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Cinéma du réel

Since it was founded 36 years ago, the Cinéma du réel has become France’s foremost documentary film festival. Open to a diversity of writings, creative forms and ideas, the festival draws a large, faithful and curious audience.

The festival’s venues: Centre Pompidou, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, the Forum de Images, the Nouveau Latina, as well as several film theatres in the Ile-de-France area.










Could it be that night defies “realism”? From black to overly bright, from town to forest, from the beginnings of cinema to contemporary experiments, night escapes us, reveals itself or becomes transfigured. 

Proposed and programmed by Marie-Pierre Duhamel Muller

In partnership with the French Film Archives and the Centre Pompidou.


> Portugal, 25 APRIL 1974 – UMA TENTATIVA DE AMOR

For the 40th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, an anthology of films shot during this enchanted interval, filled with hope, energy and freedom. With films by Rui Simões, João César Monteiro, António Campos, Robert Kramer, Pedro Costa and others.

Programme by Federico Rossin.

Partnered by the Cinemateca Portuguesa/Museu do Cinema and Apordoc, the Portuguese association for documentary film. With assistance of the Instituto Camões and the participation of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation France Delegation.



A full retrospective of the films by Carasco, who spent 20 years travelling through the lands of the Tarahumara Indians with her husband, the cameraman and editor, Régis Hébraud.

Programme by Nicole Brenez, together with Régis Hébraud.



For the 10th anniversary of the filmmaker’s death, Cinéma du réel proposes two journeys through his work:

- ethno-fiction: a two-session workshop to pay tribute to this pioneer of ethno-cinema.

- Parisian wanderings: following in the filmmaker’s footsteps through the streets of Paris.

Partnered by the French Film Archives, the Comité du film ethnographique and the Fondation Jean Rouch.



After Syria in 2012 and Iran in 2013, this year Arrested Cinema questions documentary production in Russia. Given the lack of funding and the non-diffusion of existing films, is self-censorship  a necessary alternative?

Partnered by Arte Actions culturelles



For the French re-edition of Another Way of Telling, a spotlight on the works of John Berger, with screenings of Ways of Listening by Colin MacCabe, where the writer talks with Tilda Swinton, and Timothy Neat’s Play me something.



- Joaquim Pinto: screening of E agora? Lembra me, awarded at the Locarno Festival and a master class at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

- La Ultima Pelicula by Raya Martin and Mark Peranson.


>>> Cinéma du reel is also: discussions, workshops and professional round tables (including a guided tour of Claire Simon’s webdoc, Gare du Nord, a concert inspired by A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness by Ben Rivers and Ben Russel, “hors les murs” screenings in the Île de France area and beyond…” 

Insight Film Festival

The Insight Film Festival exists to encourage filmmakers throughout the world to make films about ‘faith’. It creates events and spaces where such films can be displayed, discussed and celebrated. It welcomes participants from all faith backgrounds and none and focuses particularly on young filmmakers. In doing so it wants to make positive contributions to understanding, respect and community cohesion.

Porny Days Sexfilmfestival Zurich

True to David Reuben's classic book "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask " we love movies that give us new insights on topics like sexual liberation, erotic fantasies, BDSM, sexual shame, cultural sexual differences, the "new" prudery, pornography, the impact of the internet porn on our sexuality and sex activism. The discourse with the filmmakers and actors is very important to us. Therefore we try to invite as many protagonists and directors as possible to our festival and thus offer the audience the opportunity for a dialogue.

The selection-commitee is looking forward to all kind of films about all kinds of sexuality. Any durations and genres are welcome and can be submitted, fiction, shorts, experimental and documentaries.

Ambulante Documentary Film Festival

Ambulante org produces an international documentary film festival in collaboration with CANANA, Cinépolis, and the Morelia International Film Festival that tours various states in Mexico over 3 months.

With more than 100 documentary films, around 100 national and international special guests and over 150 venues, Ambulante promotes the exhibition of documentary film, Mexican and foreign, throughout the country.

