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Nesta Morgan's blog

nesta', the Signature Sketch collection of caricature filmic moments in the festival community.

Nesta storyboards, and designs film and tv sets.

Nesta's sketchbooks are full of the character and environment settings of both cinema and literary worlds, they are an original storyboard collection of festival travel sketches, with pen and paper.

Nesta's Sketch Collection covers The Berlinale Talent Campus, Edinburgh Film & Literature Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Viennale Festival, London BFI Film Festival, Discovering Latin America Film Festival, Hay on Wye Literary Festival at Hay ... the International Film Festival Summit talks and the fictional San Lorenzo Festival... aswell as various Key London cultural events, Millers Academy of Arts and Science, Intelligence Squared, YouGov and TED Salon talks.









IFFS Paris 2012: CHRIS FUJIWARA, Artistic Director, Edinburgh Inernational Film Festival, and the Cinematic community dependant

The cinematic community dependent on the off screen. Visions of a community, haunted by a loss of community, drawing characters, incidents, stories from it's audience. The revelation of the irreparable... with advertising instantly saleable! by Nesta

IFFS Paris 2012. FESTIVAL TECHNOLOGY: Implementing New Technology & Software. Speak to your audience! by Nesta

Watch films in the cinema from a cinema perspective, and speak to your audience... the online Red Carpet. You can easily meet your grandmother on Facebook!

Making worlds at Venice 66th Film Festival - Alex Cox's Repo Chick - by Nesta Morgan - 8th September 2009

Repo ChickAlex Cox explores Pixieland and rigidness with a vitality as the 15mm high plastic model railroad characters come to life in his new film Repo Chick shot 95% in front of a Green screen. In preparation to play a Barbie doll, lead actor Jaclyn Jonet was playing with models, not pretending it was real, but full of plastic that goes not too deep into feelings. Jaclyn Jonet and Alex Cox, Repo Chick. 8th Septemb

Making worlds at Venice 66th Film Festival - The Men Who Stare at Goats - by Nesta Morgan

Travel with just your mind, explore the paranormal in The Men Who Stare at Goats where Grant Heslov directs the “super powers” of men who completely believed in what they were doing, like Batman and Robin joke the stars George Clooney and Ewan MacGregor. When asked if he researched paranormal powers for the movie George Clooney replied "At the premiere I am going to actually walk through a wall," so I

Making worlds at Venice 66th Film Festival - Golden Lion award to Lebanon - director Samuel Moaz - by Nesta Morgan

8th September 2009 Samuel Moaz directs Lebanon, a conscious journey reflected through his subconscious soul, imagined by surrealism. Preparation - they were left in dark small containers for hours. Nesta Morgan 

Making worlds at Venice 66th Film Festival - Swarovski's "Passage" - 6th September 2009 by Nesta Morgan

Swarovski go into film with Shekhar Kapur’s short Passage, a 20 minute dream  Nesta Morgan