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A hipsters unanswered love makes him run amok in an urban environment. After several failed suicideattempts leaving the city in a total disorder he finally gives up. The community gets to clean up.   

International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World: Courts des iles

 International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World, Courts des ilesThe APICA, an association for the promotion of images, creation, and the arts, based in French Polynesia, organizes from November 9th to 17th, 2013 the first edition of the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World: Courts des îles.

The perspective of island directors at the heart of the “Courts des îles” Festival

The APICA wishes to highlight island sensitivities from all over the world through their audiovisual and cinematic creations, by gathering them around a unique event: The International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World, Courts des îles.

From Java to Madagascar, from Iceland to Corsica, from the Bahamas to Guadeloupe, from Hawaii to Tasmania… Courts des îles hopes to be an open window on island cultures, singular of pluralistic, a link between these young creators, directors from the islands of the world who tell us their stories.

Celebrating the islands of the world through a specific form of expression: short fiction films

A space for creation, experimentation, a genuine springboard for young creators, but also a formidable means to develop personal projects, short fiction films are pregnant with promise for film production worldwide, and generate great interest today from the public as well as broadcasters.

The Courts des îles Festival explores the richness, the diversity, and the uniqueness of island authors and directors’ imagination through this specific form of expression, in a different way than documentaries, which are more anchored in the real world.

A place of discovery and sharing around island creativity

A veritable journey around the world of island creativity: from Europe to Asia, from America to Oceania, and through Africa, Courts des îles is also a place of exchange and sharing for festival attendees, who will be able to contrast their experiences, their points of mutual interest, and their differences during workshops, round tables, and conferences organized around the themes of screenwriting, directing, and producing short fiction films.

Beyond the screening of short fiction films from the islands of the world, the Courts des îles Festival will give pride of place to a different island every year through the best short films that are produced there. For this first edition, Corsica will be the guest of honor of the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World.

Only a film whose director was born on an island may be in competition at the Courts des îles Festival.

For example, regarding our rules Bahamas, Japan, Tahiti, United Kingdom, Hawaii, Japan, Cook, Australia, New Zealand are islands.

Entry into the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World is free. There is no set theme. The deadline for submissions is October 6th, 2013, at midnight.

Registration into the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the islands of the World is done through the submission of a full application file. In order to be registered, entrants must fill out the pre-registration form, available online on the website.

After a selection phase led by professionals from the audiovisual sector and the film industry, the titles of the selected films “in competition” are announced on October 21st, 2013.

Films will be in competition for 4 prizes: The “Courts des îles” Grand Prix, The Best Direction Prize, The Best Screenplay Prize, and the Audience Award. For the latter, votes by the audience during public screenings will be tallied :

  • The “Courts des îles” Grand Prix . The laureate will win a fortnight’s stay in French Polynesia for two people, worth 13,000 Euros, and a cash prize of 1,675 Euros,
  • the “Courts des îles” Best Direction Prize. The laureate will win a package of Polynesian products worth 500 Euros and a cash prize of 1,200 Euros,
  • the “Courts des îles” Best Screenplay Prize.The laureate will win a package of Polynesian products worth 500 Euros and a cash prize of 800 Euros,
  • the “Courts des îles” Audience Award. The laureate will win a package of Polynesian products worth 500 Euros and a cash prize of 500 Euros.

Enter the contest :


Le MIFA en 10 étapes

Comment réussir son passage au Mifa en 10 étapes: Guide pratique du festival et du Marché        Attachment Size press_release_april_2013.pdf 4.04 MB   ...

55 Socks screening at Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur

Quebec cultural agency SODEC (La Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec)  is proud to announce the presence of many Quebec works presented at the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur. This year, SODEC supports the presence of Quebec directors at the event which runs from 28 September to 5 October.In total, 10 feature films, including three co-productions with Europe and seven short films will be presented at t...

Paris Animation Film Festival 5th edition

The Croq'Anime festival offers this year an eclectic, orginial and daring progamming the 7th, 8th and 9th of September 2012, hosted by the Théâtre de Ménilmontant, in the 20th district in Paris.  Full of emotitons, delirious or tinged with poetry, productions of reknown artists or beginners, professionals or amateurs, will transport you across the world and many other universes. Charmed by screenings of short films, free and open to all, adult and youth programming, the public wil...