The festival is non-competitive and presents 60% of programming for free. Each year the festival program is complemented by workshops, meetings with producers, conferences, seminars, industry panels, special screenings, outdoor screenings, events in schools and universities, drive-in theaters, and since 2011, features a series of documentaries in VIVE LATINO (Festival of Rock Music and Culture).

The Ambulante Documentary Film Festival will travel to 12 states in Mexico from 30 January to 4 May 2014, with an international program made up of around 100 titles. The Festival will visit Mexico City (30 January to 13 February), Guerrero (13 to 20 February), Zacatecas (13 to 20 February), Puebla (20 to 27 February), Veracruz (27 February to 6 March), Nuevo León
(6 to 13 March), Coahuila (13 to 20 March), Michoacán (20 to 27 March), Chiapas (27 March 3 April), Jalisco (3 to 10 March), Baja California (10 to 17 March) and Oaxaca (24 March to 4 May).

Loch Ness Film Festival


Loch Ness Film Festival (SCIO) is a small and independent grassroots film festival held at loch ness near Inverness in Scotland from July 25-27h 2014. The Festival is a registered Scottish Incorporated Charity, Charity Number SC042926. All screening and events taking place during the festival are free entry.

This is a fun and friendly film festival and there will be no competitions or awards at this,it is the chance for filmmakers of all ages and background to meet each other and network and also the chance for film enthusiasts and the local community and tourists to get involved and enjoy the event and friendly atmosphere.

Submissions are open and seeking for short films from length of 1 minute to a maximum of 15 minutes, entry fee is £10 paid via paypal from our official website where we have our guidelines highlighted on our submission page with paypal link and a one page pdf entry form to fill in post along with your film on dvd for us to watch. The deadline is MAY 16TH.

About the format of the festival is we screen short film blocks, one on the Friday night at the Loch Ness Backpackers Lodge from 7pm til 8.30pm then a feature film and feature short from 9pm. On the Saturday at the Craigmonie Theatre we screen 2 short film blocks, one at 3pm-5pm and one at 7-9pm.

On the Sunday and last day of the 3 day festival we host a guerrilla filmmaking day in the hills of loch ness at the Abriachan Hall aimed mainly at kids and families where we teach and try and make short fun films by the children attending from 12-3pm, a good old fashioned scottish barbecue from 3-4pm and then screening in the hall from 4-5pm a series of shorts made by children from loch ness, inverness and surrounding areas.

Szolnok International Film Festival of Fine Arts


The organisers would like to welcome the filmmakers on the well-known Szolnok International Film Festival of Fine Arts (15-19 October 2014 - Szolnok, Hungary). We expect film entries that were made after January 1, 2012, that present, (re)interpret pieces of art by means of cinematic methods or deal with the life or certain stages of one or more artists (art groups). They also welcome works that discover certain tendencies or periods of fine arts or their social context. Last but not least, they also expect films created by using artistic methods or instruments (e.g. animated and experimental films, features).

Deadline of application: 5th May 2014

Application is possible on the webpage of the film festival ( )

Szolnok International Film Festival of Fine Arts
H-5000 Szolnok (Hungary) Templom út 4.

Paksi Csaba          
Demeter Éva 

Bozsik Bella               
Makai István  
                                                                                                                                          Hatvani Katalin                                               

Archived festival (terminated)

Imperfectu: International Film and Gender Festival

Through film, art, and gender studies, Imperfectu: International Film and Gender Festival celebrates and examines the diversity of gender identities and expressions, as well as of sexual identities and orientations, while embracing varied and alternative feminisms.

Imperfectu explores the infinite possibilities that sex, gender and sexuality fields offer to us, questioning the primacy of the conventions to which the binary gender system and heteronormativity limit us. Furthermore, this festival gives room to feminist expressions that know how to include these infinite possibilities in their discourses.


