Gong is caught by an incurable disease. Before he is dying, he asks his son Lei Gen (starring Chan Kwok Kwan) should never try to crack this case.

Teaming up with others, Long Fei decides to visit the mystery Crescent Island to find out the truth. What adventure would be to this ad hoc group on this island?


江湖上傳頌,以 “閻王” 為首的七大刺客號稱【七煞】。當年接了個刺殺買賣,欲行動之際受到埋伏,巡捕房隊長雷恭 (熊欣欣 飾) 將他們打個措手不及,最後閻王幸能逃脫。多年來,他堅信【七煞】有內奸,為了奪回當年失踪的黃金,一直搜尋至今。

多年後,【七煞】之一的龍飛 (張晉 飾) 和妻子燕妃 (蔡少芬 飾)分手後,獨自帶著六歲的兒子小信生活。一天,他們遇到五名刀匪打劫,龍飛不知不覺間洩露了身手。當年的一名巡捕369見狀懷疑他與【七煞】有關,這將是他打破九年未升過職記錄的黃金機會。在追捕過程中巧遇閻王,他捉了小信來威脅龍飛歸還黃金。龍飛根本不知道黃金下落,唯有被逼去找分手時曾發誓不到黃泉不相見的燕妃。無可奈何,二人還得聯手救回小信及解開黃金下落之謎,但一心要捉拿他們的巡捕369尾隨不舍,追查中,他們在附近村莊發現連串怪事,連雷恭亦染上怪病不治身亡,死前更叮囑兒子雷根 (陳國坤 飾)千萬不要追查此案。










McRefugee (麥難民) [Working Title]                                                                       Pre-Production





Soi CHEANG (鄭保瑞

("Two Thumbs Up", Director of "The Monkey King 1, 2 & 3", "SPL2", "Motorway")





Danny WONG (黃慶勳

(Assistant Director of "Sisterhood", "Cold War 2", "SPL2", "Rigor Mortis")




To Be Confirmed


Genre: Drama


Country of Origin: Hong Kong




In Hong Kong, where the property price is among the highest in the world, many residents below the poverty threshold still live a wandering homeless life on the streets. But since 2006, they can choose to live in 24/7 McDonald’s restaurants just for the nights, sheltered from bad weather. They are the so-called McRefugee.

Bok would be a promising young man but for his parents who died untimely and his grandfather who Bok has to take care of for his Alzheimer's disease. In dilemma between his family and future, Bok finally chooses to give up his future. In order to give his grandfather better nursing, he himself has become one of the first generation of McRefugee! But he never has self-pity. Besides working a casual laborer, he devotes himself to make a voice for the people. Gradually, he is loved by the people in the community and he intends to run for a District Council position. Meanwhile he gets to know Mama and Sam who share similar fate with him…


Mama is a typical “double-not” child’s mother. She was pregnant after the romance with a Hong Kong man but wasn’t accepted by the man’s mother. For the sake of her child’s future, she gave birth to her daughter and then got repatriated immediately. Several years later, the man got stressed out and committed suicide, while her daughter Sweetheart was even driven away from home by her mother-in-law, an additive gambler. Fortunately, Mama has got Bok’s help. She gets a tourist visa to live with her daughter and also becomes a McRefugee. But Mama can’t find a job legally. She has not only to part with her daughter regularly but also to settle the gambling debt of her mother-in-law. At last her life comes to a blind alley.


Suffering from a serious disease since childhood, Sam is withdrawn; he refuses to communicate with others and stays at home all the time. One day, he runs away from home after a quarrel with his brother’s family. He meets Bok when he wanders on the streets and thus becomes a McRefugee. Influenced by Bok’s ardency, he begins to find the goal of his life. He not only tries hard to make money, lives with his elderly mother, but also works together with Bok for the community, which gives a perfect ending to his own life…  

When these people from different background get together, what kind of stories do they develop?














Recorded 2017 No.1 Taiwanese Production (over NT$100M Box Office) in Taiwan

The Tag Along 2 (紅衣小女孩2)                                                                                                 Completed

*Nominations in Golden Horse Awards of The Best Supporting Actress/ The Best New Performer and

  The Best Sound Effects 2017 (Taiwan)

*Panorama Section in Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia 2017 (Spain)




Genre: Horror

Country of Origin: Taiwan



Social worker Li Shu-fen (starring Rainie YANG) is often overwhelmed by her heavy workload and neglects her 15-year-old daughter Li Ya-ting as a result. When she discovers that Ya-ting is pregnant and gone missing, she realizes there is a past demon hidden at the bottom of her heart.


