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BERLIN CALLING (documentary)

Director: Nigel Dick.
Berlin Calling is possibly the first film about the holocaust seen through the eyes of a Clash fan. A punk-chick from Los Angeles traces her father's roots back to pre-war Berlin and confronts her family's dark past. Her journey takes her from LA to Houston, Paris, Berlin, Prague and finally the Concentration Camp where her father spent two years. During this voyage she discovers not only how she and her whole family were effected by Hitler's Final Solution but also that her family is larger than anyone dared imagine. She is finally able to leave a tribute to her family on the streets of Berlin and watch while her father is welcomed back to the city of his birth by the Mayor of Berlin.





Jadav Payeng – SOUL OF THE FOREST Way back in 1953, French author Jean Giono wrote the epic tale The Man Who Planted Trees. It seemed so real that readers thought the central character, Elzeard Bouffier, was actually a living individual until the author clarified that he had created the person only to make his readers fall in love with trees. More than 30 years ago, a teenager named Jadav "Molai" Payeng began burying seeds along a barren sandbar near his birthplace in northern...



Way back in 1953, French author Jean Giono wrote the epic tale The Man Who Planted Trees. It seemed so real that readers thought the central character, Elzeard Bouffier, was actually a living individual until the author clarified that he had created the person only to make his readers fall in love with trees. More than 30 years ago, a teenager named Jadav "Molai" Payeng began burying seeds along a barren sandbar near his birthplace in northern India's Assam region to grow a refuge for wildlife. Not long after, he decided to dedicate his life to this endeavor, so he moved to the site so he could work full-time creating a lush new forest ecosystem. Incredibly, the spot today hosts a sprawling 1,360 acres of jungle that Payeng planted — single-handedly. He has never heard of Giono's book. But Jadav Payeng could be Bouffier in real world. He has been on a one-man mission to save Assam’s green cover. Now Jadav is famous as ‘Forest Man of India’. Jadav was borne in Assam in 1963. Jadav’s childhood was as simple as any other kid who played with sticks and stones, in the rivers and mountains, and worked in the fields. It all started way back in 1979 during the floods which ravaged Assam, that Jadav had found his calling. Walking along the sandbars of the Brahmaputra River, Jadav observed the floods had washed many snakes ashore onto the sandbars. The slithering reptilians delighted him, but this did not last long. A few days later, he found the snakes were all dead. The heat and the absence of any tree cover had killed them. The sixteen year old Jadav wept over their lifeless forms but would not stand doing nothing. That was the turning point of his life. Jadav alerted the forest officials who refused his request to grow trees. They said to him nothing would grow in the sandbars and asked him to try growing bamboo trees. And even though it was a painstaking process, Jadav started planting bamboo. A year later, in 1980, the Assam Forestry Division initiated a plantation process of two hundred hectares of land in one of the sandbars of the Brahmaputra, known then as Aruna Chapori, in Jorhat district. Jadav enrolled for the job and started planting trees for the project. This is where the story of Jadav’s life ends, or rather, begins. The project successfully ended in five years, but Jadav had decided to stay back. Leaving his home, Payeng willingly accepted a life of isolation. He watered the plants morning and evening and pruned them.Since then and during the past 32 years, Jadav has been planting more and more trees, tendering and caring about them with utmost compassion. He also transported red ants from his village, and was stung many times. Red ants change the soil's properties. Now that once-barren sandbar is a sprawling 1,360 acre forest, home to several thousands of varieties of trees including vast expanses of bamboo groves and an astounding diversity of wildlife - including birds, deer, apes, rhino, elephants and even tigers. Aptly named on its creator who has just turned 50, the forest is locally known as 'Mulai Kathoni' (Mulai's woods) or Mulai Forest. The flora of the forest consists of thousands of trees of various species, including vast expanses of bamboo groves. The fauna of birds is equally fascinating. There are also four Tigers, five Rhinoceros, Rabbits, Primates and over a hundred Deer that have made Jadav’s forest their home. A herd of around 100 elephants regularly visits the forest every year and generally stay for around six months. They also gave birth to 10 calves in the forest in recent times. "After 12 years, we've seen vultures. Migratory birds, too, have started flocking here. Deer and cattle have attracted predators," claims Payeng. A few years back, poachers tried to kill the rhinos staying in the forest but failed in their attempt due to Jadav. The Assam State Forest Department learnt about Payeng's forest only in 2008 and they were surprised to find such a dense forest on the sandbar. Today, Payeng still lives in a small hut in the forest. He shares a small hut with his wife Binita, and three children (two sons and a daughter) and makes a living selling cow and buffalo milk. He has good number of cows and buffaloes in his farm and sells the milk for his livelihood. In a recent interview he revealed that he lost around 100s of cows and buffaloes to the Tigers in the forest, but blames the people who carry out large scale encroachment and destruction of forests as the root cause of the plight of wild animals. Jadav Payeng talks like a trained conservationist. "Nature has made a food chain; why can't we stick to it? Who would protect these animals if we, as superior beings, start hunting them?" Jadav says that if the Forest Department promises to manage the forest in a better way, then he would go to other places of Assam or any states of India as well as abroad to start a similar venture. Jadav Payeng was recently honoured by the Jawaharlal Nehru University in recognition for his efforts, which also conferred the title “Forest Man of India” on him. Payeng was also given an award for his contributions to the conservation of environment by former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ajad in Mumbai in July 2012. On September 24, 2012, among the 900 specialists who were assemble at the seventh global conference of the international forum for sustainable development at Evian in France, Jadav was invited to the global conference to present his views and experience on his singlehandedly created forest.