The festival will take place in Tijuana, Mexico.
A selection of the screened works in Tijuana will also be presented in Berlin, Germany.


Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT)
Tijuana University CUT
Berlin venue TBD


The festival will be held from April 1st to 6th, 2014 (Tijuana, Mexico).
The dates for the Berlin screenings will be announced later.



Through the word “imperfectu” we want to give a new value to the concept of imperfection within the gender studies framework. The “-tu” ending avoids the gender morpheme that in Spanish language is used when the noun “imperfection” becomes an adjective. At the same time, this ending makes a reference to the Spanish pronoun “tú” (“you”) in order to create closeness to the individual.

“Imperfectu” is an invented adjective that seeks identification and fraternity between those who somehow transgress the binary system of sex and gender and heteronormativity and, therefore, are seen as outsiders of “normality” and even as “imperfect beings”. Through this festival, what a binary and heteronormative culture reads as “imperfect” is simply read as “non-normative” and, consequently, considered “normal” and celebrated from a second reading that becomes liberal and intelligent.



  • 1. To encourage education, analysis and discussion about the relationship that cinema, art and popular culture maintain with gender studies.
  • 2. To open a cultural space that creates visibility for all those communities whose tendencies are different from the conventional concepts of sex, gender and sexuality.
  • 3. To promote art with a gender focus.
  • 4. To celebrate sexual and gender diversity.
  • 5. To create identification and fraternity among all those individuals whose tendencies are different from the conventional concepts of sex, gender and sexuality.
  • 6. To express alternative feminisms that know how to combine their ideologies and movements and sexual and gender diversity.
  • 7. To include. This festival in any way excludes cisgender communities; on the contrary, it seeks the integration of all types of gender and transgender manifestations.
  • 8. To fight homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia and transphobia, encouraging acceptance and tolerance of all those individuals whose tendencies are different from the conventional concepts of sex, gender and sexuality. Although all these objectives will have an impact directly on Tijuana society, they will also reach the Baja California and the Mexican societies as well as Spanish speaking and English speaking communities through the festival’s publications.





Join us September 26 to October 5, 2014 when over 100,000 film lovers in over 300 cities across six continents gather in Cinemas, Museums, Universities and Galleries for one view and vote on the Finalists' Films in the 17th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival. 

{MANHATTAN SHORT is not a touring Festival; rather, it is an instantaneous celebration that occurs simultaneously across the globe, bringing great films to great venues and allowing the audiences to select their favorites. If the Film Festival experience truly is about getting great works in front of as many eyes as possible, MANHATTAN SHORT offers the ultimate platform -- one that sees its films screened in Sydney, Mumbai, Moscow, Kathmandu, Vienna, Cape Town to cinemas in all fifty states of the United States and beyond -- Venues for 2014 Click Here for a list of cinemas taking part in 2014

Deadlines: Early Deadline March 1, 2014 - Regular Deadline July 31, 2014


Tally Shorts Film Festival

Embracing the medium of short film, Tally Shorts Film Festival is excited to bring a truly unique and independent cinema experience to North Florida with the goal of increasing community awareness and support for film as a cultural and economic asset.  In addition to showcasing cinema from around the world, Tally Shorts is dedicated to preserving, nurturing and cultivating local filmmakers by providing an avenue to network, showcase and discuss all aspects of film.

We Wanna See Your Shorts!

To submit simply go to


Plymouth Film Festival 2014

Plymouth short film festival taking place at the Plymouth Arts Centre on Saturday 17th May 2014.


Showcasing a selection of the best short films from both local and national filmmaking talent, the Plymouth film festival is a chance to come and watch some amazing short films, and for filmmakers to showcase their work and be rewarded and recognised for it. We are now accepting submissions, please see awards for details of categories and eligibility.

