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Philly Script Fest's blog

"Philadelphia's SCREENPLAY FEST - An Online Screenplay Contest"


It's Time to be Recognized. Post Your Screenplay Online. Get Feedback. Gain Recognition. Your Door to Hollywood.

Philadelphia's "Screenplay Fest" is a unique opportunity for writers to receive:

1) Much FEEDBACK on your work to better your screenplay.

2) PUBLICITY - Screenplays are uploaded onto our website allowing agents, managers and producers to view them.

3) AWARDS from our Sponsors include: A) FACE-to-FACE Pitch opportunities with Industry EXECS as well as a multitude of Email Blasts. B) Be mentored by Renowned and Award Winning Story Master, Robert McKee. C) Several Analysis Packages to improve your screenplay including TOP 15 Consultant, Daniel Manus from No BullScript. D) 3 unique Screenwriting Softwares. E) Cash Prize...  The best opportunities to get your work into the hands of producers, agents and managers - the very people who can make your writing dreams a reality.

Our goal is to improve the Writer's Screenplay to the max, and get your screenplay in the hands of Industry Execs who can open doors for the writer - and make their writing dreams a reality.


Philadelphia's "Screenplay Fest" is an ONLINE COMPETITION where writers submit their screenplays. Chosen scripts are uploaded onto our website for members, producers, writers and anyone to leave feedback and vote on. Quarter-finalist screenplays will be uploaded onto our website in list form - displaying log line, screenplay title, and ranking. Agents, Producers, writers, Industry Execs and anyone may download and read the screenplays at ease, and cast a vote a leave feedback. If interested, simply contact the writer - writer's email is on their own screenplay page. Online voting process is from November 1, 2012to December 31, 2012 - when winners will be chosen. Writer's will have a screenplay page on our site throughout the duration of these 4 months, where they will receive feedback, reviews and votes. Highest ranked screenplay from a combination of the judges and reviewers votes wins a handful of AWARDS valued over $5000 to better their screenplays and get recognized.

We also hold a FREE Log Line competition where writers submit their Log Lines / Story ideas which are uploaded on our website for anyone to vote on and review. The highest rated Log Line wins AWARDS.

Please visit our website for more information:


ONLINE CONTEST#1 ($55): March 5, 2012

ONLINE CONTEST#2 ($55): May 5, 2012

ONLINE CONTEST#3 ($55): July 5, 2012

Online Contest #4 ($55): September 5, 2012

Grand Prize Contest: November 5, 2012 - Jan 1, 2013 

Notification of Acceptance into Screenplay Fest: Around November 1, 2012


There are FOUR submission periods: each being its own separate ONLINE contest.  Only the 4 BEST Screenplays from each Online Contest will be entered into the GRAND PRIZE contest beginning in November in competition to win $5000 in awards. 

Online Voting Closes Around December 31, 2012 at which winners will be selected.

Screenplay Analysis and Entrance Fee: $200




A) A complimentary pass to the GREAT AMERCIAN PITCHFEST - where you may pitch your idea to 100+ executives. FACE to FACE pitches with Industry Executives.

B) Renowned and Award Winning, Story Master ROBERT MCKEE's STORYLOGUE -- Robert McKee is known for authoring the most popular book on perfecting your writing craft, "STORY," which writers refer to as the "Bible For Writers," as well as his famous STORY SEMINARS, which he tours internationally (portrayed in the Oscar Nominated film entitled, "Adaptation"). The Top 4 Winners will receive a 3-Month Subscription to his instructional writer's community, Storylogue, which includes weekly video LESSONS by Robert McKee and special guest presenters on various topics to craft the perfect story; interviews with the top writers, producers, agents, actors, and directors; Q&A's to answer YOUR questions; and LIVE Chat Rooms to speak amaongst writers and ask questions to Robert McKee. This amazing award allows you to be mentored by the Master Story Teacher, Mr. Robert McKee!

C) Screenwriter and Professor Joe Gilford from STORY RESCUE has a one on one analysis with the writer to improve their screenplay. Via Telephone or In Person depending on travel.

D) One year membership to SCRIPT PIPELINE where you may pitch online to agents and producers. Free admission into their Screenwriting Contest. And, a free Analysis from their Analysis Department.

E) MY SCRIPT NEEDS HELP offers their Coverage Package on your screenplay.

F) SCRIPT DELIVERY sends a free blast/pitch of your screenplay to 4,500 executives, including agents, managers, and producers.