2014 GUAM - USA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ANNOUNCES CALL FOR ENTRIES Final Extended Deadline for Submissions is July 21 The Guam International Film Festival (GIFF) has officially announced its open call for entries to begin today, for its fourth annual event scheduled to take place in September. Submission forms can be completed directly online at the official GIFF website, Deadlines to submit films for the 2013 Guam International Film Festival are:...

Accepting Submissions For Outflix 2014

Submission Deadline: July 1, 2014 Please review the Entry Guidelines and fill out the entry form. If submitting a physical copy of a screener (DVD) for consideration, please download our Entry Form PDF, fill it out, and include with your submission. Mail physical copies to: Outflix Film Festival c/o MGLCC 892 South Cooper Street Memphis, TN 38104 If submitting an online screener for consideration, please fill out our online entry form below, and include the screener ...

NYC Indie Film Festival Screens Award Winning Documentary "Unforgettable Fire - the Story of a U2 Tribute Band"

Last Saturday, March 15, the NYC Independent Film Festival held its first Special Screening Event of the year. The documentary “Unforgettable Fire - the story of a U2 tribute band”, directed and produced by Michelle Regina Iacobelli, was screened for the audience that had previously enjoyed a few short films and live piano music. Michelle’s film won the Best Documentary at the 2013 NYC Indie Film Festival. She also won Honorable Mention Awards as Best Director at the same fest...

Dallas VideoFest 27

Dallas Videofest is the major event presented by the Video Association of Dallas, which is dedicated to promoting an understanding of video as a creative medium and cultural force in our society, and to supporting and advancing the work of Texas artists working in video and the electronic arts. Through its programs and information services, the Video Association intends to educate and inform artists, students, educators, critics, video and film producers and an interested public so they may better understand, appreciate and evaluate the creative possibilities of the video medium. It will also provide a forum for the work of regional video artists, in order to stimulate excellence in their work and provide the opportunity for dialogue and critical discussion.

Archived festival (terminated)

United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF)

October 16-26, 2014 Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, San Francisco and Stanford University - celebrates the power of international documentary films dealing with human rights, the environment, protection of refugees, famine, homelessness, racism, disease control, women's issues, children, universal education, war and peace. In addition to our ongoing celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this year we emphasize the theme BRIDGING THE GAP

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family" (Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

As one of the oldest solely documentary film festivals in the US, UNAFF has grown and earned the respect of audiences and filmmakers alike for its fearless independence and integrity. In addition to providing early outlets for films, many of which later went on to win major awards and accolades, UNAFF prides itself in creating a community forum with year-round programs for discovery and dialogue about different cultures, issues and solutions.

UNAFF celebrates the power of films dealing with human rights, environmental themes, population, migration, women's issues, refugees, homelessness, racism, health, universal education, war and peace. UNAFF has screened some of the most awarded and talked about documentaries in the industry including seven that went on to win Academy Awards and twenty-three that were nominated.

Last year UNAFF jurors reviewed more than 630 submissions. Our final program consisted of 70 films from all over the world. To complement the screenings UNAFF partnered with more than 60 community organizations for seven panels on topics such renewable energy, the impact of social media and cyberbullying, disappearance of online privacy, interracial marriage and tolerance, human trafficking and modern slavery, the ethics of photography, geopolitics of medicine, philanthropy and social change and the passion for producing human rights documentaries.

Questions or comments:  Email or call (650) 724-5544

FINAL DEADLINE! Less than 24 hours left to SUBMIT!

The deadline is near so submit your film now.  This festival will last 4 days in the heart of the NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles.  April 10-13 All formats and genres accepted!  Learn more about us!   ...

Digital Book World 2014 Special Presentation of Out of Print

By Maria Esteves – January 25, 2014 The 5th Annual Digital Book World Conference 2014 (DBW14) Special Presentation of OUT OF PRINT, directed by Vivienne Roumani was held at the Sheraton New York Hotel, Wednesday, January 13, 2014. A benefit reception preceded this compelling documentary narrated by three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep followed by a Q&A session with director Vivienne Roumani, and cast members CEO Jane Friedman, Open Road Integrated Media, former CEO of Harper Collins;...

Call For Entries - Grenada AfterGlow Film Festival

The Grenada AfterGlow Film Festival wants YOU to submit films.   Low $10 entry fee! We're looking for short films - around 30 minutes and under. Documentaries, Narratives, Experimental, Music Video, Public Service Announcements...send them in! This festival is family friendly, just something to keep in mind when submitting. Thanks! Our spotlight category is "Feel Good" films.   This can be any type film: documentary, feature, music video, experime...