Salaya International Documentary Film Festival

In Thailand each year, there might be one or two documentary features  released in limited cinema.  Meanwhile documentary films have been hilightened by International film festival in the recent years and have become popular genre due to its superb quality to convey the truth and voice of the people. Seeing this changing trend,  Film Archive (Public Organization) would like provide Thai audience with wider range of documentary, not only to see more Thai documentary , but also documentary in the ASEAN region and masterpiece from around the world.

Tuzla Film Festival

From 10th to 14th of September 2014. Tuzla will host third in a row Tuzla Film Festival. Organizer will provide guests, as previous years, the opportunity to enjoy superb films, meetings with actors , directors and other film professionals.
The festival will be based on five categories : feature-length and short films , animation and documentaries , and "Shoot with anything". Films entering the competition categories are South Slavic, and coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro. Directors of the South Slavic origin can also apply.
TFF 2013 visited Nikola Kojo , Mira Banjac , Zijad Gračić , Jorge Fuentes , Daniel Utješanović , Zdenka Gold , Bobo Jelcic , Dalibor Matanic , Miroslav Momcilovic , Dragan Marinkovic , Milan Lucic , Momcilo Mrdaković , Igor Turčinović , Ismar Mujezinovic , Ivan Ramadan and many other well-known and lesser-known filmmakers . Within TFF 2012 guests were our Emir Hadzihafizbegovic,Miroslav Momcilovic , Milos Samolov , Dragan Marinkovic , Ademir Kenović , Elma Tataragic , Lazar Ristovski , Janko Baljak .
Currently a team of MF works on preparation activities within the TFF of 2014. Team of TFF will this year be on several international film festivals such as the Berlinale and Cannes Film Festival . It is important to stress that slowly but surely Tuzla Film Festival is becoming a regional European festival  and expanding from the local to the regional level .

New York International Short Film Festival (NY Shorts Fest)

The NY Shorts Fest provides a showcase for the best short-form cinema and its creators in the world. Created by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences accredited Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.

We feel that short form cinema and its creators should have their own premiere film festival in New York deserving similar recognition given to the feature film and its creators.

The 3rd NY Shorts Fest will be held in May 2014. 

Submit online

Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2014

The ESFF is currently accepting submissions from talented filmmakers who would like to screen a film at the weeklong festival in June 2014. Whether you are a student filmmaker or have been in the industry for years, we’d like to hear from you.

The ESFF is a fast-growing festival in Scotland’s capital, a city famous for its dynamic, cutting-edge cultural scene. All genres of film will be considered; we’ve screened animation, drama, comedy, documentary and art house film in the past. What we’re really looking for are films that hook the audience with their beautifully realised ideas, innovative narratives and inspiring techniques.

Last year, we screened 98 films to hundreds of guests across some of the most prominent arts venues in the city. We received films from 14 countries across the world and international filmmakers from as far afield as Abu Dhabi and Chile joined us, participating in our workshops and attending screenings.

Our plans for the ESFF in 2014 are bigger and better than ever; not only will you get the chance to screen your film at this prominent event, but we’d also like to invite you to participate in workshops and attend the ESFF closing party where you can mingle with other like-minded filmmakers while possibly picking up one of the prizes on offer. All entries will be considered to participate in our forthcoming film festival in Shanghai.

Food Film Festival

The Food Film Festival is a three-day festival on everything related to food: eating in the broadest sense of the word. There is so much to say about food and at the same time how and what we eat says so much about us. Food is culture; food is identity. During three days the Food Film Festival attempts to cover all aspects of everything related to food. Aside from documentaries, feature films, animation, short and experimental films the festival boasts a variety of debate, lectures, live shows and workshops. This broad approach leads to the multifaceted program the subject deserves. The Food Film Festival believes that good stories have the power to transform the world. By creating a stage for food stories the Food Film Festival hopes to convey the love for food and at the same time it denounces the many problems related to our current day food system.