Shu-fen tries everything to find Ya-ting, and encounters many horrifying mysteries. One mother, Lin Mei-hua (starring Francesca) keeps her own daughter in a weird place that all the walls and doors are covered in paper written with spells over a year. While another pregnant woman, Shen Yi-chun, (starring HSU Wei Ning) who was reported missing several months ago, was found in an abandoned hospital on the hill.


In order to rescue Ya-ting, they need to return to the mountain where the little girl in red kept Ya-ting. And Shu-fen finally realizes the deepest fear comes out of love…


工作忙碌的社工師李淑芬(楊丞琳 飾),忽略了對15歲女兒李雅婷的關心,直到雅婷意外懷孕繼而失蹤,淑芬才發現自己心裡有個未解的結一直纏著她……


她想盡辦法要找到雅婷,卻遇上了接連怪事,一個把女兒囚禁在符咒中的母親林美華(高慧君 飾),一個失蹤已久即將臨盆的女子沈怡君(許瑋甯 飾)……













Wei Hao CHENG (程偉豪(“The Tag-Along”)



Cheng Lin YANG (楊丞琳(“Child's Eye”, “Endless Nights In Aurora”, "Spider Lilies"),

Wei Ning HSU (許瑋甯(”The Tag-Along“, "Who Killed Cock Robin"),

River HUANG (黃河(“Juliets”, "The Tag-Along”) 

Francesca (高慧君(“The Losers”, “Pick The Youth”)

tpn0_20161027DSC08565--1.jpg tpn0_20161111DSC00084--1.jpgtpn0_20161119DSC06046--1.jpg tpn0_20161109DSC08194--1.jpg




Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (今晚打喪屍)                                 Completed

* Official Selection of Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Spain) 

* Closing film of New York Asian Film Festival 2017

* Official Selection of Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (Switzerland) 

* Official selection of Slash Filmfestival 2017

* Official Selection of Dracula International Film Festival 2017 (Romania)

* Official selection of Ithaca Fantastik Festival 2017





Wai Lun LO (盧煒麟(Micro Film “Sword In 21st Century", ”Zombie Guillotines”, “The Killers”)


Clement CHENG (鄭思傑) (“Gallants", The Best Film in 30th HK Film Awards, ”Merry-go-round”.)



Michael NING (白只) ("Port of Call" The Best Supporting Actor & Nominated in The Best New Performer in 52th Golden Horse Awards, The Best Supporting Actor & The Best New Performer in 35th Hong Kong Film Awards),

Louis CHEUNG (張繼聰) ("Keeper Of Darkness“, Nominated “The Best Supporting Actor “ In 2016 Hong Kong Film Award ),

Cherry NGAN (顏卓靈) ("The Way We Dance”, Nominated The Best Supporting Actress In 50th Golden Horse Awards, 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards; “Mojin-The Lost Legend”, Nominated The Best Supporting Actress In 10th Asian Film Awards),

Venus WONG(王敏奕( "Knock Knock Who’s There”, “King Of Mahjong”),

Carrie NG (吳家麗("Hungry Ghost Ritual”; "The Kid”, The Best Supporting Actress of 19th Hong Kong Film Awards; “Remains of a Woman”, The Best Actress at the 30th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Nominated the Best Supporting Actress 13th Hong Kong Film Awards),

Alex MAN (萬梓良("The Bounty", "As Tears Go By", "Rouge", "Gangland Odyssey" as The Best Actor in The 25th Golden Horse Awards)





Genre: Action Thriller

Country of Origin: Hong Kong



Lung (starring Michael Ning) and Chi-Yeung (starring Lousi Cheung) are two eccentric hot-blooded young men leading a devil-may-care life. They deem themselves as heroes that can save the earth.


However, Lung can do nothing about things in life that don’t work out as he wishes: he has to move out from where he has grown up; his step-mother Shan (starring Carrie Ng) has chronic depression; he finds his father (starring Alex Man) who’s just out of jail so annoying to get on with; his friend Chi-Yeung is fervently chasing a girl named Chan-Yat (starring Cherry Ngan) while his own idol, a star called Yee-Sue (starring Venus Wong), is still unreachable.


In the meantime, a monster from Lung’s favorite animation appears in the city out of reason and turns people into zombies. The outbreak of this zombie crisis is followed by a widespread chaos all round. Even Lung’s neighbors have become zombies as well!


Lung’s father happens to be out of town travelling with Shan. And Chan-Yat has gone missing too. Lung risks his life to break into the infected town in order to take her back home and meanwhile realizes he is merely a loser and slick talker. But he decides not to avoid anymore and to fight a battle against zombies tonight.