[News] Appel à films - Festival du Film d'Animation de Paris 2012

Nouveauté !    Suite à la dotation de 1000 euros attribuée au Prix Croq'Anime, le comité de sélection a décidé de repousser la date limite d’envoi des films au 30 juin 2012 ! Rappel : Croq'Anime, le Rendez-vous du Film d'Animation de Paris prépare la 5ème édition de son festival qui aura lieu les 7, 8 et 9 septembre 2012 à Paris. Pas d'année imposée. Pas de thème imposé. Toutes techniques 2D, 3D, peinture, papier découpé, marionnettes, ...

Croq'Anime : Appel à bénévoles septembre 2012

Croq’Anime est à la recherche de bénévoles pour la 5ème édition du Festival du Film d’Animation de Paris. Le festival se déroulera du jeudi 6 septembre au dimanche 9 septembre 2012 dans le 20e arrondissement. Projections de courts métrages, conférences et tables rondes, questions du public. L’occasion de mettre en lumière de nouveaux talents du film d’animation et de faire (re)découvrir la diversité et la richesse de la création animée indépendante.   P...

Appel à films - Festival septembre 2012

Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! L’appel à films pour la 5ème édition du Festival du Film d’Animation de Paris est ouvert. Aucun thème n’est  imposé et toutes les techniques d’animation sont autorisées. Cependant, la durée du court-métrage ne doit pas dépasser les 12 minutes. Pour participer, vous pouvez nous envoyer vos films avant le 15 juin 2012. Il vous suffit de nous les transmettre par DVD ou lien de HD avec le formulaire d’inscription sign...

Appel à candidatures

Les inscriptions pour la compétition sont ouvertes ! Voici nos critères : le film doit être une production francophone postérieure au 1er janvier 2009 le film doit impérativement être un film d'animation seuls les films de fiction peuvent être soumis au comité de sélection. ne sont pas acceptés les documentaires, les films publicitaires et les films institutionnels. la durée maximale des films est de 20 minutes, générique inclu. le thème et le genre sont libres...

VAFI - Call for Entry

VAFI - International Children and Animation Film Festival Varaždin - Croatia - Call for Entry

Submission Deadline: 15th January 2010 Submission format: DVD - PAL NO ENTRY FEE   VAFI 2010 P. P. 5 42000 Varaždin Croatia Europe PARTNER OF THE FESTIVALEvery year VAFI will have a partner – either a country or an author. In 2010 author – partner will be Borivoj Dovniković, so all of us will be honore

Pontino Short Film Fest - Call for entries 2010


Taos Shortz Film Fest

The Taos Shortz Film Fest is dedicated to showing quality short films from around the world, by screening submissions and jury selections. Our mission is to provide indie filmmakers a venue
and public exposure of their work, as well as a place for filmmakers to network. TSFF also provides
an educational and cultural opportunity for the general public to see and discuss these films.

Treated Without Ceremony: Episode One

Director: Cy Porter.

This is the first episode of the animated story, "Treated Without Ceremony." Episode One introduces Sylvia Datatree a revolutionary scientist during her troubled youth.

Death Never Sleeps

Director: Anthony Schubert.


Director: Eni Brandner.
Synopsis Granica, Grenze, Border - dividing line between two religions, two cultures - between majoritarian Serbian respectively Croatian areas. Twelve years after the end of the conflict about the 'Republic of Serbian Krajina' in the Yugoslavian/Croatian war (1991-1995), the traces of altercation are still present. Delapidated, destroyed houses - partly sitting right next to minefields, or in the middle of townscapes, waiting for their owners - act as unintentional memorials, warding off oblivion. The former inhabitants or their descendants/heirs return only slowly to the area rendered improvident by the Yugoslavian war. What persists are half abandoned villages and scarcely inhabited cities in the hinterland, off the beaten track, which still haven't recovered from the times of war. Filmed in Zitnic, Drnis, Sibenik and Tepljuh (Croatia) in 2008, in locations around the area of the temporary border of the internationally not recognized 'Republic of Serbian Krajina'. After the 'Log Revolution' in August 1990 this area became one of the focal points in the Yugoslavian/Croatian war 1991-1995.

Renderyard Short Film Festival

 Renderyard Short Film Festival we are pleased to announce we are now accepting films that are between 1 min and 12 min in length for the festival. Submit your film to this years festival to be in with a chance of winning prizes worth $1000.