Grenada AfterGlow Film Festival


The Grenada AfterGlow Film Fest brings art and culture to beautiful historic downtown Grenada, Mississippi. 


Independent filmmakers from around the state and around the world can submit their entries.  Our spotlight category is the “Feel Good” category. 

We want viewers to be moved to feel the “AfterGlow” of the festival and of the small town atmosphere in Grenada. 


 Along with the films, there will be music, food and fun.  Please come join us on October 18th, 2014.  Let’s light up Grenada with the Grenada AfterGlow Film Fest and enjoy this family friendly event together.

The Great Museum by Johannes Holzhausen to open 2014 Diagonale Film Festival

Johannes Holzhausen’s new documentary film The Great Museum portrays one of the preeminent museums of the world: the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM). The film undertakes an extended journey behind the scenes of this fascinating and unique institution with its multifaceted day-to-day life and its rich cast of characters. Holzhausen’s portrait frames the KHM as a prism through which to reflect upon cultural policy, the institutionalized industry of art and culture and the role of...

On the Art of War

Director: Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi.

Four workers climb a 20 meters high gantry crane inside the hangar of the INNSE, the last active factory in Milan. They threaten to throw themselves down to stop the dismantling of the machineries and the closure of the factory they work in. The hangar is surrounded by dozens of policemen and supporters from all over Italy and Europe. The four workers resist for 8 days at 40° in only a few square meters. They resist because they have a clear strategy and an organized army. They know perfectly their territory and their enemy. It is not a simple struggle: there are clear rules, it is a workable paradigm for all forms of struggle.


FFFilm Project (Family Fiction Film Project) is a cycle of video and film, which explores several possibilities around the topic of family/familiar: documentary or fiction movies about the intimate, the personal or private, family footage, home movies, self-portraits / about identities, family as a landscape, alternative families, etc.  In the era of the democratization of the use of image the objects produced are increasingly on the intimacy and in the precariousness of the production resources. There is a new way to make films and to tell stories. Public and private or global and local, stand in a constant transformation in their inter-connection at the same they have a tremendous impact on the way of producing, creating and living. We believe that at this moment, this kind of cycle is full of sense; it will be a moment for sharing ways of doing and perspectives which concerns are to do with fragility, intimacy and precarity. This cycle is open both to amateur and professional videos.

Call For Entries! 2014 Florida Documentary Film Festival

Call for Entries: 2014 Florida Documentary Film Festival     DocMiami International Film Festival presents new series to bring experience to cities throughout Sunshine State   Miami and Boca Raton, FL—The DocMiami International Film Festival today opened its call for entries for the 2014 Florida Documentary Film Festival. Categories include: Feature Documentary, Medium Length Documentary, and Documentary Short.   The 2014 Florida Documentary Film Festival wil...

Insight Film Festival

The Insight Film Festival exists to encourage filmmakers throughout the world to make films about ‘faith’. It creates events and spaces where such films can be displayed, discussed and celebrated. It welcomes participants from all faith backgrounds and none and focuses particularly on young filmmakers. In doing so it wants to make positive contributions to understanding, respect and community cohesion.

Yorkton Film Festival

The Yorkton Film Festival is pleased to be entering its 67th year, cementing it's status as North America's longest running film festival.

Kicking off on Thursday, May 22nd with it's Opening Night Screening; the Yorkton Film Festival remains one of Canada's premiere festivals for short Canadian film. Explore our world class workshops and panels, our unique mini-cinema screening atmosphere, and our programmed screenings during the day. On Friday, May 23rd, experience our unique Lobsterfest event; a world class East Coast dinner, with a side order of 'western' style skeet shooting!

Capped off on Saturday, May 24th with our Golden Sheaf Awards Gala. Enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner, and watch us celebrate the best in Canadian short cinema.

Porny Days Sexfilmfestival Zurich

True to David Reuben's classic book "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask " we love movies that give us new insights on topics like sexual liberation, erotic fantasies, BDSM, sexual shame, cultural sexual differences, the "new" prudery, pornography, the impact of the internet porn on our sexuality and sex activism. The discourse with the filmmakers and actors is very important to us. Therefore we try to invite as many protagonists and directors as possible to our festival and thus offer the audience the opportunity for a dialogue.

The selection-commitee is looking forward to all kind of films about all kinds of sexuality. Any durations and genres are welcome and can be submitted, fiction, shorts, experimental and documentaries.

Design Is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli

Last year I had the guilty pleasure of interviewing my friends Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra about their latest documentary, Design Is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli. The film, which played to critical acclaim at Manhattan's IFC Film Center, explores the Italian-born couple's partnership that has distinguished them among the world's most influential designers. On January 10, 2014, Guerra lost his six-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Brew had noted dur...

Gothenburg Independent Film Festival (Sweden)

Gothenburg Independent Film Festival is a new upcoming festival for independent film makers arranged by the NGO Film För Fred (film for peace). The festival aspires to acknowledge and inform about the urgent social, environmental and political issues of the world. Using film to approach these questions in artistic and creative ways, we wish to create a common space where organisations, filmmakers and audience from different countries can meet to discuss and cooperate for future projects.