龍(白只 飾)與治讓(張繼聰 飾)兩個行為古怪、吊兒郎當的熱血青年,認定自己是拯救地球的英雄。

然而,龍對身邊不如意的事無能為力:從小生活的家將被拆遷;養母珊姐(吳家麗 飾)終日悶悶不樂;父親(萬梓良 飾)刑滿出獄卻教龍生厭;眼見治讓主動追求少女真一(顏卓靈 飾),自己心儀的明星以璇(王敏奕 飾)卻遙不可及...



















 Vampire Cleanup Department (救殭清道夫)                           Completed

* Official Selection of Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Spain)

* Official Selection of Fantasia International Film Festival 2017 (Canada)

* Official Selection of Asian Summer Film Festival 2017 (Spain)

* Official Selection of Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2017 (South Korea)

* Official Selection of Seattle International Film Festival 2017 (USA)

* Official Selection of Udine Far East Film Festival 2017 (Italy)

* Official Selection of Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2017 (Belgium)

* Official Selection of Art Film Fest 2017 (Slovakia)

* Official Selection of Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017 (UK)

* Selection of New York Asian Film Festival 2017 (USA)

* Selection of Traverse City Film Festival 2017 (USA)

* 2016HAFAwards




Genre: Drama/ Fantancy

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Mysterious Chinese vampires have always existed since ancient times!


Unbeknownst to other people, there has been a secret government organization call VCD – “Vampire Cleanup Department”. 


One night, the nerdy geek Tim Cheung (starring Babyjohn Choi) saw a hideous vampire in a dark alley. He was scared and faint out immediately. He was saved by Uncle Chau (starring Siu Ho CHIN) who believes in his ability to recover quickly after being beaten by vampires...In his first mission of hunting vampires, Tim gets lost and meets a lady vampire Summer (starring Min Chen Lin). Tim thinks She is harmless to human, and so he hides her in his home out of helplessness. As Summer gets along with Tim, she learns to be human again, even communicate with Tim with body language. Tim has to hide Summer away from VCD. 


Secret never keeps long, uncle Chau is furious knowing about the relationship between Tim and Summer, and decides to terminate Tim’s job in VCD. Meanwhile, the “Red Moon” phenomenon appears once in a century, drawing the most powerful vampire king to rise from his grave! The police is not able to control it and suffers severe casualties. Tim plans to find uncle Chau to reunite VCD, so as to save Summer and fight against the vampire king. Will Tim successfully rescue Summer? Can Tim convince Chau to accept Summer as a harmless vampire? Last but not least, is VCD able to stop the vampire king from haunting the city?







Pak Wing YAN (甄柏榮(“Script of "Full Strike", "I Love Hong Kong 2013")

Sin Hang CHIU (趙善恆)


Babyjohn CHOI (蔡瀚億) (“Shock Wave”, “Ip Man 3”, “SPL2”,“The Way We Dance”)

Min Chen LIN (林明禎)

Siu Ho CHIN (錢小豪) (“Rigor Mortis”, “14 Blades”, “Mr. Vampire”)

Richard NG (吳耀漢) (“Little Big Master”, “Rigor Mortis”, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”)











Loser Hero (癈柴英雄聯盟)                                                                                Completed





Hero WHITE (白英雄) , WU Zhen Ya (吳震亞)  ("The Cinema that Never Dies")



WAN Guo Peng (萬國鵬) ("I Am Somebody")

LU Yu Ling (夏語心)

Yvonne LEUNG (梁以辰) (TV drama"Better Man")

CAO Tian Kai (曹天愷) ("Super Express")

SHIN Lung (辛龍) (" Shaolin Let's Go")

Yukiya Oonishi (大西由希也)("Silence", "Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale", "Zombie 108", "1895")

WU Tsung Hsien (吳宗憲) ("Time ls Money", "Kung Fu Dunk")

LIEN Kai (連凱) ("To The Fore", "War on a String", "Inside or Outside")




Genre: Action Comedy

Country of Origin: Taiwan




This is an encouraging and inspiring story with love and tears.

Every little boy carries a fantasy of being a hero as in the Superhero series, to fight against crimes and maintain the world peace. Do those are only childish bubbles!

When the boy, Hero Lam (starring Wan Guo Peng) is grown-up and still believing, he will become a hero, it is not childish at all but only foolishness. That’s why Hero is being made fun of.

Hero because of his name has been ridiculed since he was little. His mother, who was in poor health, pat his head and told him his name did have a meaning, that his missing father was once a hero…After Hero’s mother passed away, he was raised by his uncle who runs a noodle shop.