Submit Your Films to


PLASTIC PAPER: WINNIPEG'S FESTIVAL OF ANIMATED, ILLUSTRATED + PUPPET FILM is an international festival that takes place May 4-7, 2011 at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada. The festival is one component of the year-round organizational activities of the Big Smash! Film Collective. PLASTIC PAPER’s programming is a mix of premieres, retrospective screenings, short films and features with special guests, workshops, multi-media presentations, installations and exhibits, artist talks, and gatherings where the artists and the audience can interact more informally.

PLASTIC PAPER is currently accepting submissions for short and feature-length animated films made after Jan. 1, 2010.  THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE. DEADLINE: Feb 1, 2011. Download the entry form at 



PLASTIC PAPER started in 2008 as a mini-program curated by Kier-La Janisse and Dave Barber, and hosted by the Winnipeg Cinematheque before branching out into an independent event. PLASTIC PAPER 2008 featured the Manitoba premieres of Bill Plympton's IDIOTS AND ANGELS, Nina Paley's multi-award winning SITA SINGS THE BLUES, John Bergin's apocalyptic FROM INSIDE and much more. Special guests have included BILL PLYMPTON, HEATHER HENSON and curator NAOMI HOCURA.

PLASTIC PAPER is unique in Winnipeg as an event that serves to explore the animated output of different regions and cultural communities around the world. With an emphasis on self-made work and a careful balance of accessible and experimental animation styles, PLASTIC PAPER’s presentation and outreach offerings serve to educate, enlighten and inspire Winnipeg’s burgeoning roster of independent animators, who will benefit greatly from the international programming as well as personal interaction with visiting international filmmakers.

Many of the featured works come in a variety of animation styles with sometimes challenging subject matter; although some films are kid-friendly, PLASTIC PAPER is mainly geared towards adult animation fans as well as animators themselves. The programming is widely eclectic, but shows a preference for independently-financed films, films with an adult sensibility, and films using traditional methods of animation, such as 2-D illustration, cut-outs and stop-motion. The festival also showcases films about animators or illustrators, as well as puppetry films. The connecting thread in the programming is that all selections celebrate the labour-intensity, the obsessiveness, and the unique personalities of these very hands-on crafts.



Festival Paris Cinéma

Supported by the the City of Paris and chaired by actress Charlotte Rampling, the festival takes place each year throughout the capital early summer in over 15 different theatres in Paris and grows every year with record attendance.

Youngcuts Film Festival

YoungCuts Film Festival is the Premiere Showcase of Great Short Films by the World's Best Young Filmmakers.

The Festival features short films under 30 minutes long produced by emerging filmmakers under 30 years old and serves as a launch pad for filmmaker careers, providing exposure and recognition for some of the most exciting new talent from around the globe - student film makers and non- student film makers alike.


Established in 2001, every year, the festival selects its Top 100 International Short Films from more than a thousand films from over 30 countries.
Unlike many film festivals, YoungCuts is not a black box. For filmmakers making paid submissions, we offer feedback when and where appropriate; we present their short films to our film industry partners including producers, distributors and programmers - this has led to short films being presented on TV, licensed for outdoor festivals and programmed by other film festivals who view us an expert on short films by young filmmakers. With your paid submission, you also gain privileged access to watch, vote and be inspired by great short films from young filmmakers around the world.

Magma - International Short Film Festival 2009

Magma has always focused exclusively on the short film, considering it as a separate art form, as a format allowing the experimentation of new styles and the creation of new trends. The festival offers a chance of visibility for high-value works that are often precluded from the main distribution channels. Its aim is to build a bridge between the audience and the endless forms of expression of the short format.


Steps International Rights Film Festival

Main purpose is to attract people's attention to justice in the modern world. The festival accepts films dedicated to human rights, animal and environmental protection, social, philosophical films, films on moral aspects.

Krakow Film Festival

Krakow Film Festival is one of the world’s oldest events dedicated to documentary, animated and short fiction films. During 7 festival days viewers have an opportunity to watch about 250 films from Poland and abroad. Films are presented in competitions and in special sections like retrospectives, thematic cycles, archive screenings. Festival is accompanied by exhibitions, concerts, open air screenings and meetings with the filmmakers. Every year Krakow Film Festival hosts about 600 Polish and international guests: directors, producers, film festival programmers and numerous audience from Krakow.