G) One year pro membership to SCRIPPED - the leading provider of online screenwriting software. Also, Scripped finds scripted and unscripted written content for movie producers, web producers, brands and agencies. Furthermore, Scripped Pro includes discounts to their screenplay contest partners. Clients include: Spike TV, Edward Burns (Saving Private Ryan), Steven de Souza (Die Hard), and more.

H) 10 Pitch Deal from VIRTUAL PITCHFEST - the most effective pitching on the internet and guaranteed response within 5 DAYS from 300+ companies which include Major Studios, Production Companies and Agencies! Hundreds of screenwriters have received submission requests through VPF, many of which have resulted in representation or script deals . BIG PLAYERS include: MGM, Kopelson Entertainment, Yari Film Group, CBS Films, The Gersh Agency, 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema, UTA, Spyglass Entertainment, Myriad Pictures, Alcon Entertainment, Mad Chance, ROAR, Davis Entertainment, The Donners' Company, Laura Ziskin Productions, Mandate Pictures, Energy Entertainment, Original Artists, New Regency, and APA. (valued $90.00)

I) SELLASCRIPT... 1) Sends an e-query blast to 3,782 producers/studio executives and 1,909 agents/managers... A total of 5,691 submissions! 2) The HOLLYWOOD BUGLE is an e-newsletter sent to over 3,000 industry professionals. It features the logline and author info for the select few screenplays listed. 3) The Script MARKETPLACE is a private online database, only open to and regularly viewed by industry professionals looking for screenplays for option/purchase. 4) The Writer's ROLODEX has contact information for over 3,000 studios, production companies, producers, literary agencies, managers and executives, plus it allows writers to manage their contacts and submissions with our exclusive My Contacts feature. (total value $175.00)

J) SCRIPTPROOF... 1) Script Coverage - full critique on your screenplay including its strengths and weaknesses, 2) Query Analysis - edit, critique, and polish on your existing query letter, 3) Pitch Analysis - edit, critique, and polish on your existing face-to-face pitch of your screenplay. (valued $130.00+)

K) MOVIE OUTLINE 3 is innovative screenplay writing software that was designed by a produced writer to help you develop your film story, characters and structure, and professionally format your script. It uses the simple technique of "step-outlining" to create your outline and screenplay scene by scene and reference breakdowns of successful Hollywood movies in the same genre side by side with your own project. With Movie Outline you can develop character profiles, character arcs and structure your narrative using pre-defined color-coded structure templates such as the classic "3 Act Structure" or "The Hero's Journey". This is the ultimate writer's tool!

L) GREAT DIALOGUE Software - WordPower Technologies presents Great Dialogue Software(TM) for writers, a computer program guaranteed to improve your dialogue skills. Named by Readers Digest in its "Best Software for Writers." (valued $19.95)

M) NO BULLSCRIPT CONSULTING - In-demand script consultant and ranked one of the Top 15 "Cream of the Crop" Script Consultants by Creative Screenwriting Magazine, DANIEL MANUS, offers Studio Notes Service, which includes a synopsis, logline, exclusive 20-point grading sheet and 3-4 pgs of constructive notes! Also, offering Danny's popular e-book, "No BS for Screenwriters." (valued $145)

N) DONE DEAL PRO: 1-Year Subscription -- Database for tracking various literary deals set up in "Hollywood." (valued $23.95)

O) Cash Award Value: 100 U.S. Dollars

Total Goods/Services: 2,500+ U.S. Dollar


A) Your Screenplay and Email remains posted on our website for agents, managers, and producers to read and contact you.

B) Screenplays / log lines are sent to our executive contact list.

Goods/Services: 2,500+ U.S. Dollar


A) Your Screenplay and Email remains posted on our website for agents, managers, and producers to read and contact you.

B) Screenplays / log lines are sent to our executive contact list.

C) 4 CATEGORY WINNERS also receive the ROBERT MCKEE's Storylogue, MOVIE OUTLINE 3 software, the SCRIPPED package, the GREAT DIALOGUE software, Logline Analysis and "No BS Screenwriters" e-book from NO BULLSCRIPT, the SELLASCRIPT package, as well as a 3 Pitch Deal from VIRTUAL PITCHFEST, and a full edit, critique and polish on your Query from SCRIPTPROOF!

D) Visit our website for more information.

****Honorable Mentions include the FOUR GENRE WINNERS and as many more scripts we/votes deem suitable and worthy of recognition.

Visit our website for more information.


Philly Script Fest