Archived festival (terminated)

Visioni Corte Short Film Festival


International Short Film Festival

Call for entry (Short Film Festival) year 2014

The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" announces the third edition of Visioni Corte (Short Visions), the International Festival of the Independent Short Film, which will be held in the month of October 2014 in the magnificent setting of the ancient Castle of Minturno ( LT). The official dates of the Festival, which will last five days, will be published at the deadline of the competition, in  July 15th, 2014, along with the program, on our website


1.1 Competitive Categories

Everybody can take part to the competition in one of the 7 (seven) categories of the Festival. We want  to offer to the independent professionals and not only, regardless of the budget, the opportunity to be engaged in an homogeneous competition, which allows also the Technical Jury to provide more easily a fairer judgment of the works. The categories will be:

•        CortoFiction International:  it’s about any topic and genre. Ranging from drama to comedy, thriller, etc.. The stories can be invented or adapted or inspired by true events. Just for foreign films

  • CortoFiction Italy:  it’s about any topic and genre. Ranging from drama to comedy, thriller, etc.. The stories can be invented or adapted or inspired by true events. Just for italian films

•        CortoMusic: aimed at videoclip. It regards music videos for singers or rising bands;

•        CortoDoc: aimed at documentaries or reportage of any sort;

•        CortoSchool: addressed to  middle and high schools. Each school can take part in developing its own  original project on a free topic of any sort;

•        CortoZero: for all those independent directors  who make their films without majors and with a really low budget. The purpose of this section is to give high visibility, support and value to those who aspire to move into film circuit. No limit of  thematic topic or genre.

  • CortoAnimation: aimed to any story of animation of any genre and realized in any technical way, also stop-motion. The topic is free.

There will be 4 (four) special awards  regarding all the films of CortoFiction and CortoZero of the competitions:

•    Best Screenplay

•    Best Photography

•    Best actor in lead role

•    Best actress in lead role

1.2 Pre-selection

All works submitted will be preselected by a special commission. Exceeding the pre-selection the participants will be admitted to the grand finale. Filling out the entry form, participants must indicate which category they intend to enter his short film. The Selection Committee can change any sides in a different category, in order to ensure homogeneity within them. Participants can stay informed about the selection of short films by visiting where, as soon as possible, the program of the event will be published with official dates and the place where the screenings of the short films will take place. The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" reserves the right at its discretion to project the works that have not passed the pre-selection. These works, which will not be part of the competition, will therefore be considered "out of competition".

1.3 Methods of selection of short films

The Commission will select an adequate number of short films for each of the categories provided. The Judge Commission's final decisions are irrevocable.

1.4 Jury

There will be a Technical Jury (composed of scholars, people experts and professionals at the field of audio-visual making) that will choose only 1 (one) winner film for each category. During the prizegiving the Jury will express the reasons which led to award the winner and they  will be read in public.

The decisions expressed by the jury is final and irrevocable.


The Technical Jury award for each category in the competition will be a prize just to the first placed. The four special awards, consisting of a plate, will be assigned by the technical jury, too. The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse", as its discretion, reserves the right to give a special prize to the most original idea of any short film in competition.


3.1 How to participate

• Participation in the competition is free of charge;

• To take part in the competition all those concerned should send all the necessary material (see 3.5) to the address specified in section 3.6;

• Each author is responsible for the content of their work (see also 3.9);

• Each author may submit just one (1) single work, otherwise pain of exclusion, indicating the category which he intends to enter the competition;

• Participants will be responsible for delivery charges of all necessary materials, which in any case will not be returned;

• Each participant must be sure that he has complied with every request made by the Regulation, under penalty of exclusion;

• Participation in the competition provides for the acceptance of these rules.

2.3 Works admitted  to the competition

Works made in Italy or abroad since January 1, 2013 can participate in the selection. Foreign works, in order to be admitted, must be imperatively subtitled in Italian.

3.3 Required support

Works, in any way they have been taken and / or carried out, must be submitted for the contest in digital format, on CD and DVD.

3.4 Duration

All short films can’t be longer than time limit of 20 minutes (including opening and closing credits).