Cowardly and recluse, Hero has surprisingly got a very hot childhood sweetheart. But goodtime does not last long, her girlfriend is being wooed by another rich and smart classmate. When Hero and his good friend Tak are bullied by some street boys, they accidentally met a vagrant Dan Lau, who is formerly a boxer and willing to teach him Kung-Fu. In fact, Dan was once accompanied with Hero’s father and he lost his superpower since Hero’s father was missing in an accident.

Hero realized his dad is a real superhero! And soon, Hero’s superpower gene is about to be awakened. Meanwhile, a crisis is approaching seriously. How could Hero turn into real hero to save the city and become a real superhero?




因為他的名字便是”英雄”他常常被欺負的遍體麟傷,回家向臥病在床的母親哭訴,而身體並不好的媽媽總是摸摸他的頭安慰的說,叫他英雄 (萬國鵬 飾) 是有著不凡的意義,因為他的父親當年真的曾經是個超人……









Binding Souls (綁靈)                                                                                         In Post-Production





Genre: Horro

Country of Origin: Hong Kong



To reminisce about the old-school life, Ho Tsz Fung (starring Tsao Yu-Ning) and his university classmates go back to his high school together. Over the years, there are a lot of mysterious rumours spreading among the students, due to the occupation by Japanese army as a military laboratory during the World War II.


The college’s principal and in a teacher in training, Mr. Law (starring Yuen Cheung Yan) and Miss Fong (starring Esther Huang), show them around the campus and some specific historical traces. When passing the school museum, they’re extremely excited when checking out the archives of Japanese army. They find a former student’s diary among the archive journals, which recorded lots of supernatural events in the past, even included a mysterious disappearance of a girl. What on earth was hidden behind those cases? Will these 5 visitors have the same experience soon?


舊生何梓峯(曹佑寧 飾)帶著四位大學同學來到即將要被殺校的母校德肓書院懷念一翻。該學府曾被日軍佔領為軍用實驗室,歷年也流傳著許多可怕的靈異事件。

羅校長(袁祥仁 飾)和方老師(小薰飾)分別帶著他們在校內各處參觀並解述歷史。眾人來到校內博物館,看到戰時日軍資料時均感到無比興奮。他們更在舊存刊物中,看到一本舊生日記,竟記錄了過往舊生曾遇到的種種靈異事件,裡面更提到一宗學生神秘失蹤事件,究竟內裡隱藏了什麼秘密?他們會否也遇上相同的靈異事件?





Pang Chun CHAN 陳鵬振 (“Daughter”)




Kara WAI (惠英紅) ("Happiness" as The Best Actress in The 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, “The Midnight After” Nominated The Best Supporting Actress in The 34th Hong Kong Film Awards, “Rigor Mortis” The Best Supporting Actress in The 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards, “At the End of Daybreak” The Best Supporting Actress in The 46th Golden Horse Film Awards, The Best Actress in The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards, The Best Actress in The 8th Vladvostok International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries)

Yu-Ning TSAO  (曹佑寧) (“KANO”, “Graduation Trip”)

Carlos CHAN (陳家樂) (“Diva”, “Triad”, “To The Fore”, “12 Golden Ducks”, “Happiness”)

Edmond POON (潘紹聰) (“The Cases 2”, “The Cases”, “Horror Hotline... Big Head Monster”)

Esther HUANG (黃瀞怡/小薰) (“Lokah Laqi” The Best New Performer and Nominated in The Best Actress in 18th Taipei Film Festival )







Bio Raiders (生化藥屍)                                                                                  Completed





Tommy LEUNG (梁嘉銘)



Joe TAY (鄭敬基)(starring from "Love Detective", "The Bride With White Hair")



CHIN Siu Ho (錢小豪)(“Rigor Mortis”, “The Lost Bladesman”, “Mr. Vampire”),

Richard NG (吳耀漢)(“Little Big Master”, “Rigor Mortis”, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”),

Billy LAU (樓南光)(“Rigor Mortis”, ”Mr. Vampire”) 

Virginia HU (胡向真)




Genre: Black Comedy

Country of Origin: Hong Kong



The great herbalist Mo Tianquan (starring Richard NG) has a daughter who had been suffering from incurable disease since little and could not get through her twentieth year. To save her life, Mo spent his life working on the Elixir. Unfortunately, there was one missing ingredient of The Life-sustaining Flower. Teacher Mo had to take the long shot to maintain his daughter life. Now Xin was saved, while her body failed to create blood. She then was turned into a monster needed to suck human blood regularly, and resulted in remained beauty.

