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Nesta Morgan

nesta', the Signature Sketch collection of caricature filmic moments in the festival community.

Nesta storyboards, and designs film and tv sets.

Nesta's sketchbooks are full of the character and environment settings of both cinema and literary worlds, they are an original storyboard collection of festival travel sketches, with pen and paper.

Nesta's Sketch Collection covers The Berlinale Talent Campus, Edinburgh Film & Literature Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Viennale Festival, London BFI Film Festival, Discovering Latin America Film Festival, Hay on Wye Literary Festival at Hay ... the International Film Festival Summit talks and the fictional San Lorenzo Festival... aswell as various Key London cultural events, Millers Academy of Arts and Science, Intelligence Squared, YouGov and TED Salon talks.

Join me at on Twitter @nestaart and at my homepage on

Happy to hear your thoughts!


Birdman, Venice International Film Festival 2014, Sketch by Nesta

Critic versus Film. Theatre versus Film. In their shoes, confronting the same kind of madness. Batman. Covered in Different angles.  

The Zero Theorem at Venice 2013, Sketch by Nesta

The Zero Theorem Sketch at Venice 2013. No photographs and No bandages. Filmed in Bucharest, with high style but low cost on costume, note Matt Damon suiting his surroundings (and the tailoring of the plastic fabric is hot!)  

Miss Violence at Venice 2013, Sketch by Nesta

Press conference sketch of Miss Violence at Venice 2013

Kaze Tachinu - The Wind Rises with Miori Takimoto and Koji Hoshino at Venice 2013, Sketch by Nesta

Press Conference Sketch with Studio Ghibli and The Wind Rises at Venice 2013

Gucci and The Biennale College Cinema, Venice 2013, Sketch by Nesta

Robert Triefus of Gucci and Alberto Barbera, director of the Mostra discuss the 1st and 2nd editions of the Biennae College Cinema at Venice 2013.

Child of God, with Scott Haze and James Franco at Venice 2013, Sketch by Nesta

Scott Haze spent a few weeks living in a cave in preparation for his role in Child of God. Sketch illustrates Scott, Cave Painting with James Franco to Country Music from the film score. Film inspirations from Joker and Taxi Driver.    

William Friedkin receives Golden Lion for a lifetime Achievement at Venice 2013, Sketch by Nesta

William Friedkin works like a psychiatrist. The mystery of faith and the power to heal the self. Art is the hammer to make a miracle. It begets collaboration.

Electrolux Kitchen - La Table du Chef : Chef's Table, Cannes 2013, sketch by Nesta Morgan

la Table du Chef: Cannes 2013, Agora Pavillion Bruno Oger, the Michelin Star Chef, is serving us his comment "La Bonne Cuisine est toujours Un Festival" He is talking Frogs legs, and for the main course a breast of chicken...fingers tossing mushrooms mid air, a  'kit de caramel' sets the backstage... We sip Piper Brut Millesime, tongues teased with Amuse Bouche des Anges. A Chateau d'Ar

Peter Straughan at BAFTA Screenwriters Lecture, BFI London, Sketch by Nesta 24/10/12

On screenwriting Peter says it's like swimming. "I can't sketch, I just paint it as I go", "with structure". Peter wrote the film "The Men Who Stare at Goats", staring George Clooney, he is a BAFTA award winner for his Screenplay adaptation of "Tinker,Tailor, Soldier Spy" which he co-wrote with Bridget O'Connor.

RUST AND BONE wins BFI London Film Festival Award for best film, Sketch by Nesta 2012

I saw Rust and Bone during the Cannes Film festival, in the company of a bone doctor. His intrigue was medical, and mine artistic. I composed a drawing through the film, which seems to me, Audiard's description of a key scene: The film's treatment of a key scene for Cotillard's character, Stéphanie, is a central moment to the story; a chaotic, dream-like sequence, slowed down to the point of abstr