3.5 Required Materials

To be admitted to the pre-selection you need imperatively:

•        1 copy of the video in digital format DVD Video (.vob)

•        1 copy of the video on CD/DVD-Rom (in one of these file format: Avi, Mpeg, Mp4, Mov)

•        1 entry form (you can download it from, entirely completed in block capitals or using pc, signed and attached to the video;

•        at least 1 representative photo of the short film (in jpeg format, no printed one), which must be sent to the e-mail address or attached to the package on CD/DVD-ROM.

The lack of one of the items of the list will not allow the access to pre-selection. It’s welcome but optional a personal file about information of the director and a poster of the film.

3.6 Deadline to send materials

All material must be strictly send no later than July 15th, 2014 (as confirmed by the postmark) to the following address:

Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" – VISIONI CORTE

c / o Gisella Calabrese - Via Luigi Cadorna 147-04026 Minturno (LT)

3.7 Safeguard

The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" is not responsible for damaged packages and / or received in late, or of any theft or loss. Each author is personally responsible for the content of their work.

3.8 Patent right

The participation of a short film in this competition imply that the Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" has the free rights of the work (non-exclusive), for purposes related to the event, subject to authorization by the appropriate space on the entry form. The organization will have all the rights of use, with no time limit, of duplication and distribution of the products received, which will still be used in a non-profit cultural and propaganda activities of the own event. The copies of the participant short films will not be returned, but they will be collected in the archives of the audiovisual section of the Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse".

3.9 Copyright

The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" refuses all responsibility due to the reproduction of short  films containing material covered by copyright for which the participants have not regularized the situation with the SIAE.

3.10 Privacy Policy

All personal information collected by the Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" will be treated in compliance with Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 on the privacy policy.

3.11 Returning

In controversial cases and for all matters not expressly provided in this announcement the final judgment is up to the Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse".


For further information visit our website:

Or send an e-mail to:   

If you have further questions please contact:

Dott.ssa Gisella Calabrese: + 39 347 4615 269

Dott. Giuseppe Mallozzi: + 39 340 2753 738


Twitter: @VisioniCorte


Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" – VISIONI CORTE

c / o Gisella Calabrese - Via Luigi Cadorna 147-04026 Minturno (LT)

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival is the only independent international film festival for, by and about the Brooklyn indie film scene. Founded in 2011, The AoBFF screens work by Brooklyn-born, Brooklyn-based and Brooklyn-centric filmmakers. That is, those who live or work in the borough; were born, raised and/or spent significant time here (no matter where they live now); and international films that were inspired by Brooklyn. We are unique in that every film we show has a connection to Brooklyn’s indie film scene — in the borough and around the world.

From Boerum Hill to Bergen Beach. Fort Greene to Flatlands. Cobble Hill to Canarsie. It's only Brooklyn when you count every neighborhood and every community. We are as diverse, vital and international as the borough itself. And everyone is invited to our party.

Categories include Features, Shorts, Documentaries and Animation in all genres. Special categories include the Dark Side for horror/ suspense/ noir and Film As Art for non-linear/experimental/avant-garde films.

For full submission info and to enter via Withoutabox, go to


Archived festival (terminated)

Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival

A coalition of regional cinema lovers and seasoned industry professionals decided in early 2013 to incorporate the very first
Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival (CLIFF), bringing decades of film industry experience and a fiery passion for cinema
to fruit in the Victorian cosmopolitan regional hub of Castlemaine.
Packed with local, indigenous and international cinema, the inaugural Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival promises to be the most engaging film festival in the
Prioritising strong narrative, stellar casts, and global stories, CLIFF has been curated with storytelling as the key focus. Power packed, fun and challenging, the CLIFF suite of selections encompasses features, documentaries, short films, local film competitions and an array of discussions and activities throughout the program.
*Be challenged by the provocative films of ‘enfant terrible’ bad boy of Aboriginal art Richard Bell (introduced by Gary Foley) that revise mainstream assumptions on race and cut to heart of difficult conversations.
*Be entertained by Skyhooks bassist Greg Macainsh’s 1974 classic Sharpie, where Greg himself will introduce the film.
*Taste the delight of South Korean food and lovers’ epic The Recipe.
*Exclusive Australian screenings of Paul Schrader’s controversial The Canyons, masterful Hungarian surveillance drama The Exam and many others.
*A devastating critique of the west, smuggled out of North Korea (Propaganda, North Korea 2012).
*Falling on the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination, CLIFF is proud to present the Australian premiere of a rare and provocative documentary feature, expert guests and original artifacts from the scene of the JFK assassination crime. Shrouded in question, rumour and conspiracy this session encourages open discussion and is guaranteed to draw intense press interest both locally and from metro press providers.
*A screening of the 1950’s classic Forbidden Planet coincides with a sci-fi kids disco and a robot-making workshop.
*Capping off the event we reward the hard work of local adult and children filmmakers by screening and awarding the local film competitions.
Many more highlights, full details and program available at the site
Tickets: whole festival $120, $110 conc, session ticket $15 adults, $13 conc, $12 children
Box Office: Theatre Royal (03) 5472 1196
Enquiries: Neil Boyack 0409 685 621 / Bradley Dawson (03) 5472 1290

CLIFF venue
We are proud to present the inaugural Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival in Castlemaine’s magnificent Theatre Royal, a venue of rare beauty and splendour. The longest continually operating cinema on
mainland Australia, and a hub of cultural and social activity in regional Victoria, Australia.

Aesthetica Short Film Festival

Now an established and dynamic player on the UK film festival circuit, the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (7-10 November 2013) is a celebration of independent film from across the world, and an outlet for championing and supporting short filmmaking.

Spanning all genres including drama, documentary, animation, comedy, music video, thriller, experimental and artists’ film, the festival showcases films across 15 distinct and historic locations in the city of York. Moving between medieval halls, ancient city walls, galleries and museums, the festival invites visitors to create their own unique viewing experience.

ASFF also presents across York, a series of masterclasses and workshops with leading industry figures, working with such organisations as BAFTA, Channel 4, Film4, Warp Films, Raindance, Sheffield Doc/Fest and many more. There are also guest screenings, networking opportunities and special events throughout the weekend. For tickets and passes for these events please visit

EKRAN Toronto Polish Film Festival

5TH EKRAN Toronto Polish Film Festival

         The Ekran Polish Film Association is proud to announce the 5th Annual Polish Film Festival in Toronto (November 13  17, 2013) celebrating the greatest achievements of Polish filmmakers. The festival will open with SIBERIAN EXILE (Syberiada polska) by Janusz Zaorski on November 13th, 2013 with our star-studded gala during which both Polish and American moviemakers will walk the red carpet at TIFF Bell Lightbox, an extravagant start to a 5-day-long celebration of Polish Cinema through November 17th, 2013 with subsequent  screenings at the Cine-Starz Cinema and the Revue Cinema. The Festival continues to grow each year by screening more films and drawing larger crowds.

        For the fifth time we will present the most recent achievements of Polish cinema as  IN HIDING (W ukryciu) by Jan Kidawa-Blonski, THE CLOSED CIRCUIT (Uklad zamkniety) by Ryszard Bugajski, THE FIFTH SEASON OF THE YEAR (Piata pora roku) by Jerzy Domaradzki, FLOATING SKYSCRAPERS  (Plynace wiezowce) by Tomasz Wasilewski, VIVA BELARUS (Zywje Bialorus) by Krzysztof Lukaszewicz, PAPUSZA dir. Joanna Kos-Krauze i Krzysztof Krauze and series of short films, documentaries and animations. In the segment of movies made abroad by Polish filmmakers, or with Polish talent we will present IMAGINE by Andrzej Jakimowski.