20 years later, Herbalist Li (starring CHIN Siu Ho) comes back and finds out Teacher Mo hided all the truth for making Xin live her “normal life” and he even pretended to be the blood-sucking monster. Looking at his former love becoming a blood-sucking monster every full moon night, he feels hopeless. The Elixir keeps Xin alive and young forever, but it also makes her suffer as a zombie. If the herbalist could find the last ingredient for the Elixir? If Elixir really exists in the world just as there is no immortality?


藥王鎮名醫莫天師 (吳耀漢 飾) 為了醫治身患絕症的愛女小欣,研製出神奇的長生藥。雖使小欣長生不老,也將她變成了須吸取人血維持生命的活僵屍。


二十年後,其弟子李藥師(錢小豪 飾) 回到了這個小鎮。天師為了繼續隱瞞真相,自己裝成僵屍,好將一切罪過攬於己身。可惜小欣已經徹底喪失神智,為了補充鮮血,反將天師咬死。

















Love is Cold (愛比死更冷)                                                                                          Completed





Genre: Drama

Country of Origin: Macau



The movie was happened before the hand-over of Macau to the Mainland China in 1999. It started with the two casts cautiously cleaning up a crime scene. Who did they murder? What is their reason for killing? What was the story behind?


A girl who moved to Macau from Mainland China has been bullied and humiliated in her new school life. Another boy who born in a complicated family who have close relations with the local gangster.


What is their encounter for Love? Love between lovers? Love between friends? Love between families? Or it just a mean of Revenge…















HO Fei (何飛(“The Memories”)



Endy CHOW (周國賢) ("The Midnight After", "Cocktail"),

Michael TONG (唐文龍) ("Return of the Cuckoo", "Firestorm", "The Four")

Snow TANG (唐瑞雪)

Josephine LEONG (梁恩情)







 My Alien Girlfriend (我的外星女友                                            Completed





DING Ya Jun (丁亞軍) ("The High School Fighters")



Yuen Qiu (元秋) (“The Bodyguard”, “A Simple Life”, “Kung Fu Hustle”) ;

Susan Shaw (邵音音) (“Love off the cuff”, “Vampire Cleanup Department”, “Happiness”, “Anniversary”, “Are You Here”, “Full Strike”, “Merry-go-round” ) ;

Law Kar Ying (羅家英)  (“From Vegas to Macau III” , “Forbidden City Cop” , “A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box” , “From Beijing with Love” ) ;

  John Chui (徐忠信) (“Election 2”, “Street of Fury” ) ;

Cheng Man Fai (鄭文輝)  (“King of Comedy” , “God of Cookery” ) ;

Wang Tian Yi (王天毅) (“She Is Boy” , “The High School Fighters” )



    New Trailer                       

Genre: Comedy

Country of Origin: Hong Kong




In the course of looking for her brother, who has left his home world in search of love, Angela arrives on Earth for the first time, where she is destined to meet Tian Yi, a naive but good-natured homebody. To survive Earth’s environment, Angela must inhabit and switch through different human bodies. After losing her wrist-communicator, Angela has to trick and play games on Tian Yi with each identity to get it back, yet he continues to help and protect her throughout.


Mad scientist Doctor Lo becomes fixated on Angela and stops at nothing to capture her, but Tian Yi risks his own life to protect her, which finally moves the heart and slowly brings forth the love in this girl who had no faith in it. To realize his scientific theories, Doctor Lo spares nothing, passing false information to the government to utilize its special forces in an all-out pursuit.


In a final moment of life and death, Angela disregards her grandfather’s exhortations, choosing to remain on Earth to save Tian Yi and her friends and using up the last of her remaining strength to purge her memories until her life slips away to nothing...


Angela為了尋找因愛而離家出走的哥哥而從遙遠外星初次來到地球,緣份卻牽引她遇見命中註定的男子 - 天意,這個男子性格單純善良,宅男一名。為了適應地球環境, Angela必須不停寄居於不同軀體,為了找回通訊手環的Angela雖然每次變身成不同身份後都對天意加以戲弄和瞞騙,但天意卻依舊對她保護周全。














Chinese Films Library in Different Genres (1970-2010)

With over 100 Hong Kong contemporary motion pictures library, including genres from Eternal Stars, Action, Drama, Horror and Erotic. Our library starring such as Chow Yun Fat, Anthony Wong, Cheung Ka-fai, Fan Bing-bing, Ti Lung, Alex Man and so on.

Also, famous filmmakers from Chang Cheh, Michael Mak and so on.





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