Panel of jurors from Toronto, including Larry Anklewicz, Shane Harvey and Chris Alexander will pick-up winners in feature film category.

Ekran is supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto, the Polish Filmmakers Association and the Polish Film Institute.


Archived festival (terminated)

Byron Bay International Film Festival

The 2014 Byron Bay International Film Festival


REGULAR ENTRY DEADLINE: 26th September 2013

FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE: 29th November 2013



Open Your Aperture at the 8th Byron Bay International Film Festival 28 Feb to 9 March 2014


Join some of the world’s most exciting film talent and thousands of film lovers at BBFF2014, over 10 fantastic days in beautiful Byron Bay, for a dynamic and truly distinctive film festival experience known for its trademark friendly, laid-back vibe and characteristically open, expressive and appreciative audiences.


“Arguably Australia’s most successful regional event”

– SBS Film, 2013


Independent filmmakers are the heart and soul of this festival, whose quality programming of hundreds of entertaining, inspiring and eye-opening films from over 40 countries sets the stage for filmmakers at all stages of their careers to showcase outstanding work across all genres.


Mix business with pleasure at the gala red carpet opening and closing night parties, or simply over a quiet drink at the sunset bar, mingling with leading Australian and international industry figures, and where you can make new friends, spark ideas and collaborate.


“BBFF will grow into a ‘go-to event’ within five years because of the way BBFF enables filmmakers to exchange ideas.”

BBFF Patrons, Actor Jack Thompson & Film Reviewer Peter Thompson


Expand your horizons with free and affordable masterclasses, workshops, seminars, networking and marketplace events that in 2013 included attendees such as legendary cinematographer, Don McAlpine, award-winning director, Cathy Henkel and International Head of Acquisitions for PBS USA, Charles Schuerhoff.


It’s all just a short stroll from world class beaches, great cafes, bars and restaurants, live music, shopping and the colourful, cruisy and creative streetscape, for which Byron Bay is renowned.


“We have travelled the world with our film, My Suicide, from Berlinale to San Francisco International Film Festival, and the Byron Bay Film Festival is absolutely world class - filmmaker friendly, professionally run, and featuring top notch, bleeding-edge independent films. Add the inspirational setting and the people, and the gestalt is pure magic!”

- David Lee Miller, Filmmaker, USA



If your creativity is cutting edge and you have a message to tell, be a part of this humanistic festival that’s fusing artistry, education and innovation to enhance our worldview and collective social dialogue through the power and storytelling of film.


Some of BBFF2014’s standout opportunities include:

  • For documentary makers, the chance to win the $5,000 Screenzone International Documentary Prize
  • For young Australian directors under 25, the chance to win the award for Best Young Australian Filmmaker.
  • For Australians with a strong social conscience, the chance to win the new World Vision Call to Action Award for a 3-minute film on the topic ‘Life Changing’ which would see you traveling overseas with World Vision to make your own film on location with no sets and no green screens – just real people, your camera and you. 


Submit your film through withoutabox’s paperless entry system at For more information visit or email the friendly team at  


All films entered will automatically be considered for nomination in any award categories that the film might qualify for during the selection process. BBFF awards include but are not limited to Best Film, Documentary, Short Film, Drama, Cinematography, Surf Film, Animation, Experimental Film, Environmental Film, Music Video, Best Young Australian Filmmaker (open to Australian Director’s under 25) and an award for the Best Local Film.

The Byron Bay International Film Festival is open to films of all lengths and all genres and warmly welcomes all accepted filmmakers to attend. Films in competition must have been completed after Jan 1st 2011.


The 3rd Annual Angeleno Film Festival

The 3rd Annual Angeleno Film Festival has been accepting film submission throughout 2013.  The award ceremony and screenings will be happening this November, 2013.  The 2nd Annual Angeleno Film Festival was held September 20, 2012 and you can view a complete list of winners and photos from the award ceremony at

Photos from the 2nd ceremony below.